#2901 Jan 18, 2011
hi donna i havent been checking this post because no one has been posting i started byetta end of june i havent been sick too much on it just once in a while. it has been worth it my A1C went from 8.3 to 6.9 i needed to loose 80-90 lbs but have only lost 12 or so. i havent been watching what i eat too much but my doctor is very happy with the results. hang in there i hope you get good results
Donna Walker

Hobbs, NM

#2903 Jan 24, 2011
Thanks for responding maggie. I have been on the 5 pen for 10 days. I vomit everyday, lots of gas and and cant too far from the toilet. I have no energy and stay stuck to the couch. i have lost 9lbs, and my bgl have been great. I have no appetite and have to force my self to eat. I called to doc. and she cant see me for a few days. so for now i guess i just wait. I know many people that have been on chemo and felt the way i do. is it suppose to be this bad?

Gate City, VA

#2904 Mar 30, 2011
Lex wrote:
I lost 15 pounds in two months while taking
Byetta at 5 ml. I just went up to 10 ml a week ago. I had no nausea with the 5 ml dosage but now I get it bad every day, right after the morning dose. Blood sugars have come down rapidly after going to 10 ml. At 5 ml, they hovered around 250. Now they're between 125-180. I'm loving everything but the vomiting part. I haven't been this slim in years and I look forward to losing more. The best part? I didn't do ANYTHING different to lose the weight.
I am about to start using the Byetta> Is this nausea and vomiting like having a stomach virus?

Gate City, VA

#2905 Mar 30, 2011
I am about to begin taking Byetta and I was wandering if the nausea and vomiting is like having a stomach virus?

United States

#2906 Apr 19, 2011
Hey I just started the 5 pen. My doctor prescribed me it because I have PCOS and I am overweight. Is there anyone else on here that has insulin resistance and how long will it take to see weight loss?

Roanoke, VA

#2907 Apr 25, 2011
Paul wrote:
I am about to begin taking Byetta and I was wandering if the nausea and vomiting is like having a stomach virus?
Paul, I recently went from the 5 mcg to 10 mcg dose of Byetta and have found the nausea much worse on the 10 dose. To me, it is not worse than a stomach bug....the bug is more intense but also short-lived.

On the 5 mcg dose, nausea was minor and fleeting....I never threw up.

I don't usually throw up with my nausea but it tends to disable me...I feel so bad I must sit or lie down...cannot get anything done until it passes.

I have a RX for Phenergen if I need it, an anti-nausea drug. I have resisted adding another drug as I take so many already.

For me, the nausea is usually worse 2 - 3 hours after I take the shot.

My other Diabetes drugs are Janumet and Starlix.
Lorrie - Spencerport NY

Rochester, NY

#2908 May 15, 2011
I joined the club in early March. Two months at 5mcg x 2/day. At about 2 weeks now on 10 x 2/day. I also take 1000 mg Metformin 2 x day.
I have lost about 32 pounds and my random BG's range between 98 and 140 -- that's the good news.
The bad is that I am sick everyday. I haven't been able to eat a regular meal at all. Often toast or an Atkins bar is all I can handle. The weight loss is therefore, no surprise. I would like to lose another 15, but don't know how much longer I can handle the nausea and weakness.
Any words of encouragement or advice will be greatly appreciated. How long should I hold out?? Are there any good drug alternatives? I can't try anything that will cause weight gain...
Thanks for sharing:-)

United States

#2909 May 24, 2011
I started 5mcg in April, went to 10mcg in May. I can't eat anything with tomatoes or spicy because it makes the nausea worse. I've only lost 10 pounds. And now I am on plaquenil for lupus and that is causing increased stomach distress and diarhea. You would think I would have lost 40 lbs by now I eat so little. I've been living on fruit, dairy, and hard boiled eggs. Ginger ale has had no effect. I have about 70 more pounds to lose to be at my ideal weight but I would be happy to lose half of that. I also take 1000 metformin 2X and 30 units of Lantus each morning. I see my endo dr in two days so I'm hoping my A1C is lower than 10.1!

United States

#2910 May 24, 2011
arustymom wrote:
Hi, I just started byetta 1 week has really helped my diabetes...but the side effects are really affects my acid reflux and my gutt feels like it is on fire!!!!!! I had read that it back acid into the stomach from the pancreas...and may cause pancreaitis...I had this back in the 90's and am afraid of having this again...if anyone has suggestions please let me know...
Byetta is contra-indicated if you have ever had pancreatitis. Your physician should not have prescribed it to you. It is in all of the literature. I would call your endo right away as it can be very serious.

