Minneapolis, MN

#81 Aug 10, 2007
Also, I had read pasta was not good to eat, does that include wheat pasta, is that hard to digest?--The reason I started eating nuts, popcorn, corn, etc., is b/c my doctor said it was okay to eat....

Chatsworth, CA

#82 Aug 10, 2007
The nuts,popcorn, seeds deal is debatable. Some folks have problems, some don't. Some doctors say stay away, some say nonsense. My doctor says anything in moderation. I stay clear of them as I am scared to tempt fate. But I still eat Tomatoes and will deal with a flare up before I quit. I love tomatoes. I have had pasta with no ill results. I have found that small meals are O-K and large meals will cause discomfort.


#83 Aug 13, 2007
Hey Janet, I am having the surgery due to the dangers of not having it. I am told that it couls perfuate and that is life threatning with a 60% survival rate. Ofcourse after being told this I opted for the surgery in fear of every little pain that I have. I have a relative with the same condition and he did have to have the emergencey surgery which almost cost him his life and he had to have the colosopy. I guess the only other real benefit is elective surgery you should not need the colosopy.
Janet wrote:
Hello, This is my first post. I am a 40 year old fm and have had 2 hosp stays with diverticulitis. The first hosp stay was 5 days and afterward I was fine. Three years later, I started to eat popcorn, nuts, etc. occasionally. I had my 2nd stay for 4 days in June. I do also have irritable bowls. I was wondering if anyone has changed their diet and not had surgery. My doctor wants me to have surgery b/c of my age and the 2 bouts and it could avoid a colostomy. I guess I feel like the doctors have no other answer but surgery, which I may need, but b/c I feel fine except for the 2 times I went to the hospital, I had pain and a fever and went to the hospital, once I came home I was fine. I guess I'm looking for someone to say don't have the surgery, stay on your diet and see. Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated.


#84 Aug 13, 2007
By the way I have done my research and the elective surgery has a 99% success rate...

Minneapolis, MN

#85 Aug 13, 2007
Mike wrote:
By the way I have done my research and the elective surgery has a 99% success rate...
Thanks for the reply. How many bouts have you had. Have you looked into aloe and flax and c-silver and all the other 'natural' choices? I know I'm grasping at straws to avoid surgery in hopes of finding a non-surgical cure and am scared to death of the surgery. I called 4 nutrionists who cannot help, they are not familiar with di. Thanks for any info.

Boston, MA

#86 Aug 17, 2007
I had diverticulitis approx 2 mos. ago - had a CT scan and confirmed it. I was given antibiotics and finally went away. Just 3 weeks ago I started feeling pains in my upper abdomen that didn't go away then proceeded down towards my lower abdomen and left side. I also have a sharp stabbing pain on my right side especially when I urinate. The pain is just unbelievable - they just grab you with the shart knife-like pains in your lower abdomen and especially when you try to have a bowel movement. It's been 3 weeks of hell as you know what kind of pain it is. I can't eat, lost weight and sit at home waiting for the next eruption inside to see if I can let it out.
My doctor has taken another x-ray and found that I was impacted. He gave me a prescription for a stool softener just yesterday. I am still have those knife-life pains and my back is also very sore. I feel like that whole area is throbbing in pain. Anyone with similar symptoms? Thanks

United States

#87 Aug 20, 2007
Cindy, I am a bit confused about the impacting if you're not eating. I had to have a liquid diet for a while (many weeks) and am still slowly incorporating fiber: 25% soluble to 75% insoluble last two weeks and just now going to 50/50. I would be really careful about the pain when urinating and get a second opinion. My Doc told me that could be a sign of a perforation...I hope this is not the case for you. Good luck.


#88 Aug 23, 2007
my husband has just been diagnosed and has spent 5 days in hospital - is having problems with constipation - any suggestions

Minneapolis, MN

#89 Aug 23, 2007
Has anyone tried juicing as part of their diet?

Colorado Springs, CO

#90 Sep 2, 2007
It appears the only thing you can be sure of is that even the doctors don't know how long this diverticulitis will draw on ,. Drink as much water as you can without urping, then drink some more, If you can get a gallon in every day, do it. I am not sure antibiotics or surgery truly help. I was supposed to be better by last week and no change, Just an aweful sense of weakness, pain nausea, dizziness, and frustration

Chatsworth, CA

#91 Sep 4, 2007
I am now 3 months since my 1st and only attack. I have followed my GI docs advice and gone the high fiber route. I worked into it slowly over a months period. I eat Fiber 1 cereal daily usually mixed with Grape Nuts or shredded wheat. I love the stuff. I normally put 2 tablespoons of Benefiber in it as well. I also eat Fiber 1 snack bars during the day. Outside of getting 40 + grams of fiber a day I eat pretty much want I want in moderation. Zero large meals though. Lots of vegetables, and meat does not seem to bother me as long as I don't try to wolf down a pound of steak. I have had no pains at all for weeks now. I was eating a lot of the Activia yogurt, but it was irritating my bunghole I believe. I have gone 10 days now without the yogurt and have had no irritation. I will start eating it again next week to see if the irritation comes back to make sure that is what was causing it. Of course I don't eat popcorn and hard nuts. The bars have peanuts in them, but I chew 'em up very well. The doc said next flare up he will remove 12" of colon. I am hoping for no more flare-ups, but I also am not opposed to surgery. Bob

Chatsworth, CA

#92 Sep 4, 2007
BTW Water in large volumes. I have always drank a lot of H2O though. Bob

Suffern, NY

#93 Sep 5, 2007
Hello Carole; good luck with you recovery.

