Cannabis cuts depression in low doses...

Cannabis cuts depression in low doses but disastrous in higher doses: study

There are 162 comments on the The Canadian Press story from Oct 23, 2007, titled Cannabis cuts depression in low doses but disastrous in higher doses: study. In it, The Canadian Press reports that:

- A news study says cannabis can be effective in fighting depression at low doses, but at higher doses can worsen depression and other psychiatric conditions.

The study by McGill University and Universite de Montreal, to be published Wednesday, says cannabis in low doses can increase serotonin levels in the brain.

Anti-depression drugs work by increasing the serotonin levels in the brain.

But the study showed when higher doses were injected into lab rats, the effect was described as completely reversed, even devastating. Read more

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klaus kaczor

Vancouver, Canada

#142 Nov 28, 2007
I think that we can go further by teaching our parents to comply rather than forcing them.

This would also further enshrine the politicians views of themselves of total controllers of society.

Also entrenchment of the public for accepting government enforced solutions for everything is dangerous destroying a society's reserves of individual self-reliance, Common Sens dignity(treating us like children.

Canada, I've just become overwhelmed at how much I'm published in LTEs just having googled my name for the first time in a long while.

I keep firing them off but seldom check to see if I've been published. It looks like my strategy is working.

I'm actually writing myself into existence as part of the debate with some fresh perspectives on old challenges. Some of the things that I thought would never be published were(Too controversial.)Some of my older stuff is gone. I wonder how it all works?
klaus kaczor

Vancouver, Canada

#143 Dec 2, 2007
When I went to the dog park in the snow there were happy canines frolicking everywhere. some seem to love sliding and skidding after running, others run and run, and still others plow up nose fulls of snow, like cocaine addicts in a Bolivian coca factory.

Louisburg, NC

#144 Dec 5, 2007
1st off I'd like to say that there is noooo way that i'm a left-winger. I wouldn't call myself a right sider either.......altho I do tend to lean to the right. With that said : I am also a smoker. I don't see where it hurts anyone!......not even my brain.
Yes, I can see where people who lack self control can use it as an entery to other drug uses. But just b/c someone has/is a smoker does not mean they HAVE to be "serious" drug users. There IS a difference in Pot and the other illegal substances. Pot cannot kill you.......period. Heroin....coke....meth....all these things have the potental and ability to kill.....even alcohol which is legal can kill from a one time use......ever hear of something called toxic shock!

ANY WAY: what really made me want to post was the fact someone wrote that all pot smokers are lefties who are stuck acting like their 16.....or some such BS. That is totally UN-TRUE. My bf is a die hard righty. I can't believe that people in this day and age just think that everyone fits into specific molds and there is no middle. That's just silly. The world is NOT black and white. There are many many shades of gray that are being over-looked.
klaus kaczor

Vancouver, Canada

#145 Dec 9, 2007
Its the urge to make everyone fit into those molds that cause a lot of conflict in our society, Thanks for you input. An keep on thinking about your political decisions. Complex people aren't easily defined

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A PBS place in an MTV world

#146 Dec 11, 2007
Possibly at the other end of the spectrum...

First New Opioid Dependence Treatment in More Than 30 years

11 hrs ago | Med Ad News

SUBOXONE approved by Health Canada and available as new, effective and safe treatment option for patients with opioid drug dependence KIRKLAND, Quebec Dec.
klaus kaczor

Vancouver, Canada

#147 Dec 13, 2007
If illegality weren't part of the equation and all we as a society faced was the specter of addiction, the we would have had much research into finding a cure for it's various manifestations. There would be no stigma associated with searching and trying many different avenues for real solutions to our very pressing addiction problems.

But because we have head strong dunderheads in charge we have the prohibition model and the support of crime driven addictions.

This rigid attitude is preventing millions from getting the help they need. Another deadly side-effect is that legitimate research into valid cures is blocked
klaus kaczor

Vancouver, Canada

#148 Dec 16, 2007
The mandatory minimums haven't yet been passed otherwise we'd see a real effect wouldn't we?

Or, have they and this is what we shall expect to see.... more of the same?
klaus kaczor

Vancouver, Canada

#149 Dec 17, 2007
The reason why there is no progress in the anti prohibition movement is because there is no leadership.

The people who claim to be the leaders are all involved in various pot criminal enterprises and they don't wish to really make too much noise.

If these self involved people think that they are making a difference when six people show up at their MLA's office in East Vancouver, I say screw you idiots.

