Novo-Venlafaxine XR

Novo-Venlafaxine XR

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How does Novo-Venlafaxine XR work? What will it do for me? Venlafaxine belongs to the class of antidepressant medications known as serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors . via C-Health

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captain cannabis

Burnaby, Canada

#21 Jan 8, 2008
ghost wrote:
What would happen if I just stop taking this effexor after taking it for a few months?
you would go mad.


#22 Jan 10, 2008
it's been over 3 months since I have started on this med, it has made changes in me,I'm feeling way better about mostly everything,but I do have some side effect,(red ichy spot on my hip(it's gone now),I sweat like I just went for a swim,my dreams are weird like devillich!? and I have some small twiching),but my mood is great,not angry,
cranky,not worried all the time,my thinking is calm and I'm just not as crazy and weird like I felt before! It's my second time trying a different drug ,I hate to change again since I feel great, not sure of the side effects.I know I have to consult with my doctor but I am scared of the idea of stopping and changing again. I don't like to introduce meds that I know nothing about to my body.I tried not taking anything at all and take control myself but that made things worse than before.

I beleive that I will require's these medications for life to help me deal with the panic attacks.

Collingwood, Canada

#23 Jan 11, 2008
ive only been taking novo venlafaxine for 4 days now but i was having seriously bad headaches all day yesterday and my neck really hurt out of nowhere im not sure if its from the drug but it jus came out of nowhere after starting taking the drug:S

Regina, Canada

#24 Jan 14, 2008

i was on paxil for 6 months but i wasn't feel "OK" my doctor then put me on " Venlafaxine"
for 0ne month now but i don't know how it's working: Having bad dreams all nights, i'm just kind of feeling weird.... the truth is that i'm scare of not knowing if i will be Ok one day and put all this beyond me or i will be continuing like this for all my life???
Because there is no point if i had to go on like this.

i really like to read your responds, tkssss!!!!

“Tell the Truth”

Since: Nov 07

Orlando, Florida

#25 Jan 14, 2008
I've been on Effexor since its release about 12 years ago. It was the only anti-depressant that got both my depression and anxiety under control.

It is not without its side effects and it's not a drug for anyone who is responsible enough to work with it properly. Without a doubt the worst side effects are if you try to stop taking the drug (don't ever, ever, ever just quit taking it. You have to wean off of it) or if you don't take it for a few days. No matter what anyone tells you, Effexor does have addictive side effects.

Can you drink while you're on it? I didn't for a very long time, but after all these years I've learned I can have a few drinks every now and then, but I can't make a daily habit of it or I become depressed.

Does it cause dreams? Usually when you first start or change your dosage you might get some strange dreams. If I'm taking my medication as prescribed, I don't dream at all. But I've learned that if I miss the nighttime dose, I'll have really cool dreams. Sometimes I'll not take the night dose on purpose just to be able to dream.

The only down side that I'm experiencing now after over a decade on it is that I'm having some bone pain. My doctor isn't sure how long we'll let this go on, but I'm not at all happy about the idea of coming off the Effexor.

As someone who has been on this drug for a very long time, I will admit that it works very well, but it should be almost a last resort after other drugs have been tried unsuccessfully. Also, it shouldn't be given to anyone who cannot work with it responsibly (take it correctly) or who is going to mix other drugs and alcohol with it. It should be reserved for people whose number one priority is curing their depression because it's a drug that requires some strict attention for quite a while until you understand how it works for you.

“Tell the Truth”

Since: Nov 07

Orlando, Florida

#26 Jan 14, 2008
ghost wrote:
What would happen if I just stop taking this effexor after taking it for a few months?
Give it a try. After about 3 days you'll be back on it - guaranteed. Between the headaches, the body aches, and the parestesia you'll be begging for it.

Sherwood Park, Canada

#27 Jan 17, 2008
All I recall is acting out a little, or maybe a lot. Don't recall dreams, no rash, was on it for a month, I think I personally felt better.
The entire time I was on this drug, I had a headache everyday. Called the Dr. and she said stop taking it and put me on something else.
Paxill, not working either. Need something for post traumatic syndrome, and now somehting for depression.
What can I take ? Suggestions ? Help....please

Idaho Falls, ID

#28 Jan 17, 2008
NANCY!!! You are the first person I've read about who has been on Effexor longer than I have. I started taking this drug in 1996 or 97 when it was brand new. It was really the only thing that helped me, but I still have some negative side effects. I am bi-polar and I find that effexor makes me a bit too manic at times. I have the intense anger. I find that I would probably stay on this medication if not for the fact that I am planning on getting pregnant and I don't want to expose yet another child to this drug.(I've been on it during four pregnancies and while nursing three children because doctors told me it was "safe"). I too, am "frustrated" and looking for other answers. I just don't feel comfortable with what is happening to me. I can't forget a dose or I'm an absolute mess and I think this intense anger is from effexor, after reading some of these other forums.
Heather canada