Hello Mike; good luck with your surgery.

I thought I would add some info & comments to the good folks in the "Colon Club".

I had lap surgery July 24th. One foot removed. Everyone is different, but I was in hospital 4 nights, and a week after surgery, I was walking around slowly, and eating solid foods. It took 4 weeks for me to start feeling close to normal. After 6 weeks, I eating normal and the plumbing am back on track. I am power walking 2 miles a day, trying to heal my body. I am 54 and was in pretty good shape before surgery.

My comments about diet are that I was on high fiber for years as I had hemorrhoids, and my Mother had diverticulitis surgery due to blockage many years ago and my father had colon cancer. Besides high fiber, I ate red meat rarely, and was into organic fruits & vegetables and juicing. I was taking Metamucil and flax seed oil pills and drinking aloe vera juice to try to avoid diverticulitis attacks. My father, an old school meat and potatoes guy would laugh at me going to health food store and say, "its in your genes, you are wasting your money". How can I argue with him? There is no proof of seeds and nuts as an irritant. And no one knows the cause of diver. They say low fiber diets? Come on, I work with people that are fast food, red meat freaks, that don't exercise, overweight, and no colon problems. Go figure?

I wish everyone good health and good luck in finding what is good for them, and if surgery is the answer. I would be glad to share any info if anyone has any questions.

Ralph from NY
Nancy Donovan

Reno, NV

#94 Sep 8, 2007
I have had the same surgerys as you ...plus all the hernias...5 actually.....and infection after infection that they gave me in the hospital called MRSA........anyway I have had the reversal etc 6 weeks ago and am starting to get ill again.....
lower tummy hurts and burns and I have 2 hernias back......I really dont know where this is all gonna end......cant take much more....
Jackie Boynton wrote:
Miraculously I stumbled across your site, and would love to share my experiences with diverticulitis, perforation, peritonitis, colectomy, and ten subsequent incisional hernia repairs. In 1991 (at age 35) I had LLQ pain, no fever, and felt achy. Went to an ER, and was misdiagnosed with PID. Given codeine and PID antibiotics. Condition worsened; diagnosis was finally made via laparoscopy. This revealed severe perforated diverticulitis with peritonitis. An immediate colostomy was recommended, which I refused. Stayed in hospital for two weeks, and given IV antibiotics. Left hospital feeling great--pain returned within 48 hours of stopping the antibiotics. Back to hospital for IV treatment. I was adamant that I did not want a colostomy, so I was kept on IV antibiotics for a month, so the infection could cool down and be treated surgically. Surgery went well, no colostomy was needed (thank God), and my diverticular problems immediately improved greatly. Within two months of the sigmoid colectomy, I developed my first of over thirty ventral incisional hernias. To date, I have had ten surgical repairs, the last eight of which were done using mesh products. I have many types of mesh inside, including Gore-tex, Marlex and Prolene, and my entire abdomen is now covered by mesh. A very thin layer of skin only covers the mesh. After the last hernia repair (2002), I developed a post-op wound infection, and have had nothing but problems with mesh pain and continued tearing, ever since. Doctors have told me that further repair is not possible, since all my abdominal wall is gone. And, you guessed it, another left ventral hernia has formed. The reason I am mentioning all this hernia info, is that recently I have been having LLQ pain again, and was given azythromycin in case the pain was diverticulitis related. After many years of dealing with diverticular disease, My diet is finally coming together (small meals, avoiding aggravating foods, daily fiber supplement, trying to never get constipated, etc.), and I am now starting to think that the LLQ pain and low grade infection on labs represents mesh problems and not diverticulitis. At least I hope. Anyone else out there who developed multiple incisional hernias after colon surgery? Also, my biggest question. In the past, whenever I had a suspected diverticular attack, the antibiotics I was given were Cipro and Flagyl (nasty stuff). This time my new doctor prescribed azythromycin. As much as I hate Flagyl, I hope she was correct in giving me the Z-pack. Would love feedback on who is being treated with what antibiotic these days. Is the z-pack a waste of time? It sure is a lot easier to handle physically than Flagyl/Cipro. Thanks one and all for listening to my story. I am in hernia hell, all from one diverticulitis surgery. A word to one and all--Never allow yourself to get consitpated. Fiber, fiber, and more fiber. There are gentle forms that don't cause so much gas, etc. Another important thing, is to drink as much water as possible, every day, and every night. God Bless you al, Jackie