They say that there is as high as 20% of the population. Yet they claim that they are an effective representation... Bullshit... they are losers with out the ability to lead.

The Sihk community has less than 1% of the population and elements of it are responsible for the worst act of terrorism in Canada and their community, yet they have political power.

I'm tired of all the people who earn money from pot saying that they represent me. They are a loosing self-serving, one-horse organization which I will no longer support in any way.

Millbrook, Canada

#150 Dec 18, 2007
It doesn't do much for the ambition though!!
klaus kaczor

Vancouver, Canada

#151 Dec 18, 2007
It' not about ambition. These guys who claim to be the leaders are rich and making a lot more money of pot then hourly wage slaves.

You keep on trumpeting propaganda as facts. Most people that I that smoke pot are very successful.

It's not lack of ambition that the numbers in the demonstrations are so low.

First of all why should anyone really care, there is a large supply of pot available for a good price. Anyone who wants some it's only a phone call away. Slo why get all exited?

The government war on drugs is a propaganda tool for you so that you'll believe that they are doing something. Most smokers are not in the business so who cares about mandatory minimums.

Those are again to impress fools like you into believing the lie.

Those that are in the "pot movement" are making too much money off it to really change anything.

And lastly but not least, if it remains illegal I can make some money off it should I choose to do so in the future. You wouldn't believe how much you can make if you were choppered into a nice spot with a few clones in the spring. fishing rod, food and your dog and a tent for the summer and out you come with a couple of hundred grand.

That takes a lot of ambition planning and clever execution, something a dumb wage slave can't even fathom

They believe the lie that they will get busted.

During the Yukon gold rush ambitious men risked their lives for a chance at making it knowin the odds were one in ten thousand.

Only true idiots like you believe the bs and think they are so clever regurgitating it. What we have here is not a war on drugs but a surefire reward system for those entrepreneurs who know the score and are happy to take such a tiny risk.

No if the government wants to continue down this road, thousands like me are going to say bring it on you fackheads, bring it on.
klaus kaczor

Vancouver, Canada

#152 Dec 30, 2007
Catherine Devries of Kitchener, passed on during the Holidays. She was an activist for medical marijuana whose illness caused her great pain.

She was tortured by the likes of Steven Harper and his right-wing cronies to satisfy their warped sense of control and oppression of freedom of choice.

F*ck you *ssholes, you'll get yours in the end.
klaus kaczor

Vancouver, Canada

#153 Dec 30, 2007
Here's a little something that shows you why I think the level of intelligence in our society is so low.

Read the short rational LTE about prohibition and then read the editor's remark below it. The editor sees the problem Bass-backwards. He is so indoctrinated that he calls proven facts a theory, and a theory as being fact.

Below is my LTE in response which I know will never see the light of day. Yet this college trained monkey has a job where his stupidity is entrenched as cutting edge wisdom.

Your parenthetical remark at the end of the Keith's lte was no doubt a bone of concession so magnanimously thrown to the truth.
By making it, you show your lack of understanding. Prohibition is a "theory" as yet unproven (even after 80 years) for its stated goals, where the repeal of criminal prohibition and the control of substances (alcohol) is a proven fact, in not only controlling the use of alcohol, but the cessation of all crime associated with with the distribution and production of it.
No wonder your paper is so misinformed about what works or not. Your statement proves my theory that the Canadian media dumbs down Canadians so as to make them stupid enough for the politicians to lie to successfully.
klaus kaczor

Gatineau, Canada

#154 Dec 31, 2007
We Guess You Mean the Editor ? at
klaus kaczor

Vancouver, Canada

#155 Dec 31, 2007
I'm stupid too, but I realize it, and thankfully I have little power to give my stupidity credibility

Yes the editor is so brainwashed he believes that the repeal of prohibition and control of substances is a theory which admits (grudgingly) is taking hold in certain sectors. These are of course established historical facts.

This monkey,(I wonder which circus of higher training gave him his degree?) conversely accepts prohibition as being a valid method of control of supposed dangerous substances. That is a devotion to propaganda despite all facts to the contrary even to the definition of what is fact or theory in the first place.

Basically he has made a most revealing statement about how stupid our current University graduates are. His statement has underscored the value of today's expensive, must-have, university degree.

Like everything else, today's value in education is a marketed concept, an old boys-hire-the-same-monkey graduate system. Not much evidence of higher learning and independent thinkers whose talents might save our society, can be found.

