Cheer up New Denture Wearers

Cheer up New Denture Wearers

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Priest River, ID

#1 Sep 19, 2008
So I'm a new denture wearer 4 days now. I've read a lot of negative comments on the topic but not enough positive. Sure there are some real challenges but there is a bright side too.
First even soft food can be fun. Here are some of my favorites.(not just eggs and broth!)
Safeway Signature Soups "Awesome" Cheddar bacon potato is my favorite. The Tomato Soup tastes like a lasagna. It's Very good.
Tonight I had the Progresso Chicken N Dumplings.
Pudding fun packs!(a must have)
Refried beans with enchilada sauce. Excellent!
Ohhh Pea Soup Yum!
After having dentures for a few days you can really appreciate the flavors of a good soft meal.
Suggest your favorites!
Ok, now it's a touch transition but think about it, if your like me then you have sat up nights with the worst toothaches ever. Now, once your use to your new dentures and your all healed up you won't ever have to deal with those tooth aches again.
You'll have a really nice smile once the swelling goes down.
And Yes I think that with some determination we will all be able to eat steak again. Perhaps it will have to be the best and most tender, but what better way to justify buying your self the best.
Use the warm salt water rinse, it really works. He said the warmer you can stand the better.
Can't wait to hear some more soft food suggestions that we can all try. Or anything else that might help new denture wearers feel more comfortable.
Here is a funny video about the dentist from Bill Cosby

Sterling, VA

#2 Sep 22, 2008
In two weeks, I will be fitted with "immediate" temporary upper dentures and I'd be a liar if I didn't admit that I'm a little nervous, especially about retaining my mouth to form words. I'm also nervous about possible about

I'm also concerned about possible sores on the roof of the mouth during the adjustments.

the Eating soft foods or even going liquid for a while is not a concern (heck, I may even lose a few pounds - and this is a good thing). I certainly will no miss the sensitivity whenever I ate anything cold or hot.

My dentists are wonderful and I trust them completely. They have been totally honest so far, with what I should expect, but it helps to hear it first hand from someone who has been there.
Mary Ann

Los Angeles, CA

#3 Sep 23, 2008
June wrote:
In two weeks, I will be fitted with "immediate" temporary upper dentures and I'd be a liar if I didn't admit that I'm a little nervous, especially about retaining my mouth to form words. I'm also nervous about possible about
I'm also concerned about possible sores on the roof of the mouth during the adjustments.
the Eating soft foods or even going liquid for a while is not a concern (heck, I may even lose a few pounds - and this is a good thing). I certainly will no miss the sensitivity whenever I ate anything cold or hot.
My dentists are wonderful and I trust them completely. They have been totally honest so far, with what I should expect, but it helps to hear it first hand from someone who has been there.
Tomorrow it will be exactly one week that I had all of my teeth extracted (23). I was also fitted with temporary dentures at that time. I cannot lie ... it was hell for the first three days. The pain wasn't too bad (800 mg ibuprofin), but the swelling, the bruising, the raw gums, the nausea, the liquid diet, not being able to talk, etc. But I am happy to say that I feel so much better today. I give my dentist all of the credit. One thing that he did that really seemed to help is that he put what he called pillows into my dentures that is like a clear silicone. It acts like a buffer so my gums didn't develop the sores that other patients seem to have problems with. The only drawback is that it's harder to close my lips because the dentures are elevated but that's temporary until my gums are healed. Today I actually ate a piece of chicken, finely shredded, and it was good. As far as speaking goes, I can't shut up. I still don't sound exactly as I did before the extraction but again the dentures are elevated making it more difficult. I love my new smile. I can't wait for the bruising to go away so I can go out and show my friends. I am glad that I did what I did ... I had to. Due to a genetic condition I've had problems with my teeth since I was little. Now at 43, I had bone loss to the point that my teeth were loose or falling out. My smile was hideous! It affected my self esteem. It sounds like that you have good dentists which means that you have good communication with them. That's the key. The dentures do take some time getting used to but like my dentist told me it takes time and patience. We have to learn how eat and speak all over again and I'm already doing both. Good luck to you!

