Dating and dentures

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Mead, CO

#22 Jan 5, 2010
I would have to agree that if your dentures "matter" to him, he is the wrong guy.

As for sex: My husband claims that the best oral sex he ever got was from a woman who removed her teeth...that wasn't me lol.

As for why having dentures is a secret for many people it is because teeth are not a breast or a limb that are lost due to accident or disease...or at least that is not how most people think of them. There is a stigma attached to having dentures and as much as I wish that wasn't the case, it is with a great number of people.

We had someone post in one of these forums not long ago who made a statement something to the effect of "people with dentures get what they deserve." One only assumes that the person who said that believes we deserve all these problems because we were lazy or poor and did not take good care of our teeth.

It requires some degree of understanding and compassion for those who neglect their teeth to feed their children or pay the rent, those who have no dental insurance coverage whatsoever, those who are terrified of even making a dental appointment (a very legitimate phobia) and those of us who spent thousands of dollars taking good care of our teeth and ended up with dentures anyway. There are people out there who don't have an ounce of understanding or compassion about all of this and they attach some sort of undesirable label to denture wearers.

I think this gets even more compounded by the fact that most dentists don't tell their patients what to expect, in fact many dentists talk patients into dentures; most dental labs don't give a hoot about the person who will end up wearing the appliance they are making and manufacturers don't seem to be concerned in the least that they are using products to make the dentures that are, in fact, hazardous to our health.

I find it remarkable that the Ministry of Health in Canada is concerned about the BPA and Phthalates that are used to make adult intimacy "toys" and yet, no one is talking to the Minister about dentures which contain the same chemicals.

Brookville, PA

#23 Jan 29, 2010
Im 24 and my boyfriend is 32. He has full upper and lower dentures. i absolutely love his smile. I wouldn't have even thought he could have dentures if i didnt find his soaking cup in the bathroom one morning. i asked him about it and he was a little embarassed at first, but i showed him that i understand that "s_it happens". My teeth aren't in the best condition either so its not really like i can have a problem with his.(I was in a car accident and had 4 teeth filed down to nubs and covered with porcelaine veneers...they still dont look as good as they are supposed to.) I personally am considering getting dentures. I came to terms with the thought a couple years ago, as I've always had problems with my teeth plus both of my parents have full uppers and lowers. People tell me now that I have a beautiful smile, but I am very self conscious about it. I want that perfect movie star smile and if that means I need dentures, then so be it. Personally i dont understand why some people have such issues with things like this. The pressure we put on ourselves is enough, we dont need other people commenting or anything like that to make it worse. As they say..."mind over matter: people that mind don't matter, people that matter don't mind!"

Santee, CA

#24 Jan 30, 2010
Liz, you're a darling. But do everything to save your own teeth. Dentures are not the answer, they are a last resort. Honest.

Since: Jun 09

Mead, CO

#25 Jan 30, 2010
Oh Liz, think long and hard about giving up your own teeth if there is anyway in hell you can save them. You say you want a movie star smile and if that means dentures, so be it.

You can have a movie star smile with new veneers or implants if all else fails. People tell you now that you have a beautiful smile; if you not satisfied with it imagine how your smile will look with those teeth sitting out further 1/8 inch.

If noting else, think twice about putting the harmful chemicals into your body, the BPA, phthlates and even formaldehyde leaching from the denture and the liners for years.

Read the entire thread "Cheer Up New Denture Wearers" before you go off and do something you will regret.

North Platte, NE

#26 Feb 4, 2010
I need to get full dentures,and I'm scared to death. I'm most worried about the bottom dentures staying in, as I've heard so many horrible stories about them NOT staying put in your mouth.

I'm also worried about my husband seeing me without them in, and if he won't want to kiss me anymore.

Santee, CA

#27 Feb 4, 2010
Erin .. you're husband doesn't just love your teeth ... he loves you. What if it were a breast, or a hand or diabetes or cancer? Wouldn't you trust him to stand by you. Believe me ... kissing isn't the end-all be-all ....**winking**
I had a partial on the bottom before my permanent implant. It worked fine. I would say that if you work with your dentist it should be fit just fine. Don't think that the minute they put those things in your mouth that you just go home and "adjust" ... there may be MANY trips back and forth to get them to fit just right - be persistent. Good luck, let us help you ... when do you start your procedures?

