Repeat attacks of diverticulitis

Since: Jun 12

Carrollton, TX

#21 Jun 21, 2012
Georgia...yes plz! Mucho appreciated

United States

#22 Jun 21, 2012
Hi Joe,
Here is the Mayo Diet.

Diet details
A diverticulitis diet gives your digestive tract a chance to rest while your doctor treats your diverticulitis. By limiting yourself to clear liquids and slowly adding low-fiber foods to your diet, your digestive tract has time to heal. Diverticulitis diet during an attack
During an attack of diverticulitis, your doctor may recommend diverticulitis treatments.
Your doctor may also recommend that you stick to a clear liquid diet for two or three days.
Foods and beverages allowed on a clear liquid diet include: Broth, Clear soda, Fruit juices without pulp, Ice chips, Ice pops without bits of fruit or fruit pulp, Plain gelatin, Plain water, Tea or coffee without cream. Diverticulitis diet once signs and symptoms begin to resolve
As you start feeling better, your doctor will recommend that you slowly introduce low-fiber foods.
Low-fiber foods include: Canned fruits, Desserts without seeds or nuts, Eggs, Enriched white bread, Fruit juice with little or no pulp, Low-fiber cereals, Milk, Yogurt or cheese without seeds or nuts, Smooth peanut butter, Tender meat, poultry and fish,White rice or plain pasta, noodles or macaroni, Well-cooked vegetables without seeds or skins. You may need this low fiber diet for a couple weeks or more before slowly starting back on the fiber foods.
Also it is extremely important to eat tiny meals—about the size of half a sandwich. To much food can also cause a good amount of pain. Good luck, I hope you feel better real soon!!

Since: Jun 12

Carrollton, TX

#23 Jun 21, 2012
Thank you!

La Pine, OR

#24 Aug 22, 2012
I am in the same boat . So much pain and no hope. I have been dealing with stomach and colon problems for 4 years . Now I was just told I have Diverticulitis n Gastritis . No medicine and in alot of pain. I have thought about going to ER . How does everyone make it through their day ?

London, UK

#25 Aug 24, 2012
Hi, I'm the original poster, but forgot I was blink!

The usual thing that happens is to be put on Ciprofloxacin and Metronidazole during a flare up, this is where you get the very bad continual pain.

However, the diverticuli also cause stomach cramps and general bowel problems. I take buscopan for the cramps and tramadol for the pain.

Currently, I am suffering from a flare up and have been on antibiotics for a month with a week off in the middle, it seems im becoming resistant to the antibiotics and as soon as i stop taking them, the severe pain returns.

you should visit your usual doctor who will feel your stomach to assess the pain you are in and treat accordingly

Barrow, UK

#26 Aug 28, 2012
I have been suffering now for years, I have had three colonoscopy,the last one over 12 month ago..I am currently in bed suffering another attack, and I'm at my wits end..I'm on yet another batch of Kefalex and Metronidazole..the pain is excruciating I'm also taking Tramadol too..I never seem to get anywhere when I have the colonoscopys, they just say..yes you have diverticulitis, and give me a leaflet on diets..I know all about the damn diets, my life is governed by it!!!..and they just say we will see you in a years time at a clinic..what I would like to ask you think it is worth me going back to my GP to ask him to refer me to another Surgeon somewhere other than my own hospital to get a second opinion..I haven't seen my GP for a while now over this problem..I have a good relationship with him and just phone up to tell him that my 'stomach has kicked off again' and he just leaves me a prescription for the Kef & Met..I just don't know what to do...this is my 2nd attack in eight weeks..and I'm off work again..any help from you guys would be most appreciated..

Thanks Neata

London, UK

#27 Aug 28, 2012
you need to be referred to the surgeon, who will do a colonoscopy himself, you have to push the NHS to start things happening

Barrow, UK

#28 Aug 29, 2012
Thanks for the reply John, when I feel better I'm going to go back to my GP..and ask him if he can refer me to another after 3 colonoscopy at my local hospital I just don't feel that I will ever be able to get anywhere with the surgeon I have previously seen...I have done a bit of research and have found that there is two colorectal surgeons at other hospitals near to me...50miles and 100 miles would not be a problem..I will go anywhere...I need help..


London, UK

#29 Aug 29, 2012
has your surgeon ever seen you during an attack? they wont do surgery unless they have evidence that the attacks are definitely diverticulitis, ie, a CT scan showing the inflammation, I was fortunate in that when hospitalised, they did a CT that showed the inflammation, and then 6 weeks later, a colonoscopy showed the scarring and remnants of the infection, it was only at this point that they would take action

Barrow, UK

#30 Aug 30, 2012
Hi John,the referals to see anyone takes such a long time, by the time I do get to see a surgeon and then subsequently have any colonoscopys I'm on one of my 'Good Spells'..typical !! the chances of me seeing anyone when I'm actually having an attack are slim...I have had CT too...but again when I've been Ok...they just say I have diverticulosis!!!...the evidence is there that I have it...they just don't persue the matter further..i'ts just a case of take this,that and the really..that's why I think I should go and see a specialist at another hospital..under another Health Trust..our local hospital does not have a good reputation across the's problems have even been hilighted on TV even recently.

Egham, UK

#31 Sep 8, 2012
well, your consultant may write to your GP requesting hospitalisation during your next flare up, then you go in as an unplanned emergency and they will do the CT scan straight away, and therefore get the evidence they want.

of course, if you arent happy, request your GP refer you to another hospital.

