Recovery from Diverticulitis

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#609 Jul 14, 2012
Avarose = Angela... set up account and change user name.

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#610 Jul 14, 2012

Thank you for the well wishes. I postponed my surgery over a month from what what surgeon had suggested mostly to wrap my head around the idea of major laparotomy surgery and my surgeon asked why. Amongst other concerns, I told him I needed to prepare mentally because this was a scary thing to think about. He said if I wasn't scared he would be concerned because this is a major operation whether open incision or laporascopy. So, you are okay worrying and such. Just don't make it your best friend. Think positive and know that your God will guide the surgeon's hands.

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#611 Jul 15, 2012
Just in case anyone is interested. My surgeon used the ON-Q pain management system for my surgery. He gave me the pouch the meds and catheters were in. Go to for more information. Every surgeon should use this method.

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#612 Jul 15, 2012
Mary wrote:
Nancy in Fl, I have used a tiny dose of Miralax every night (1 tsp) since last June. If I don't eat enough, it will cause gas and cramping; otherwise, I am happy not to have to worry about constipation.
We watched the movie "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" after I had a bad run in with Diverticulitis, it transformed my life and I was so impressed with how he lost weight, I recommend everyone watches it, very moving!

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#613 Jul 15, 2012
RosieUK wrote:
<quoted text>We watched the movie "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" after I had a bad run in with Diverticulitis, it transformed my life and I was so impressed with how he lost weight, I recommend everyone watches it, very moving!
And it's free to watch online at the following URL (USA only):

It's also on Netflix and at Hulu.

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#614 Jul 16, 2012
Hi all,
Had the Lap surgery today and all went well - doctor said colon was inflamed. I feel fine with the self administered pain med. Eating only ice chips and hope I can have juice tomorrow. Sat up for about an hour visiting with my family - my 15 year old son did spontaneously did a little dance to entertain me which was cute because he doesn't usually do that sort Of thing. Took a walk around the hospital and this seems to have reduced need for pain med. Nurses are so nice. Hope to update with continued goOd news later in week. I am so grateful to God today. Angela

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#615 Jul 16, 2012
So happy for you!


#616 Jul 17, 2012
Angela, so glad for you -hope you start to feel a bit better soon!

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#617 Jul 18, 2012
Today I was taken off Morphine and IV - great to walk around freely now. I still have pain and was given Vicodin. Still walking and on cler liquid diet though tomorrow I will have thicker liquid diet. Question about bowls "waking up". Mine gurgle but nothing is yet passes- when does all of that typically start? Staying positive about recovery and should be home on Fri. So far so good, but this really is major surgery!


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#618 Jul 21, 2012
I am feeling really good just 5 days after lap surgery - I was discharged two days ago from hospital. My surgeon (who hardly speaks) smiled and said the hospital would need to recarpet the wing because I was walking so much (just following doctor's orders!) I didn't realize that when the nurses smiled at me while I did laps around the wing multiple times each day that I was sort of over doing it! It worked however, and all my plumbing was working late on day two after surgery and doing really well by day three. I am still in pain and taking extra strength tylenol 3- 4 times a day. Eating a soft but varied diet again. Bowl movements are still runny, but just 2 a day - I have faith that they will firm up again (sorry for this last bit of info. but this is all part of the journey.) I am fully alert and have energy and back into being the "mom" to my family which is such a relief and pleasure, however, I'm taking time to rest and directing the family chores rather than doing most of them myself (long overdue.) I do enjoy being out in the garden, sitting up reading, playing board games and visiting with family and friends, watering plants, playing with our dogs - I guess what you could say is that I am up and about, just not doing all that I would normally do. This is a surprise to me because I pictured myself in bed this week and it is just not the case. I feel complete relief from the nagging pain on my left side that I lived with for years with recurrent diverticular problems. It just isn't there anymore and I don't even think I realized how much of a problem it was, because it was a part of my daily life. I used to do yoga and pilates and stopped about 3 years ago because it bothered my side pain. When I recover from this surgery I plan to go back to these classes multiple times per week - so excited for this! I would like to add that I almost cancelled surgery up until the day before due to nerves. I finally decided to listen to my husband who had complete faith in my excellent doctors and our wonderful hospital (near San Francisco.) Doctors were reassuring throughout too, but I still was so scared. I just willed myself to go it and was so happy when on the day of, the anesthesiologist said, "Here is something to relax you before surgery." Whatever he gave me knocked me out completely and all I remember is waking up in recovery. I realize I have relative youth (48), general good health and elective lap surgery on my side and that outcomes can vary for emergency surgery, but I would say this: unless something unexpected happens, this was the best decision I almost didn't make and I would encourage others to put aside fear and get this surgery done if it is needed. I hope to post again in 5 weeks alongside others with Surgery Success Stories. Thanks to all who posted before me - it really helped me through.

Best regards,


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#619 Jul 21, 2012
Yay you!

United States

#620 Jul 24, 2012
Angela I am so happy you have done so well I had the wonder drug before surgery and never remember going in or out of recovery.

