#2881 Jul 31, 2010
susan sorry about the heart attack hope you are much better now. rhonda i could never imagine what it would be like to worry about losing too much weight good for you i have a long way to go.
im not sure how this byetta is working for me been about 5 weeks now when i started the 5 pen the 1st week i lost weight and sugars were down but by the 2nd week sugars were up a little more and no weight lost. started the 10 pen on monday at night only, 5 pen in morning and 1st few days my readings were down to 90 2 hrs after dinner best ive ever seen. but last two nights they are up between 180-- 220 and only lost weight the 1st 2 days. im not really having any side effects some headaches but not too bad im wondering if my body is just adjusting and thats why im not doing as well or if it has something to do with starting a new pen. im calling my doctor mon and telling him i want to take the 10 pen in morning too. im going to stick with this i really hope it works i cant go on insulin if i do i lose my job. i drive a bus and they will pull my health card for my cdl.

Redding, CA

#2882 Aug 1, 2010
Hi Maggie, I haven't seen it mentioned in awhile but most of us limit the amount of carbs we eat also. I try to stay under 15 per meal. If I eat more, the side effects are more severe, nausea, chills (sometimes) headache but only for about 30 min. I eat a tiny bit of raw ginger for the nausea and it really helps. The weight really drops off when keeping the carb count low and the byetta helps by depressing my appetite if I wait at least 20 min after the shot before eating. Keep the faith and please continue checking in here, I'll be here cheering you on!

Boise, ID

#2883 Aug 4, 2010
I must be the only person that has gained weight on byetta 10mg 2x daily and metformin 2 5abs of 500 twice daily. I have put on 35 pounds and my sugars are creeping up. I have never been ill with nausea like I see so many have.
Recently I have been told I have protein in my urine. I seem to be getting worse not better.

Farmington, MI

#2884 Aug 5, 2010
Bamboojo, Hi I'm on byetta 5mg. also and the nausea was really bad at first. I noticed that if I wait anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes after the injection to eat I was a lot better with the nausea. I started doing a protein shake in the morning and feel much better. I'm also hypo. and have been for years, my meds keep me balanced. The byetta started giving me heartburn and I found a tiny sip of vinager made me feel better instantly. Good Luck and the lizard spit works well, but the side affects are a killer.

Redding, CA

#2885 Aug 5, 2010
JVF you are the first I've heard of that has gained weight while on Byetta. What does your doctor say about the weight gain and the protein in your urine? There are other new drugs out there that might work better for you......Diabetes can be a hard disease to control!


#2886 Aug 8, 2010
hi everyone 6 weeks on byetta last 2 on the 10 pen. sugars have come down a lot but morning fasting still around 160-170. still alot better than they were. seldom have a reading over 200 and before byetta they went as high as 350 or so. im pretty happy. i still take metforman glimepiride and actos. i want off the actos bad. gained 60 pounds almost instantly on that stuff. plus i have a low thyroid so on meds for that. my doctor told me that if you have a bad hypo thyroid you will get diabetes has anyone else heard that? makes sense to me cause everyone i know who has thyroid is either boarder line or full. im not really having many side effects never did. slight headache sometimes but i always get them anyway. biggest problem is heartburn. tums usually work great but last couple nights ive been sleeping with them next to the bed. my weight keeps bouncing around by a couple pounds but so far i have lost 11 pounds.


#2887 Aug 10, 2010
Hi all. I've been taking the 10 pen morning and night and the nausea and malaise has been kicking my arse! Started experimenting with 4 x 5 (6am-noon-6pm-noon) and the nausea is way less and the malaise is almost nothing.

Is this a good idea? I'm taking Byetta for leptin resistance, BTW. I'm DB2 but control it with diet.


#2888 Aug 11, 2010
hi claudia. i have no idea about taking the 5 pen 4xs a day is that what you dr told you to do? if it is and its working why not? you could call the 800 # for the company and ask them. ive been real lucky almost 7 weeks now and very little nausea unless my sugars get low and then bad. just started my 3rd pen today cuz i was doubling on the 5 pen and now im dizzy, i have noticed every time i start a new pen that happens 1st couple shots.
ms sandy

Ocean Springs, MS

#2889 Aug 11, 2010
Maggie my brother had hyper thyroid (graves Disease]many years ago and is now diabetic his dr told him the same thing, then i came down with graves about 15 yrs ago now i'm borderline diabetic thanks to byetta my numbers are good, maybe that's why endo dr's spelize in both these diseases. good luck.ignore my mispeled words it's late.


#2890 Aug 12, 2010
the funny thing is that i saw my endo for 20 yrs when my thyroid went ive been DB2 for 6 yrs now. my endo lost his practice last yr and now i just see a primary care dr and hes the one who told me that. i also feel like he cares much more about me than my endo ever did.
ms sandy

Ocean Springs, MS

#2891 Aug 12, 2010
Maggie my endo never made me aware of this either she just treated the thyroid my brothers dr didn't tell him until he became diabetic if you feel this dr care's much more your instincts are most likely correct. good luck

