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Waldböckelheim, Germany

#605 Jan 9, 2014
A.C.- cooking without onions and garlic is hard for everybody who cooks, they are the simplest ingredients to give something excellent flavor. Like sugar on the other end of the spectrum, but garlic & onions are undisputedly healthy, the whole world eats onions & garlic.

It's been a real sacrifice for me - Europe thrives on garlic -, but worth it,up until now. And you learn how good chives taste. Chives are okay for us. Chives and the green parts of onions.

I bet Anne is shovelling snow .........

Etobicoke, Canada

#606 Jan 12, 2014
Happy New Year All!

Betsy..Not shovelling snow today and luckily I live in a condo so didn't have to do any. It has been very cold but having a mild spell today..I think it actually went a few degrees above zero instead of 17 or 18

AC..I have been feeling great. I have been pain free for several weeks now and counting. I hope putting that in writing doesn't jinx it :-).
It was 1 year in November on SCD and I have had flares every so often while on the diet but perservered and am very pleased how things are going. I think this is the longest stretch so far and I almost feel normal again.

I am so glad that the Fodmap seems to be working for both of you. It is alway good when you find something that helps after trying so many things that don't. Do you guys eat nighshades..tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant etc. I hear eliminating those from the diet are good for the arthritis pain. I still eat tomatoes now and again but don't eat any of the others and don't have too much problem with stiff hands anymore.

Hope all is well with everyone and that we all have a very healthy 2014.

Waldböckelheim, Germany

#607 Jan 14, 2014
Hi Anne - so nice to hear from you. I would have answered immediately but I wanted AC and the others to see that you answered.--- Yes, I actually love Fdmop. And as I wrote recently, it is the first time that dietary suggestions actually are what I instinctively prefer and dislike - and some of those night shades you mention are on the Fdmop list, like eggplants & peppers. And my arthritis pain in hands and feet seems better, too.(Although our weather in Germany has been a breeze compared to yours - it hasn't even snowed yet. In the 50s and 60s. Great. I love it.)

You're not jinxing it, don't worry, you said it in a mild enough way (but in a reversal of our jinxing phobia - this is the winter I learned how to knit my own woolen hats and gloves - and of course it is the warmest winter ever, figues, doesn't it?)

Btw, my mom gave me a slow cooker and I am experimenting. That is a great way to cook - I use a cookbook Moe posted a while back. Great taste and good feel. AC, I take whole garlic gloves and add them without mushing them up, ginger, too - and that seems to work for me.

Take care, Anne, everybody else, too.

Since: Jun 12

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#608 Jan 15, 2014
Hi Anne- So glad to see you back and feeling good!

Betsy- Do you remove the garlic cloves when you're done and just not eat them?

Waldböckelheim, Germany

#609 Jan 16, 2014
Hi AC, yep, together with the ginger clump - I use big cloves, so they are easy to detect (Thing is, after they have simmered in a slow cooker for hours, I don't think they are as aggressive on your stomach, etc), so in other words, sometimes I (inadvertently) eat them.

Slow cookers are the way to go. I'm having a ball with mine. And a lot of people here seem to cook with them.

Mississauga, Canada

#610 Jan 16, 2014
Hi AC...things are pretty good but last night I started an MBSR course (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and had to sit on hard chairs for a couple of hours and today, I can barely move. It gave me such a backache which hopefully doesn't trigger the left side pain as it usually does. Not sure what I will do every week because it lasts 8 weeks. I guess I will have to take a cushion or ask for some other kind of chair. Luckily I was going to the chiropractor anyway today so had to get an pelvis was totally off will love the slow cooker. I have one but don't use it as often as I should. I love stuff cooked in sauces but when you can't do dairy and try to limit tomatoes ..there's not much left to use. I have a recipe for a really good sauce that I use on pork, chicken and ribs but now that I think of it, it has applesauce and honey in it so you and AC won't be able to do it on Fodmap. I was not using it also because of the tomatoes and honey as I was trying to cut out nightshades and sugar so haven't done it in awhile. If you get any recipes that would be SCD friendly, please share!

Take care all!

Waldböckelheim, Germany

#611 Jan 17, 2014
Hi Anne - would you send that sauce anyway?(I am the most inconsistent person on the planet - probably in the universe - and will try anything .... who knows, maybe applesauce cooked works?. I would love that sauce, as I love sweet-sour stuff (but definitely I cannot handle soy sauce, which is generally required, I go into asthmatic conniptions when I have soy sauce, because of the soy).

