Can I take Elavil for fibromyalgia?

Can I take Elavil for fibromyalgia?

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Q For several years, I suffered from fibromyalgia and was told there was very little that could be done.

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Flushing, MI

#1 Dec 15, 2007
Although I am sure Elavil helps some people with fibromyalgia, it does not help everyone and should not be promoted as a cure all. I have suffered from fibromyalgia for many years and was initially treated with Elavil and other antidepressants. Unfortunately, none of them helped with the pain and I experienced not only bad side effects but also paradoxical effects. Fibromyalgia is an extremely difficult syndrome--it would be great if a simple pill was the answer to the myriad symptoms and problems it causes.

Sterling, CO

#2 Dec 15, 2007
Elavil has been used for FMS for over 25 yrs that I know of, to aid sleep and some say pain, This is the 1st time I have heard it curing FMS.I would like to know how severe the pain,fatiuge and fibro-fog were and who and how they determined you had FMS. The best thing in this story is the pain is gone no matter what you had, Thanks Lonnie

United States

#3 Dec 17, 2007
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 17 years ago. To say that it is a poorly understood disorder simply means you have not done your homework! My Doctor prescribed Elavil for me for the accompanying sleep disturbance. I found it very helpful with minimal morning "hangover". While I don't know that it helped just with the pain, obviously getting a good nights sleep is key to helping any disease/disorder!

Mundelein, IL

#4 Mar 10, 2008
I started Elavil about a month ago, it has done great for me. I take a very low dose but the Elavil combined with more low impact exercise has really done wonders for me. I do feel a little of the pain now and then but nothing like before so it may be that I need the dosage moved up a little. I agree that sleep is the real key, so with the Elavil and exercise I sleep much better. Not saying it's a miracle cure but I do think it's the exercise and sleep that has been the real help. The side effects for me have been minimal, most subsided after about 2 weeks.
michele mayfield

Saint Charles, MO

#5 Apr 3, 2008
I have been taking it for a year with no side effects. It works great for me. I have never slept so good in my life. I am sorry to hear that all of you have these terrible side effects.

Saint Charles, IL

#7 Sep 21, 2008
I have been taking 25 mg/night for several years to help sleep and it also helps diminish my fibro symptoms. Only take a 1/2 pill when you start up since you may be so seratonin deprived that you sill sleep for hours the first day and wake with a hangover. Your body adjusts overtime. It has been a wonderful aid in controlling my fibromyalgia along with warm water exercise three times a week. I could not have continued working without this gentle sleep aid.
Titrating the correct dose at first is the difficult part. Start it up on a weekend, not when you have a big day ahead.

Charlotte, NC

#8 Sep 29, 2009
Where do you take the warm water exercises??? I have fibro and am very interested in this.
Thanks for the info.

Villejuif, France

#9 Oct 11, 2009
My aunt takes Elavil (she usually orders at ). This medication is really effective for her.

Jackson, OH

#10 Oct 16, 2010
my doctor put me on elavil in 2004,after a few days taking it i thought my prayers was answered,i was able to cope with rest of the pain and that was 25mg about a year later started hurting really bad again doctor gave me 50mg it worked good for of now im still on with other high pain meds and depression meds.i am so misreable for the pass couple of years i cant take the pain and im only 36 years old fibro ruined my life,and on top of that i have ibs,heart disease to so theres alot of meds i can not take i. i feel for you all and know how you all feel with you all the best but dont never give hanging in pain!!!!!!!!!! but i just keep praying that there will be a cure for everyone.

Sterling Heights, MI

#11 Oct 16, 2010
Well, it helped mine, but with long term side effects.
Have you tried neurontin ? Not sure of spelling.
It works for me.

Alachua, FL

#12 Oct 16, 2010
cody wrote:
Well, it helped mine, but with long term side effects.
Have you tried neurontin ? Not sure of spelling.
It works for me.
Neurontin Lawsuit Filed Over Fraudulent Marketing Charges
Tuesday, March 30, 2010

 Brought by Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and Kaiser Hospitals, a lawsuit judgment of $142.1 million was entered against Pfizer for the charge of illegal advertising of the drug Neurontin.
Neurontin, also known as gabapentin, was originally intended as an anticonvulsant to help control epileptic seizures. Kaiser claimed that it paid $90 million for the drug because it was also marketed as effective for at least 11 other conditions, including attention deficit disorder (ADD), drug and alcohol withdrawal seizures, restless leg syndrome (RLS) and trigeminal neuralgia. It was also said to be effective for bipolar disorder, migraines and other psychological/neurological diagnoses, but the drug allegedly performed poorly for these conditions. It is not illegal for physicians to prescribe medicines to patients for off-label use.
After a trial that lasted one month, and deliberations that took two days, a United States District Court jury in Boston awarded the plaintiffs $47.36 million. The claim alleged that Pfizer also violated a federal crime – the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)– so the monetary award is tripled automatically.
Neurontin has been on the market since 1983. It was FDA approved in 1994. In 2008, however, the FDA required that neurontin medicine bottles contain a label warning consumers that taking it might increase the risk of suicidal ideations. If the decision is upheld, Kaiser receives the $142 million; however, Phizer earned $387 million in 2008 from Neurontin alone. Total Neurontin sales are estimated at around $2.7 billion.
This isn’t the first lawsuit Pfizer faced regarding Neurontin, either. The first one came in 2004 when a woman using the drug committed suicide. The case was dropped before it reached court. The Boston decision also won’t be the last one the drug company is up against. An estimated 1,200 other lawsuits are pending against the drug manufacturer. The court is working to lump many of the cases together to save time and money. The other lawsuits are scheduled for hearings beginning next week.
Many of the outstanding lawsuits are from individuals claiming that they suffered from an increase in thoughts about committing suicide while on the drug. Plaintiffs usually ask for monetary rewards to help them recoup some of their financial loss due to medical costs, loss of work and wages and their pain and suffering.
If you or a loved one has experienced health complications or illness while using Neurontin or related drugs, contact Newsome Law Firm and fill out a case evaluation form today. Our team of attorneys has experience specific to complications associated with prescription medication. Not only can they give you the legal guidance you need, they can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Pasted from < ;

