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#2008 Sep 14, 2010
Angel wrote:
Just back from the "try-in" of the final implant supported bridge. It is bisque now, needs to be baked, have the "gum" applied and polished up. It is going to be great. NO palate, no gum in the back AT ALL, and just a tiny amount over the front teeth to hide the look of the teeth against the gumline ... a week from Wednesday they will be installed. Wow. Meanwhile, they've reinstalled the temp and it is about worn out. It has been taken out and put in about 4 times now and it is getting difficult for the acrylic to cover the holes where the posts are ... he said "don't eat for a week" ... we laughed because this thing is going to be so fragile now ...
BTW I had a very interesting conversation with him about regular implants versus mini's .... which he won't put in any of his patients - he took me back through time from my first visit 2 years ago and showed me my x-rays and explained why this size and that size were picked for each of my implants ... come to find out, none of my implants are the same size or same length for various reasons .... little bone, a lot of bone, width of bone, etc.- the smallest implant that he inserted in me was still twice the size of a "mini" .... he just doesn't have much faith in them, says they don't integrate well, and he sees patients where the "mini's" break off right at the gumline because of both not intragating well, and being way to narrow. It was a good explanation and I now know more about my own implants. I asked him how long should my bridge last and he said - my lifetime ..... He just got back from Germany where he attended an implant seminar - he was a guest and is a Fellow.
He is amazingly non-egotistical ....
Anyway, I am worn out - this procedure today was 2 hours .... yawn..... zzzzz .... nap.
hello everyone it's debbie 555... haven't posted in awhile,still having issues with my dentist at affordable dentures... she made me cry the last 2x's i went there for adj.....made an appt. with a dentist for mon.afternoon... i needed a 2nd opinion on my denture...happy to say he re-confirmed what i'd been saying all is a poorly made denture, mid line is off,flangesare all wrong,bite is off,glad i found him ,problem is his price for uppers is $1,500... i already pd.$1,200...i would need to get my $ back from affordable and give them the denture back..i can't walk around with out teeth...any suggestions?

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#2009 Sep 14, 2010
Debbie, from what I have read here about Affordable Dentures, you may have a problem getting a refund. I had considered going there and am glad I did not!
I am eating better now, not close to normal, but better. Talking is still a concern for me. About 7 weeks now.
I am a bit miffed about the mini implants. For some reason I thought the immediate dentures could be modified for them. now I find out that I have to buy not only the implant at 500 a pop but in addition have to pay for the dentist to make something to attach it to! I really am starting to believe that this whole industry is a rip off! So basically I spent 5100 on immediate dentures that I may wear 4 or 5 months until I get implants??

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#2010 Sep 14, 2010
Theresa, I got mini implants, and they are modifying my lower denture. They said it is like a hard reline done with the added snaps. I would check with another dentist before I would invest in a new denture....

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#2011 Sep 14, 2010
Teresa wrote:
Debbie, from what I have read here about Affordable Dentures, you may have a problem getting a refund. I had considered going there and am glad I did not!
I am eating better now, not close to normal, but better. Talking is still a concern for me. About 7 weeks now.
I am a bit miffed about the mini implants. For some reason I thought the immediate dentures could be modified for them. now I find out that I have to buy not only the implant at 500 a pop but in addition have to pay for the dentist to make something to attach it to! I really am starting to believe that this whole industry is a rip off! So basically I spent 5100 on immediate dentures that I may wear 4 or 5 months until I get implants??
HEY THERESA,i too feel like the amount of money needed is beyond what anyone can afford...i do believe you might be right about getting a refund ...believe me my husband will find a way!!sent a letter to Affordable Dentures customer service ..still haven't heard back..didn't think they would be prompt's so sad that people who have had dental issues before dentures have to continue suffering ..i'd do anything to go back to my real teeth ,as bad as they were they were mine! i've lost 18lbs in 2 mos. not that i didn't need to lose a few but at this rate....nothing tastes good,no appetite,and i know i keep going back to ''my lip issue'' but it really is what bothers me most ..i look so funny when i talk...hopefully soon things will change ...i need to hear from other people who have gone to affordable denture possibly in the albany ny area ...i know i';m not crazy when i say how awful their practice is...anyone else out there suffering from they're shoddy dentures? i'd love to hear from you...thank you for listening...debbie 555 my best to all

