Denture Adhesives and Useful Tips for New Wearers

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Houston, TX

#1 Feb 21, 2012
Hi, I am starting this thread to try to consolidate a place where New Denture Wearers can come to one location and see what others have learned about keeping their dentures stuck in place. We all know there is a learning curve. I am no expert, but I have tried to perfect a few things that helped me. Please feel free to post things you found helpful.

Basically there 2-3 different things that is available in the Market Place, Adhesive Powder, Adhesive Paste, Non-Water Soluble Paste Adhesive. There also other products ( Cushion Grip ) that can be added to the denture that when used in conjunction with the above will aid with the fit. Sea Bond wafers I have not tried, I am sure someone has and can post on them.

There is nothing that can really overcome a ill fitting denture, Only your Dentist can make this happen for you. If they are not helping you, raise some cane. They should be holding your hand through the 6 months of adjustment you have. Soft-liners are a must as your gums shrink. When to start using Adhesives is something you should discuss with them.

I found that different things helped more at different times and you can switched back and forth depending on what your day is going to be like. Adhesive Powder doesn't last as long as the Paste, but in the beginning you need to be removing them 3-5 times a day for salt water rinse ( I still do after 4 Months ), so something with a " all Day Hold " is not what you want. If you are like me, in the beginning after eating you want to rinse your mouth and wash your denture after eating. Powder is also easy to get out of the denture to clean it. The Pastes in a Tube , will hold 10-24 Hrs, but is hard to get the denture out and hard to clean out of the denture. It's ok to use a dish washing detergent to help get it out as long as you rinse the denture well after using it.

The "Goo"

That's what Denture Wearers call it. It's the adhesive that your Saliva or Liquid that you drink mixes with and runs out from your denture in the back or over the top front and sides. It's nasty and causes you to choke and runs into your throat. It's slimy on your tongue. They say a human produces 1-2 liters a day of saliva, seems like a new denture wearer produces 5 liters a day. At 4 months it's my biggest issue. They say it will slow down as your mouth get use to the Dentures, but you can't prove it by me, I am still waiting. Dentures that do not fit well will act as a pump every time you bite down they will cause a flood to come out. Once your dentures start feeling " Spongy " in your mouth, it's time to clean and re-install new adhesive.

Since we cannot edit Topix posts, I'll try to not be repetitive. To me this Part of my healing Process, I like to share. I have NO brand loyalty, if I use a name, it's because that's the brand I had. Some Brands market under one name in the USA and something else in other countries, for instance PoliGrip Powder is Wernets in the UK.

Houston, TX

#2 Feb 21, 2012
Powdered Adhesive

I can tell you how I get mine to stay in 3-5 hours with no issues. I use " Poligrip Powder ", I keep it in a small Tupperware covered bowl. I keep a couple tablespoons of the powder in it. I have a 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon in the bowl.

Wet the denture and shake off the excess water, dry your hands, Wipe off the Denture, but do not dry the underside. Hold it over the bowl by the back of the denture with thumb and fore finger. Use the small spoon to shake the powder around the denture and cover the denture inside, make sure you get in into the grooves and on the sides. Don't worry about how much power you have in the denture. Tap the denture against the side of the bowl and 95% of the powder will fall back into the bowl. Keep doing the above until you have it covered.

What you have left on the denture is a fine coating of the powder that is stuck to it, like flouring chicken. Once you insert it you'll find it will hold and will not allow the saliva to get under the denture and let the goo to come out for a while anyway.

You'll find you'll use less powder and the hold will really surprise you. I keep mine in 24/7 except for cleaning. Trust me you will not be using any more powder that you were wasting before.

I am a coffee drinker ( 3 pots a day ) it drove me crazy until I perfected the above method. I use to have the goo coming out and was choking all the time.