Priest River, ID

#4 Sep 24, 2008
So, today was the eight day, and my follow up visit to the dentist and the denturist.

Everythings been going pretty well outside of some real discomfort from the bottom partial. So much so that I couldn't even put it in this morning, it just hurt too much. It was jabbing me way back in my gums (where it curves around from the bottom to the top) and when I closed my mouth the gum part of the denture were hitting preventing my teeth from even coming close to touching. And when I had the bottom one out but the top in I could talk much clearer, so I was obviously have some doubts.

I told the denturist about all this and he went to work on some adjustments, asking me all about where the issues were. He went back and forth at least five times taking off material and shaping it each time. In the end he removed about 1/2 of material then he added a temp liner because so much of the swelling has gone down.

All I can say is Wow! What an improvement, its sooo much more comfortable now and I can bite down really well. The adjustments also improved my ability to speak dramatically "SSSSSS" instead of THTHTHTHTH.:)

My advice is when you go to get your adjustments and they say there are many, just don't hold back. Be forthright about every little detail. Don't get the feeling that your putting him out because he has had to go back and forth so many times. Even if it's for just a hair more. jJust tell him, he will be happy to do it, and you'll be happy you did.

By the way I noticed that many people have had 800 ml of Ibuprofen prescribed as there pain medicine which is equivalent to 4 advil and if that works for you then thats excellent but they prescribed me vicodin 7-700 (the strong one) and percocet . Which I think not only helped with the pain but with the intolerance and general discomfort of dentures for the first week and I imagine the toughest week as well. If they don't offer it I recommend asking for it.

Good luck every one :)

Annandale, VA

#5 Sep 24, 2008
Today I had the final impression which was an interesting experience. When I went in I had my list of questions. My dentist was most patient and said I had reasonable expectations. He also mentioned the "pillows" if I have difficulty but explained that everyone reacts differently - some adjust quickly while others take longer so we have to just play it by ear.

There was a problem with my lower right bridge (I was able to save most of my lower teeth). Apparently, the bone is "wavy" and the denture won't fit right so I was referred to oral surgeon for a consultation and probably some bone modification - not looking foward to that - though it might mean an implant rather than a bridge which is a plus.

The uppers are still a go but I have to wait 10 days for them to come back from the lab. Sometimes I think the waiting is the worst part.

Thanks all for your input. I've waited so long for a "normal" smile that I really think the discomfort will be worth it.

Will keep you all posted. Too bad we can't post before and after pictures on this forum. That would be great.

Good evening - and you all take care.

Priest River, ID

#6 Sep 24, 2008
Ok, here's something else to lookout for. Outside of that one day where the bottom one was really uncomfortable, I've kept these in just about constantly, even sleeping in them. I take them out to clean them often but otherwise they are always in. I just feel more comfortable that way.

Apparently you can't do that, especially when your brand new like us.

I got what is called "candita" oops. Again I always keep my mouth really clean but I guess with the antibiotics and the utter lack of air to the roof of my mouth, it creates a perfect environment for it. Also I drink a lot of 7 up and I guess the sugar feeds it's growth.(it's basically a yeast infection)

Just a little warning for something you can avoid by letting more air in and taking a break from them for a few hours a night, they said at least 3 hours a night.

They gamve me a medicine to swish around 4 times a day(tastes like bananas, not bad at all) and told me to allow my mouth get more air.

Mary Ann, hows the bruising, have you been able to show them off yet?

June: I know waiting is the hard part but every thing will go great, and after that first week and that first adjustment it will even be better.:) You may have mentioned it but when are you getting it done?