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#2012 Sep 14, 2010
Debbie555, since you have confirmation from another dentist that the denture sold to you by Affordable Dentures is poor quality and everything is off/doesn't fit, file a small claim against them.
Even if you had to remove your teeth for court, you won't see any of those people again anyway. And, if they ignore the notice to appear, you win three times the money you are sueing for. Might be worth a shot...that's what I plan on doing to Pearle Vision because they don't give refunds either and the two pair of glasses they made for me are all wrong. Good luck!!!

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#2013 Sep 14, 2010
I've been reading posts here since March.

I'm a 72-year-old male. On May 18, 2010, I had my remaining 23 teeth extracted after consultations with two oral surgeons and two dentists. It was done under IV sedation. I don't remember most of it. Under anesthesia I had oxygen via a nose tube and was hooked to an EKG which I didn't expect. I was in the office a little over two hours but the actual surgery took only 45 minutes including some bone removal and reshaping on both sides. I have the opposite problem of most older people where my teeth were embedded in too much bone.

I chose not to have immediate dentures. All four professionals I consulted said that was a wise decision but that they never recommend it these days. They said healing is much faster and there are far fewer problems with dentures. Being toothless didn't bother me at all. This may be partly a male thing and partly my age but mostly I don't give a [darn] what other people think of me. I've been retired for 25 years and can easily control my social and public contacts.

The extractions went far more smoothly than I anticipated. I had gauze packing and a LOT of stitches after the bone reshaping. The upper stitches were the kind that had to be removed while the lowers were self-dissolving. It took about seven hours for the bleeding to stop which concerned me a bit since I was told about three hours. The oral surgeon gave me a prescription for 20 Vicodin ES but I didn't take any pain medication. I took Amoxicillin and steroids for 10 days after the extractions. I had a single bone chip that appeared about week after the surgery which the surgeon removed quickly and painlessly with a forceps. I had to hold a piece of gauze there for an hour or so until the bleeding stopped.

I had planned to wait at least three months for dentures but at seven weeks the oral surgeon said my gums were completely healed and to go ahead with the dentures. I made an appointment with my dentist for the following week. He told me he could make the impressions then but he was going on vacation for a month and he thought he would be better to start the process after he returned.

I'm very long winded so I had to break this post into three parts.

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#2014 Sep 14, 2010
Continued from my last post...

When he made the impressions I thought his procedure was a bit accelerated when he told me the next step was wax try-ins in a week to be followed by the permanent dentures a week after that. The wax try-in didn't really tell me much. They looked like teeth. I couldn't see much difference in color shades either. His assistant was the one who made the final color decision picking ones a bit whiter than I would have chosen. I told both of them I didn't want unnaturally white teeth. His assistant said as long as I didn't smoke or drink coffee (which I don't) whiter than usual looks better and still looks natural. I got shade #62 if that means anything to anybody. I was told #69 is the most common.

When the dentures came back from the lab the dentist didn't inspect them until I was in the chair. He said they were totally wrong with the upper teeth not centered. They were almost a full tooth width off. He sent them back to the lab without putting them in my mouth. He made a upper and lower bite wax impression of some sort to send to the lab with them.

I had an appointment a week later but they phoned early that morning to tell me the dentures had not come in. The lab uses a private courier service to pick up and deliver and it seems the courier left mine on a counter at the lab. They made a new appointment for the following week. I finally got them on August 25.

