Cheer up New Denture Wearers

South Portland, ME

#1762 Jun 3, 2010
Yay for you Rich! I had my uppers pulled 6 months ago (wow doesn't seem so long ago) and I have 10 lower natural teeth. Next week my darling hubby goes in to get remaining upper and lowers pulled and a full set. I'm more nervous for him than I was for myself, probably because he's getting lowers. It's good to hear you're doing better with your lowers and were able to eat. Don't know why I'm worrying so much about him!!!!

Santee, CA

#1763 Jun 3, 2010
Janie ... I am THRILLED for you ... the palate can be trimmed back more, and once they hit that hairline border you will be amazed at how much difference it makes to finally be rid of that gagging feeling ...'so happy for you!

Chellie .... it's called EMPATHY ... you already know what it's been like ... he doesn't, but he will, and he is lucky that you will be around to understand and smooth the way for him ... and he is also lucky you are on this forum to help him with anything that you may not have experienced ... Lucky him. Sound's like you are doing pretty well - glad to hear it!

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Plano, TX

#1764 Jun 4, 2010
In the news today...
McDonalds and the recalled cadmium painted drinking glasses.
Cadmium can soften bone and cause a variety of health impairments.

Many denture acrylics contain cadmium (or other unhealthy chemicals such as phthalates or bisphenol A or cobalt).
Great article covering denture chemicals... (3)/20090410-40.pdf
http://www (dot) sbaoi (dot) org/pdf/vol-23(3)/20090410-40 (dot) pdf


Since: May 10

Edmonton, Canada

#1765 Jun 4, 2010
Glad to hear things are better Janie

@ rich
thats great things are better. I know they are with me also.
After 3 weeks now, I am able to eat more. The saliva thing for me is settling down.

@ jim
I know how you feel. A couple days after I got my new dentures someone said to me.'Oh you got new teeth'
I just said I had some dental work done. But it did bother me.

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Liverpool, UK

#1766 Jun 5, 2010
So I have not checked in for a while but I went to visit my dentist today - a week early at her request for what I thought would be my first soft reline. I am now 5 weeks since my 23 extractions. So far I have not had massive issues - a few sores and general gum retraction so loose dentures top and bottom. I got in to the chair she said she just wanted to check the healing rate of my gums, I got a little upset when she said that she would not do a relign but that I would need to wait to see the implantologist in two weeks. This is still an emotional journey - even when I think i am getting over the shock - the tears start again at the slightest thing! Anyway we talked and eventually she agreed to adjust the "bite" - she did some shaving of my teeth and...a miracle! they are really comfortable, I hardly need any fixative, can crunch and chew with no wobbly moments! they even look better, so my advice, stick to your guns, speak to yoir dentist about exactly what you are experiencing and dont leave that chair until you are satisfied!!

Roll on two weeks time xxxx

United States

#1767 Jun 5, 2010
Ali, so glad to hear everything is going good for you. Funny how a little adjustment can make such a big difference.

I went and saw my dentist for an adjustment and he told me "You trusted me when I told you you needed to have your teeth removed now I'm going to do something that I don't usually do not with a intermediate plate". With that he told me he was not satisfied with the way my uppers looked (a little too big in front etc.) I really hadn't thought much about them since I knew my perms would be much better. Anyway he asked me to leave them with him for a day..which i did. He took the whole upper plate apart moved the front teeth up and back and made them smaller. WOW!! what a difference. I only have 8 front teeth on the bottom waiting for implants to heal but now I can actually chew ..the teeth meet up the way they should. I'm still on mostly soft food but i tried some very tender beef and was able to eat it. 3 months more and implants should be good (hoping for best) then i'm going to munch down on something very
Janie 7997

Tamaqua, PA

#1768 Jun 5, 2010
Angel wrote:
Janie ... I am THRILLED for you ... the palate can be trimmed back more, and once they hit that hairline border you will be amazed at how much difference it makes to finally be rid of that gagging feeling ...'so happy for you!
Thanks Angel! I'm thrilled too! But, honestly, now I need to get in the habit of wearing them more than I am now. I mean if I'm leaving the house, than yes, I wear them. But I am still struggling with eating with them in, and find it easier to just take 'em out and go on w/ my meal. Not that they're too big or ill fitting....they are perfect in that sense. It still just feels WEIRD to me to have them in my mouth! Like somethings in my mouth that doesn't belong...I'm probably not making any sense here, lol! I haven't taught myself how to chew correctly with them to my liking yet...and chewing itself feels odd. NOT painful...just strange. I got alot of learning and getting used to them to do! I've only had 'em for almost two weeks! Thank you for replying!

