Diarrhea 6 months post colon resection

London, UK

#203 Jul 10, 2012
Grits, Have you tried taking probiotics? I know that taking a good probiotic daily has helped quite a few people on here,

Winston Hills, Australia

#204 Jul 27, 2012
I was wondering if someone could help me figure out what is going on with my aunty. She does not even take panadols and is never sick. She is 52 and this is what happened to her.

My aunty had 30cm of her colon removed due to a large mass which they found was cancer. My Aunty was one of the lucky ones. The cancer was contained in the colon and did not spread to other parts of her body. After removing 30cm of her colon, they stitched her up and wished her all the best. She never felt right. After a check up, they found a 12cm Blood Clot in the artery behind the Colon. The doctor did not give her blood thinners during her cancer surgery. As a result, my aunty has to be on Walfren every day and possibly for the rest of her life if the blood clot does not go away. The Doctor said there is nothing they can do about the blood clot to remove it.
5 moths after surgery, my aunty had to go back into surgery due to swelling and pain in her stomach. When they opened her up, they found blood, and fluid and puss inside her stomach. The doctor did not drain the gunk out of her when he removed her colon. What was suppose to be a 1 hour surgery took 3 hours. This was 1 month ago. My aunty now has a very hard lump where the surgery was and has had diarrhea every day for the past week. She got a scan yesterday and will get the result on Tuesday. We do not know what is going on. Is this normal? We don't know what to do we are so worried about her and don't trust the doctors anymore but don't have a choice.

Winnipeg, Canada

#205 Aug 19, 2012
Deb from Mich wrote:
If you find you have too much pressure in your rectal area, too much gas, and/or smaller stools, you might try a green apple a day, instead of the higher fiber foods and Metamucil. I had to quit eating Fiber One bars due to these symptoms. Now, everything is completely normal, with no pressure, normal-sized stools (3 to 4 times per day), and no gas.
I also decided six months ago that I would no longer consume toxins of any kind, so I don't use or take any artificial fiber, laxatives, or drugs. Just fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh juices, no dairy, almost no meat and breads, no sugar, and no packaged foods. Changing my diet has made a big difference in my health, my energy, and the way I feel.
Thanks Deb on the feedback. I agree, eating as close to nature is beneficial to our health.

Biddeford, ME

#206 Nov 8, 2012
Richard wrote:
i had a colon resection on the 22nd october and i am wandering when it would be practical to go back to work. i am still in quite a lot of pain (i had open surgery) and i do not want to damage anything by rushing.
could anyone advise me.
I had a colon resection and sigmoid removal due to diverticulitis that did not get better with anitbiotics and bland diets. My surgery was open but unfortunatly the proactive removal of the Diverticulitis ruptured three days after the surgery, had another resection done and illiostomy in place and another surgery on top of that then the reversal. Since all of the surgeries I am having the 6 to 10 movements a day, all soft and at times explosive. Went back in for a colonoscopy to check the staples and the remaining colon and all was fine. I have increased my fiber , keep a log of food and I still feel like crap after 9 months since the reversal. My weight had dropped from 190 lbs to 140 lbs when I was going through all of this now I have put on weight and am at 215.. I am 6' 1" so I am a bit over weight but working out but since my surgery to correct my problems I feel worse then before the surgery.

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#207 Nov 8, 2012

I'm so sorry to hear about your double surgeries due to a leak. I have a colostomy and am headed for anastomosis in December.

Do you take any probiotics? Just curious.

Grand Prairie, TX

#208 Nov 10, 2012
hummingbird114 wrote:
I had 12 inches of sigmoid colon removed in March of this year.
Everything went well until I started having explosive, uncontrollable diarrhea about a month after surgery. I had a CT scan about 2 months ago which was normal but things seem to be worsening and the number of diarrhea incidents are increasing. This happens at least 1 or 2 times a week and often occurs shortly after 1 or 2 normal bowel movements.
Does anyone else have this problem and, if so, what do you do that helps?
Had the same surgery two months ago with the same problem occurring about month post surgery. Konsyl fiber has worked a little to bulk up the stool. Did you find anything else to solve your problems. I would be interested in knowing what you discovered.

