Georgia to Fellow good Trolls

Georgia to Fellow good Trolls

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United States

#1 Jul 8, 2012
Dear Fellow Good Trolls,

I have been doing some soul searching since that last, uncalled for, scathing attack from Deb from Mich and I have realized, I can't do this anymore.
I have so many other things I want to do, that does not include being dogged by Deb from Mich.
Deb's last totally insane rant made me realize if I came back to this forum, I would be crazier than she is. Life is just to short for me, or actually anyone, to have to put up with her insanity, and the childish games she plays.

Deb's mantra that she keeps repeating over and over and over again is if you don't like one of her posts just ignore it. In her world you better ignore it. In my world, she absolutely refuses to give me the same consideration. It is all just a game to her. She has nothing to lose, and nothing else to do.

The majority here, sit, watch, and wait, not caring who is attacked, who is doing the attacking or why. They do not care, or want to get involved, they just want it all to hurry up and go away. They just want someone, anyone, to talk to, without any bickering. Who can blame them?

I honestly hate the person I let Deb from Mich turn me into, on this forum. In my real world everybody gets along with no problem. I am going to stay in my warm, fuzzy, friendly little world where I belong. I am setting myself free from Deb from Mich and it feels so damn good!!! I have never in my life, come even close to knowing a person who is as nasty and as self serving as Deb from Mich, and I sure hope I never do. In my perfect world Deb from Mich does not exist. It may take some time, but she will get what she deserves. She has not learned what goes around, comes around, yet. Everybody learns that lesson at one time or another.

I admire, each and every one of my fellow good Trolls for your kindness and tenacity, especially Gillian and Natalie who have been here long before me. I appreciate the help you all have given me, and all that I have learned from each and every one of you. I hope you all will have a little peace for awhile. If it gets to much, and push comes to shove, remember, the majority rules, they only want peace on the forum, so let them have it and set yourself free, or take a long vacation, if need be. Don't let Deb from Mich or Deb or whatever name she chooses to use, make your life harder than it has to be. You all can only give so much of yourselves, and you have already have. I also wish you all, the best of luck and the best of health.

Since: May 12

Sun City, CA

#2 Jul 9, 2012
I vote no. You shouldn't leave. Yes. She's like stalker. But you have too much good information. There must be some extermination process.

Bangor, ME

#3 Jul 9, 2012
Have come to the very same conclusion Georgia. Certainly time to take a long break from this site. It helped me through my bad time and I hope I have helped others. I too am tired of the rants and sorely disappointed that Topix allowed the Forum to be totally hi-jacked by Deb's irrelavant, self-serving posts and rants. I'm well now and it is time for me to move on. Will be deleting this from my favorites tab so I'm not tempted to even check in. Bye guys, I truly wish you all well!

Kansas City, MO

#4 Jul 9, 2012
I wish I was as well as you all. I'm not there yet. I wish things were different. I also took a break for the same reasons, but who will help if all the ppl with knowledge leave? I would recommend a break ..... A long one perhaps, but not forever.

United States

#5 Jul 9, 2012
Thank you for the kind words, but I already have seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

United States

#6 Jul 9, 2012
I do have to say people may have to do what I did when I first came up to the forum. There weren't so many people answering questions as fast as they do now. Sometimes I would see a question that I wanted an answer too and it would take a day or so. I solved the problem by doing something no one seems willing to do anymore. I read all the past posts in the Diverticulitis attack recovery thread. I learned everything I needed to know. I still say thanks to Gillian and Natalie, cause they were posting then.
All the information anyone needs is already up here. Beside that there are new people coming up here all the time who have lots of good new information.

United States

#7 Jul 9, 2012
Damn! All it takes is one bad apple (pun intended) to negatively impact what has been historically a wonder, positive site.
Georgia, you know how how I feel. Your generous contribution of advice and support has helped so many people. Thank you! It may come to the point where I disconnect as well. I wish for you fabulous health!
Same to you George. Your experience and humor have helped so many.
Sigh...happy trails!

United States

#8 Jul 9, 2012
Thanks for your kind words also. Thanks for your help the other day. I really am done. I can't face this forum anymore knowing Deb is here, waiting to pounce. I know that sounds crazy, but I am feeling crazy. I have to leave.
Take care

I needed to say thanks to you before you are gone forever. Every time you look at the beach--think of me. I am green with envy. I hope you are having a terrific summer.
This is no favorite of mine anymore either. This is my time to leave. I do feel badly we aren't allowed to post with freedom anymore, but that is the way it is and I've just had enough.
Take care

Saint-eustache, Canada

#9 Jul 9, 2012
Holy shi*!! I've been looking for your name for a while...Miss u.

Georgia, I think it would be a bad thing to not hear from you anymore. You are the champion for those who and can survive surgery-free, without major attacks and people deserve to know there is hope, in all forms.

Take the summer off, enjoy the great outdoors....but please leave us with hope of your return!!!

P.S. Thanks for standing up for the new sufferers when Voldemort would tell them she ate fresh fruit and veggies, then scream she "meant" after the attacks were finished she would eat fresh fruit and veggies to get healthy. If we all said what we meant in a direct way, I think we would get along better.