Anyway, the mindfulness course sounds fantastic! I just read an absolutely beautiful article about that in the Guardian the other day (and I will post the link to it for the heck of it, because just reading it made me relax)- and I would do a course like that in a second (Germans do not have that approach on their radar yet).

I saw a round plastic cushion, inflatable, in a shop window the other day. Nobody has to sit through that if they have back issues - and that would be easy to Transport in a handbag. It would sure be too bad to miss out on the good aspects of the mindfulness training because of back pain, not to mention the old side pain. Please continue to tell us about it.

Yes, the slow cooker is wonderful. This is what I made last night (and it would work with SCD)- a couple of ts of oil into cooker, preheat,I mixed chicken, chopped up fennel and celery and chicoree, a large piece of fresh ginger and a large clove of garlic and lots of chopped chives), and after a while I added half a cup of apple cidre (refer to inconsistency above), 2 juiced lemons and a tablespoon of brown sugar, salt & pepper and I cooked the bejeezus out of it for about four to five hours and served over spelt pasta.(Pluck out ginger & garlic). Divine.

The Guardian article:

What a beautiful article. I wish I could do that and I am glad that you can, it sounds perfect, especially for us DD guys.
Take good care.

Mississauga, Canada

#612 Jan 17, 2014
Hi Betsy,

Great article...thanks for the link. That sounds exactly like what this first night was...I think we spent a half hour contemplating a Hopefully I can figure out a way to sit there without being in pain as I'm sure it will be worthwhile. And..the best thing is it is free since my doctor referred me so I don't want to give up the opportunity. We did get a CD that had the body scan track on it like mentioned in the article and I haven't listened to it all yet but I assume some mindfulness meditation tracks. I imported them into itunes and have them now on my ipod. I think they might be available from itunes if you have an account. I can check if they are available there as the name of the guy came up automatically when I inserted the CD. They also might be available on You Tube as I know there are some mindfulness stuff on there as well.

I will check for the recipe for the sauce. Have no fear, there is no soy sauce in it. The ingredients are applesauce, ketchup (I substituted with tomato juice for SCD), brown sugar (I substituted with honey for SCD), garlic, lemon juice and the magic ingredient..cinnamon. You would not believe how good it is with the cinnamon. I will look at home for the actual recipe so I can give you the amount of each to use. It is good on ribs/pork roast/pork tenderloin or chicken and works well in the slow cooker.

Well, will definitely check for an inflatable cushion before the next round and I might as well look for a suitcase to put everything in (or a big laundry bag) as I have to take a yoga mat too for the times when you are lying on the floor. I got the thickest mat I could find to cushion my boney It's times like this that I wish I had some of my weight back!

Thanks again for the article Betsy and I will post the recipe as soon as I dig it up with the right amounts to use.

Take care!!!

Toronto, Canada

#613 Jan 17, 2014
Hi Betsy,

Here is the sauce recipe. It is called a rib sauce but as mentioned, I use it on a lot of things.

1 cup applesauce
2 cups brown sugar (I use 1 cup honey or less)
1/2 cup ketchup (I use strained tomatoes or a commercial bbq sauce)
6 tablespoons lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon - salt, pepper, cinnamon and optional - paprika
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder or 1 clove crushed

Combine and bring to a boil. Use with ribs, chicken, pork tenderloin or roast pork

I have baked stuff in the oven with it or you can use a slow cooker. I hope you like it! Enjoy!

Waldböckelheim, Germany

#614 Jan 19, 2014
Hi Anne, excellent, thank you so much. I did a modified version of the Sauce in a ratatouille last night in my slow cooker and it was fantastic. The ketchup seems to work better than tomato sauce, I had no gastric reaction. Really nice. I did not add the apple Sauce, will do that when I add meat, this was vegetarian.
Hope everyone is having a peaceful Sunday.

Since: Jun 12

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#615 Jan 28, 2014
Hi Everyone.

Thought I would post this from Gut Microbiota World Watch:

I tried to get access to the original article but you need a Wiley subscription.

Mississauga, Canada

#616 Jan 30, 2014
Hi AC...good article..again reinforcing how the brain and gut are so connected. Hope you are doing well. How is everything going with you?

I am doing a hypnosis program for IBS and I really think it is working. I notice I am not as stressed out over things as I normally would be so have little or no pain anymore. I think SCD started it all and after a year on it, doing really well...except for not gaining back some weight. My high cholesterol kind of limited me from eating a lot of the good stuff...butter, cheese, eggs etc., to gain some back but now that it is back down, will add some more back in but not go overboard.