Georgetown, Guyana

#28 Jun 2, 2010
Im dating a guy who wears full dentures. They look natural and he speaks clearly with them.

I love him for the person he is; loving, caring and protecting. I perfer a man with dentures that treats me well other than a man with teeth and dont care about me.

I think the inner person is what matter. Im black and he is white.

United States

#31 Dec 16, 2010
Your condition sounds like Cleidocranial Dystosis. Google it.
Paul wrote:
Hello to all the people who feel good to talk about their smiles. My teeth have had problems since I was a young child (somewhere before the age of 10). I don't know what the medical definition is called of what I have, but I was born with regular baby teeth and only developed a handful of adult teeth. This is an inherited problem, and my mother and brother have similar conditions. When I was 16 in 1987, I was taken to an orthodontist and was put on a long term program to try and fix my smile. Ended up having jaw surgery and had some teeth removed in the process. Now before I go on, imagine looking at the smile of a Jack-o-lantern wearing braces. Though it was not officialy like that, it was pretty darn close. In late 1991 and early 1992, I finally got the braces off and was given retainers with some partials to fill in the gaps. At this time, I was working a partime job with no insurance, so getting regular partials was out of the question. Towards the end of 1999, I got accepted at The University of Texas Dental School on another program to help me smile again. The problem, though, was that I could not wear anything in my mouth for 6 months and had another tooth removed. By mid summer of 2000, I was finally smiling ear to ear. But it does not end there.....
Since early 2003, a lower back molar started to slowly chip away. The good thing for that tooth was that it had filling in it. Early this year, I got accepted again back into the school and am currently seeing a dental student. I just got that tooth removed over a week ago and now I have to wait till early October to get my new partial. This will probably not be the last of what I've had to live with throughout my life. But for now, I am just glad to be able to smile.

Douglasville, GA

#32 Feb 17, 2011
I was talking with a friend and I brought up that I was freaked about dating because of my dentures-- He looked at me and ask if they were my teeth and I said no, he said did you pay for them...Yes...Then they are your teeth...You are under no obligation to tell your date that you have dentures unless maybe your asking her to marry you..He gave me some advice, when your done eating grab a tooth pick and stick it in your mouth...No one will ever know...Also I lived with a woman for a year and never knew she had a full set of dentures. A pimple on your forehead would be more noticeable. At first you would swear everyone knows but they don't...Have fun there are worse things.

Douglasville, GA

#33 Feb 17, 2011
One more thing...I got MY teeth after my divorce and have dated plenty--I'm now 53.


#34 Feb 18, 2011
It just comes as a complete shock to others because they look so real. I get complimented a ton for my amazing smile cuz I do it all the I just dont like and am uncomfortable as well as embarrassed all around for it. I dont know why.And I really dont know the rationale for only being allowed 2 What was God thinking? no kid really takes care of thier own teeth and esp in some cultures its only as adults we come to know the importance of taking good care of our entire body.


#35 Feb 18, 2011
they should just have a dating site for denture wearers then no worries about having to explain anything!! Lol

South Glastonbury, CT

#36 Feb 23, 2011
For anyone who has a problem with tooth decay and is open minded to alternative treatments, please consider these articles I came across:

I am currently trying the method described in the first article, and using a brand of toothpaste that does not contain glycerin. Over the years I've spent so much on dental work, I figured it couldn't hurt to try something different. Good luck to all of you who have also suffered with bad teeth!

Burlington, KY

#37 Feb 25, 2011
why would you NOT want GLYCERIN!!????? I actually PUT glyceryin ON my cavities to SAVE my kids and my last dying teeth!!!! and it did!~!! I have no clue what gives you people the idea that glycerine is bad for teeth but it actually SAVES dying teeth!!!! My uppers were completey lost and if had i only known... i could have saved them too!!!! had i only only only known to save my beautiful teeth.:(

Erie, PA

#38 Jun 8, 2011
I am 31 years old, and have had a full set of dentures for almost a year now. I still have many many issues regarding this. Before extraction, I had a beautiful smile, and gorgeous teeth. I was diagnosed with periodontal, and my insurance did not cover the procedure needed to keep my wonderful smile. Now I have dentures that are no where close to my old smile. I am single, and the issue has really kept me from actively dating. Recently, an old flame blew back into town, and although he has not noticed the false teeth, I still fight the issues regarding them. I understand this is a self-esteem issue, however I feel that if I were older, it would not be such an issue. Our relationship has turned more sexual, and I feel that I am holding back during the kissing and the oral... areas. I am not confident enough to tell him, or to take them out in front of him, or anyone!