Egham, UK

#32 Sep 8, 2012
oh, and just to revive this for me, I have remained ill and in pain since the beginning of August when my surgery was cancelled at the last minute, just spent two days in hospital where they managed to mess up my pain medication, repeatedly. they just sent me home with another two weeks of cipro/metronidazole, this will make 5 weeks of continual antibiotics now and no improvement, im feeling really ill and am in lots of continual pain with it peaking at the point of being unbearable. I am taking 10 different medications, the latest addition being morphine which i keep spilling!

they said they would put me on a list in 6 weeks when the infection has passed, but they wont seem to acknowledge that I have been taking the antibiotics for 3 weeks which isnt clearing it up, just seems to be keeping it at bay.

I really am at my wits end now and feel like I am being swept to one side.

If they had done it when scheduled, then I would be well into recovery from the surgery :(

Barrow, UK

#33 Sep 17, 2012
Hello John...sorry to hear you are not at all well..I'm not too bad at the moment, had two lots of kef & met..things calmed down, and just on my regular meds at the moment, which just's masks the problem..and numbs it so to speak.. I've also had a flu bug for the past week!!..great!!.your advice for me is much appreciated..but my...oh are sooo not well, I do hope you get sorted soon..I'm not surprised you are at your wits end....let me know how you get on when you feel up to it..take care

Subiaco, Australia

#34 Sep 23, 2012
Have been on anti biotics for ages. Usually I feel better when I'm on them and when I come off I'm ok for about a week before feeling sick again. However this time I'm on the anti biotics and I still feel sick. I mainly feel worse in the mornings can anyone explain that to me. As the day progresses I start to pick up a bit. I feel tired and unwell and sick of it. Having a CT scan this week so the surgeon can take a look he thinks we may have missed something. I know I have bad diverticulitis but have I got something else? I don't know. I'm so tired of feeling like I do its ruining my life

Barrow, UK

#35 Sep 24, 2012
Unfortunately I can't explain the sickness Ruth...but my situation is very similar to yours on and off the anti'bs like a yo yo...I get my sickness at night though..don't know why..because I don't get it at any other time of day !..someone will hopefully pop up shortly and give you the answer to your question..the tiredness and general feeling of being unwell is a nightmare..I totally sympathise with you..I can only assume that it's some sort of side effect to the meds..??...interesting to see if someone else has another theory..

Cleburne, TX

#36 Oct 5, 2012
A week ago, my legs started aching. The next day my whole abdomen was hurting and I was running low grade temp. By that night, the pain had migrated to the right side. Went to ER because I thought it was possibly appendicitis. They did to at first but CT scan came back showing diverticulitis. After recieving morphine and dilaudid for pain, they did IV flagly and levaquin and sent me home with flaygl and cipro. Started to feel better. Finished flagyl today and still have 3 more days of cipro. last night, my legs started aching again. still no temp. but i can do nothing but sleep. and my abdomen is becoming tender again with those sharp pains on the right. i also have rhuematoid arthritis, so my immune system doesn't function the greatest. generally feel bad. have appt with GI in a week, but since it seems to be getting worse again, do I wait out the GI or should I go back through ER again? just confused.

Seattle, WA

#37 Oct 5, 2012
Overdone, I finished Cipro and Flagyl 20 days ago. I am noticing pain about 7-8 hours after eating. I am still learning what I cannot eat. If I were having pain like you I would go back to E.R. They will do another CT scan. Drink lots of water. Drink more then you are used to. I take hot baths, and I put heating pad on my stomach. The pain I had since coming off the antibiotics, was about a 4-5, but I watched temperature closely, and that stopped me from calling my Doc. (no Temp) For many days while on the antibiotics and after the liquid diet I made a big batch of mashed potatoes with gravy for the fridge. The only way I could get the Flagyl down was with that combo. Nasty horribly tasting drug. Applesauce, was good, and jello with canned fruit. It's all a big learning experience. No more ham and beans for me, and no corn on the cob or popcorn for sure. I read that you can buy Aloe Vera juice and that helps during an attack. I think it would be a good thing to have on hand. But, watch your temp closely, if it goes above normal, then head out for medical attention.

Bedford, MA

#38 Oct 13, 2012
Suzy wrote:
Nasty horribly tasting drug. Applesauce, was good, and jello with canned fruit. It's all a big learning experience.
I keep a bag of crackers (Goldfish) around and chew some (don't swallow) then take the flagyl or cipro and swallow it all. Seems to help with the bad, bitter tastes.

United States

#39 Nov 13, 2012
Well, I am new to this forum and this disease. I was diagnosed 6 years ago during my first colonoscopy. I only had a small pocket of it then. I had one attack about 3 years ago, and nothing till this year. My attacks are getting closer and longer to recover from. I only had antibiotics once. I try to avoid them because I have developed a resistance to them over the years. This episode is going on week two of pain and bloating, and I just feel like I have the flu all the time. I only ran fever one day, but always feel like I have fever.

Any advice for someone just beginning this process? I am going to my doctor again Thursday to see if I need more testing.


North Aurora, IL

#40 Nov 13, 2012
WOW this site has made me feel better and made me feel worse. Had my first episode last week. Gastro dr. told me over the phone to go to ER. Had CT scan and found out diverticulitis. I was sent home with Cipro and Flagyl. Meds were ok at first. But after a few days on meds, I have a terrible taste in my mouth and feel crappy. Kinda crampy, kinda nauseous and still have subtle pain in left side. I was going to call the dr. tomorrow but after reading this site it sounds normal. Going on vacation next week. Based on comments on this site, sounds like I may not be feeling much better next week. I will ask doctor about yogurt and what I should expect.

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