God bless :)
Mary Ann

Los Angeles, CA

#7 Sep 25, 2008
June, the discomfort is definitely most worth it! At least for me, no more of trying to hide my teeth when talking, no more avoiding cameras when pictures are taken. About a month ago a dear friend of mine died and during her funeral they had a slide show presentation with pictures of her with her family and friends. It lasted over 20 minutes. I remember thinking to myself there aren't enough pictures with me in them to make a poster! Now I can't stop smiling ... ;D

Regarding the bone modification, when my teeth were extracted my denturist did bone grafting. He also placed implants in my lower jaw for permanent dentures. I couldn't have implants in my upper because I would need bone grafting done in my sinus area as well and that requires a hospital visit. That is because they would need to harvest bone from my hip area. I'm not ready for that now or probably ever. But if you do have bone grafting done, it will definitely help with what others have called 'bony ridges'. That seems to be a major complaint among denture wearers.

Hopefully, those ten days of waiting for your uppers will fly by! When you do get them, like Jason said, don't worry about how many adjustments it'll take until it's right for you.

Take care!
Mary Ann

Los Angeles, CA

#8 Sep 25, 2008
I am sorry, Jason, but I couldn't help but giggle when I read that you had candida in your mouth. I have heard of it before but never knew that you can get it in your mouth. Sorry! I do hope that it clears up quickly.

My denturist had already advised me to avoid excessive sugar and soda. It's been hard because I have a sweet tooth. But it's been good for my waistline.

He had also told me that from day two, to take my dentures out every night to give my gums a rest. That's when I give them a thorough brushing and then soak them in a cleansing tablet bath. My only issue with taking them out is once I they're out I won't speak to my husband without a pillow covering my mouth. He has been my biggest supporter for 20 years and he has told me that seeing me without the dentures wouldn't change a thing for him. But I'm not ready for that. Other than that I wear them constantly.

There is still some shading, but most of the bruising has gone. So far, I have only gone to see my Mom and Dad, but tonight I'm going to see my best friend. She can't wait to see me and my new smile.(;D) On Tuesday I get the stitches taken out and will have my first adjustments done. Then there will be the 'reveal' when I go back to my daughter's school to sub.

Thanks for asking!

Take care and God Bless Us All!

Indio, CA

#13 Jan 23, 2009
I have temporary upper dentures and my dentist told me not to brush them, but just rinse in water and pick particles out. Does this sound right? I really want to clean them. Do you clean temporary dentures the same as regular dentures? I have allot more questions, but this is my current concern.

I would appreciate any advice.
Mary Ann

Fontana, CA

#14 Jan 24, 2009
Deborah, your dentist's instructions are so contrary to my denturist's. I was instructed to brush them daily with only water; no toothpaste. He said the key to removing plaque was old fashioned elbow grease. I also soak it (I have only an upper now) once a week with a cleanser tablet.

I just had a check-up last week and he was very pleased that there was no plaque or buildup.

I hope that helps.

Palm Springs, CA

#15 Jan 24, 2009
Mary Ann,Thank you so much for your information. Mine are temporary and in another month they are going put in a hard plate & adjust more,(I am not sure what that means). Then in 6 more months I will have the final dentures done, because it takes 6 months to heal completely.

I am actually going to set up an meeting with my dentist to ask more questions. It is so great to read what others have gone through and how to handle things that come up.

Thanks Again
Mary Ann

Fontana, CA

#16 Jan 24, 2009
I believe the hard plate your dentist is refering to is what is usually called a hardliner. I had mine done over a month ago. Before that, since the day of my extractions 4 months ago, my denturist put in a softliner. It's like a clear silicon that acted as a buffer between the denture acrylic and healing gums. It would last for about a month and I had it redone a couple of more times.

The hardliner in my case was liquid acrylic that was added to my denture which molded to my gums and hardened. My bone and gums have stopped shrinking so the denture is pretty secure.

I, too, have learned so much from posting and blogging with others in our situation. It's nice to know we're not alone.

Bryn Mawr, PA

#17 Feb 5, 2009
This is all such good info! Two weeks from now I'll have all my horrid uppers pulled and a denture put in. I did not realize I would still be bruised and swollen after a few days. Uh oh. I have to help my husband run a workshop. Hmmmm.

And then there's work. Yikes! I'm excited, though. You guys are the best.
Mary Ann

Fontana, CA

#18 Feb 6, 2009

Every case is different. You may not have all of the bruising and swelling that I did. I had over 20 teeth pulled at the same time. Most of the bruising was in my chin and neck area from the lower jaw extractions.