Houston, TX

#3 Feb 21, 2012
Cushion Grip
There is a product called " Cushion Grip " you can use it to take up the space where you are having loose fitting issues. The best I can explain it is like caulking that you smear into the gum area and it will take up where the shrinkage has taken place.
CVS Drug Store carries it or on-line. It's around $8.00. You put in a pea size blob and smear it into the gum area and spread it out. Let it dry 20 Minutes and put the denture in and when you bite down it will spread and take the shape of your gums. You can keep adding another layer. If you need to get it out, you can get one end loose and pull slow and it will all come out. The Denture must be DRY to install it.
Using Cushion Grip is a detailed procedure, it is easy, but you must follow the steps. If you don't feel you want to, go get a Re-line from your Dentist. It is NOT a adhesive. It will fill up all the low spots and balance the fit of your denture. I will try my best to tell you what I have learned to do, but I am no expert, your out come may be different. If you don't follow the steps, I know it will. Because I made all the mistakes. You can install it over the soft liner you have now. It can be removed anytime.
1) The denture must be CLEAN and DRY. I use Dawn dish washing liquid and a tooth brush to remove all the adhesive and rinse, Take a paper towel and DRY the denture completely. Press it into all the grooves. As you remove the towel see if any old adhesive it sticking to it. You need to get it out, sometimes you can get it stuck to the towel, otherwise re-wash with the detergent and try again. I have used a Hair dryer to make sure the denture is DRY.
2) Take the Tube of Cushion Grip and place it in a Glass of hot water ( as hot as you can ) top down. It takes 10-15 minutes to warm, I change the water once with more Hot Water during the time. You do this to soften the Cushion Grip.
3) Remove from the hot water, dry the tube off, remove the top, squeeze out some the size of a Pea, pull it off with your fingers. It will be sticky and gooey. Place it in the denture groove area. Take a ball of it and place it next to the other maybe 3/8 inch away. It will take 5-8 balls of it to do a whole denture. You don't need a whole lot toward the back of the denture, mostly where the teeth were extracted. It will be a Amber color and will change to pink as it dries.
4) With the tip of your finger you are going to spread the balls of it into the groove of the denture where the gums contact it. You must moisten the end of the finger you are spreading it with, I just lick mine for each ball I spread or it will stick to your finger. Try to make it even, again I stop about a 1/2 inch before the end of the denture. If you put too much Cushion Grip into the gum area you'll lower the denture away from the palate and it will lose suction. If your losing suction, then you'll have put some on the palate across the back of the denture ( Post Dam ).
5) Let it dry 15-20 minutes. If you put in your mouth too soon it will spread out and will end up thinner in the groove and spread up the side more. This is not a bad thing, but you'll find that playing with the time you can change the out come. If your trying to build it up on the gums, you let it dry more, if your trying to change the tightness you can do it sooner.

Houston, TX

#4 Feb 21, 2012
Cushion Grip

6) Place the denture in your mouth. As you start biting down you will be forming the Cushion Grip to your gums. The harder you bite the more it will spread for about 30 Minutes or so. You don't have to keep constant pressure on it, just bite a little and let off. If you feel some pain, back off. I usual do it for a hour or so. You want to feel your Bite to spread out even. You want your teeth to feel even as you close your jaw and not lopsided. You can always add more Cushion Grip again but you have to start over at step one.
7) As the Cushion Grip sets up it will turn PINK. After is set you can trim off any excess with a small pair of scissors.
8) It will last for a long time. You can clean it and soak you dentures just as you always have.
9) You can add a new layer anytime, just go back to step one. If you find a place that hurts, trim it out. If you find it's low in the front, just add a little more there. If you want to remove it, peel it loose at the edge and slowly peel it all out and start over.
10) You can now start using your regular powder or adhesive. I re-do mine every couple weeks as necessary, by adding to the old wit a new layer as my gums shrink.
You have to remember with Uppers that your gums are shrinking, everyday they get Smaller and Lower. That makes your Palate ( Roof ) of your mouth carry more of the load of your bite. It also makes the Denture unstable and allows it to rock. Re-lines will make up for the shrinkage and balance the denture. There a couple points in the process ( 6 Months ) that it will occur faster then others. The first 10 days is tissue swelling and then the bones will start re-absorbing. During the 3-8 weeks period it's more rapid and that is when you should begin to eat more and that's when you'll have a few issues. Your dentist should help you, but they don't all do it.
The Lower is a little different. Different area of the gums will shrink at different rates. With the cushion grip above, you can keep them balanced and the same distance from the uppers when you close down to bite. Remember as they both shrink the plates are moving away from each other. Your Jaw can only close the same distance, it doesn't change.