Santee, CA

#1769 Jun 5, 2010
Janie .... really, I understand and everything you say makes perfect sense.... almost 2 years later and these things still feel weird to me.... if you can eat with them do it ... your gums cannot grind up your food fine enough and even though you aren't aware of it, your digestive system is working way overtime to compensate and you will pay for it downline.(don't ask me how I know ... just trust me!) Put your teeth in and chew .. I know what you mean about not being able to chew correctly. That is because with dentures your jaws just go up and down like an alligator chomp, chomp .... when we have real teeth we "chew like a cow" ... grinding. You are very lucky that you don't have any problems wearing your dentures ... but my advice is to keep them in your mouth.
Janie 7997

Tamaqua, PA

#1770 Jun 7, 2010
Thanks Angel! I've been wearing them daily now, and for longer periods of time each day. Almost 12hrs yesterday. I saw in another post your recommendation of chewing gum to re-teach yourself how to chew the right way again. I've taken that up as well. Note to self (based on yesterday's horrid experience)....only chew sugar-free gum, lol! It was a helluva time keeping that gum from sticking to the dentures like mad! I ate a full meal with the dentures in yesterday..took me awhile but I did it! Next step is to switch from this crappy goo to the powder you all have been raving about. My goodness, Angel, I did a number on my mouth last night cause of this goo!! I went to take my lower plate out and it was stuck but good. So I took my two index fingers and hooked my nails under the inside of the plate to try and lever it off. Oh it came off, but I now have a 1 inch painful claw mark from my fingernail on the inside of my lower gum. Ouch! I appreciate your advice and will continue to wear them and attempt to get used to them more and more.

Port Charlotte, FL

#1771 Jun 7, 2010
I am soooooooooo new to this.. I have had my dentures for almost 2 weeks and feel terrible. I can smile yes but I still cannot eat anything. I had to have 14 teeth taken out all at the same time. I am only 33 years old. The only people that know what has happened to me are my family, who sees me regularly. My son smiled when he saw me smiling with full teeth. Any advice anyone can give me is much appreciated. I hate feeling like this and am still embarrased that I have had to have this done. Please someone, tell me it gets better!!

Santee, CA

#1772 Jun 7, 2010
Janie, hooray! Yes, I did the same thing a couple of times to my gums with my nails .... ouch, ouch, ouch...... I'm not too sure how the powder holds a bottom plate, but you will love never having to scrape that icky goop off of your palate again ... yeah, sometimes I quit eating because I just plain get tired of chewing ... my jaws actually ache. And I'm always the last one from the table. Yes, chew Freedent ... it's okay flavor and it doesn't stick .... I've also noticed that gum-chewing denture wearers are also more natural looking when they eat. Maybe it's just me, but I sort of have noticed that denture wearers slightly "hunch" over their food .... has anyone else noticed that??? Maybe we concentrate differently on our food .... Anyway, I go out to dinner about 4-6 times a week so I've had plenty of practice at eating in public and to tell you the truth, since these implant retained hold so well I don't even really think about my food choices anymore .... I'm a rib-freak ....
You are a great student Janie ... as soon as you figure out your own personal situation I can see that you well be a successful denturer wearer ... I love that you won't give up ....

Sanford, NC

#1773 Jun 8, 2010
This is a great site for support and info.
KittyKat, please don't feel embarrassed. It does and will get better.
I've been there and have no regrets. Dentures changed my life for the better.
It's a roller coaster ride.

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Plano, TX

#1774 Jun 8, 2010
You are right. I have visited that site many times.

For me, dentures lowered my quality of life dramatically. I hate wearing them and wish that I had known about the many liabilities of dentures when I had a mouth full of teeth removed 2 years ago.

For others, dentures might be an improvement from their current situation. I like to see people improve their quality of life.


