Cheap, Legal And Dangerous -- Salvia ...

Cheap, Legal And Dangerous -- Salvia Hits Area

There are 16 comments on the NBC 10 Philadelphia story from May 13, 2008, titled Cheap, Legal And Dangerous -- Salvia Hits Area. In it, NBC 10 Philadelphia reports that:

Brett Chidester was a straight "A" student at a competitive Wilmington High school.

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Nashville, TN

#1 May 14, 2008
Salvia is AWESOME!!!

Philadelphia, PA

#2 May 14, 2008
Salvia is nothing new. It has been around for years! so this news story by NBC, "Salvia Hits Area", is bogus. It didn't just hit the area. NBC is the one that is broadcasting its existence. Now a bunch of kids are going to go and try it.. way to go.
Current Salvia User

Palm Bay, FL

#3 May 14, 2008
First off, as in all science, you need solid evidence to prove a theory or hypothesis prior to making accusations. The biggest factor here was his acne medication, which was already proven to cause depression in a lot of people.

Here's an analogy for you:
A man named john was a constant user of Ambien CR (which also can commonly cause depressive thoughts), but he was commonly found indulging in "one" glass of wine after dinner.

Do you focus on the Alcohol and create a headline like, "Cheap, Legal And Dangerous -- Wine Hits Area".

Bottom Line:
I think the media is just trying to make things up to grab your attention. From a business stand point... makes perfect sense. However, it's BS, Salvia has no long term side effects. Google it, ask your doctor, look it up in a medical dictionary for yourself.
Derek Licon

Dallas, TX

#4 May 20, 2008
I myself have used this drug. This lady is absurd "I, for one, don't want to be driving down Route 1 next to someone who is having an out-of-body experience," when you are on salvia YOU CANNOT DRIVE. its impossible. her ignorance of the drug will lead to its illegal status and more rights taken away by our unconstitutional government.

Lincoln, ME

#5 May 26, 2008
thats ludacris, just tryin to place blame.

Since: Dec 07

Nanticoke, PA

#6 May 27, 2008
since the 1960s teens have gotten the notion that illegal drugs somehow good for them.

Wilmington, DE

#7 Jun 5, 2008
This is from the article:

"I just think, with all the things he had going on, and to add Salvia to that mix, it was a lethal combination," Chidester said.

I would think he would have done it with or without the Salvia.

“I'm not nuts. Just different”

Since: Mar 08

Cheswold, Delaware.

#8 Jun 5, 2008
sakara18235 wrote:
since the 1960s teens have gotten the notion that illegal drugs somehow good for them.
Somehow people think that just because a drug is legal it is ok to use it.
a member of society

Brooklyn, NY

#9 Jun 8, 2008
"I just don't think we want that legal in Delaware," said State Sen. Karen Peterson
speak for yourself.

Since: Dec 07

Shenandoah, PA

#10 Jun 8, 2008
kids are just plain stupid today, legal or illegal; if it wasn't drugs, be some other way to ruin their lives.
John Arrington