When I got them I thought the teeth looked too small but everyone in the dentist's office and my wife said not. They felt fine. As the dentist instructed I remove them at night. The second day they still felt fine and I even ate half an apple. However on the third day it really hurt to put them in and it hurt to bite down or chew. My dentist was out of town for a week so I left the dentures out for two days to let some of the soreness wear off.

For my first adjustment I took in a little tooth chart I made of where the sore/painful spots were and he worked on all of them. They again felt fine when I left his office but a few days later I again had three bad sore spots
which he adjusted.

I had a heavy saliva flow after the extractions. The oral surgeon said that was normal and if I thought that was heavy wait until I get dentures. Funny enough the excess saliva disappeared after I got my dentures.

I started warm salt water rinses about six hours after the extractions and still continue them both with my dentures in and after I take them out for the night. Before the extractions I used an alcohol-based mouthwash but the salt water seems to work just as well. My dentist said ordinary dishwashing liquid and a soft toothbrush were best for cleaning. I soak them overnight in a mild vinegar solution, 2 tablespoons to 6-7 oz. of water. With some foods I get food particles above the fake gum on the uppers but I haven't gotten anything under the plate. Usually I can get rid of those particles by just rinsing my mouth with water.

When I was 14 I got hit in the face with an axe in the Boy Scouts knocking out my three upper front teeth. I got an immediate partial that was a bloody mess. I was in high school at the time and having a partial bothered me greatly. It took me years to get over the embarrassment. I guess it was well made though since I wore it for 24 years before getting a new metal-based one. Having a partial all those years I think helped a lot in learning to adjust to full dentures.

Before I forget I should say don't be afraid to change dentists. I didn't like the first oral surgeon I saw and I ended up using the one who did the second opinion. The first one was mid-30's and the second mid-50's which may have had something to do with it. I didn't see any difference between the two dentists so I went with the first one I spoke with. His assistant said they do about 150 dentures a year. I don't know if this is high or low but it does show some experience for a single dentist practice.

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#2015 Sep 14, 2010
Part 3 of 3 parts.

I didn't have much trouble speaking even toothless. For several days after I got my dentures I hissed my s's but now that happens only when I'm really exhausted.

Not having immediate dentures is rare today but I know a couple of others who've done this. One is a public librarian with constant public contact. She was in her mid-40's when her teeth were extracted. She said she had a little trouble enunciating with no teeth but today in her 60's she says she's very happy she let her gums heal first. She's had no problems with her permanent dentures. I had an uncle who was a Methodist minister and he preached with no dentures. He only put his dentures in to eat. When I was a kid I thought that was strange but then many of my relatives are strange.

One thing that I haven't seen in any of these forums that I'm curious about is that my dentures have my name on the plates. Is this routine? It's in small black letters on some sort of strip set into the acrylic. I can see that would help prevent office mix ups.

Money wasn't a concern. The second opinion by a dentist was $35 and a second opinion by an oral surgeon was $157. The extractions, which were done by one of the best oral surgeons in Kansas City, including a thorough exam, panoramic x-ray, anesthesia, and four follow-up visits, totalled $5,695. The dentures including six months of follow-up care were $1640. Porcelain teeth would have cost another $250 but I absolutely didn't want them. I'm still thinking about mini-implants but I want to try dentures alone for a few months. Mini-implants would cost $3,250 and regular implants $6,500. Both my oral surgeon and dentist think minis would be fine for me since I have excessive bone anyway. There's been no shrinkage of the bone in four months. However, my dentist says he doesn't think I need any implants.

It's extremely unfortunate that I had to have dentures but I think it's partly genetics. My mother had all her teeth pulled when she was 21. My father died at 96 and never had a single filling. He lost one teeth from a car accident when he was about 80 and never bothered to do anything about it. He never liked toothpaste and used baking soda and salt which is mostly what I did. I think I inherited my mother's teeth since they started crumbling when I was a teenager. I have two brothers; one got dentures (and implants) before I did when he was about 60 but the other one has perfect teeth at 62 and has never even had a filling. Luck of the draw I guess. My kids who are in their late 40's have excellent teeth.

