Learning to eat with dentures

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#266 May 30, 2010
This is a HUGE favorite in my house...even our picky son loves it!!

~4 large baking potatoes (about 2-3/4lbs)
~2/3 cup butter
~2/3 cup all-purpose flour
~3/4 teaspoon salt
~1/4 teaspoon white pepper
~6 cups milk
~1 cup (8 ounces) sour cream
~1/4 cup thinly sliced green onions
~10 bacon strips, cooked and crumbled
~1 cup (4 ounces) shredded cheddar cheese

Bake potatoes at 350F for 65-75 minutes or until tender; cool completely. Peel and cube potatoes.
In a large saucepan, melt butter; stir in flour, salt and pepper until smooth. Gradually add milk. Bring to a boil; cook and stir for 2 minutes or until thickened. Remove from heat; whisk in sour cream. Add potatoes and green onions. Garnish with bacon and cheese.~~~~Serves 10!!

My husband and I both LOVE to cook and try out new foods and recipes. Love this little recipe sharing section here. Glad to share my family's favorites with all of you. And believe me!! There's a TON more I can share !

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#267 May 30, 2010
Oh yummy!!! This sounds great Janie. I am going to cook this tonight. These recipies are really a life saver & I look forward to reading many more recipies! All the meals I know I cant eat, & I have searched the net, but prefer to hear the recipies from other ppl that have/are going through what I am. It makes the world of difference to me. & trying not to lose weight is making this hard as I am eating 8-10 times a day & having x3 of those protien & carb shakes. But have still lost x2kg in 11 days. It is also winter here in Australia, so all those heavy soups & casseroles sound great. Keep those recipies coming! Thanks everyone.

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#268 May 30, 2010
Baked Potato Soup is my most favorite soup. I've tried many recipes and now will give your's a try.
Bennigan's had the best baked potato soup ever but they are out of business.

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#269 Jun 1, 2010
Thank you to everyone on here. You've been a huge help to me. I had a bone infection which was creating heart issues and I had all my teeth pulled and full upper and lower dentures. This has been a process unlike what I expected and I expected this to be a challenge. I am having trouble with the eating and my lower dentures still and it's been a month now. I am speaking almost normal. I cant seem to find an adhesive that works well. I have ordered water proof ones online and tried pastes and powder but they all seem to loosen when I eat or drink. I am a soda drinker but from reading here I am thinking I may have to break that habit becuase the carbonation may be part of my problem. I have lost about 15 pounds living on soups and canned fruits. Im craving a steak. I find that things just dont taste the same either but trying to not get discouraged. I find myself cheating and taking my teeth out to gum a hamburger patty or something. Anyhow- thank you for all your posts and advice. I think I will try the powder again and try to wean myself off the soda pop. Good luck to you all!

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#270 Jun 8, 2010
just tried to east some gardettos. that was pretty painful. i'm still having problems eating crunchy food and raw veggies. its been about 9 weeks now. any idea how long it will be before i can eat everything i want?

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#271 Jun 8, 2010
The ability to eat everything you want seems to vary with each individual. Crunchy things like chips and corn chips will probably come before raw veggies...maybe by Thanksgiving on the raw veggies.

Melbourne, Australia

#272 Jun 9, 2010
I often wonder when I will be able to eat again. I am 3 weeks in after 23 out & full dentures. I really want a chocolate bar, & to be able to go into the bakery for that cream bun!! I am missing food, but I know it will get better. But I am so sick of what I am eating!!!! The bottom denture also moves when I eat bumping the wounds, & bits of food get in under it as well. I am looking forward being able to use an adheasive. Maybe it will get better when my gums are ready for that.

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#273 Jun 9, 2010
Take your teeth out and enjoy a chocolate bar...let it melt in your mouth. Just be sure to brush gently afterwards. It shouldn't be too much longer before you can use some powder to hold the lowers in place. Hang in there.

