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Owens Cross Roads, AL

#42 Jul 27, 2012
Hi. I want my old teeth back............... lol. Had my extractions about a month ago. Today was my third day experimenting with poligrip. It helps for the most part when talking but as soon as I ate a cracker the bottom came loose, and I didnt even use much pressure to chew. I ended up letn it soak before swallowing the cracker. Then when I was removing the dentures, it was sticking. I dont get it. Anyhow. The hold was ok, except for the previous, but I HATE the left over gel in my mouth and on my lips. I used paper towels, rinsed with warm salt water like forever and used almost a whole box of gauze, oh and used a towel. I feel like I have a whole bunch of vasoline in my mouth. I cant stand it.Seems like it comes out better when I use my tongue and swallow it. But YUUUUUUUUUK. It feels weird to press down cause I cant feel the dentures as I eat. There is still 2 spots that are sore so maybe when its healed better I will EVENTUALLY get used to it.

Saint Marys, OH

#43 Jul 28, 2012
Lisa, I found that powder isn't nearly as disgusting as gel is. I couldn't stand gel because it would ooze out and get mixed in my food with the pressure of chewing. I think powder's a little easier to get out and off, too. When I used gel, I would sometimes rinse with Coke. The carbonation seemed to help. I think maybe Bob or someone said something about rinsing with vinegar but I'm not that adventurous.

I don't have a bottom, but I know people on here say that they're harder to get to stay in. I don't know if something like Cushion Grip would help with that or not, but a month in it's probably too soon for that anyway. Have you had any adjustments?

Unfortunately, for most of us, it seems that we have to make a choice between our teeth staying in and cleaning goop out of our mouths and off our dentures on a daily basis.

Regina, Canada

#44 Aug 15, 2012
I have had upper immed dentures for 2 months now and i am having a very hard time. i am a gagger....and i have tried the paste and the cushion strips. have gagged. my teeth are so loose that they fall out when i smile. what else can i try? Everytime i go for a reline they tell me in a few weeks come back. i am starting to feel like a sideshow with these chompers. suggestions welcome

San Luis Obispo, CA

#45 Aug 15, 2012
Terri, you need a reline. Try the powder, not on the sockets if not healed yet.

If you have a positive attitude about your dentures, are feeling better everyday, enjoying your new smile, eating more foods and savoring each morsel, Stop Reading. None of us has the same experience.

I need to vent in hopes of a miracle for an immediate solution. The upper denture looks like a monkey smiling, ugly huge bulky gums and screams denture! People make an honest effort not to look at the oddity but cannot help staring. The fat upper lip is noticeable, but the horror is unbelievable when I open my mouth. The gum line is 2 times thicker and 2 times longer then the teeth. I never had a gummy smile.
Then to make matters worse, I can never find the right mouth placement to speak correctly and practicing is frustrating.
2 months and the dentist reassured me there is nothing to improve this. If it is thinned; too fragile and won't stay in. The front teeth drop slightly anyway, making speech difficult! The tongue gets stopped mid speech because the width of the palate teeth narrows, speech inhibitor. He says use my lips to speak. When I purse them like a kiss shape, the front loosens. That's a trick I use to loosen the powder. I use club soda and a cup of hot tea too.
The dentist has done several soft relines and said he did a re-base. This is awful!
Use dry paper towels to wipe goo off.
Mary Ann

Richmond, KY

#46 Aug 23, 2012
I've had my dentures for 21 days. My biggest frustration is my adhesive stops working while I'm still at work. I don't have a private bathroom where I can clean and reapply. Any suggestions?