Take care and prayers you continue on the road for a speedy recovery&#10069;

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#621 Jul 26, 2012
Hey All,

Ate 4 slices of pizza on Sunday and that night felt a pain on my left side. I didn't get any pain when i'm sitting or walking around, only when I was in bed and was shifting from laying on one of my sides and also hurt if I applied pressure with my fingers on my left side. In any case, went to the ER and after a bloodtest (slightly elevated WBC) and Xrays and a CT scan was told I had Diverticulitis with no perf or abcess. They wanted to admit me (not sure if because that is right thing to do or to cover their butt), but I refused (a dog at home an nobody would be able to look after him). They sent me home after some IV Antibiotics and gave me Cipro and Flagyl and said just have clear fluids for a day and if the pain is less the following day I can begin eating slowly again. I never had a temperature and never vomited since I had this. The thing that is most confusing to ms is since I never had constant pain on my left side and only felt some pain would it be OK to eat some bland food now? IE eggs, rice etc.. I had Jello and broth and alot of water on day 1. The pain I felt while moving in bed is almost gone, I can still feel something but it is way better than yesterday. I still feel bloated in my lower ab area and I do have some discomfort in my lower ab area when I take a huge breath in and expand my belly. Lots of bubbly noises in my lower ab area too..

Thanks for any help :(

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#622 Jul 26, 2012
I spoke with a friend who is a nutritionist in a hospital and she advised me that i could go on a low fiber diet now, however the nurse at the GI part of the ER hospital I went to said a High fiber diet now..

Wtf... so much conflicting info..

I had some fresh fruit earlier and eggs on a muffin for breakfast, no increased pain so far..

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#623 Jul 26, 2012

I agree with the nutritionist. You should be on a soft and liquid diet for up to a month while your colon is healing. You can find a list of those foods by searching google for the Mayo Clinic Diet for diverticulitis. Good luck!

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#624 Jul 27, 2012
Matt, also try eating smaller portions.

Pizza, for instance, is not a high motility food, and so four slices would cause me trouble, personally. Small meals are the ticket.

Liquid and soft diet until you can comfortably tolerate a bit of fiber. Up your fiber slowly.

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#625 Sep 13, 2012
I was released from the hospital 3 days ago from my first (last?) bout of diverticulitis. Verified by a CAT scan. I was in the hospital for 4 days on clear liquid diet and IV antibiotics. Still rather tired and I seem to be having a round of constipation. Not sure if this is the case or just the fact that my body has not yet gotten back to normal. Have not gone since I got home, but, again, clear liquid diet for 4 days.
They sent me home with no stipulations and a 7 days RX on two meds. I asked about a restricted diet and was told that that really doesn't apply anymore. Just clear liquids as soon as I feel another round coming along.
Any input would be welcomed.
Mike R

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#626 Sep 28, 2012
Had my first bought with Diverticulitis and went to my GP with abdominal and belly pain. I didn't know if I had a bladder infection or was constipated or what. He sent me to the ER immediately where they did a catscan with contrast. I then learned the news that I had a "minor" bought of diverticulitis. I was still having bowel movements. They started me on antibiotics at the hospital. cipro and flagyl. Sent me home with a perscription of both for 14 days. I definately feel better than I did yesterday, but I still don't feel anywhere near normal.

I guess I thought the inflamation would begin subsiding and my liquid diet would start passing in a somewhat normal fashion. Of course I haven't had anything to eat since lunch 3 days ago. I no longer have any fever. But my stomach still feels bloated and I have minor waves of nausea.

What should I be expecting?

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#627 Sep 28, 2012

Sorry you are not feeling well. I had 3 "minor" bouts of div in 3 years and on year 4 had a moderate to severe bout which sent me for surgery (open not lap)on 7/6/2012 that removed 20 inches of colon and appendix. Thankfully no bag and no complications. Still recovering but getting better every day.

Each of us has really different symptom with div. For instance my final bout had me with a white cell count of 19 but no fever, nausea or vomiting....but did have me in a lot of pain from micro perforation in my lower sigmoid colon. I was sick for probably a month. Out of work for a week and dropped 22 lbs in 6 weeks from no appetite, pain and horrible discomfort. That changed my diet and lifestyle.

My advice to you is listen closely to your body. Don't overtax you colon by eating normally as you begin to feel better. Let it heal over a few weeks on a low residue diet and then change you lifestyle by incorporating a high fiber diet, lots of water and exercise. Metamucil and stool softener a couple times a day helps tremendously.

Take a look at the documentary Forks Over Knives which advocates a whole-foods, plant based diet. I'm adding more fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and beans to help my digestion and overall health and to avoid a recurrence of div after my surgery. Doubt I'll ever be a vegan but I getting my fiber and then some. Div can come back even after removal of the diseased colon.

BTW....lots of folks talk about constipation but remember constipation does not only mean not being able to go but going with dry stool..sometimes multiple times per day. It can be dry stool that causes an abrasion on the colon that causes the infection that causes the div. This was my problem...straining to go with multiple dry stool BMs daily.

I wish someone had stressed the importance of proper high fiber diet, exercise and stress reduction when I had my first bout of div. Maybe I wouldn't have a 15 inch zipper down the front of my body.

I wish you good luck and pray for your speedy recovery.

Milton, FL

#628 Sep 29, 2012
thanks very much for taking the time to make your kind and informative reply. I very much appreciate it. today I feel lousy, but relative to yesterday it is better, so onward.

kind regards

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