Bonne chance (good luck in french)

I swear I miss you already. PLease don't go

United States

#10 Jul 9, 2012
Hi Natalie,
You are so sweet, thanks. I have learned to never say never, but right now all I can think of is the fact I don't have to think about Deb from Mich anymore. I sure won't be back soon if it is at all. This last attack was truly the straw that broke the camels back.
Dear Natalie, you are just to nice. In a sane world if the only problem was a misunderstanding over what was said or meant there would be no problems. You can always work that out with anyone who wants to get along.

Deb from Mich does not want to get along. She truly enjoys what she does.
there is no doubt in my mind she does this stuff on purpose, plus she lies like a rug about absolutely everything. All you have to do is read what she says one day and the next she will say the total opposite. She was really enjoying herself, the other day, Natalie, with all her frantic posting. She is totally crazy, and I honestly can't deal with her anymore. I mean really, really can't. Take care of yourself. I will miss you too

Saint-eustache, Canada

#11 Jul 10, 2012
Ok Georgia, I gotcha, but if ever your fingers start a-twitching, please don't hesitate!!!

Have a great summer

London, UK

#12 Jul 10, 2012
Georgia, sorry to hear this -but I totally understand -I too don't come on here as much as I used to do because I find that I can;t deal with Deb's posts on a regular basis -which is why I've only just picked up on your post.

I hope you will reconsider - tale some time out and then see how you feel - never say never!

I too will miss you - as one of the long-time posters who can be relied upon for good advice you have helped lots of people.

Take care

Berlin, Germany

#13 Jul 29, 2012
Yes, I agree with Natalie and Gillian and I miss you, too, Georgia (although I understand you completely)- and the others, too. I don't see Gillian and Natalie as often in other forums. It's a shame. Maybe we could "meet" at this post once a month? Sort of kidding, sort of not. I don't feel like posting as often, especially since comments like "dairy and red meet are inflammatory ..." have proliferated and nowadays remain unchallenged. So I am hoping everyone is taking the summer off - and having a good time!- and then we will meet again in fall. Never good to let the bullies get the upper hand, although they often do. Take care, talk 2 u soon, hopefully.

Sacramento, CA

#14 Jul 29, 2012
I used to let the Voldemorts get under my skin, but no longer.

I'd hate to see you leave the forum because of one person. She's really not worth paying attention to. I just ignore her.

She posted once, advising me about juicing, etc., and I just told her the truth: I'm a vegan and yet I still have diverticulitis attacks and am having surgery. In other words, while juicing and veganism can be wonderfully healthy lifestyles, neither is a panacea.

She shut up right away and hasn't bugged me since.
Tracy -TTM

Asse, Belgium

#15 Jul 30, 2012
HI All,

I have just got back from my holiday in the south of France and wanted to let you all know that 10 months after my surgery I feel great, no more pain, I can eat most things and I have even lost 8 kilos!!!!
I think it is important to mention the good things and inform others that after time we do get through this even though we think we never will.

I know that I have not been on this forum for some time, and I have been reading some of these posts with sadness in my heart as there are so many good and honest people that have helped me to better understand what I was going through and gave answers and support when I most needed it. I will be sorry not to see those so familiar names dishing out info and updates.

Sometimes a break does us good and we can take a step back and put things into perspective, I think once we have taken part on this forum we will always come back sooner or later to learn more and maybe help other sufferers with our experiences.

Life is great and the ups and downs we encounter just make us more stronger.

Take care



South Dos Palos, CA

#16 Jul 30, 2012
I, too, have been taking a break from Miss-know-it-all-juicer, although I really miss all the helpful advice and caring we used to give each other. I would love to meet with you all every once in a while. I do come here still to read, but not as often (hence, why it's taken me so long to see this thread!). I, too, just ignore Deb because trying to "talk" to her only results in more vindictiveness from her and more hijacking of the thread. It does piss me off, though, that she got what she wanted and now is able to monopolize the forum. But at least she has quit mentioning the juicing on the recovery thread as often as she used to.

Maybe we can find another forum to meet up in! In the meantime, I will still be here, I do check in about once a week. Wishing you all the best and continued recovery to us all.

South Dos Palos, CA

#17 Jul 30, 2012
Let me add, maybe we can find a forum that has a moderator that will be able to delete posts and kick out troublesome trolls. That might be nice.

Lubbock, TX

#18 Jul 30, 2012
There is a yahoo group for diverticulitis that might be of interest. Also a forum on healing well.

South Dos Palos, CA

#19 Jul 31, 2012
I also find it ironic that although Deb time and again had to tell Georgia her Mayo clinic post wasn't "formatted" properly or mispelled or whatever, is now the one posting right and left about people following the Mayo clinic low res diet. You'd almost think it was her idea to begin with.

(And Deb, if you're reading these posts, please don't respond, or try to "defend" yourself. Not interested. Thank you.)

Saint-eustache, Canada

#20 Aug 1, 2012
Hi guys, I am posting less these days because a lot of questions are from newbies, for those who recently went through resection or those who are in the "thick" of it.

I try to offer a viewpoint from one who is 5 years (in november!!!!) post resection. Honestly, I kinda forgot the pain of div. so not much info for those suffering. When I see questions relevant to my experiences, I chime in!!!

Deb is a pain in the ass when she starts her rantings on how miserable we are to her, but she hasn't scared me off!!!

Love to all of you from sunny Montreal!

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