Cheer up New Denture Wearers

Bryn Mawr, PA

#994 Nov 30, 2009
Hi, Chellie.

My permanent denture is extremely better looking (and fitting) than the immediate was. Way smaller. Just lovely. I love love love it!

My dentist is a smile specialist, and even so the immediate was ghastly. Dentists and their helpers see SO many mouths, and I think that's all they really see. They don't get how changed the face is, or how BIG the immediates look to us, because it is filling out the sides and everything the way crooked bad teeth do not.

You might try to find a smile specialist for the perms. Just a thought. Hang in there!

Santee, CA

#995 Nov 30, 2009
Robin - good to hear from you and great to see that you still care enough about the newbies that you hang in here for them. You are such the example of success for the overdenture/implant patients. If you HAD to list one drawback what would it be? Besides all of the time and money that needs to be invested - and what is the single greatest thing (besides looking great) would you say?

United States

#996 Nov 30, 2009
Thanks so much, Robin. That's good to hear.

How long did you wait to get your permanent?
I'm ready for mine now - 2 weeks post-extraction! Can't imagine walking around with what feels like a shoe in my mouth for months and months.

Aurora, OH

#997 Nov 30, 2009
I've been a silent reader for the past 3 wks. You all have helped me in so many ways. I just wanted to say Thank You!!!

I am 3 wks post extraction today. Many visits to the dentist and a few nervous breakdowns and today I can say I am actually happy. I went through most of everything you all have discribed and discussed here. I cried everyday.
I have a full upper temp and 4 tooth flipper on the bottom. We managed to save 5 teeth on the bottom for my flipper to attach too and then also for my partials later on.

I'm still not eating. Just soft foods, I can't even begin to chew yet.
The dr said my temps were just cosmetic and non-functional.
In the spring I should be ready for my perm. set. I can't wait!

I had a problem toward the end of my 2nd week of gagging. I went in and demanded (as you all suggested!!) that he cut back some of my palate.
Boy am I glad I took hubby with me. He gave me strength and support by just being there. This time the Dr. did not argue he just did as I asked and cut back the palate a bit and no more gagging! I couldn't even put two words together until he did. I would gag every other word. It was just like a lightbulb went on in my head (or should I say mouth). I could talk and sing....I talked for hours on Sat. no one could shut me up!

I guess I'm moving forward finally. It was a long 3 wks. Now I'm no longer ashamed to go out and talk to people. I'm ready to party! Just not ready to go to dinner LOL.

Again thanks to all of you. You really helped me get through these past 3 wks. I'll continue to read and hopefully have something of value to say and maybe give some advice of my own. I'd love to be able to give back.

Oh yea and Fixadent powder is the bomb. I've tried everything and it's the only one that works for me.

Aurora, OH

#998 Nov 30, 2009
Despite what it says under my name I'm not in Alabama. I'm in Ohio.

United States

#999 Nov 30, 2009

Congratulations on making it to week 3. So glad you had your palate made smaller and you can talk!

Isn't it odd how the message board just assigns a state? According to this site I'm from Tempe, Arizona but I'm about as far from there as you can get.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progess.

Philadelphia, PA

#1000 Nov 30, 2009
Angel wrote:
Robin - good to hear from you and great to see that you still care enough about the newbies that you hang in here for them. You are such the example of success for the overdenture/implant patients. If you HAD to list one drawback what would it be? Besides all of the time and money that needs to be invested - and what is the single greatest thing (besides looking great) would you say?
Angel, this whole process would have done me in if not for you and this message board!

One drawback? If I had the money, I would do what you did. More implants and permanent bridge. But only to improve taste and sensation. For the money I spent, though, I am completely happy.

I was thinking about you just a few moments ago as I smashed crusty french bread into my mouth, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

The single greatest thing? Gosh, there are so many. For me the biggest thing is being able to get a promotion and raise, because I now appear to belong to the upper class who have good teeth. It's not about looking good, for me. It's about dignity. The second greatest thing is the utter relief of not worrying every single day which tooth was gonna fall out next.

Philadelphia, PA

#1001 Nov 30, 2009
Chellie wrote:
Thanks so much, Robin. That's good to hear.
How long did you wait to get your permanent?
I'm ready for mine now - 2 weeks post-extraction! Can't imagine walking around with what feels like a shoe in my mouth for months and months.
Hi, Chellie!

Because I got 4 implants, I had to wait for them to integrate into the bone. That is supposed to take a year, but I got by with 9 months. Yup, 9 months with a shoe in my mouth. I only wore it when I went outside. Kind of like a bra :-)

Since: Oct 09

Plano, TX

#1002 Nov 30, 2009
Chellie wrote:
Well, today reality ***really*** sets in. I'm back at work and watching people react to my new upper choppers. It's weird, no one has said they look good, everyone's just kind of ignoring them.
Although I didn't experience too much pain during extraction and recovery and don't have any sore spots or anything, my teeth really do look too big and completely fake, they were placed too low in my mouth and look funky even after the soft reline and some minor adjustments. Actually, the adjustments (making the front of the flange less bulky and bsically shaving away the countours of the gums aboev the eteeth) made them look even more artificial.
My dentist told me he'll place the teeth higher on the permanents. 6 - 8 months (or is it a year?) is a long time to wait for perms, although everyone has to deal with that. I'm really thinking I need to go to a denturist for the perms as my dentist has them made at an out of state lab, then does the adjustments in his office and he's not, uh, the best at aesthetics. Any thoughts about or experiences with that?
And can anyone speak to the difference in fit and appearance after you got your permanent dentures? I'd really like to hear the positive - and the not so positive - experiences.
Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. Thanks for any insight you can send my way.
My first set of dentures (the temporaries) were awful. I raised a stink about them, ridiculing how funny they looked despite the dentist trying to persuade me differently. The teeth were too big and too white. And the front teeth were off-center by a whole tooth length. A year later, my new prosthodontist and staff were laughing at how goofy and weird this first set was......they even took pics.
So, you might want to pester your dentist to get you a set sooner. Or maybe see another dentist or prosthodontist.