Lima, OH

#5 Feb 21, 2012

I tried it in the beginning when my gums were shrinking so fast and the denture would get big. It did help at least to keep them from flying out of my mouth if I coughed or sneezed. However, when I tried it with a denture that fit pretty well, it took up too much space and my denture didn't feel like it was going in as far as it should. I threw away what I had left.

EZO Cushion Grip

It's hard material, some sort of plastic maybe, and you are supposed to soak it to soften it before putting it in the denture. I could never get it pliable enough to work.

I'm now a Fixodent powder user because I've found it works best for me. I have to pry the denture out. When I tried goo, it would ooze out the sides and get mixed in my food. Poligrip without zinc had no hold at all. Apparently the zinc is what makes an adhesive stick. I also tried some sort of strips I think but don't remember what they were.

“Fixodent Community Manager”

Since: Feb 12

Cincinnati, OH

#6 Mar 2, 2012
Thanks for spreading the word about Fixodent powder! I work for Fixodent and would like to follow-up with you by postal mail. Please send an email to with your name and mailing address. Hope to hear from you soon!^Karen

London, UK

#7 Mar 4, 2012
Thank you so much for all your posts. I have had dreadful experiences with a previous dentist and a partial plate. It cut my mouth to pieces, when I had it in I had a constant smile because it was so wide. I changed dentists, but still have a denture phobia. Last Friday I had my last 3 top front teeth removed and a full denture. It is only day 3 for me. Still very sore and swollen but I have polygrip to keep it in place until my gums return to normal. I have never heard of powders, so will have a look in town on Monday. So far I'm not doing to bad, but have avoided eating meat! I can't tell you how pleased I am to find others like me.

Madison, WI

#8 Mar 10, 2012
I used to wear a removable upper denture. I mostly used PoliGrip powder. It seemed to work best for me. I liked to take out the denture after eating to clean and also brush out my mouth. I've always liked the feeling of a clean mouth. The powder is not as messy as the denture adhesive creams.
Lil Joe

Worcester, MA

#9 Apr 12, 2012
Hi all, So glad to see a post about this issue. I am very new to the process. I had all remaining 10 top teeth removed exactly one week ago and now have a denture in place.
The gums in the rear are healing a lot slower then the fronts are. There are pretty decent size gap between the inside and outsides of the gums.
That being said, I am figuring my options are very slim in trying to get the fit to be livable, at best. I realize that the goo and powder options are most likely completely off the table ass for now, but wondering if Sea-Bond is an option??
Eating is impossible, the pain while chewing is off the chart so I remain on the mashed potatoes and ice cream diet. But was thinking that if Sea-Bond is kinda like a cushion and kinda like a support device would that be an option? or do i need to allow the gums to heal completely before attempting this?
Thank you all in advance and If i can help in any way, just ask.

Lima, OH

#10 Apr 12, 2012
You didn't say whether you've been back to the dentist yet. You should probably check with him or her before you use anything.

However, my dentist did say I could use Seabond if I had to use something. It can be cut so it fits over the palate part and doesn't come into contact with your gaping gums. If you have stitches, and I'm guessing you don't if there are gaps where the teeth used to be, you need to make sure not to disturb them and delay the healing process. You could also sprinkle some powder just on the palate part. I don't recommend the goo because it spreads out.