Sudbury, Canada

#29 Jan 17, 2008
ghost wrote:
What would happen if I just stop taking this effexor after taking it for a few months?
seriously did you people get your meds from a doctor they tell you not to drink or do other drugs and not to just stop taking it you could send your self into a more serious mental break down omg !
Heather canada

Sudbury, Canada

#30 Jan 17, 2008
ok seriously are you getting your meds from your dr.because they tell you what happens, if you just stop taking an anti depressant you could send your self into a serious mental breakdown !and it says on the friggin bottle to take with food and not to drink alcohol omg !

Ottawa, Canada

#31 Jan 20, 2008
I am using venlafaxine xr and wow i do not like it whats so ever, i've been on it for on 3 days and i fell like i am on acid or extacy,my pupils are so dilated and i feel so weird i cant even describe it, i just know that i am not feeling up to continue this medication it mite be for some but it sure as .... not for me.
Question what can happen if u do drugs on that medication? i smoke weed but like not just one or 2 more like 4 to 6 joints a day, is that why i am feeling so much more weird?

Surrey, Canada

#32 Jan 21, 2008
anonymous wrote:
dont use it...i'm on it now and im about to get off of it. my mood has been changing like crazy...i dont get panic attacks anymore but my depression is so much worse. i just feel very strange and i cant even explain it. i just dont feel like myself and i've been having strange dreams and cant fall asleep very easily. There are too many side affects...its not worth it.
I am glad I'm not the only one...I have been on venlafaxine for over a year and i desperetly want off of it. I has helped with my anxiety but I suffer with severe PMS and I don't sleep well if at all. I have the craziest and most disdurbing dreams. I don't feel like myself and I have no concentration whatsoever. My doctor wants me one it for a long time and I don't. Not sure what to do. I weened off of it with doctor's permission and I had bad attacts, and had to go back on it. Any suggestions? Would love to hear them. Thanks.

Cambridge, Canada

#33 Jan 21, 2008
hey, just started on venlafaxine. just wondering when to take with food, as in with breakfest, lunch or dinner? which is best, if anyone knows this that would be super helpful! thanks

Since: Dec 06

Location hidden

#34 Jan 21, 2008
Husband is on it and belive me it has helped. He is not testy (that is a nice way to put it) and has even got his funny bone back.

Ottawa, Canada

#35 Jan 22, 2008
andy wrote:
hey, just started on venlafaxine. just wondering when to take with food, as in with breakfest, lunch or dinner? which is best, if anyone knows this that would be super helpful! thanks
Well Andy,your doc.. should have told you,ask him or her,if not,you can ask your pharma..

I take 2 a day..... one with breakfest and the other one with dinner.
Just went on it

Port Dover, Canada

#37 Jan 23, 2008
I just started the drug. I really don't want to be on it for life. I want to beat this thing. Can you be on the drug for a short period and get off and get your life back? Any advice would help.

Since: Jan 08

Peterborough, Canada

#38 Jan 25, 2008
Hi I just started taking this drug now I am not sure if I want to.I am taking 37.5mg once a day for 7 days then twice aday. I(s this a low doseage?

Since: Jan 08

Peterborough, Canada

#39 Jan 25, 2008
captain cannabis wrote:
<quoted text>NO NO NO NO!!!..DO NOT smoke weed while on effexor. marijuana affects (raises) your seretonin levels....if you toke while you take effexor, you can REALLY REALLY cause problems with your seretonin levels...seriously, give up one orthe other...DON"T DO BOTH
What will happen to you if you smoke weed? I have just started taking 37.5 mg thats a low dose right so will smoking a little pot hurt me?

Montréal, Canada

#40 Jan 29, 2008
Is it ok to take before bedtime? Feel insomnia and then hard time waking up in morning.

Idaho Falls, ID

#41 Feb 2, 2008
ruthieq45 wrote:
Hi I just started taking this drug now I am not sure if I want to.I am taking 37.5mg once a day for 7 days then twice aday. I(s this a low doseage?
This is a low dose, but I was able to take 1/2 that dose for seven years without needing to raise it. I would first suggest that you not increase your dose to two 37.5 a day if only one will help. Second, I would suggest that you try a different approach to overcoming your depression if this is not your last resort. This medication is VERY posts on withdrawals, etc. Prozac seems to be a be a better drug if you plan on stopping medication at some point. Hope this helps!

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