I am a Type 1 Brittle Diabetic who has had my diabetes out of control for most of my life. I went to my fiancee's father's farm and tried some Ormus Gold water that comes straight from his taps! Suddenly I felt better than I did when I was 10. Now I take 3 sprays of Ormus Gold in my mouth when I take my insulin and my sugar levels have never been better. I can be in the 20's, take the ormus and my insulin and I'm down between 6-8.

If your insulin isn't always working, or you just want to feel and look better, you should try some Ormus Gold! This is the website for her father's OmManna Ormus Gold. www.OmManna.com . I also have a lot on hand if you wish to have your own spray. Email me at alexander.ritchie@live.com.