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Calgary, Canada

#1 Feb 10, 2012
I have had full dentures for about a year and a half. I hate taking my teeth out so I keep them in 24/7 (except for cleaning). Once in a while I get a sore on the inside of my bottom jaw which causes lots of pain. It makes it very difficult to eat or to even have my bottom dentures in. Is it because I don't take them out or should I get an adjustment?

Romford, UK

#2 Feb 10, 2012
steve, before i got my full denture i had a partial top denture, although i know its not quite the same as a bottom one ot was quite a size, when i first got it it was sore but ok after adjustment. i left it in from 2007 to 2012 only taking it out for cleaning i had to leave it out for a day or 2 when i got an abcess on my gum, i dont think the abcess was due to the denture itself more than likely it was due to the bad tooth next to it.
my advice therefore is you should be able to leave it in 24/7 without any problems and if you are getting problems if you are not having any other problems with your gum then it does sound like you need an adjustment.
good luck

Calgary, Canada

#3 Feb 11, 2012
Thanks for the advice Lori, Once this sore goes away and swelling goes down I'll get them adjusted.

Oldham, UK

#4 Feb 12, 2012
good luck

Calgary, Canada

#5 Feb 15, 2012
Thanks Lori. I also found a natural cure for mouth sores when/if you ever get one. Coconut oil - You put a little bit right on the sore and almost instant pain relief. It also has other benefits too.

Forres, UK

#6 Feb 16, 2012
wow steve that sounds fab, will have to keep that in mind and try it.
i was in agony yesturday afternoon, thought i was getting another sore from denture rubbing but as i was out couldnt do anything about it. turns out wen i got home and took them out to clean them i had a tiny strawberry pip stuck on side of my gum and denture was rubbing on it, relief after cleaning was heaven lol.

United States

#7 Apr 15, 2012
Hi all, I am 5 days in with full dentures. The mouth sores were a pain. I found something called "kanka", found it at cvs. Well it works like a charm and it numbs for a long while even after drinking liquids. I use it after I salt water rinse and I am okay. I only have one on the lower right, I feel a small one on the right and one coming on the uppers because of the rubbing. Hang in there. Oh yeah I forgot, I read somewhere around here that they took theirs out and spread " numbing stuff" (whatever brand they used) into the denture and it works

Since: Jan 13

College Station, TX

#8 Jan 12, 2013
Steve wrote:
Thanks Lori. I also found a natural cure for mouth sores when/if you ever get one. Coconut oil - You put a little bit right on the sore and almost instant pain relief. It also has other benefits too.
This is great to know! I keep some in fridge so will def try it out. I got full immdiate dentures 6 days ago and have a mouth full of blisters. So bad I cannot put them back in until they heal up. Have a prescription rinse and doing warm-salt water alot but certainly going to go try this. Thankyou!!

United States

#9 Jan 16, 2013
I have had my teeth extracted on jan 10 and got immediate dentures. I have this nasty looking absces sore on my top gums right in the front and also have one on the right toward the back on the top.. its exactly where they took out a tooth that was really bad. This hurts like hell. I have been rinsing with oragel and put oragel on it. it numbs it for a while but what in the world is it.

Since: Jan 13

College Station, TX

#10 Jan 17, 2013
Had my last 12 extracted Jan 7 and immediates put in. Terrible mouth blisters! It is Day 11 Denture Adventure for me and altho I still have some blisters, they are much better. Used lots and lots of warm salt water rinses - and also a prescript rinse from dentist.

Lucy - you might want to check and make sure something isnt infected.

Anbesol burned like the devil for me. Benzodent and red cross are creams, not gels, and altho a bit messy, they soothe and heal way better than something that burns.

You might try putting a bit of the oragel rinse in the warm salt water so it dilutes it.

Saginaw, MI

#11 Feb 2, 2013
Have had my dentures for 2 months now, it is winter in Michigan. My lips are sore, never had this problem before. Think it is due to licking my lips cause of the dentures. Is there anything that is good for the sore lips?

Westfield, MA

#12 Feb 28, 2013
I have had my dentures for over 50 years and never any problems, on the lower right it is almost like a large lump on the inside, that my teeth would fall into and rub, almose cutting it in half, very uncomfortable. I have tried all kind of pain medicine, and I will try the coconut oil, it eases the pain but the lump is not going away. I am wondering if I have a cyst or tumor in there. it is almost like an extension of the underneath of my under tonge. I have had it for 3 weeks and don't know who to go to find out what this is.

Spokane, WA

#13 Mar 31, 2013
Hi.. just had teeth extracted 4 days ago with immediate denture put in. My denture feels so tight on top that it feels like it torks my jaw. Hard to explain really...I can even feel pressure in my eyes because of how tight it is. It also pushes on the cartlidge under my nose.. and can tell it blocks me from breathing through my nose on one side. I can not wear my bottom denture as I am not able to close my mouth at all if I have it in. With the bottom denture in i cant smile at all. When i look at myself in mirror i notice that my top lip does not reach to bottom of the top teeth.
I keep reading that dentures always feel too big at first so I have been waiting to see if this is because of swelling. But now I am beginning to think this is not right at all... I have made an apt with the dentist but he won't be in until wed. I want to take the denture out at night but was told and have read that its best to keep it I wrong?.. is this normal?

United States

#14 Apr 1, 2013
This is my sole opinion: for all denture wearers (except implant fixed) if it hurts and nobody can treat you instantly, take it off and get relief from pain is the right thing to do. GL

Milton, FL

#15 Apr 2, 2013
Just got back from my dentist, have had what I thought was a canker sore for about 3 weeks, ( I have full dentures) finally went today, she told me it was an embolus, and the denture had split it. She told me for future reference, any sore that lasts more than 3 days and doesn't respond to salt water rinses, please come in for an adjustment, most are included with the price of your denture. She ground down the spot where it was rubbing, and poof, instant improvement, I had not been able to eat comfortably since it started.

Since: Apr 13

Location hidden

#16 Apr 14, 2013
I am on day 10 of having my bottom teeth extracted I also have canker soars all over, the dentist told me to do the warm water salt rinses but the dentist told me it would hurt to do the rinses. well I have been doing the rinses and it never hurt.. I thought that was weird. They are getting better a little bit so I will keep it up. my gums still get swollen quite a bit in the evening but I think its just from wearing it all day and my gums need a

Hartlepool, UK

#17 May 11, 2013
My mother has had full dentures for many yars but this past month she has been complaining about sore gums. She cannot eat because of the pain. I tried to make an appointment with her dentist but she has to wait for 2 weeks before he can see her.
Anyone have any suggestions on whathe can do?

Springdale, AR

#18 May 21, 2013
I am 73 and I've had dentures since I was 12. This week I got a sore under my lower plate. I've tried Anbesol,Benzodent and salt water, still hurt like crazy. So I got some Aloe Vera juice and used it as a mouth wash, It worked wonders. Try it!!

Madison, AL

#19 Aug 25, 2013
Where do I get coconut oil

Bakersfield, CA

#20 Dec 31, 2013
i just got my immediate dentures 2 days ago I cant wear them. My gums hurt so bad it makes me sick. Is it alright to leave them out. Until my next appointment

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