Betsy..I had to give up the mindfullness course and trying to do some on my own now. After that first night where I had to sit for so long, it triggered pain in my hip and lower back that lasted more than a week so I couldn't see doing it all over again every week. They do offer it several times a year so maybe another time will work but I find I just can't sit for very long without being in pain. At the office I can get up and walk around regularly but when people are trying to meditate, I don't think they would appreciate the Hope you will try the sauce recipe with the applesauce as it really is one of the key ingredients. Glad though you enjoyed it without too!

Hope everyone is well! I am really getting sick of winter because it has been really cold and the snow just won't stop Haven't seen a winter like this in years!!

Stay warm and healthy everyone!

Waldböckelheim, Germany

#617 Feb 1, 2014
Hi Anne, I don't think I could sit that long if my back hurt, and it hurts when I sit long (not healthy, either). Jumping up and running around is actually quite healthy. and hypnosis is supposed to be good, too, I could use some de-stressing, too.--- Got the soy sauce and am good to go for the sauce.

Here in our part of Germany the crocusses are blooming, if you can believe it. In the North East it is a lot more cold, but probably nothing compared to Canada. Take care and stay warm yourself!

Shelbyville, IL

#618 Feb 1, 2014
applecake wrote:
Hi Anne- So glad to see you back and feeling good!
Betsy- Do you remove the garlic cloves when you're done and just not eat them?
I thought my name came up in conversation, my ears were burning! lol...
Here is my favorite slowcooker/crockpot website. Everything can be make gluten free on the site (or just use regular gluten ingredients if you like). wait for the page to load and then go to the left side of the page and see all the catagories. YUM!!


Waldböckelheim, Germany

#619 Feb 2, 2014
Hey Moe - good to see you! Hope you are doing well. I'm the one who uses that site for all my slow-cooker recipes - I just love that slow cooker. My mom gave it to me a few weeks ago. The food made in the slow cooker sits well with me, there must be a reason for that. So thank you for reposting. Take good care. Greetings, Betsy

Since: Jun 12

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#620 Feb 3, 2014
I'm glad you enjoyed that article, Anne. I think it's fascinating. Glad that you skipped out on the mindfulness course since it didn't work for you. Sounds to me like you're following your own personal mindfulness program. Self-hypnosis is really the same thing in many ways.
hi Moe!
I think I need a slow cooker. I find well cooked veggies work for me, too. I shouldn't be surprised.

Waldböckelheim, Germany

#621 Feb 4, 2014
Slow cookers rock, AC, as does the site that Moe posted. I made myself vegetable soup that cooked all night - and, I hate to admit, before that a cheese cake that is divine (recipe on that self same site)..... Slow cookers are great in that you get several portions out of them and can freeze them, etc. Plus, I somehow have a hunch that they are easier on our intestines.

Since: Jan 12

Stuart, Florida

#622 Feb 4, 2014
Hi Betsy

How are things over there they kind of sucks here. I have to go for another surgery this time on my right lung was supposed to be last Thursday 01/30 but my blood was out of order platelets way to low
I am still waiting to hear form my Doctor and to see what he is going to do for me

And I hope this note finds you in good health. God Bless and My Teddy Bear Hugs to you also


Since: Jun 12

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#623 Feb 4, 2014
Sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery, Larry. That sounds very tough. I'll be thinking of you.

Betsy: What size cooker do you have?

Waldböckelheim, Germany

#624 Feb 5, 2014
Hi Larry, like Applecake I am sure sorry to hear about the surgery, and so now are you waiting in hopsital or at home outside of the hospital? Boy, you've been through a lot. Wish you didn't have to go through yet another Operation. I hope the blood platelets improve soon so that they can tell what they have to do, and that you hear from them soon. Waiting is a terrible Thing, even in situations that do not involve illness and Hospital. Hope you don't have to have chemo again. I'll think of you, too. And I will definitely put you top of the list in my prayers. What is your favorite hymn? Then I can sing it for you.---- Did you read the post from someone who had her surgery in a Christian Hospital so that right before surgery they said prayers with her? That sounded great. That is what we need. Be sure to tell us what is going on.

I'm doing just fine, I complain and fret about everyday stuff, but my health has been just fine lately, especially my intestinal health.

I have been cooking with that slow cooker - and AC, it is a medium-sized one to small, and that is perfect for smaller households. And you know what? That is important - because the size of the inside part, the part you cook in and then remove and wash - is quite big, and because it is made of ceramic, it is heavy. And if it is too heavy (my mom has a big and heavy one) then it is hard to manoever around (she does not use hers as much).---- On the other Hand, you can bake bread and make cakes in the big ones, because you use them like a "bain marie" (i.e. you fill in water) xoxoxoxoxoxoxox betsy

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