Senatobia, MS

#95 Sep 16, 2007
45yo male-150lbs- Very active(run 15 miles a week and swims 1/2 miles a day. Had my first attack when I was 36-was drinking alot of rasberry smothies at the time-just treated with meds and started using metimucil and eating bran every day-stayed away from the small seeds. Had a colonoscopy and he diagossed devrit. Had a more serious attack 1 year ago-CT scan confired diverti again-successfully treated with meds op-increased fiber and stopped corn nuts(I loved those things). Thought things were going well and hit with another attack Thursday-doc didn't even need to confirm with ct scan and gave me op meds-did not eat anything Friday or Saturday-just eating pudding now. I am going to see Int Med Doc this week and will probably push for colonoscopy in next few months after I heal(hopefully I will get there) and then consider surgery. This is a royal pain in the @ss but it is what it is. I like to eat good food but try to keep it in moderation(you know how that goes). My mom(69yo)was just diagosed with this-and I am the only 1 of 4 kids who have it. Kinda funny talking to your Mom about fiber habits. Would like advice or thoughts from anyone-does anyone know a great surgeon?

United States

#96 Sep 18, 2007
i have diverticulitis i was wondering what is the best thing to eat and drink? and what should i do i have been to the doc. and the er and no one has admitted me in the hospital.i have flare ups all the time

Chatsworth, CA

#97 Sep 18, 2007
Most will say to stay away from popcorn/nuts and seeds. I have an nut every now and then, but chew it well and I stay away from my personal favorite, popcorn. Stay off fiber while you are under attack. Once attack is gone go high fiber. It helps with me anyway. I try to get 40-45 grams a day. Also small meals. Instead of sitting done to a large meal I snack a couple times a day. Lots of water. Don't let yourself get constipated. Make an appointment with the best GI doc in your area. Get scoped to see how bad the problem is.

Noblesville, IN

#98 Oct 6, 2007
Colette wrote:
I am a 41 year old woman; in July of 2004 I was diagnosed with diverticulitis, hospitalized for four days with IV antibiotics. Between July and November I had 6 additional attacks. I decided to go with the "preventative" surgery on Dec 29, 2005, to prevent an emergency situation. They removed the sigmoid colon. On the ninth day in the hospital I had a perforation, very life threatening, which resulted with an emergency surgery to repair the perforaration. I came out of surgery sporting an illieostomy. I went home after 28 days in the hospital; this was supposed to be a 3-4 day stay. They illieostomy was very difficult to deal with, but was giving me life, so I accepted it . Eight weeks later I returned to work. I felt horrible and left for what I thought would be a quick visit with my doctor. I had developed a peristomal hernia, one week later it became prolapsed. I was admitted for an emergency surgery for a strangulated stoma, also life threating, This hospital stay was also very agonizing, as my bowel was paralyzed, so I was throwing up a lot of bile, not pleasant at all. But the illesotomy was reversed. Again nine weeks into recovery, I developed a very large incisional hernia, they wanted to wait at least one year before any surgery, because my body simply couldn’t deal with it. This was a very long time to go with a lot of pain. So June 13th , 2006 I went in for a “complex insicional hernia repair, 2 hour surgery, 2-3 days in. Well the surgery was 6.5 hours and my stay was 11 days.(Med bills are now at $892, 00.00!!) After eight weeks of recovery time I finally returned to work. I clocked in 40 hours, didn’t feel well, called my Doctor, she immediately sent me to the ER, and the next day I had my Fifth surgery, bowel had snaked its way through and ripped through the alladerm (cadaver skin) that they used to correct the hernia. It has been 18 days into recovery, and I had to go see the doctor yesterday, running a fever, and very “strange things” are draining into to the Jackson Pratt drains. She put me on Keflex, and sent me home with Ultram. I have an appointment with my surgeon in two hours to get his opinion on my now bubbled, red, nasty looking incision. Wish me luck. Bottom line-DO NOT HAVE SURGERY UNLESS IT IS THE LAST RESORT!!!! I am having all this done at the Mayo Clinic, couldn’t imagine what could have happened else where. I have had it!!
I urge you to seek legal counseling. I had pretty much the same thing happen to me and have retained a firm for malpractice. There are too many "Doctors" performing this type of surgury that have no idea what they are doing and it needs to stop.

Cherry Hill, NJ

#99 Oct 11, 2007
I have had 3 bouts of divirticulitus. One bout they thought I had a bacteria or had picked up a paprasite, the 2nd I ate a bag of popcoen and was sick for a onth. This last one I am unsure why or how.
My running partner is my colon rectal doc. He treated me with antibiotics, read my ct scan and said that i have significant divirticulitus what ever that means and says i might want to consider elective surgery. This latest bout has contunued after the antibiotics. I am on an anti spasmodic but still feel achy and feel like i am constipated but i am not. not sure i want to have surgery but then again i am pretty sick of feeling this way


#100 Oct 11, 2007
Best of luck Mike :-) Happy healing, and most of all? Quick healing. You will feel so much better afterwards. Even though I am two years post surgery and have had complications again with reoccuring Diver. for those few years I went without an attack. It stinks to feel terrible all the time. Hoping you are (or rather, your surgeon)fully succesful in getting rid of the diseased parts in there!

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