Owens Cross Roads, AL

#47 Aug 23, 2012
I have had mine for about 2 months or so now. I am also having a difficult time. Eventho everyone says they look good. The top ones just dont look as natural as Id like them too. Kinda bulky, but am expecting to get used to it eventually. I use the paste and they come loose as soon as I eat. So I use the paste and the strips. It helps, but also comes loose after I eat. Not as bad or quickly tho. I really hate the goo in my mouth. But if I dont use anything, of course they fall out and the dentures actually hurt my gums. I am always eating my dentures. I hate that. Its really discusting when they come out while I am eating. I have to stop eating, clean them then reapply every time. I did find it helpful to carry a small tube with me in my purse and I visit the bathroom everytime I am at a restraunt. I sit on the toilet and reapply. I always make sure to do that before I eat tho, cause I dont clean them, at the restraunt, before I apply. Embarrassing if someone walked in while cleaning them. errk. Im afriad to try the powder, not to mention I cant find any powder when I live.

Canterbury, CT

#48 Aug 23, 2012
Honestly, the best suggestion I can give you, is keep some sea-bond wafers in you desk, purse, wallet what ever the case may be. Very easy to switch out and cover up by sneezing..

Canterbury, CT

#49 Aug 23, 2012
and Lisa, the Gagging is the worst for me... 4-5 months later and I still gag for no reason. Are you using the polident foodseal? I found it offers the best hold while eating. I put it on about 1-2 hours before planning to go out for dinner. Gives it plenty of time to find its comfort zone.

Conroe, TX

#50 Aug 26, 2012
I came here see if there was any advice about dentures as I am about to get all my teeth pulled and get some. My main question is that it seems all these dentists and denture places have like 5 levels of dentures. What is the difference? Are they the basic same thing or is there a real difference? The price seems to jump 200.00 a level and has made me wonder what the difference is say from Delux to Premium to Ultra.
Also my ex got some and she got the cheapest package and they have never fit right and she has to take them out to eat. Its been 6 months and they still hurt her so bad she cant bear to wear them at times.
In case I cant find this forum again, as I am not a computer savey person I am posting my e-mail add. and please no sales people. Im just hoping someone has some usefull info. Thank you in advance. [email protected]

United States

#51 Sep 9, 2012
My husband just had 23 teeth pulled and dentures 4 days long before glue..powder or gel or strips...and how long before everyone was able to eat? hes starving..bless his heart..we are doing boost and soup..pudding..i think hes really regretting his decision right now.
Mary Ann

Richmond, KY

#52 Sep 9, 2012
tlc1975 wrote:
My husband just had 23 teeth pulled and dentures 4 days long before glue..powder or gel or strips...and how long before everyone was able to eat? hes starving..bless his heart..we are doing boost and soup..pudding..i think hes really regretting his decision right now.
It does get better. I started using adhesives after I had the stitched removed. My gums healed quickly but I've had to go back several time for adjustments on my dentures. Im getting better now but there were a couple weeks that I very much regretted it. Some days I still do but it's only been a month. Your support is important. Tell him it will get better.:)

Canterbury, CT

#53 Sep 9, 2012
Tlc... As soon as he feels like he can eat, he will be able to... Gonna be mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, pudding, ice cream, ect for a few weeks.once the tenserness goes away, I suggest trying the seabond wafers first.very easy in and out, and very easy to clean after and it will give you some much needed practice time with chewing and speach
On a more personal level, if you feel he is really toughing it out, perhaps a treat is in order. You can take his favorite meal, semifreeze it and blend it up for him. You might think its mean, but trust me, I am a steak and potato guy...cooked some steak, chopped it up real fine in a blender, mixed with mashed and sour ceeam.... the stress of this process requires smart thinking. Even though you know your not eating a steak, just the taste of it is as good as of luck

United States

#54 Sep 19, 2012
Thank you all so much for your replies and suggestions. Eating is getting a bit easier for him...he has started using glues and goes in this friday for his soft liners. I think the regret of having it done is starting to subside some. Hes actually quite pleased that he has lost about 8 the slim fast for dinner every night may continue even after healing...haha! Im very proud of him for doing this!

Bainbridge Island, WA

#55 Nov 21, 2012
Just want to say thanks for all posts. I am a new denture wearer and had no idea it would be so hard. I was really depressed and thinking I was the only one that had problems. I dont feel so alone anymore. I have been hiding from the world. I have been using the seabond cuz I cant stand the film the creams leave. Learning to talk is going to be a challenge.