Denver, CO

#209 Nov 28, 2012
I hadasigmoid resection 20 yrs ago and have to take lomotil to control my bowels. It works sometimes but not always for sure.I t can be a socially disabling problem.
Brian C

Salem, OR

#210 Jan 13, 2013
I had 12inches removed from crohns damaged sigmoid area in july2012.I have had diarrhea continually since.I recently had a colonoscopy in Dec.Dr. was unable to get up small intestine to see if crohns was active and said it looked like scar tissue.Has anyone else had this problem?I am really tired of it.not the quality of life I was hoping for

Dagenham, UK

#211 Jan 20, 2013
Since my resection in September i have not had diarrhoea. unfortunately i started with what seemed like a mild flu and have diarrhoea for a week now. i went to GP and she says its a bug. im drained and i have pain in my bottom. i havent got back to work yet. im fed up
Brent Broken Arrow OK US

Broken Arrow, OK

#212 Apr 6, 2013
Have you considered that you may have an allergy or intolerance? I lost a good portion of my colon in a resection (diverticulitis and an abdominal abscess). The doc said I should recover fully, but I worsened as far as diarrhea as I increased dietary fiber.
When I avoided eating wheat (searching for answers), I discovered that my digestion and diarrhea improved. About 85% of my symptoms have ceased - I feel the best I have in years.
Thankfully, I do not have celiac disease, but am gluten intolerant. It seems that major surgeries to the colon may set off such issues. The docs can test for gluten intolerance. Ditto for lactose intolerance for some folks. Many have these issues but are totally unaware of them. Wheat is in SO MANY foods!
Just maybe this will help you or another reader.
Jesse of WA State

Moses Lake, WA

#213 Apr 20, 2013
Brent Broken Arrow OK US wrote:
When I avoided eating wheat (searching for answers), I discovered that my digestion and diarrhea improved. About 85% of my symptoms have ceased - I feel the best I have in years.
Thankfully, I do not have celiac disease, but am gluten intolerant. It seems that major surgeries to the colon may set off such issues. The docs can test for gluten intolerance. Ditto for lactose intolerance for some folks. Many have these issues but are totally unaware of them. Wheat is in SO MANY foods!
Just maybe this will help you or another reader.
Brent, Something similar happened to me. I had colon resection and J-pouch in small bowel. I had multiple pseudo-obstructions (hospitalized many times) and eventually diagnosed with 2 auto-immune diseases, one of which was Celiac.
On a very restrictive diet, I am doing much better. Still though diarrhea causes me problems.
Brent Broken Arrow OK US

Broken Arrow, OK

#214 Apr 25, 2013
Jesse, I also continue to have prolonged periods of diarrhea intermittently. I was overly optimistic that ceasing to eat gluten solved 85% of my problems, the proportion is probably more like 50-60%.
Wow, you have really had a rough experience. Besides eliminating gluten, are there other restrictions that seemed to help? Also, did your doc say that the surgeries and diverticulitis may have set-off the auto-immune issues?
I am thinking that some of this is just due to having many nerves cut and a good portion of the digestive system removed. A person who had similar surgery told me that her situation slowly improved over 4-5 years.
Such issues sure make daily living and performing one's job very difficult and embarrassing at times.
Eileen - Long Island

Columbus, OH

#215 Aug 21, 2013
Hello, I am 1 year, 5 months post reversal surgery (had resections surg w/colonstomy in 1/12) and I still get terrible bouts of the runs....recent colonscope was "fine" and been tested for C-Diff... GP, Gastro and Surgeon clueless why...

I did take probotics for a while they did nothing as far as I could tell...kept a food diary...cut out dairy for a while...cut out refined wheats....

Still bettter than the horrible pain from diverticulits...