Philadelphia, PA

#1003 Dec 1, 2009
You know, if it's like that for everyone -- horrid goofy looking first set -- it's likely par for the course. I mean, how could they possibly make a nice looking well fitting denture immediately? Gums and tissue are all swelling and changing. Face is used to previous screwy teeth. They make the mold with the screwy teeth in.

In olden days, no one got an immediate. You just went toothless until you healed. Then the mold was made for the denture.

I guess I'm saying I don't think it's a matter of poor technique, lack of concern, or money. I think it's just the best they can do...immediately.

United States

#1004 Dec 1, 2009
"Kind of like a bra :-)" HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laugh. I needed that.
Well, I guess I'lll sit tight with these horse teeth until the I get my perms. Weird - I feel like I've gone from people staring at my god awful natural teeth to gaping at my big old new choppers.
I love the idea of a permanent bridge because the more I live with these things the more I wish I could just jump up in the morning, bursh my teeth an be gone, like before. I don't think I could ever afford a perm. bridge. I think Angel mentioned hers were 26k-ish.
Onward and upward, I guess.
So is everyone here actually from the place that's indicated under your names? Anyone know a super dentist in the north east?

United States

#1005 Dec 1, 2009
Chellie, I am from Southern California and they have me in Ohio.

Santee, CA

#1006 Dec 1, 2009
Pam, where in Southern CaL?

And Chellie, north-east where?

I am from Santee, CA. It got me right.

Robin - right on with the way that they make the immediates - it's all a guessing game for them with getting the right size teeth.

My upper implant retained over-denture was only about 12K. I had other work done on the bottom. That's about the price of a couple of root canals. Well worth the $$.

United States

#1007 Dec 1, 2009
I'm from Maine.
I used to live in So Cal, too. Pasadena, Hollywood, Eagle Rock and Silver Lake, in that order.

Aurora, OH

#1008 Dec 1, 2009
Thank you for your response Chellie!!

I have a question.

I found a few bone splinters. Does that mean a visit to the dentist or do they just find there way out naturally? I'm not having any pain from them, just a little soreness.

United States

#1009 Dec 1, 2009
i dont understand they take an inmression of your current teeth b4 they are extracted so why cant they may an immediate that matches those its right ther in front of them - my dentis sd they will make my immediat look like my teeth did before there were any imperfections so that way i wouldnt have to get another perm denture just a hard reline - has anyone had an immediate that looked like there original teeth or at least looked good or some what desent

Aurora, OH

#1010 Dec 1, 2009
My immediates look pretty darn good Nad. I am really pleased with my smile.
I really don't like the plastic feel to them.
Dentist said the perms will be so much better. I plan on taking in pictures from my original smile when the time comes in the spring.

My immediates are just for cosmetic looks only though. He didn't add molars so there is no way I can chew even if I wanted too.

Santee, CA

#1011 Dec 1, 2009
LindaM.- well, now that's the first time I ever heard that about no molars. What reason did he give for that? Do you have bottom teeth? That's crazy - how are you supposed to chew?

That's great that you love the look of them.

My immediate looked decent. They were made of cheap stuff, but they did the job until I got my perm over-denture. Any acrylic affords almost no chewing power. With the retained it is much more near normal and with the porcelain teeth, grinding is normal. The difference btw the 2 is night and day. Plus no nasty palate - and although I can taste most foods pretty well, still the the tastebuds in the gums and around the edge of the palate are covered and taste is still somewhat dimished. But it is WAY better. I think most people get one set of teeth - immediates and then the hard reline - and they get used to them - or they tolerate them.

Since: Jun 09

United States

#1012 Dec 1, 2009
My "immediate" was supposed to also be the permanent with a hard reline. The teeth were not nearly white enough and the two front teeth were not centered.

I had a second set made by a different lab and made of different material. I took in pictures and tried in wax models. Those were worse in spite of everything I did. Truly too big and the actual teeth were huge.

I'm now wearing my first set until I heal from the implant surgery...the burning is miserable.

Since: Oct 09

Plano, TX

#1013 Dec 1, 2009
Immediates or temporaries are just that. Immediate. I understand that they might not be perfect.

However, the wildcard factors do include untrained and /or incompetent dentists, a "non-caring or not-meticulous attitude", or money, or whatever else.

I have sat next to many senior University Pre-med and Pre-dental students and was amazed at how the primary concern was just a grade, just finishing a lab assignment, but no concern nor understanding towards the application of the material. I realized that many could only "parrot" words, but they did not really grasp the fundamental understanding and practical applications which involved thinking with the material learned. My first dentist "rushed" the first set of dentures without taking the time to measure bites, mark the center of the teeth, scale the size and color of the tooth, etc. I realized this later when I became more aware of techniques and how things are supposed to be done. In dental school, commonly the course on dentures is a quicky. It is not a comprehensive denture-making series of courses. Many students just want to finish dental school (they are burned out from school and just want that certificate).

So, there are degrees of competence and degrees of experience and degrees of caring and degrees of meticulously making sure things are done properly and correct the first time. These are all wild cards. Money is also a wild card. Many dental offices pay huge sums of money for training on how to be a profitable enterprise and how to market to their clientele.(I have run into people who train dentists in their marketing and office organizational aspects.) I feel like this can one of the reasons that some dentists do NOT tell all the liabilities with getting dentures, or they might downplay their faults on the making of dentures,(they can't be perceived as incompetent to their patients).

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