Fort Worth, TX

#274 Jun 23, 2010
hello everyone i have been reading the post on before my surgery and after. i am 25 years old and i just had all my teeth pulled top and bottom and got immediate dentures. i have bad teeth all my life it runs in my family so i did what most of my family did and got dentures. i didnt want to do it at first i was scared of the pain how i would look after i thought i would look and feel like a 80 year old lady (no offense to anyone). what made me decied to get the dentures is my 8 year old daughter told me one day that my teeth were ugly and didnt want me to smile or talk in front of her friends. i was so heartbroken i cryed all night long 1 month later and i had my surgery. i am so trrified of needles i vomited all the way to my surgery i was so scared. they gave a pill to take an hour before i went to calm my nerves and kinda put me to sleep. it didnt work in the beging i was awake when they pulled all my uppers but finally feel asleep when they did my bottoms dont remeber much after that. i didnt have any pain after i woke up only had to take one pain killer the next morning. getting my teeth pulled didnt hurt it was the dentures that hurt. i was so ashamed after my surgery i wouldnt come out of my room for days i didnt feel like myself at all. i didnt have the stitches that dissolved so i had to go back two weeks after my surgery and get them removed. those two weeks were horrible. the dentures gagged me my bottoms hurt so bad i didnt want to eat and didnt want anyone to see me i hated it. the day i went to get my stitches taken were the best. they took the stitches out and i got my softliners and let me tell ya the softliners are the best. once i got those it was so much better it feels like a pillow on your gums. i have been slowly chewing things like corn dogs hamburger helper and i can eat any kind of pasta. i still cant eat the things i want and i am hungry all the time i just wanna feel like myself again. as long as i am not chewing i can wear my dentures all day and be fine half the time i dont even know there. as for my daughter she is so happy that i got it done and is not emaressed to be seen with me anymore as for my 2 year old so dont even notice anything diffrent. i am still finding some things difficult like the romance with me and my husband it is hard to kiss with them in. i dont want anyone to see me with out them i am too ashamed. its been alomst a month since my surgery and i think i have came along way. i just want things to go back to normal with my life. its like i live my life around these things. my dentures have gotten lose since my softliners so i have to use fixodent which i like it holds pretty good . the question i have for yall is what are the implants? i was told they were post to hold them in but from the way i hear it on here some people dont have the dentures is it just the teeth without all the plastic or is it teeth that are wired in ur jaw? and another thing why does it hurt so much to chew i know ur gums are sore but the dentures on my top hurt the very top when i chew and same for my bottoms if that makes since thanks for letting me share and i hope yall can answer my questions

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#275 Jun 25, 2010
Brandie, welcome.

There are different types of implants. Implants are actually titanium screws which are put into your jaw bone. It sounds painful but it is not.

There are mini implants which can hold your denture in place. If it's the top denture, most of the palate is removed so you can taste and speak better. They can also hold a lower denture in place.
It takes at least 4 mini implants to support a denture.-- often called implant supported denture or all on 4.

Regular implants are bigger, longer, and more expensive. They hold a bridge, sometimes called a crown with either acrylic or porcelain teeth attached. The teeth are not wired into your jaw but once the bridge is made (no acrylic gums or palate) it is attached to abutments that are placed on the implants.

I have eight upper regular implants. The abutments will be attached soon and then the bridge attached to them. The bridge will contain 12 porcelain teeth.

Getting implants was far less traumatic than having the extractions. The only issue was soft tissue tenderness and some swelling and bruising for a few days. I was probably more swollen than others due to major bone grafts and a double sinus lift.

Your gums will be sore and tender for a few weeks but they eventually toughen up and chewing will not hurt any longer. You may need several soft liners as your gum tissue shrinks. I had many soft liners and many adjustments, so don't hesitate to ask your dentist.

Hope this helps.

Santee, CA

#276 Jun 25, 2010
MM does it again ... MM you should copy and paste this response about every month .... you do it so well ---- but to clairify .... my "all on 4" bridge could only be attached to the bigger implants. The office I work with wouldn't even use the mini's for the denture supported. It would be nice if someone who has the mini's would post and tell us the procedure they went through to get them, as from what I understand, they can be put in and used almost immediately .... Another step that I had to go through was after my implants healed and grew to the bone, they took the screws out of them and then attached the abutments and I had ANOTHER waiting period while the tissue healed a couple of weeks, and then they took new molds ... meanwhile, they just drilled holes in my temporary denture to compensate for the abutments. I guess since you're not wearing a denture during the healing process you are skipping that part.
I have an appt on Tuesday that they keep referring to as "the final" ... well, it's not .... it has something to do with making the impression from this temporary bridge that I have been wearing for almost 2 week (which has been PERFECT).... and then 'the final' will have the porcelain teeth, and I guess just be quality all the way around than this temp I am wearing. BTW, I'm not budging .... there IS a difference between the way the food is bitten and chewed acyrlic VS porcelain. My guess is that if you only have the acrylic and never experiece the difference then you defend and justify the effectivness ... even pulling things from the bone, like rib meat .... big difference - with acrylic you have to sort of pull and move the meat to an incisor whereas with the porcelain the teeth go straight down through the meat and cuts the meat.
Also, a full denture has no flexability ... not even a denture that is retained, because of the palate.
With the fixed bridge there is no hard palate lined span and the palate is platic free and the movement of moving your food around your mouth for chewing purposes can be felt and you re-create the grinding up of your food much differently than than the up-down chopping and smashing of food that we tend to develop with the full denture.

