new dentures killing me

Saint Marys, OH

#43 Mar 12, 2011
Larry, I hope you're doing better after your appt. Friday. It is painful in the beginning, but the pain will get better.

I know people with dentures who eat anything they want. I don't know how long that takes though and whether everyone will be able to do it eventually. I don't have much hope for me.:)
denture wearer

Chicago, IL

#44 Mar 12, 2011
i got my FULL dentures in october, had a soft reline 2 weeks after, to a month to get used to eating,
id suggest to chew FReedent gum to learn how to chew,
it helped me.
my friend suggested i use braces wax for sore spots,
along with benzodent...

Pekin, IL

#47 May 14, 2011
i just got what teeth i had left in my mouth extracted 9 days ago had sore spots 3 days after having the dentures went back to dentist had some shaved off still got sore spots but its they aint causing pain to go up the side of my head like it was for what the dentures rcosting me i wera them from the time i get up until after supper trying to get use to them i know it takes time and every one is different i rince my mouth in salt water all the timekeep teeth in cup with polident cleaner over nighti try to take care of them since i got to wear them i just want to know when i will be able to smile again i do eat different foods just cut it up in small bites and hhoping the sore spots goes away in time i do use benzdent to help they r hard geting use to them but i do like having teeth compared to the teeth i did have

Since: Apr 11

La Porte, IN

#48 May 14, 2011
I'm almost 7 weeks post-surgery/immediate full top denture & immediate bottom partial...I have 2 of my natural teeth (both bottom canines). My extractions were split into 2 appointments: First surgery consisted of losing the back 3 teeth on the bottom left and the 2 back teeth on the top left. One of them was in agony and the pain was radiating to top & bottom quadrants on the left so the surgeon decided to pull those and wait 3 weeks to extract the other 17 teeth. The final surgery consisted of those 17 extraction and EXTENSIVE bone reshaping. On the top I was opened up along the entire gum line from one back corner of my mouth to the other; and then (at the same time) I was opened up along the center of the roof of my mouth from where the 2 front teeth were and extending just a bit into the soft palate. The incision was a big 'T' to allow him to reshape the bone both facial side and lingual (tongue) side; THEN he ground out my palate to get a normal shape. The inside of my mouth was all lopsided and wavy; I had some genetic bone deformity, too. Once that was done he opened my bottom gum ALL the way across and reshaped the bottom jaw. During the bone reshaping the oral surgeon cleaned out my perio-disease. I also had to have a couple of frenectomies: had to have the extra skin under my tongue and the extra skin from between my front teeth to my upper lip removed.
I'm telling you this with one purpose...I had MASSIVE amounts of surgery along with the gigantic pain in the butt that is immediate dentures.*And I got BETTER*
If I had been told 4 weeks ago that I'd be this much better in a month's time, I would have punched that person in the face!! I was utterly convinced that I was DOOMED to a lifetime of toothlessness, pain, starvation, sleeplessness, gagging, and mouth sores. I fell into this abyss of depression; I KNEW that having my teeth removed was the single worst thing I had ever had done.
That was a month ago. In that one short month, I've gotten SO much better. The swelling is gone, I can comfortably brush my gums and palate with a regular sized soft toothbrush, my gums have toughened up to the point where I don't get ulcers from the dentures rubbing, my speech is almost back to normal (I stumble over certain S sounds if I'm not careful), and I'm eating again!! I'm not eating steak or anything crazy like that yet but I can eat pizza, burgers, tacos, chicken, and a ton of other stuff.
It really does get better for the vast majority of us. Some people (thankfully few) just cannot get used to traditional denture appliances and are forced to go another route, usually after a LONG denture battle.
My dental practice tells ALL of their extraction/immediate denture patients that the first 3 months are the worst and to expect to be in pain for about the first 4-8 WEEKS. The only thing they can really do for us is make them bearable for the first 12 weeks (your most active period of healing). Things are moving, reabsorbing, changing, healing and shifting way too fast during those 12 weeks to do anything too permanent to the denture. It's also why things seem to change in the mouth on an almost DAILY basis.
Push the warm saltwater rinses. You can't do them too often really. I STILL do them up to 6 times a day (it neutralizes the acid in your mouth).
Your mouth will heal and things will get better. I promise :)
tamara covey

