Diverticulitis attack recovery time?
Dora Smith

Mcallen, TX

#5519 Feb 7, 2013
Try probiotics.

Denyse wrote:
I had an attack of diverticulitis 1 week ago. I was placed on Flagyl, and the pain was gone in two days. My problem is that now, any time I try to add any type of solid, low residue food to my diet, I develop diahrrea. Is this usual, and what has worked for you?
Cee Cee

Palm Springs, CA

#5520 Feb 8, 2013
Wendy wrote:
I am going on day 8 of recovering from DT,still feel bad,bloating,growling..Taking 1500 mg flaygl,1000 mg cipro..cant sleep,get pressure in my lower back..Is that normal..Im starting to feel like Im stuck in bed forever :(
Wendy, hang in there! I felt AWFUL on the antibiotics and for weeks after but am slowly doing better and better. Read advice here on water, Mayo diet and Stanford diet, probiotics, etc. It helped me. I am 3 months out almost and still am following the Stanford diet generally and doing ok. Keep checking with your doc too.

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#5521 Feb 8, 2013
I just found this board and the info is very helpful. I'm currently in the midst of my 4th or 5th attack in the last 2.5-3 yrs (Tom is my 35th birthday). This is my first attack in nearly 9 mths and after the last one I had a scope which confirmed my diverticula was contained to an approx 6 in section of my colon. Doc wanted me to have surgery and when I met with the surgeon, he said no way he would have it at my age if I'm only getting 1-2 attacks a year. Any thoughts on this?

Also, I sorta watch what I eat but I've found most attacks have been as a result of over eating rather than what I eat. This episode I believe was a result of constipation caused by general anesthesia from a knee scope a week ago. Anyway after having been on some pain meds for half the week I'd rather not start an antibiotic, anyone have any good home remedies that help ease the discomfort?

Bonney Lake, WA

#5522 Feb 9, 2013
I'm 36 and whenever I feel the slightest twinge of a Diver attack coming on (discomfort in the lower left of my stomach)I go on a clear liquid diet for 4 days. During this time I also take Tylenol and use a heating pad nightly. I then go on the low residue diet for a week and only then do I start to slowly add fiber back in. This approach has worked well for me since I was diagnosed 7 years ago. Granted there have been maybe 2 or 3 episodes where the attack has come on so strong that I've been forced to go on antibiotics but I will do everything in my power to not have to go on that dreadful concoction of meds.

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#5523 Feb 10, 2013
Ladies is it normal to have pelvic pressure??Im feeling better but still weak and gassy.Going on day 15 now..Still on meds,I hate the side effects of flagyl..I wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy!!!And is it normal to get cramps in your rectum..This stuff gives me horrible anxiety!!!So glad for support on this..Speedy recovery and prayers for all of us going thru this!!!YUCK


#5524 Feb 10, 2013
Hi - I concur with Amy. I had my first attack last summer and ended up in hospital. I had my final follow up with the consultant last month and he basically said if he sees me in hospital again he'd think about operating. I have been working abroad recently and had a flare-up that has taken 3 weeks to go away and even now I am not right. I didn't go on antibiotics this time.

So I do wat Amy does and once I recognose the symptoms I go on a clear liquid diet for a few days and then 'heavier' soups until it's on the road to recovery. That has worked OK for me. Obviously if I got worse I'd take antibiotics but at the moment I control it with clear fluids, soups and easy to digest solids - over a period of weeks.

I haven't been on the site for a while so hi to everyone who helped me when I needed you last year and I hope you're all doing well.

Wendy - I think everyone is different wrt symptoms. But when I had my last attack I thought I was starting with period pains and then realised it was the start of another flare. I find it difficult to differentiate what's what sometimes but as a flare-up progresses it all ties in.


Ruislip, UK

#5525 Feb 10, 2013
Hi there guys,

I went to gp few months ago with terrible pain and was told it was DV. He told me to go to a&E to br scanned but really did nt want to wait there for more than 4 hours and wanted m bed. Now im having same pain for 6 days now and its not getti g better. Feels like there s a fullness in bladder too. Should i go back to a&e to confirm whether its dv? Any help appreciated


United States

#5526 Feb 10, 2013
Floppit dont take any chances,go to Er..I waited almost 10 days before going and wished Id gone sooner..I was hospitalized and pumped full of antibiotics,still not up to par..

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#5528 Feb 10, 2013
Floppit - Go to A&E. It's not worth messing with.


#5529 Feb 10, 2013
Floppit - please go and get yourself checked out. If your pain isn't going away you must get yourself assessed. It's better to 'waste some time' now than to end up in hospital with possible complications. Wendy and Applecake are right. Good luck.

Coa, UK

#5530 Feb 12, 2013
Hi everyone.
I was diagnosed with diverticulitis in 2011- I was admitted to hospital with severe abdominal pains vomitting the full works which I'm sure we're all familiar with. They were clueless and discharged me after 2days I went back to my gp who referred me to a specialist I had a colonoscopy along with many other investigatory exams and was diagnosed just before my 23 birthday. I have an attack maybe 2/3 times a year that last maybe a week at most however neither my gp or specialist have mentioned the option of an op.
could this be due to age as the attacks seem in line with some of what has been mentioned here?
Do you think it's something I should bring up?

