How bad were colons for people that h...

How bad were colons for people that had surgery?

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Cincinnati, OH

#1 Dec 24, 2012
Have had Diver for 4 years. 10 days ago had a bad flareup. Blood in stool, pain etc. Finally have been three days not much pain by doing only chicken broth, ripe cantelope and a powder mix called "carnation breakfast essentials" (this stuff is great if you can drink milk, much tastier than ensure). Afraid to eat otherstuff yet.
3 years ago doc said I had the colon of an 80 year old (Im 56) with hundred or more diverticuli. I am wondering if anyone else had the colon resection surgery with this amount of polyps. I am worried that I do not have enough good colon to even resection. I know I could ask the doc but if I go in for diverticulitis he will just take a bunch of blood and schedule another colonoscopy,(last one set off an attack that lasted quite a while).
Thought I would see if anyone with a bad case had a successfull resection.
Good luck to all.
Thanks for any comments


#2 Dec 25, 2012
Hi MB, I just noticed your post. I am no specialist, and I have not had my resection (yet)- I'm supposed to in the next couple of months, but I wanted to comment, there were several things I noticed. These are just my opinions, too. The cantaloup - most of us watch out with fresh fruit and fresh vegetables after a flare-up, and only 10 days ago is recent. Better to go low-fiber, a lot say, and to find that diet, if you go to the Mayo Clinic site, you will find their recommendation. Everybody is different, but that is advice that most people here heed. Then you mentioned having a lot of diverticuli, the little pouches, 100 or so. For one thing, that is not the same as a polyp, it is like the word says, a pouch that goes to the outside of the wall of the colon (which can get filled up with food or whatever, and that can cause an infection, which is why people used to not eat nuts & popcorn, etc., because docs used to say that food could get stuck). Like you, my whole intestines is lined with all the pouches, I have them all over - I am the same age you are, and that in itself (the many pouches) does not make the colon old; maybe your doctor has an unusual way of expressing himself. In themselves the pouches are not bad - many people have them and never get an infection -, so during a surgery they are not all taken out, unless for some reason they are all infected or whatever. Usually only certain parts - i.e. the sigmoid, the lower part - gets infected and reinfected, and then it is removed. That is a fairly standard procedure and well tolerated by most here. If you go reading other threads, there are people who have long pieces of colon removed, but that is for specific reasons. Last thing I'd like to mention is the colonoscopy - that is generally NOT done when someone has an infection, but only 6 or 8 weeks later (although they did one on me during an infection, too, it is not recommended)- and if you have it done later, i.e. when the infection is all gone, it will generally not set off an attack. There is, however, always a CT you could have done, but as far as I know that is very expensive and depends on your kind of insurance. I hope I was able to answer your questions. These were my opinions and not expert advice, usually several people add opinions here, which is helpful. Take care, watch out for the cantaloupe - and have nice holidays. Greetings from Germany, Betsy

Cincinnati, OH

#3 Dec 26, 2012

Thanks for the post.

I started the mayo clinic low residue diet a couple of days ago and have taken cantalope out of the mix for now. So far so good.

Although I said polyps, I meant abcesses but couldn't think of the word at the time of last posting.

Just wanted to say GOOD LUCK to you with your surgery and if you have nothing to do while recovering, let me (us) know how it goes.



#4 Dec 27, 2012
Hi MB, good you started on the Mayo diet, generally works well for people. My surgery is a couple of months away, will keep posting if gastro-doc has something interesting to say that could be of general interest. I am one of those who keep postponing surgery .... mine is a boring story. And so you meant abscesses rather than polyps, and that would be quite serious, too, wouldn't it? And are they spread all throughout the colon? Maybe you are getting good advice from somebody on another thread who has had a similar experience, at least I hope so. Greetings, Betsy

Toronto, Canada

#5 Jan 10, 2013
Hi Everyone, I am scheduled to have surgery on the 25th of January. I had what i believe was a bout of the stomach flu about 4 days ago and I have been having some discomfort since. Not severe pain just discomfort. Does anyone know what happens if they cut me open and find an infection. I had my blood work done a few days before the Flu, however the infection never shos up in the blood work. I am concerned.