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Plano, TX

#1775 Jun 8, 2010
Jim wrote:
I have had dentures for a while... I like the way they look, but I sound terrible and people notice instantly. What can I do?
This link 1/3 down the page talks about specific adjustments for phonetics.

Denture Problem Resource

Prosthodondists and Denturists are skilled in helping to address speech issues and in making/adjusting a denture.(I like my prosthodontist. He is very skilled.)
Dentists rarely even make a denture in dental school. They often are not well trained in dentures.

In a previous post, I mentioned some of the little things which I do to help with speech.(e.g. hot pepper)

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Liverpool, UK

#1776 Jun 8, 2010
Julie thanks for this your dentist sounds great, I equally cant wait for my implants - I am aiming for a fixed upper bridge but it could take a few months yet. keep smiling x

Kent, WA

#1777 Jun 8, 2010
It is now 41 days until my surgery - will have all uppers removed and getting an immediate temporary denture. Don't know why they call it temporary since I will have it a year...well, I do actually know the temporary is all one piece and the permanent one each "tooth" is made separate...right?

Meanwhile, I've also watched some videos on ...just put "dentures" in the youtube search engine and got lots of videos to watch. Some were funny, some were informative and others were just pathetic.

One girl talked about different adhesives - seems not many really worked for her. Another girl was just practicing talking. Some were actual dentists showing the surgery - I couldn't look.

I still can't believe this is going to happen - but it is. Part of me is glad because I won't have to deal with my aching teeth ever again and part of me is sad because I think it makes me feel old.

I will be getting my lower partial before I have the extractions - so I'll get a week or two of that before the big surgery.

I'm still nervous but getting more peaceful with it each day.

Wish I could afford implants but that's just not going to happen...

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Mead, CO

#1778 Jun 9, 2010
Hi Nancy,

I never knew that each tooth wasn't separate on an immediate denture. Mine looks like each tooth was placed individually.

Is there no way you can save your teeth?

Redmond, WA

#1779 Jun 9, 2010
No way to save teeth - they have been a problem for years and years. Every tooth has had work done and all have root canals but still they cause me pain and discomfort. I've had three dentists tell me they need to come out. So that's what's going to happen.

Each day I feel better about it...I hope I'm one of the lucky ones who can adjust without too much pain and suffering. I know there are people out there who have had difficulties and I also know there are people out there who have not. I'm going to keep positive...

United States

#1780 Jun 9, 2010
Hi Nancy,
Your intermediate is made the same way as your final with a few exceptions. Intermediates are placed right after your extractions (usually) and probably the only thing they asked you was the color of white you wanted. The final you should have the option of everything, color, size of teeth and shape. They probbly both cost the same amount (at least mine will). The final will usually fit much better because your swelling is gone and the impression will be made without your teeth in instead of the way the intermediate was made. Hope this helped and if I'm wrong please someone correct me but this is how mine is being done.

Kent, WA

#1781 Jun 9, 2010
Thanks for your response, Julie.

The deal with my teeth - I'm keeping the 7 I still have left on the bottom so the top denture will have to match the bottom teeth.

I realize this is a good thing because I've heard the bottom denture is more difficult to get used to. I already have a partial on the lower...the story on that and why I'm getting a new one made is because I lost a bunch of weight and my gums shrank. Instead of going right to the dentist to have it fixed I just stopped wearing it. Then I lost it so I've been without a bottom partial for about 6 months. Chewing has been challenging. The new partial will be done soon. The upper denture will be inserted after my surgery on July 20th.

Reason I have to wait until July 20th is because that's when my daughter will be in town and she's going to help me out those first few days and she will also be with me the day of the surgery - to take me and bring me home.

Everyone at my work knows I'm getting an upper denture...some have tried to joke around about it and others have said nothing. Funny how other people react, eh? Still, its going to be difficult eating at work...I guess I'll just do liquids there.

When did you have your surgery? Are you okay now? Troubles? Positive experience? Regrets?

My only regret is that I didn't take as good of care of my teeth as I should have ... so traumatic each time I went to the dentist as a young woman I skipped a few years to avoid the trauma - never dreamed this would be the outcome. Oh well, no sense crying of spilt milk, eh?

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