Not only do I have self-esteem issues, but the dry mouth is killing me. I miss the feel of my pallet, and there just doesn't seem to be enough water to moisten my mouth. Because of this, my teeth become very uncomfortable in early evening, again, making it very difficult to have an active social/ dating life.

How do I get past this? How can I live a normal active life with a plastic mouth? I read all the previous posts before writing this one, and all had good points... for the 40 and older person. But I am too young for this! There is a huge stigma associated to denture wearers... like that I am gross and did not take care of my teeth, but that is not the case! My smile made me attractive, and now, all I see is a fake smile of plastic teeth! Please, I need some words of encouragement, some how to videos on how to do normal things with a plastic mouth, lol! I need something!

Erie, PA

#40 Jun 14, 2011
My post are 100% legit, in fact, for the past year I found some comfort in reading these posts, but had not found the confidence to join in discussion. But thank you Angel for being a real witch and shattering what little confidence I was able to muster in order to participate, and actually seek advice. If this post sounded to immature for you Angel, maybe it's because I am young... too young for a full set of dentures! I wasn't asking for a how to video, I cut a joke, it's how I cope! I've just begun dating with my full set of dentures because, A) They hurt so bad when I first got them that I barely wore them, and B) My confidence was/is shattered and am honestly looking for some support. So Angel, take your judgements somewhere else! I thought this was a site set up for people who faced same or similar experiences and relied on one-another for advice and support... not to be judged.

And by the way Angel, I never said that dentures were only for old people, what I said was I am to young to deal with this issue! I understand that nobody plans for bad things to happen to them at any age, but does that not mean when they happen, a person is not allowed some kind of a sad adjustment period without being attacked and ridiculed by someone else who has already learned to cope! I only talked about my wonderful smile before dentures, because I was trying to portray how depressed this issue has made me. And seriously! Did you really think that I didn't pull out all the stops in trying to find other ways to get the proper procedure, sorry I don't have a rich girls luxury! Angel, your just down right rude, and an internet bully!

If anyone other than Angel could please give sane and polite advise on how to cope with new dating issues and dry mouth, please, I would love to hear from someone who does not attack new people who enter into the discussion!

Santee, CA

#41 Jun 14, 2011
It's "you are" or "you're" - not "your" a rude, internet bully .... and BTW you are not too young to deal with this issue .... and you would have had many, many wonderful people reply to your post had you re-read it, and re-worded it before you posted it. You absolutely implied that dealing with dentures was an issue for people over 40 to deal with and that only those younger would understand how you feel. There are many other threads where people a lot younger than you have shared their problem and went on to not only learn to live with their denture, but actually love the opportunity to have one and go on with their life.
Your reply post is mean-spirited and, frankly, quite immature - name calling .... really, at 31 you do that? I am neither a witch or a bully - and I wouldn't be surprised if no one answered your post for fear of your response.
I apologize if I mis-read your post, but, you know, if you wait 9 more years, you will be 40 and then maybe you will be able to relate. Don't worry, I won't respond again - Sticks and stones ....

United States

#43 Jun 15, 2011
Ok I have upper full question is when you kiss someone, French or whatever can they feel u are wearing dentures? I'm dating this guy and we kiss a few times and he wanted to put his tongue in my mouth but I'm so nerves that he will feel something funny.

United States

#44 Jun 15, 2011
Oh yeah I have ask this question several times...just want here ppl opinion or experiences.

United States

#45 Jun 23, 2011
Hi...i am 45 and had never been to the dentist! i had the worse teeth ever (what was left of em) and it was relly scary and embarassing to open my mouth for the dentist. i tried to warn the only person i know who scared the dentist.:) i had 22 pulled all at once. yes, it was scary. no, it didnt hurt much. its only been two weeks and im almost used to the top ones and it was soooo worth it. i cant stop smiling! i also lost about 10 pounds because i couldnt eat for a week and a it, girl! youll be so glad you did!
brigette wrote:
The dentist told me I should get upper dentures, I am 42, and always in pain, but I keep putting it off, I am terrified. I just don't know what to do.

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