Pekin, IL

#49 May 27, 2011
yeah its only been 3 weeks for me since i got dentures seems somuch longer but iam very happy to have them just want to beable to eat some other kinds food i guess that will come in time sore spots dont hurt as much as they did but i do keep stuff on it i rince my mouth all the time with saltwater had to go get the lined that was so nasty after wards the taste it leaves in ur mouth was unbearable finaaly its not so bad lolol i know every one is different and some heal faster than others but i hope i will be able to chew before too much longer and be able to smile thanks every one for sharing ur comments it really is nice to know i aint the only one that is having problems

Seattle, WA

#50 May 28, 2011
Avigayil is sooo right, I unfortunately am one of the "few" who cannot get used to dentures. After one year 5 months, mini implants to hold the bottom denture, ability to eat absolutely anything (steak as tough as leather, caramel apples, corn on the cob), no pain, I can even bite hangnails, I still hate them, and not a moment passes when I dont feel them. Every day I dread putting them in, and tell myself to get over it. This is you life till the day you die!!! ha.. I live for the day there is an affordable option. Till then I guess I just have to suffer every minute of the day:(


#51 Jun 1, 2011
I am a twenty year old woman considered pretty, with a good figure.Now I have had all my teeth out for two years which I had done by choice and despite the nagging of my mother,a denture wearer, I have never got dentures. It cost me a small fortune to achieve what I wanted and I intend to enjoy it for as long as possible before getting dentures. I had very little pain after exraction except in the part of my gums where my wisdom teeth were. It was painful for about two weeks before settling down. Once one has no teeth you have to learn to speak over again and it takes time. Speaking to me you will notice I have no teeth but on the phone you will not. The letter F is still very difficult to pronounce clearly. Not having teeth has a minimal effect on my diet and a much improved effect on my life in general. If you have poor quality teeth extraction is the best option or at least it was for me. Mine were britle with no enamel and I could not get rid of them soon enough.

Santee, CA

#52 Jun 1, 2011
Softchops ... you are doing what makes you feel good and comfortable .... BUT, your mother is right .... because you are so young your body is handling the food you eat just fine - but, the older you get that is not going to be the story. And I know it for a fact. And I am hoping that you are smart enough to Google the effects of being without teeth and take heed. Obviously you are in no hurry, so while you are saving your money, why don't you look into the implant process and see if that might be a solution for you. I did not like wearing a denture either ... not for a minute ... but I love my implanted bridge, and I love the way my mouth looks .... and I can pronounce the letter 'f' ...... Good luck.

Since: Apr 11

La Porte, IN

#53 Jun 1, 2011
Softchops... I agree with Angel. It's very difficult for your digestive system to process food and nutrients without being able to chew properly. I've had problems with my teeth since childhood and I was never able to chew properly. Once I hit 30, my stomach and intestines were a mess from years of difficult digestion. The gastroenterology specialist determined it was my teeth/eating that caused my digestive problems. It got so bad that my weight would fluctuate from 115-160 pounds (I'm 5'10") went on for years
Not only that, the longer you go without teeth the skin and muscles around your mouth may atrophy causing premature aging. My oral surgeon has said that the gum and bone tissues tend to shrink less quickly (in the long run) when you use any kind of appliance to replace missing teeth.
Having dentures really has improved my quality of life. Plus, you've got a great head-start since you're not recovering from extractions any more.
Good luck and keep us posted.

United States

#54 Jun 14, 2011
I had 23 teeth removed last Thursday and it has definitely been a trip to the abusement park. I have been pretty lucky with the uppers, and nothing but agony for the lowers. I can barely keep them in for more than an hour, many sore spots.

Eating has become a bit of a chore, thank God for my immersion blender and magic bullet. I made split pea soup with lots of ham blended, I even had a hot dog with onion and mustard and put it in to the magic bullet. then microwaved it. tasted just like it was supposed to, just in paste form. I also had chicken and dumplings slow cooked so that it was very soft, that was enjoyable.
I like my food, but I would kill for a cheeseburger.
I read where some people are putting neosporin on the sore spots I am going to try that I hope that it will work.

Santee, CA

#55 Jun 14, 2011
John, go back to the dentist and let him adjust that bottom denture - that will relieve those sore spots ..... and soon you will be able to glue that sucker down and eat a cheeseburger ...