Since: Aug 10

Sedona, AZ

#2892 Sep 7, 2010
Please read this! It is a post I helped someone else with.
concerning thyroid function and cortisol. Cortisol also causes the liver to over produce glucose at night when we are alseep between the hours of 2am-8am. It is what Diabetics call the "Dawn Phenomenon" where in their blood sugar levels increase no matter of the amount of insulin is taken before bedtime. This type of blood sugar is not made from the foods we eat but rather the liver produces it from stored fat and also catabolizing the existing muscle tissues.(muscle atrophy)
Excess blood sugar also inhibits thyroid function. This will explain why so many diabetics are also having thyroid issues.
My mother was taking Synthroid for 5 years, and she is Diabetic. Synthroid as it turns out acually should never be prescribed to a diabetic as it blocks the action of insulin receptor sites in the organs, muscles and the brain so that blood sugar can not be taken up by the muscles to be converted into glycogen.
Also because Synthroid is a T4 that must be coverted into a T3 which requires an expenditure of energy it should not be prescribed to an individual on a caloric restricted diet, such as a diabetic. My mother stopped taking the synthroid and instead has been using the iodine supplement Lugol'sPlus, it is a pure non radioactive form of dietary iodine that the thyroid needs for proper function, and she is amzed by how she is feeling. Her body temp which was told to her by her doctor to be normal at 97.3 is now right on 98.6 every afternoon and before bed when she checks it. Her body temp is average of 97.9-98.3 in the mornings which is perfectly normal for 8am after a sleep of 8 hours when the metabolism has slowed down.
Another important, and overlooked fact. You should not have your lab work performed first thing in the morning due to the "Dawn Phenomenon" Because your blood sugar, cortisol, and thyroid function will give false readings. It is far better to check these by doing what my mother now does. She will eat a light balanced meal at 6am on test day and then fast until 2-3pm when she will get her blood work done. As stated earlier the excess cortisol does not begin to clear from your blood until 10:00am and this means that a "true" reading can not be performed until the afternoon.
If the moderator will allow the website where she purchases the Lugolsplus iodine is
I supply this as only a means for you to learn more o.k. I am not promoting this product except I see first hand with my mother that it is helping her.
What You should do is have a blood or saliva cortisol test performed and this will tell you and your doctor if the main issue is Cortisol levels. I believe it is.
The hight the Cortisol the higher the blood sugar will be. Period.
You can reverse this by taking 50mg of DHEA at night one hour before bedtime, also limit the amount of simple sugars in your diet after 7pm as the Dawn Phenomenon artificially raises blood sugar while eating your muscle tissues. Another fantastic supplement at night would be L-Tryptophan as this will calm you into sleep and inhibit cortisol production. The folk remedy of taking two tablespoons of honey also works very well as honey is a natural seditive. Others would be B-12, folate or folic acid, and serotonin, and Selenium.
All these taken at night before bedtime will help inhibit Cortisol which will also inhibit the liver from producing excess blood glucose and the catabolism of your muscle tissues.

San Luis, AZ

#2893 Sep 8, 2010
Ok, I've been on Byetta for around six months and really haven't lost any weight. I spend the majority of my mornings so sick that I'm miserable. I really don't think this is worth the problems it causes. My daughter who is a doctor now Byetta's sister and with similar side effects. I'm going to give it a try and toss the lizard spit for good. I'm so tired of feeling so sick.

San Luis, AZ

#2894 Sep 8, 2010
My post got cut short and the new drug my daughter wants me to try is victoza. She's the doctor and it is worth the try. She is also diabetic.

Waynesburg, PA

#2895 Oct 21, 2010
Hi, I just started byetta 1 week has really helped my diabetes...but the side effects are really affects my acid reflux and my gutt feels like it is on fire!!!!!! I had read that it back acid into the stomach from the pancreas...and may cause pancreaitis...I had this back in the 90's and am afraid of having this again...if anyone has suggestions please let me know...

Hackensack, NJ

#2896 Nov 15, 2010
I was on byetta for year in 2008 and I have to say it saved my life I was 33 years old and weighed 260 pounds I cannot begin to say where I went wrong to gain so much . My sugar was 300. I was really scared. I had a great doctor who put me on it . In the begining i was nauesa and got headaches. I stuck with it though. I took an advil and also drank alot of water. after the sceond week the nauesa stoped. The headaches went away. in 6months of a strict diet and excerise I lost 90 pounds and diabeties was gone. The byetta effect people in different ways, to loose weight with the byetta you have to change your eating habits and excerise. It is not a weight loss drug.You loose weight because you work with the drug.
Ed R

United States

#2897 Dec 6, 2010
Chel wrote:
I never got sick or felt sick on the 5mcg pen, Yesterday I started the 10, did fine yesterday. This morning took my shot, ate some cheerios, at about 7am. About 12pm I was at the bank during lunch and all of the sudden I got sick, I was in line and had to run out side. I had no warning, it just came up. I hadn't ate anything since the cheerios. I've also had a terrible headache today. Took something so it's gone now. I feel somewhat better and I'm eating some crackers now. If this was due to the Byetta, does anyone else just get sick with no notice?
I've been taking yetta for 2 and a half months now lost 40 lbs.
Started with the 5mcg twice a day now 10 mcg twice a day and no diabetes pills. The shots tear my stomach up something awfull I dont know if I can keep taking it or not.
Ed R

Grundy, VA

#2898 Dec 16, 2010
This stuff is working but I dont know how much longer I can take the sick feeling..
Donna Walker

Hobbs, NM

#2899 Jan 16, 2011
Hello. I am new to Byetta, started it yesterday. Had the nausea and felt bad but my sugar levels were really good. I could stand to lose 60 to 70 lbs. Hope it works for that too. I is nice to find a place where others can relate to each other.
Donna Walker

Hobbs, NM

#2900 Jan 17, 2011
Where did everyone go that was posting here.
I would like to talk with someone else on byetta.

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