This forum has helped tremendously. Extractions weren't nearly as bad as I expected, healing was rapid and I had little difficulty eating most things I like even without teeth. In fact I've had more trouble eating with dentures. Today the lowers have two more sore spots that I'll get fixed tomorrow and it hurts some to chew on my left side. There's a visible bony ridge at the back on the bottom that I think needs to be cut down or removed but my dentist says he doesn't think that will be necessary. It's been almost three weeks since I got the dentures. I haven't used the powder yet but I plan to eventually. I want to see how well the dentures work without any adhesive. My lowers have popped loose unexpectedly four times in three weeks.

I see I'm very long winded as usual but some of this may help others.

Santee, CA

#2016 Sep 14, 2010
Richard - that is a great story ... well written too! Since I've had the implant lesson, my only advice to you would be to do some more online research about the "problems" with mini's ... one of the things that my dentist said was that mini's could be installed by almost any dentist whereas the "regular" size implants needed someone who has speciality training. You are smart and articulate - and since your going to live for another quarter century you need to get the best!

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#2017 Sep 15, 2010
Richard, that was an excellent account that will very likely help others. Thank you for posting it and I don't mind that you are long winded -- I tend to get that way myself at age 67 years.

I agree with what Angel said about the mini implants. You managed to keep 23 teeth for all of your years and it would be ashamed to have your bone resorb now and denture wearers do experience bone loss.

I have eight upper regular implants and will have five lower implants placed next year. I found the implant experience to be much less difficult than the extraction process.

I think you would love the feel of having teeth that are as close to your natural teeth, I know I do and I expect you and I will live many more years to enjoy them.

Hugs, Merry

Santa Rosa, CA

#2018 Sep 17, 2010
I am now 2 weeks into this makeover. I have finally gotten all the spots on the upper that made me sore taken care of. Then I got a soft reline. I thought that was supposed to mean you didn't have to do any fixative. But not so for me since I have not got very many bottom teeth yet. So even with the soft line and LOTS of fixative I loose the teeth after drinking or rinsing my mouth. I am trying to be patient and wait for my bottoms. I will get them only a day before I leave on a ten day vacation so I am hoping they fit beautifully and give me no problems. I continue to find things I can eat or gum! Tamales work Lasangna works if I cut it up into smaller pieces. I have come to love smoothies with all the wonderful fruit available now. Since I have only found a couple of veggies that work I have started throwing a handful of spinach into my smoothies. It turns them green, but doesn't spoil the taste.
I will sure appreciate any suggestions for food. Especially food in restaurants. Thanks.

Franklin, NC

#2019 Sep 18, 2010
I had 16 teeth extracted and immediate dentures on 7/26/10. I am very glad I am this far into this journey! I have very little bone on the bottom, so I have always had a problem with my lower dentures floating. I have used everything on the market to keep them in. I found a product called Cushion Grip that you apply and it lasts about 4 days. It's sorta a pain to apply, but it has been working. I still have to use an adhesive. This week I have been using Fixadent powder and have to apply 2-3 times a day. I hope to have mini-implants at least for the lower.

This forum has been very helpful. If anyone has any suggestions for keeping my lower dentures in, please respond.:-)

Santee, CA

#2020 Sep 19, 2010
Nancy, I don't have a full set of lowers. But before I had my implants put in I did have to wear a partial for both sides of my bottom back jaw teeth. The last partial I had stayed "put" ... but all of the others would flip flop around and many times I would end of chomping on them .... so I would say that you are on the right track and have made the only logical next step in considering implants. But - because they have to take so much pressure, you may want to ask your dentist if he thinks mini's will do the job and will be guarantee them if they break off .... I think you should bite the bullet and have regular implants put in. That's JMHO.