Farmington, WV

#56 Aug 10, 2011
I just had all my teeth extracted and trying to get use to the dentures, which is hard.
My problem is excessive slobbering when I wear the dentures....anybody else have this problem. It gets so frustrating.

Upper Sandusky, OH

#57 Aug 10, 2011
Yes, most of us have slobbered all over the place. It stops eventually. Can't really remember when mine stopped, but I think it was a matter of a couple of weeks.

Bellingham, WA

#58 Sep 12, 2011
I've been reading all your comments, and it's good to know I'm not alone.(although I feel quite alone most of the time) I recently had all teeth pulled and full plates put in.... They feel HUGE, the top one makes me feel like gagging, sore spots and bone chips upper and lower, I cannot eat with them in, I can't even eat with just one plate in. I'm tired of pasta, rice, and potatoes. I have NEVER been so depressed in my life. I feel much better when they're out, but I'm told I'll never get used to them with them out... is that true? I still have relines to go, and some adjustments...many adjustments as far as I'm concerned. I wish I had read some of these BEFORE I started the process, or talked to someone who could've told me what to expect. I'm thinking maybe this wasn't such a good idea, but health wise it needed to be done. I'm watching the rest of my family eat and I get angry and depressed wondering how long, if ever, will I be able to eat with the plates in? I REALLY miss chewing my food. I don't even want to go out to eat because I know I can't eat anything I really want..... How long does this depression last? I hate crying and that's all I seem to be doing lately.

Brooksville, FL

#59 Sep 12, 2011
My neighbor had all his teeth extracted and his oral surgeon recommended that he eat onion rings, well buttered corn-on-the-cob, and peanut brittle until his gums hardened and were ready for dentures.

Santee, CA

#60 Sep 12, 2011
Lala ... I am so sorry for you .... really, I do understand how depressed you are - it's almost worse than the denture. I actually did use an anti-dpressent for awhile after my extractions ... It was like all of the life had been sucked out of me. The pills did work to some degree, but I really didn't start to feel better until I realized that I needed a way out of those dentures and made the decision to do implants. Once the procedures started I knew it was going to be a long haul but that there was a light (I hoped) at the end. I do not know what will work for you - all I know is there comes a time when we accept what has happened to us and we go forward ... You need to be making adjustment trips .... and those bones will work their way to the surface - you can take them out by brushing them out, or you can have your dentist take them out .... but I know how miserable your mouth is. Meanwhile, you will have to just eat what you can - I know I lived on Ensure, V8, and yogurt for months. Keep posting - others will help you out ....
Frank in Georgia

Hiram, GA

#61 Dec 30, 2011
Gary wrote:
I just had all my teeth extracted and trying to get use to the dentures, which is hard.
My problem is excessive slobbering when I wear the dentures....anybody else have this problem. It gets so frustrating.
Hello Gary, That goes away but dealing with your new teeth is a long and winding road.

Weatherly, PA

#62 Feb 17, 2012
I know these are older posts but I am so happy to read these stories. I am 36 and had all my teeth, top and bottom extracted and got temporary dentures 11 days ago. AFter the first 2 days I took them out and could not get them to stay in. I went to get an adjustment and they still wouldnt stay in ( top ) and needed a soft reline but had to wait until my stitches were all gone. My bottoms I can not wear just yet as I have a bone exposed just yet ( doc said give it a week )
When I got the top relines it felt nice and tight but felt like I had buck teeth, and when I look in the mirror to me I look rediculius and all I do is cry. My husbands as well as others tell me I look fine and it is just cause I got use to not having any teeth in for the last 8 days and it makes sence but still dosent take away that feeling I get when I look in the mirror.
I know it is going to take time and hopefully my "permanant" denture will not feel so bulky either but what has made me feel better is all of your stories. I look forward to the days of eating again for certain!

Milton Keynes, UK

#63 Mar 14, 2012
hi i've just managed to fit my upper denture but my gum is inflamed on one side of my mouth and now it is to painful to remove dentist has given me anti inflameteries and told me to try after this i am on day 3 now and am quite worried as it is not budging
really sore

Jersey City, NJ

#64 Apr 1, 2012
I had 30 teeth extracted about 4 days ago and had immediate dentures put in. I havent eaten anything but pudding popsicles and hurts bad espescially the bottoms.when i talk they hoping ill be able to eat again cuz im hungry!! Please help

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