Any suggestions would be welcome

Thanks :)

Since: Jun 12

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#5531 Feb 12, 2013

Not everyone here is familiar with vomiting as a symptom - that's severe. Your age of onset also indicates that it's severe. I am 44 and I believe my age of onset was around yours, but I went undiagnosed. You should definitely bring up surgery as an option to your doctor. It's very important. The fact that you are having 2-3 attacks a year at your age would put you in line for surgery. Definitely bring it up! I ruptured my colon and had a colostomy bag. It is much preferred to have keyhole surgery when you don't have an infection. If you are having attacks now, it will honestly only get worse. Please bring it up to your doctors. They will assume you are okay since you are in your 20's. You need to advocate for yourself. xoxoxo

United States

#5532 Feb 12, 2013
Can the meds cipro and flagyl give you orange pencil stools..I have one day left of meds,thankgod!!!

Portland, OR

#5533 Feb 12, 2013
Hey folks, I'm glad I found this site. I'm 33 and I'm diagnosed with Diverticulitis after CT scan. My initial symptoms were pressure/pain in pubic area and severe constipation. Then my doctor thought I was constipated and advised me with Magnesium Citrate. In the same night I got a fever of 101. Then immediately my doctor asked me to get a CT scan and it revealed Diverticulitis with sigmoid wall thickening and high WBC.

I was hospitalized for 3 days with IV antibiotics and came home. From the day after I did not experience any pain at all or any other symptoms like fever. I also had once pain for a minute but relieved after bowel movement. Might be gas.

But the anxiety is killing me. My GI wants me to do a colonoscopy to rule out certain things. Now I started worrying if it could be something else. I'm a kind of hypochondriac too. In this case, I never experienced any blood or anything. Please help me to get rid of my freakin mind.....

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#5534 Feb 12, 2013

Anxiety is a very common symptom of diverticulitis. If you read these boards for a while, you will find that people with diverticulitis often have anxiety concurrent with; preceeding; and / or following an infection. 95% of your body's serotonin is produced in your gut. People with gut disorders often suffer from anxiety. It also correlates to elevated C-reactive protein levels. So, just bear in mind that what you're feeling is symptomatic. Doctor's won't tell you that, and are generally not clued into that fact, but it's all over these boards. I see no reason why you would start to assume that you have something other than diverticulitis. It's just important that they don't do the colonoscopy while you have an infection. They shouldmake sure you're not inflamed when they scope you. It sounds like you responded well to the antibiotics. If that was a recent event, you should probably still be sticking to soft foods for a while, and work back up to eating fiber slowly. Drink a lot of water; take omega3's; take probiotics; stay away from red meat and hard alcohol. Good luck!

Beaverton, OR

#5535 Feb 12, 2013
Thx applecake. Here it is...My first episode of Diver. 22 days ago, I was discharged from hospital after 3 days stay. I didn't have any sort of pain after that or any other symptoms. My question is, why would a Dr still want to do a Colonoscopy even after looking at the health improvement over time? I don't mind in doing the scope but that made me anxious that whether the Doctors are still not convinced? My scope is scheduled on 25th (exactly 5 weeks after hospital discharge)

Here's my diet - yes, am still on soft foods like cream of wheat, plenty of liquids, metamucil 2 spoons a day, jello, boiled carrots/squash, white rice, eggs and some Ritz crackers for snacking.

BTW how do I improve my serotonin levels?:)

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#5536 Feb 13, 2013
The doc wants to do a colonoscopy because getting diver at your age (same age I likely got it) means most likely a severe case of diver. They want to see what it looks like in there and probably if you're a candidate for surgery.

I ruptured my colon at 44 -- never having been diagnosed -- but I had been in the hosptial with nonstop vomiting in my 20's. They just didn't have the CT technology then; I never got a CT. They assumed I had a kidney infection. Looking back I seriously doubt that's what it was.

If I were you I would go off gluten - take probiotics -always make sure I drink a lot of water -- stay away from red meat -- stick to a plant-rich diet -- and stay away from hard alcohol. I personally think there's a gluten-diver connection (although I truly have no scientific evidence to back that up).

I'm glad your symptoms subsided. They know so little about diver, really, that it's hard to take preventative steps and know you're in charge. Go ahead with the colonoscopy. It's the right thing to do. You'll get good info.

You can up your serotonin by exercising. Serotonin's precursor is synthesized in muscle tissue. But the fast/easy way is an SSRI.

I went for years with this gut mess that contributed to my anxiety and had NO idea there was a connection.

Mumbai, India

#5537 Feb 13, 2013
Hi everyone, my boyfriend recently had a diverticular surgery, its been a month and today morning doctors gave him a bag...he is on wheelchair...

i am really scareed, can anyone tell me if this is recoverable completly, will he b able to marry me?

he say if nt recovered he wont marry as he doesnt want to be a liability

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#5538 Feb 13, 2013
My guess is that they will eventually figure out that diver is auto-immune inflammatory reaction to gluten or bacterial overgrowth or something like that - which some of us with a genetic predisposition are prone to get at a young age; that we have a vulnerability to something like gluten our immune system over reacts and breaks down the intestinal lining. Some day I hope we have better answers than we do now. For now I think a lot of the info out there is B.S.

Portland, OR

#5539 Feb 13, 2013
I agree with you applecake. 3 days ago, I tried fettucine alfredo for dinner. And the very next day morning my bowel movement was fine, but I experienced a weird pain in my lower left abdomen for a minute or 2 and relieved after bowel movement/passing gas. Now I got the answer, it might be the gluten stuff.

Does it mean we have Celiac? I'm sure i tested couple of years ago for celiac blood work and it was negative. But still for some reason, I experience IBS symptoms whenever I eat wheaty stuff or something like pasta...I will watch out again.

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