Only those who would follow, without deviation, last generation's thought, shoring up the entrenched philosophy, might be allowed to "succeed" and contribute to our society.

That one line comment shows a lot about this society to me. It cuts to the very heart of our problem. The stupid rule us and we don't care.

I believe that there is no hope for change before all our choices have been made for us, against our best interests, simply because as a people we have been bought by cheap trinkets and comforts
klaus kaczor

Vancouver, Canada

#156 Dec 31, 2007
Canadian wrote:
We Guess You Mean the Editor ? at
See, there we go. I misunderstood you as having the same information input from that article as I did.

I know that that was a comment from the editor of the Edmonton Sun. I am familiar with this guy's former arrogant comments, as if he knows it all well enough to always have the say of the last trite sentiment.

That is the sure mark of someone truly ignorant "small one line smart-assed synopsis of huge problems in lieu considered well researched concepts"
Karen Selick

Toronto, Canada

#157 Dec 31, 2007
Don't extradict Marc Emery to the USA
klaus kaczor

Vancouver, Canada

#158 Dec 31, 2007
Where were you, Karen, when the former justice minister under the liberal government, Erwin Cotler along with Anne McEllan and Jullio Zaccardelli broke the Canada Hate crimes act blatantly in public by whipping up the public sympathy for the deaths of the 4 mounties in Mayerthorpe into hatred of marijuana growers/users? I was all alone in that one.

Where were you when at the same time this highly prejudiced justice minister prosecuted David Ahenekew to the full extent of the law concern his remarks about Hitler and the Jews while allowing Zacardeeli to sidestep the laws with an apology? There was no other voice than mine speaking of these injustices.

Unless it involves Marc's profitable seed business it's not worthy of your consideration or activism?

The operative word is profit, isn't it?

For those who have risked the criminal laws by profiting from their circumvention, you won't find much support anywhere from today's unconcerned, self absorbed tokers. They have no leadership only people who have exploited them. It's kind of like what goes around comes around.

This conservative justice minister, being half way up GWB's anal orifice, is hardly likely to be responsive to the BC3's plight, isn't he?

Did you write letters, or ever do anything that you weren't paid to do activism wise or ever risk anything except for money and or self promotion like your heroes?

I'm tired of the legal community's smug sanctimonious disconnect from the legal issues of average Canadians who can't afford the services of these entrenched preditors.

Judst my personal views, Karen. good luck though
#159 Sep 24, 2013
I have ordered 2 times from this website PILLSMEDSHOP. COM . I called yesterday the customer care and asked for a discount as i was about to order twice the regular amount.

“Seriously guys...”

Since: May 12


#161 Sep 27, 2013
Klaus Kaczor wrote:
Oh did I tell you that I have a clean unblemished license and have been a soaring pilot for 27 years.
So tell how stupid I am again, please.
I have never yet met a pot smoker that is as gullible as you seem to be on first appearances.
What you see is government funded propaganda to keep prohibition intact.
If it were so dangerous and I had access to the coroners records like the government has, I would make them public to show the citizens the tragic consequences of a drug that makes you both impaired and stupid.
You and I will never see them because they would prove the opposite that pot is found less often in the blood of drivers who have been the victim of accidents than any other drug.
This is Harper propaganda for dimwits like you!
Uhhhh let's back the truck up, Chuck. It's been fairly well established for awhile now that clinical depression + too much weed = even worse depression.
But that same thing can be said for any drug. Properly prescribed amounts of narcotic painkillers for a VERY limited amount of time are very useful and helpful. However, too much and they'll seriously mess you up.

Or let's look at lithium. A somewhat commonly prescribed drug for certain psych disorders. The right prescription can make all the difference in the world, but giving too much, or prescribing it to someone that doesn't need it can be extremely dangerous.

Anecdotally, now and when I was younger, I'd smoke a joint if I was pissed of at someone I liked and/or cared about so I wouldn't blow up at them. But there was a 3-4 year period of heavy use after a serious accident, where it had the opposite effect. If I was pissed off, smoking a joint would just worsen my mood.

Just because weed is relatively harmless compared to the crap that's legal whether off the shelf, over the counter or prescribed, doesn't mean it's completely harmless. Like anything else, too much is not a good thing.

So, I'm not particularly shocked when I see a report that states there is such a thing as too much weed.

Toronto, Canada

#164 Sep 29, 2013
White people smoke a lot of dope and are unproductive.

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