Santee, CA

#2021 Sep 19, 2010
My update on the permanent bridge: The temporary has finally taken all the punishment it could stand and on day 2 after the visit to try-in the bisque permanent bridge, the back tooth around the back implant finally crashed and burned. I went back the next day and they did a "denture" repair to that tooth while it is still afixed to the temporary. It is in it's whole state, but I can feel that it slipping up and down the implant. This thing has to last until Wednesday. I am T minus 4 - lol .... anyway, my point is - those of you are going the permanent bridge route, do not be disappointed when your bridge starts to wear out ... IF you are lucky it should only need to be removed twice while your permanents are being made and last just fine .... unfortunately sometimes there are unseen pitfalls .... THAT being said - I am very excited for Wednesday to come - even trying on the bisque set it was amazing. I could run my tongue along the ridge of my "teeth" and feel each individual tooth .... just like the old days .... ahhhhhhh!

Bowling Green, OH

#2022 Sep 21, 2010

I got my fittings in January. I was scared to death. But relax, after some adjustments and a reline (a soft coating inside the dentures) as the swelling went down. I have found some words are complicated but don't give up on yourself. I know it is frustrating and takes time. Just slow down and keep trying to get your words back. I took the same advice I gave my kids. Take a deep breath and slow down. I know it isn't an ideal situation but it beats not being able to eat certain foods ever again because of the pain. It took me about six months to finally come to terms with it. But now I look forward to cooking dinner for my family because I know, Im not eating soup while they are eating chicken. The swelling is gone, the holes are gone and I can even chew crushed ice again.

I just found this site today and I am so glad I did.
Good Luck
June wrote:
In two weeks, I will be fitted with "immediate" temporary upper dentures and I'd be a liar if I didn't admit that I'm a little nervous, especially about retaining my mouth to form words. I'm also nervous about possible about
I'm also concerned about possible sores on the roof of the mouth during the adjustments.
the Eating soft foods or even going liquid for a while is not a concern (heck, I may even lose a few pounds - and this is a good thing). I certainly will no miss the sensitivity whenever I ate anything cold or hot.
My dentists are wonderful and I trust them completely. They have been totally honest so far, with what I should expect, but it helps to hear it first hand from someone who has been there.

Santee, CA

#2023 Sep 21, 2010
Be careful eating that crushed ice! Your dentures get cold and then if hot liquid or hot food hits your mouth your denture can crack .... I know this for a fact. Be careful.... especially on a Friday, haha.

Okay, I'm singing now .... "Tomorrow! Tomorrow!" ... I haven't heard from the office yet so I am assuming that the bridge is in and I am ready to rock and roll tomorrow afternoon! Hurrah .... yay and yippee!!! It's been 2 years and 2 months from extractions to done .... now, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR EARS, YOUR EMPATHY, YOUR ADVICE AND SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCES .... Whew! This is one heck of a journey.

Dallas, TX

#2024 Sep 21, 2010
Tomorrow will be six months since my extractions and immediate denture. I had adjusted well to it, finally, and today got my permanent one. I thought it would be wonderful but now I'm disappointed. It looks great, but feels so different. It feels hard and the bite feels so weird. I feel like I'm back to the beginning. The dentist adjusted some and told me to come back for more as sore spots develop. Is it normal for the perms to feel so strange? How long will it feel like this? I was back to microscopic size bites of soft food today because of the discomfort.

Santee, CA

#2025 Sep 21, 2010
Gackman .... yes, square one.
Do the same ... go back for the adjustments ... six months isn't all that long, your gums are still virgin ... lol .... if you adjusted well before it will probably just take awhile for your gums to toughen up ...

Good luck ... hang in ... and hey, small bites are better than nothing ....

Hesperia, CA

#2026 Sep 22, 2010
Ok all teeth removed and as of 3pm today I have my dentures in. Very nice dentist and staff was great. Only problrm I can't close my mouth I have to assume it is a swolling issue.

Santee, CA

#2027 Sep 22, 2010
Be nice to yourself ... you have had huge trauma to your mouth .... yes, you are swollen and it may swell more. Take your meds and relax. ;-)

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