La Crosse, WI

#216 Sep 1, 2013
i had my sigmoid colon removed 5 weeks ago. I am having lots of diarrhea since the surgery.wondering if this is normal

Worcester, MA

#217 Feb 19, 2014
I have just had my whole large colon removed, I had to spend 17 days in the hospital for diarrhea. It was so bad I was so dehydrated. I'm home now and still having problems, have between 8-12 BM daily at least if not more and it's watery. I'm taking 6 Imodiums daily and 18 Metamucil caps. Please give some advise..


Carrollton, TX

#218 Feb 25, 2014
Amen to this lady's post. Most Drs. just don't help the post resection patient to understand the stair-stepped healing process (right after resection surgery vs 90 days out vs 6 mo vs 12 mo, etc) and how to deal with each tier/step, or which over the counter meds/diet to take with diarrea, or hard stool, or with multiple "itsy-bitsy stool pieces" experiences, or with formed stool that is 1/4" to 1/2" thick in ribbon like shapes (where it obviously went through a more narrowed passage). Most surgeons are be great experts at the surgical aspects of treatment, but patients would greatly benefit from more expertise during the lengthy healing process. Its difficult to find assistance, recommendations, and what potential problems to look for post surgery and during the healing process.
girlfriend trying to help wrote:
Hi all,
My boyfriend had open colon resection on 09/27/11 after three weeks in the hospital and antibiotics not working for a abcess on his colon as a result of diverticulitis. He lost 35 pounds in a month due to NPO orders. He is 37 years old and generally healthy. he contiues to be weak and tired. I make him walk daily, in addition to walking around the house. he is at home by himself all day and i come over to make him meals. The surgeons said to try to get off the pain medication as soon as possbile. they gave him the same pain medication for before and after surgery. i thought was weird because his pain increased after the surgery obviously. He is down to one pill norco 10/325 as nedded for pain daily. He takes colace stool softener. He is on a soft diet although the surgeons swear he can go back to a normal diet. yeah right, so far no beef patotoes or carrots; they all cause pain. We are not getting much guidance from doctors on diet. how long should he be on the soft diet? how long until he should start taking metamucil? how long does the numerous BMs last? how long does the colon take to heal? how long can he take a stool softener? any tips on how to feel better and progress diet? i know everyone is different but i feel like i am blind in this process, and the docotrs are no help.
T- Ann

Newton Falls, OH

#219 May 7, 2014
I had a resection of my sigmoid colon the first week of April (Lap). At first the pain pills caused constipation. Now that I have been off of them and I am back to work and moving around more, I am having the opposite problem. Not so much diarrhea, but frequency has increased to an embarrasing amount. I even wake up through the night two to three times as well and have to have a BM, so my sleep is intereupted and I am very tired. The doctor did not tell me this increase in bowel movement would occur. I spoke with a nurse that told me this was happening because my colon is now much shorter and this will occure the rest of my life. I cannot go any where that is not close to a bathroom, not even a walk in the park. When the urge hits I have to get to a bathroom pretty fast. I am seeing my doctor in a week for a follow up visit and will talk to him about the fiber (if I can wait that long). Has any one had this procedure done over a year ago or longer that can tell me there is hope for this to recede?

Windsor, Canada

#220 Jun 1, 2014
It's been two years since I had a sigmoid resection and I still have diarrhea. Is this to be the new normal?

Palmer, AK

#221 Jun 27, 2014
Just checking in 3 years 9months after surgery. Not "normal" but a whole lot better than I was one year after surgery. Stool is still smaller and sometimes in ribbons - sometimes I have to go 7-10 times a day. On those days I most likely have to get up during the night a few times. There are times I can't trust to pass gas as it might come out as more than gas. All that said; 85% of the time I do not even think about my bowels, which is a huge improvement from way back when.
Healing has been slow - and I think it is still getting better bit by bit.
BTW CAT scan - MRI and Colonoscopy all came back clear no cancer, that is a blessing!

Tilehurst, UK

#222 Nov 17, 2014
I am post bowel resection after 3 other procedures for a full rectal prolapse. Open and lapro surgery in the end. i am struggling with accidents and as i am now back at work (Phased hours) I worry. Major surgery was in sept. Any ideas about Diet etc? Surgeries were over 6 months.

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