Canterbury, CT

#56 Nov 21, 2012
Laura, best advice I can give you is to sing in the shower. Reading outloud helped a ton. Once you feel comfortable with the rough sounds, you can fine tune your tounge by saying," 64,65,66,67,68,69,70" over and over. And ,sally sells seashells by the seashore. I had it figured out in a day or two. Good luck

Greer, SC

#57 Nov 25, 2012
I'm day going on day 6 with new upper and lowers, top fits like a glove, bottom is ok but does move, I don't know if it's me or the plate. Go on day 9 for soft reline, I hope this helps with the bottom. My biggest concern is my slimey gross tongue! Anything besides salt water work? And what is causing it?

Platte City, MO

#58 Dec 13, 2012
I'm glad to see so many people adjusting to these horrid things! Maybe there's hope for me?)

I have several problems w/ my new full plate uppers & hope someone can give some advice.

1. I think my gums are healing ok - but the dang things pinch the outside of my gums against the bone (or boney protrusions) within the gums. Miserable! I often have to jump up from the table to take them out and eat cream soup, soft bread, pudding, etc. Really worries my wife who tried to make a meal I should be able to eat.

2. I use an adhesive (Fixodent, original, cream) as sparingly as I can get away with. But it's horrible tuff to remove from my gums and the roof of my mouth after taking the denture out. Is there any "magic solution" to cut or disolve the goo?

3. Eventually I'll be going to China with my wife so we can visit her family. The water is undrinkable even in good hotels in modern cities like Beijing.(Some experienced travelers even caution you to keep your mouth tightly closed while showering!) And I know the water is even worse in the city where she lived. So how in the H-E-Double-HockySticks am I supposed to clean the dang things or rinse them off after eating a meal and getting food caught inside?

Sorry for being long-winded. I'm just so happy to have found a site like this.

Bowling Green, OH

#59 Dec 14, 2012

1) You didn't say how long you've had the upper denture, but if it was recent I'd say you're still swollen. I had a hard time getting the denture in and over the bone in front because it seemed that the bone was sticking out so far in the front and the pain was the worst pain I had with the denture. I had forgotten all about that so I can tell you it will improve with time as the swelling goes down and you get some adjustments.

2) Nothing I can think of. It seems that if you use adhesive getting it off the denture and out of your mouth is just something you have to live with. I rub it off with a dry paper towel. I found that powder is better than paste, and I've been using Poligrip.

3) I don't know about the water in China but you surely will be drinking some kind of water??? Bottled water? If not, I would suggest mouthwash to clean your denture.

Hope this helps a little.

Tustin, CA

#60 Dec 14, 2012
Hi all, so glad I found this site.(Thank u Lord)... Had all upper teeth extracted 7 days ago. All stitches have fallen out ( thank The Lord). My gums fell like they are shrinking up in seconds. Still have holes from extraction, but not bad. Dentist told meto try the strips just on the roof because I can't hold the denture in my mouth at all. Well I tried the strips left for work and at a stop light the denture dropped and this taste from hell made me through up. Had to put my hazards on grab napkins and wipe the inside of mouth to get rid of the taste.
My question is do all these adhesives and wafers and powder taste like bile??
I am really discouraged With this whole thing and am looking into implants.
Totally discouraged....

Bowling Green, OH

#61 Dec 15, 2012
LisaB, the only adhesive I've noticed a taste with is one that has Scope in it. I found that when I ate it would taste like mouthwash.

I don't know what strips you're talking about, but it sounds to me like instead of your dentist suggesting what you should use to try to keep your denture in he should be doing a soft reline so it will fit better and stay in without an adhesive.

In the meantime, maybe you could try one of the powders or pastes just on the palate part. It might help until you go back to the dentist so he can adjust them. You really should make an appointment ASAP.

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