Like you I was excited at the thought of getting rid of my 'horrid' teeth. Now 4 1/2 months later, I have no regrets. I don't have my teeth on my mind 24/7 anymore; worrying about which loose tooth was going to fall out next, dealing with the daily pain, washing the blood out of my pillowcases, covering up my 'smile', etc. Now I have other things to worry about. ;D

Good luck to you!
Johnny B

Higganum, CT

#20 Feb 13, 2009
Has anyone had the titanium implants installed in their gums to hold their dentures?
Im thinking of having 11 loose teeth removed and then have both upper and lower dentures made.
So far I went to aspen dental and talked with them and they said that the titanium implants would hold the lower plate in place.Or I read on the net that was a company that made very small sucktion valves that they install in the dentrue that holds the dentures in place with suction.But these would mean that the dentrue would have to fit very good.The titanium implants cost more,but Im tring to figure out if it is worth it.I never had to wear dentrues.Im also holding myself back from going and having the 11 removed and wearing dentures.But from reading what other people hear wrote,guess its not too bad.Guess Im also worried about if you can see or other people can see or tell you are wearing dentures.
And im just recovering from a Broken leg.I broke both the tib and fib 9 months ago.
Thats it,and I hope everyone has a nice day.
Johnny B

Superior, WI

#21 Feb 26, 2009
I had all my upper teeth extracted and excess bone on both sides trimmed down on Monday and an immediate upper denture put in. Tuesday seemed pretty good...very little to even talk about with my dentist at the "next day" visit. Then later Tuesday the swelling in my face started. By today, Thursday, I look like I went ten rounds with Mike Tyson. Swollen face and a black eye.

I understand that this was extensive surgery and god only knows what kind of contraption they use to keep your mouth wide open enough to operate on it. I don't want to know.

I understand that swelling and bruising on your face is probably quite normal after a procedure like this, especially considering having bone on both sides of my mouth shaved down in addition to the extractions. So how long does this last? It doesn't hurt really and I have pain medicine if it gets to that point. It's just ugly...haha.

You can post here or email me at [email protected] Thanks!
Mary Ann

Fontana, CA

#22 Feb 26, 2009

The swelling and bruising is quite normal. I had 20+ teeth extracted and 3 days later my face swelled up like a balloon. But I had expected that from what my denturist had told me. He said that the third day was usually the worst as far as the swelling goes and it usually subsides after that. The bruising around my eyes went away pretty quickly but the bruising on my lower jaw and neck area took another week to disappear.

Superior, WI

#23 Feb 26, 2009
Thanks, Mary Ann. I just have one small bruise on my cheek right next to my mouth and then the black eye, so I suppose I should consider myself lucky that way. And I have to remind myself that it's only been three days since all the festivities. Luckily, I'm retired and don't have to be anywhere that I don't want to be until I'm looking relatively normal again.

Thanks again.

Bryn Mawr, PA

#24 Mar 19, 2009
Mary Ann, thank you!

I am now one week with my full upper and things are looking up! I can chew some, hooray!

The teeth look very horsey to me -- way too much gum, but my dentist (I'm totally in love with him) says it's a process, and the next one will look better.

It was scary at first seeing myself without my upper teeth, but I am very happy I did this.

Thank you so much for being there!
Mary Ann

Fontana, CA

#25 Mar 19, 2009
Oh Robin, I am so happy for you!

It truly does get better and better. And don't worry about the 'horsey' look. It is a process, kind of a trial and error thing. Over the next few months there will be bone shrinkage and the denture settles and then gets loose. So, there will be adjustments, liners, soft and hard, and whatever it takes to make it right. Just be patient and persistent. It sounds like you're in good hands.

I know that looking at yourself without teeth can be somewhat disconcerting. When I got home after my extractions the first thing I did was to look at myself in the mirror without the dentures. I had a 'granny mouth'! But then I popped in my new teeth and I fell in love with my new smile. I have never looked back. It was all worth it as I know it will be for you.

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