Houston, TX

#11 Jun 11, 2008
First of all, blaming something else for the decisions your son made is a pretty common thing for parents to do. That does not mean that it was the cause though. It sounds to me like the parents are just trying to find something to blame, besides themselves, the acne medication, or a plethora of other possibilities that could have contributed to HIS DECISION to kill himself. Nothing forced him to do it, he made the decision.
Second, it sounds to me like everyone who was involved with this report is completely ignorant of the drug itself. It is not sold for consumption, and if it is, it is being sold illegaly (at least in Texas, my home state). So if your kid was smoking it to hallucinate (which i have done as well), then he was breaking the law in the first place! Don't blame the drug, blame him for breaking the law!
Third, you say that the drug changed his view on life, and made him a different person. I agree that it can do that to people, in fact, that, along with other psychedelic drugs, have done the same to me. But i am a better person for it. I have become more motivated than ever to do the best that i can in this meaningless and pointless life that we all lead. I mean really, though, what's the point of life? Happiness? Sure, everyone should be happy. Wealth? Why not, it makes people happy Love? of course, also makes people happy. but other than that, what is the ultimate goal of people's existence? Is there anything greater that the human race strives for as a whole that we can consider ourselves not pointless? how do we effect anything that happens outside of the world, in the infinite space that surrounds our insignificant little world. Once the human race is gone, who will remember us and how will we have effected others? The answer is, we won't have. Everything people do in life is targeted to help themselves or others, but once those people that have been helped are all gone, what was the point of doing it in the first place? there's no one left to say "hey, good job," or "thanks for the help." The actions and thoughts of those that once existed become lost in time forever. no one ever finds them again, never sees them again, or appreciates them ever again (including those who performed them) But despite all of this, i feel as though i'm a more well-rounded person for it. i feel like i know myself and the world around me better, and i feel as though i am better for it. it has motivated me to be a happy person while i'm here, b/c once i'm gone, it won't matter anymore. i will not be aware i even existed, so i might as well make the best of the little time i have while i am aware of my existence and can be pleased with myself. My mom always said "life is what you make it" and i have never realized that until recently. It truly is what you make it (NOT ANY DRUGS!). you decide to use drugs, you decide to continue using the drugs, and you certainly decide whether or not you kill yourself.
It's rather obvious that the parents are looking for something to blame. Perhaps you should look somewhere else besides the easy escape.
Anyways, i could go on for quite some time with arguments against criminalizing salvia (along with many other drugs), but I, a successful hallucinogen and salvia user, have to get back to work and make that money i was mentioning earlier.
John Arrington

Houston, TX

#12 Jun 11, 2008
And to sakara18235, i'd like to say this. kids "today" are not plain stupid, it sounds more like you're ignorant (or stupid, you choose) of the drugs you apparently hate. One, you generalize the entire "kid" population of "today" into one drug-using, stupidity promoting group of people. Explain that one please, with more than arguments that have no evidence, have no support, have no statistics or reasonable train of intellectual thought so i can again rebutte your statement that attacks the generation that will be paying your social security when you retire. Also, LSD has been around for years and has been used by some of the most intelligent people in history. The man who discovered LSD lived to 102 years old, how is that ruining his life? The guy who created the several research drugs that are used recreationally today by many teens and college students worked for the government and experimented with them himself. Do you say that this successful, government-employed drug user ruined his life as well? Or for example, me, a UT student, who uses hallucinogens somewhat regularly, but still manages to get his work done, make the grades he strives for, and has a functional family and relationship. How is that ruining my life? It's not. So please, think next time before you throw useless, degrading comments about as if you know what you're talking about.

Green Bay, WI

#13 Jun 11, 2008
sakara18235 wrote:
since the 1960s teens have gotten the notion that illegal drugs somehow good for them.
For a college student like me I don't believe illegal drugs are good for me, but I do think that it should be my choice as to whether I indulge in them or not. I've done salvia and didn't like it, but I don't think it should be made illegal just because one kid who killed himself owned some.

Bristol, UK

#15 Jul 7, 2008
sakara18235 wrote:
kids are just plain stupid today, legal or illegal; if it wasn't drugs, be some other way to ruin their lives.
You are an absolute moron.

Denver, CO

#16 Nov 10, 2008
Like Bill Hicks said, "Don't go blaming acid on this guy". You always get the same story, "He took acid and thought he could fly". It's also the same as blaming a Black Sabbath for a guy killing himself and/or his family. As far as I'm concerned it's the person who is messed up not the drug or music. One person had it right earlier, parents are always looking for someone or something else to blame it on. NEVER THEMSELVES. I've yet to hear one parent say, "It was my fault for him killing himself." Which is the case most of the time. Some people are just f***ed up. Don't ruin it for everyone else cause you can't handle your teen. It's also a good way to thin the herd. What happened to, "the kid who swallows the most marbles doesn't get to grow up to have kids of his own." I also bet that if you get rid of the "Focus on th Family" creeps, you would fix a lot of the unfair banning of everything they can blame their children's misbehavior and adolescence.


#20 Jan 30, 2014
I've been on Effexor from only one week but am cautiously very optimistic. Prior to this I was on citalopram but still feeling very low and sleeping poorly, feeling like I needed to be in bed 12-16 hours a day. Now I am waking naturally after only 8 hours sleep and finding it much easier to concentrate at work. I can hardly believe it is working so quickly but I feel so much better. I've had no side effects.

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