Everyday I am now so grateful that I have to go brush my teeth (and freshen my breath with toothpaste!) and not take them out to do it. The WaterPik is my new best friend. They are more work than my own teeth were, but I don't care ... it's actually a very comforting routine.

Again .... anyone who has MINI IMPLANTS - please post your story and experience ....

Fort Worth, TX

#277 Jun 25, 2010
thank you very much merrymac and angel that was alot of help i am going to ask my dentist next time i go i would do andything to get rid of some of this plastic in my mouth and have the taste of food back and make it easier to eat. i want to get the feeling of my own teeth back the best i can mabey i will feel more normal if that makes any sense lol

Santee, CA

#278 Jun 25, 2010
Brandie ... you make PERFECT sense. That's why MM and I have got to this cost and work .... I don't know that I will ever feel 100% normal .... but I'd say it's about 99%. Really. Besides, I forget what normal was.

Mesquite, TX

#279 Jun 29, 2010

Mesquite, TX

#280 Jun 29, 2010
lynnlizardbutt wrote:
so any ideas on how to eat a freaking hamburger? i want one so bad. but when i try to bite into one (or even a sandwich for that matter), it feels like my dentures will fall out! its been 6 weeks now. how much longer until i can actually bite something?


#281 Jul 6, 2010
OH YES A HAMBURGER..........had the last four of my teeth pulled and the upper and partial put in immedietely later....thanks all for this thread as I didn't know if it was just me who was having problems drinking/eating just soft foods and you have all helped ALOT!!!!! I go back to work tomorrow after a long weekend and Im afraid to even try to talk as its getting better but slowly.......One day at a time huh?

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#282 Jul 6, 2010
Yes, Julie. But actually, minute by minute.

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#283 Jul 22, 2010
Okay, I'm 27 and here is my story:
I had my wisdom teeth pulled(all 3 of them), one molar and 3 front teeth a year or more ago. Long before that I had 3 molars pulled. I had a really hard time after the surgery because it felt like the stitches were too tight. I was put to sleep during the surgery but woke up in the middle of it. They still numb you up as if you were awake so I didn't feel a thing. Immediately after surgery I had TMJ. Three days ago, I had to get all the remaining 18+1 root canal extracted I was scared. I have a low pain tolerance and had to get the strongest vicodin and 4 per day. I stayed awake this time and was glad I did because when he was trying to extract one I began to rise up in my chair. He asked me if it was pulling here *points to the jaw joint on the opposite side of my mouth* and I said yes! He put a bite block on the side he wasn't working on and that fixed my issue. The tooth removed with no problem. The only part that hurt me was the shots in my pallet. Other than the shots, I didn't feel a thing and it took about 45 mins to remove all uppers and lowers. He tried on my upper and lower dentures about 4 times each to make sure I had a good fit. My lower denture fits well because I have a shelves under my tongue thick enough to fit part of a second set of teeth as in side by side. Because of the thickness the bottom tray for molding barely fit and scratched my gums. I went back in the very next day to make ever so miner adjustments. My dentures now fit perfectly! I wish it would stay this way but I'm sure my permanent ones will throw me challenges in 8 months. My gums will probably shrink between now and then. I use a tiny amount of fixadent glue on my upper pallet to insure they don't move while talking.This is the third day with full dentures and I have times with 0 pain. I don't like waking up because they are always swollen and sore upon waking. I take ibuprofen and vicodin and feel all better within an hours time. I have to be careful that my four year old doesn't accidentally headbutt me..lol I live on diet of Uncle Ben's 90 sec rice. I sometimes add sour cream or soy sauce depending on the flavor I bought. It takes me about an hour to eat a bowl. This does fill me up at less than $2 a bag. I do not chew it I only swallow. I will also eat slightly over cooked ramen noodles. I have a beautiful smile now! I'm thankful to be rid of bad breath. One more tip: I had a lot of bleeding when I left the office and didn't think it would ever stop! I always have to drink milk with vicodin. With my dentures in I took the vicodin with a glass of milk and the bleeding stopped immediately. Was it because it was cold? I really have no idea but it made me very happy!

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#284 Jul 22, 2010
Oh wow! It posted twice and I'm not sure how to take it back down to one post! Sorry all!!

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#285 Jul 22, 2010
Mandi, welcome and thanks for sharing your story. I hope you are able to manage without the vicodin soon because you don't want to mask pressure sores. Your gums will continue to shrink and change and sore spots should be expected. Don't hesitate to have more adjustments whenever you need them. Overall, it sounds as though you are doing very well.

When you wake up sore, try warm salt water gentle rinses as that really does help with the soreness even those spots where you had the injections. During the day, ice water helped me.

Keep us posted on your progress.

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