United States

#2911 Jun 3, 2011
Hello, Ive been on the 5 pen for 3 days now first day i felt and instant relief from my high sugars.. no vomiting yet, just dont eat as much as I used too.. I'm very weak from time to time, but I noticed that if I eat my weakness goes away.. I too have felt like my gut is burning.. is that something to worry about?? Has anyone had any hair loss?? I dont want to lose my hair.. I have alot of the squirts but my metformin does that too.. So far I have lost 1 pound.. can you please post up your comments or concerns to help eachother out..

Russell Springs, KY

#2912 Jun 20, 2011
Hey everyone. I have been on Byetta since Sept of 2008. I had some nausea but not alot. Ginger ale seemed to help some. But I wanted to let Donna W. know that I was so weak and tired for the first month, I didn't know if I could make it through. But the good news was that it ended in about a month. Good luck all

Markham, Canada

#2913 Jul 20, 2011
I have personal experience with having completely healed from severe diabetes, its complications, and other 'incurable' diseases. The severe diabetes I had was a combination of Type 1 and Type 2 as well as other sub-varieties that the medical system does not want you to know about.
In 2008, when I first began to post my thoughts, many diabetic discussion groups refused to allow other diabetics to know of my accomplishment. They interpreted my story as nothing more than a version of a snake-oil salesman selling something!
In a normal world, successes similar to mine are usually celebrated. But in a world where the diabetes/medical industry keeps diabetics chained much like prisoners in jail, my fellow diabetics work extra hard to keep my achievement suppressed. Everyone believes the lie that this disease is truly incurable! Little do they realize that by believing in the lie, this is a sure-fire recipe for their continued enslavement. If you are ready to break the mold, then please join me in my efforts to inspire and give some real hope to others. I have amassed over 200 years of research in a little period of just over three and half years. In a tumultuous sea of deception, my website stands as a beacon of light. When you read my Logic of Healing, you will quickly realize that it surpasses the edicts and the false logic of the medical industry:

Huddersfield, UK

#2914 Oct 12, 2011
Hi I started 5mg Byetta Monday, felt very delicate first day,and didnt feel hungry,think i ate half my usual intake, will keep you all informed. :) - Felt as though food was stuck and not moving, hence felt satisfied for hours.Lets see how this pans out. Quietly hopeful.

Wake Forest, NC

#2915 Oct 14, 2011
work. no side effects and no sick fe
stylin4fun wrote:
I used it after 30 days. it dose not eling just throw it away thanks
<quoted text>
Thank you for the info on the assistance program, I was able to find out about the 30 day expiration date I asked about in an earlier note. The study did not include anyone using the pen longer than 30 days so they have no information on the effectivness or stability after the 30 days. It could be non-effective or it could have adverse effects, they just don't know. She did suggest to stop using it and if the insurance co will not renew it, call them back on the assistance hotline and they may be able to help with the replacement. I found it online at
Thanks again, this was a big help.

Bristol, UK

#2916 Jun 20, 2012
I am just at the end of my first month on 5mg Byetta,
Nausea is not really a problem, I was put on Byetta as I am intolerant to Metformin, so I am on Gliclazide and Byetta,
I have not really lost weight yet, but the pounds have stopped piling on,(was 13 stone and rose up to 14 stone before going on Byetta ( a stone = 14 pounds)
I have been having Bad heartburn all the time and frequent acid reflux at night.
But my appetite has completely stopped, I wouldnt eat at all except i have to eat just after my injection, Once I went more than 1 hour after injection and my stomach started cramping painfully so I try to not wait so long anymore, I find that after breakfast (Cereal) I usually have the worst gas and heartburn until about lunch time, no idea what my BS is as they won't let me test being a Type 2 diabetic, but I was up around 18 before the byetta and since I have had a few "light headed" days which usually means my BS is down around the correct level (4-7).
Tomorrow i go see the nurse and get put up to 10mg twice a day :(

Brooklyn, NY

#2917 Jul 10, 2012
cindyp56 wrote:
This info was on another forum, thought I would share the info.
Amylin Patient Assistance Program
P.O. Box 8435
Gaitherburg MD 20898
Info. for customer care program, apparently they will send you a card good for 6 mos. of free Byetta. For those with no insurance this might help! I can be e-mailed for phone number as Topix does not allow that posting.
. I have no insurance and ive been out of byetta for 3 months help plz.

Washington, DC

#2918 Nov 8, 2012
hillbilly wrote:
Has anyone seen the New risk of pancreas cancer

Washington, DC

#2919 Nov 8, 2012
has anybody seen the new ads on TV for pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis seen on tv

Washington, DC

#2920 Nov 8, 2012
I am a diabetic and I just got put on 10 milligrams and I'm afraid to take it. any suggestions

Austin, TX

#2921 Jan 18, 2013
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