Alachua, FL

#13 Oct 16, 2010
Pfizer’s Headache
Lawsuit charges drugmaker was deceptive about Neurontin.
After it paid $430 million to settle a 2004 lawsuit over illegal promotion of its anti-seizure drug Neurontin, Pfizer, the world's largest pharmaceutical company, may have thought its legal troubles with that medication were over. Not so fast: A new lawsuit, brought by the same attorney, alleges that the company's misdeeds went much further than originally charged. According to newly unsealed court documents, not only did the company and its subsidiaries push Neurontin for unapproved uses—the practice at the center of the first suit, which Pfizer admitted to as part of its settlement—they did so knowing that the drug was ineffective for several of those conditions (the settlement involved allegations of both criminal and civil violations). Pfizer, according to the documents, engaged in "outright deception of the biomedical community, and suppression of scientific truth"—stalling or stopping the publication of negative study results; manipulating both trial designs and data to make the drug look more effective than it was; and using questionable tactics to enhance the drug's image and increase its sales.
These practices were "highly unethical, harmful to science, wasteful of public resources, and potentially dangerous to the public's health," writes Kay Dickersin, the author of the longest of the documents and the director of the Center for Clinical Trials at Johns Hopkins University.
On Tuesday, Pfizer released a statement saying that it was "committed to the communication of medically or scientifically significant results of all studies, regardless of outcome. Company policy requires that, in all cases, study results are reported by Pfizer in an objective, accurate, balanced, and complete manner with a discussion of the strengths and limitations of the study, and are reported regardless of the outcome of the study."
The lawsuit is in early stages; Boston attorney Thomas Greene (who represented David Franklin, the whistleblower in the first Neurontin case) is seeking permission to bring it as a class-action case. Judge Patti Saris rejected a request to that effect in August, but at the time, says Greene, she had not seen 12 expert reports that now comprise the bulk of the argument against the company. The reports, written by a wide variety of respected academics and submitted to the judge as part of the complaint, cite provocative emails sent by employees of Pfizer and its subsidiaries. They also analyze studies, both published and unpublished, that the company commissioned to test Neurontin's effectiveness at treating four conditions for which it is not approved: nociceptive pain ("think,'I just hit my finger with a hammer,'" says Greene), bipolar disorder, migraines and headaches, and neuropathic pain, a chronic condition resulting from an injury to the nervous system. A final report concludes that Pfizer encouraged doctors to prescribe Neurontin at higher doses than those approved by the FDA.

United States

#14 Oct 16, 2010
You'd find something wrong with apples and tap water.

Varsity Lakes, Australia

#15 Mar 30, 2011
I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia for about 5 years now. It was only last year as I slowly acquired more and more symptoms did I do my own research and start to think it might be Fibromyalgia. All doctors prior to this pretty much dismissed me. I used to try and survive by taking nurofen, panadol etc to no avail. Finally saw a rheumatologist last year who prescribed me with celebrex and Endep (Elavil) only 5gm however. I did not take them at first thinking he was trying to palm me off as having depression. Yesterday I saw another doctor who confirmed I did have Fibromyalgia, and said I was on the right meds but just advised me to up the Endep. Well I took my first 20mg dose and I am not kidding - within 2 hours the incredible foot pain that has reduced me to tears for the past two and a half years was gone. It has started to come back as I write this (about 13 hours after my first dose). I just hope I don't build a tolerance to this level too quickly and can get the same benefits form low dose for a long time!

United States

#16 Aug 31, 2011
Well, I ignored my doctor's recommendation to try 10mg Elavil each night to help me with my fibro pain but one night I was so fed up with the pain I had the pill. I had a bit of a hangover the next day but felt a lot better since the pain subsided considerably. It's worth you try it since the most critical symptom of fibro is insomnia and I guess lack of sleep is the culprit to all of thw symptoms brought up by this condition. Blessings to you all.


#17 Jan 22, 2012
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Montréal, Canada

#18 Feb 23, 2012
It helps, but leads to other problems and addiction in the future. I've tried to ween myself off after 20 years of taking this pill. Although it helped with insomnia and pain, I would also start to hallucinate in my sleepy state, and now have started to experience sensory seizures. Getting off of it has brought me to a scary 98 pounds, because of digestion issues. My body needs it now. And it's a scary place to be. If you could try homeopathic methods and light to moderate exercise and avoid a chemical in your body, please do it.

Scotsburn, Canada

#19 Aug 29, 2012
hi all im taking 100 mg of elavil to sleep.unfortunatly its not working much anymore,,anybody elase take 100 or more a night
#23 Sep 24, 2013
I have ordered 2 times from this website PILLSMEDSHOP. COM . I called yesterday the customer care and asked for a discount as i was about to order twice the regular amount.

Swaffham, UK

#24 Jan 2, 2014
amitriptyine 10mg and 25 mg

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