Cincinnati, OH

#6 Jan 11, 2013

I too have stomach flu type symptoms but it has been for a couple of weeks. My Diver symptoms have sort of faded but this stomach problem just won't go away.

Had a colonoscopy a week ago and that doc thouught it might be irritable bowl syndrome, another thought maybe celiac disease (glutton intolerance) but I am still hoping it is just stomach bug. I go to my regular doc today and will talk to him, probably get some tests done.

I would talk to your doctor or surgeon about your concerns as this is something they should know about.

Toronto, Canada

#7 Jan 11, 2013
Thanks Mrv. I am going to my doctor in an hour. I will let you know what he says when I get back. I know that since I have been diagnosed in April of 2012, every time I got sick I had a flare up.

Since: Jan 12

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#8 Jan 11, 2013
Connie wrote:
Hi Everyone, I am scheduled to have surgery on the 25th of January. I had what i believe was a bout of the stomach flu about 4 days ago and I have been having some discomfort since. Not severe pain just discomfort. Does anyone know what happens if they cut me open and find an infection.(They will put you in IV antibiotics) I had my blood work done a few days before the Flu, however the infection never shos up in the blood work. I am concerned.
Hi Dear
well they will redo the blood work before you have the sugary so the old test will not count God Speed be with you. and may he help me give you one of my Teddy Bear Hugs

P.S. they will not do any thing to hurt you also good luck on your Sugary ...


Toronto, Canada

#9 Jan 11, 2013
Great news..My doctor said because my pain isn't getting any the dull ache is what's left of the stomach bug and honestly I feel it less today so I am going to stop worrying about that and let it run it's course. It is frustrating at times when I am not sure what is going on and I am always second guessing. Thank you Larry for the big Teddy Bear Hug. It is so nice to have understanding people at a time li9ke this.

Since: Jan 13

Fort Mill, SC

#10 Jan 16, 2013
I too fought this surgery for many years as I had a 4 year remission. But, then I had 3 infections this year alone. I scheduled the surgery but felt fine (except for IBS but that's another story) so kept wondering if I was doing the right thing.
Surgery was almost 2 weeks ago. The 3 day hospital stay was worst than the surgery. I had alot of allergies and kicked off the leg booties because I itched so bad (turns out to be the morphine drip but didn't know that until I had them take it out at day 2). My legs swelled up like balloons. I was miserable with the itching.
As I reported on another thread, it took me awhile to get a BM. That kinda was scary as I felt it might be blocked or something. But I was passing gas. It took 6 days for a BM. So far so good. I still have IBS and had an episode last night but that was to be expected that they surgery wouldn't cure this.
I feel pretty good. Was lapo and steri strips. Go to the surgeon tomorrow and I assume steri strips will come off. They went thru my belly button with a couple of small holes for the camera. No noticeable scars.
The surgeon said my colon was moderately scarred and was twisted. So I am so glad I have done the surgery.
If more than one doctor says you need the surgery, then good chance you might need it. As one who fought doing it for years, I understand your concern.

Cincinnati, OH

#11 Jan 16, 2013
Hey Mia

Hope all is still going well
I to have been diagnosed with ibs and diver
The ibs pain just would not go away for the last month so I started taking a few diff vitamins and changed diet from low residue to the gaps diet. Must say it has only been 3 days but the pain is no longer constant and the discomfort has decreased a lot. A few hours a day I even feel close to normal but then the discomfort comes back, but nowhwere near as bad.

How long you had ibs? Do you have pain or discomfort in the abdominal area all the time? If not what are you using to help.

Since: Jan 13

Fort Mill, SC

#12 Jan 18, 2013
I have suffered from food allergies since a teenager by getting hives. As the years have gone on, it started to affect my Bowel movements to the point the last few years, any dairy and I wind up in the bathroom within minutes.

It turns out my mom has IBS and only recently mentioned how she can't go to the store without taking immodium. She refuses to stop dairy.

So far, dairy and gluten affect my hives and my bowels so I stay away from both. I always ate alot of salads but in the past 2 years that now has become a problem unless I eat it last. It truly is an individualized response and I now have an app on my phone for IBS to track which foods, etc. are triggering an IBS episode.

Hope that helps.

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