Try something like Ensure or Boost or, my favorite, Carnation Breakfast Essentials. You'll get more nutrients than with just mashed potatoes and ice cream. Make fruit smoothies if you have a blender.

Hope everything progresses smoothly.
Lil Joe

Worcester, MA

#11 Apr 13, 2012
Thank you so much for a prompt response. I did have stitches, about 7. The ones in the front fell out already and the ones in the rear are just now starting to fall apart.
I just tried a test run with the Sea-bond, and all i can say is, what a difference. There was no pain when placing it or removing it. I looked around after removing it, and there was no left over stickiness on the gums or near the stitches that remain. So thinking its ok for a few hours at a time.
As for the diet, I have worked in Bananas, pudding, and thank you for reminding me about ensure, i grabbed a 4 pack last night.

Thank you so much for your time. was beginning to lose hope of never being able to speak right again. but the sea-bond made a HUGE difference in my ability to speak, not so much on the eating. It will get there....long process
Lil Joe

Worcester, MA

#12 Apr 13, 2012
and forgot to mention, the dentist said I should stay away from the goo and powder until fully healed, but I didn't know about sea-bond when at the last appointment.
Old Three teeth

Hampton, NH

#13 Apr 13, 2012
One thing I have found out is that to remove especially strongly 'glued' dentures from your mouth is to use a vinegar based product. I found this out quite by accident one time when eating a salad with a vinegar based dressing.

Now when I want to easily remove my 'glued in' denture, I eat a dill pickle (dill pickles are also great for heartburn relief!), the vinegar breaks the bond to the roof of my mouth and the denture comes out quite easily.

Lima, OH

#14 Apr 13, 2012
I'm not sure that our extraction sites are as delicate as we think they are. My oral surgeon put my immediate it, and I was instructed to leave it until I saw the dentist. 2 days later I went to the dentist, and he threw a hissy fit because he thought I had used adhesive when, in fact, I had no idea there was adhesive and the immediate was so loose that the oral surgeon had had to use it to keep it in. The dentist needed a crowbar to get it out, and then he used dry gauze to SCRUB the adhesive off my gums and palate. Wasn't exactly pleasant for me, but getting the denture out and then the scrubbing didn't disrupt sutures or anything else.

Maybe I should call the oral surgeon and ask him what kind of adhesive he used. Must have been the industrial form.:)

United States

#15 Apr 21, 2012
Hi all. Well I am about 12 days in and I finally got to use adhesive. I got polygrip or supergrip and so far I like it. It made a difference but I will probally experiment. This experience is getting better.

United States

#16 Apr 21, 2012
Oops, I am actually 11 days in

Worcester, MA

#17 Apr 21, 2012
Kay, I am glad to hear you got to use polident before I had really good luck with seabond, but now 21 days later, the gums are shrinking at a rate that they are no longer useful...just keep your eye on the shrinkage, and make sure you cllean the powder out reallllllly good... Best of luck.

United States

#18 May 3, 2012
Hi all, well I am about 3 or so weeks and have started to use adhesives about a week or so ago. I first tried polygrip or supergrip. I like it on the lower but the uppers....... While I get a great hold, when its time to take them out, yuck, I thought I thought I was going to choke, not to mention how it feels. So I am going to try the sea bond wafers for the top. I looked for powders yet.

United States

#19 May 11, 2012
Hi all. Well I have been using supergrip but its a headache to clean. I tried polygrip but I found that it doesnt hold the way I need it to. I finally tried powder, I read on here about fixodent powder. Its okay but to me it holds the uppers better than the lowers. I cant find the polygrip powder that is sold at cvs so I will try to order online. I also tried sea bond wafers, not good for me unless I am doing it wrong. I read about werners powder and how good it is. I will keep experimenting until I find what works best.

Worcester, MA

#20 May 15, 2012
Kay, would also suggest fixodent food seal... Works awesome, great hold. I recently bought the food seal that was scope scented... would not suggest that, kinda like eating after chewing gum after taste, if that make any sense. But the original without flavor was great.

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