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Leesville, SC

#1 May 7, 2007
I wish that I had spoken to someone with dentures prior to having my upper teeth pulled due to most of them being broken.I didn't realize that eating would never be enjoyable again.I couldn't afford implants and caps are a joke as they usually last a couple of years before they start coming off.This is the biggest mistake I've ever made.

Phoenix, AZ

#2 Jun 23, 2007
I'm sorry that you're having an unpleasant time with your dentures. I had all my teeth pulled and dentures put in last week. I had trouble for the first couple of days, but now I use an adhesive and I can pretty much eat what I want. It's hard, but I've been told it gets easier with time. My husband has had his for 2 years and nothing stops him either. By the way, we LOVE to eat. Maybe you could try having your dentist adjust them. Keep the faith,things will get easier with time.

Alpharetta, GA

#3 Jul 24, 2007
Lonewolf I had all of my teef pulled and nearly cried after the first week. It has been two months now and I'm feeling pretty good. Pain - ill fitting dentures - lost 20 pounds - but I think I have found the answer Sea-Bond adhesive pads. They don't hold as well as the gooey glue stuff but the clean up is great.

I still have a few deep sockets (2 1/2 actually) that make the glues impractical and a real pain to clean out. With the glue or the pads I'm able to eat almost anything I want.

Hang Tough


Since: Jul 07

United States

#4 Jul 25, 2007
i am sorry that you are having a tuff time .I got full dentures 2 weeks ago and now i am able to eat just about what i want of course i have to cut the meat in to smaller pieces but i can chew it ,i use adhesive (fixodent) and i can eat i regreted getting them the first couple of days but now i am happy because i have a wonderful smile.You might try to get adjustments i have gotten 2 and they work wonderful.

Milwaukee, WI

#5 Sep 17, 2007
How long have you had your dentures lonewolf? I just got an upper one and I don't feel like eating, and I'm quite sad.

Indianapolis, IN

#6 Sep 17, 2007
one week with full dentures and I feel like Im on a path of anorexia! Its sad and scary and ugly and ya teeth in a plastic box. sorry to be the downer.


#7 Sep 26, 2007
I just got my top teeth pulled yesterday,(09/25/2007),the smile sure looks nice,with these
immediate dentures,kinda tough eating,mostly blend my foods,cream of chicken soup,lots of cottage chees,managing to keep my belly full,just doesnt feel the same as a steak,BUT,,,:) that will come im sure,hang in there

Camberwell, Australia

#8 Oct 5, 2007
hi guys and girls...had all my teeth out five months 53....and am still broken...i thought i was the only one out here that dentures haven't worked yet anyway...
what a way to mouth is not mine anymore...i don't look like me, still have trouble speaking properly...not good for a public speaker and still cannot " bite " into anything....lost a kilo and a half and have remained fairly isolated....thank the gods for a very understanding husband!!!!
oh well...i keep waiting for the time that all will be a little better...i'm sure it will all be easier tomorrow!!!???!!!
good luck to all!!!!

Roseville, MI

#9 Oct 10, 2007
I really feel all you guys,this is the most difficult thing to deal with,im so sad cant eat feel as if everyone knows!I used to be so confident now feel like hiding!! they say it will get better when?what about all the saliva in my mouth the trying of all products used to keep these god foresaken things in my mouth1my medicine cabinet is full!!guess i just have to hang in there...what a life changing experience!!!

Roseville, MI

#10 Oct 10, 2007
marcia wrote:
one week with full dentures and I feel like Im on a path of anorexia! Its sad and scary and ugly and ya teeth in a plastic box. sorry to be the downer.
itotally understand it sucks!!what a life changing experience!

Roseville, MI

#11 Oct 10, 2007
what a life changing experience!Iam so miserable in many aspects!when is the question wil it get better? i feel so unattactive,like yuck mouth,look at her she has dentures!!it is day 5 for me i feel like hiding i dont want to talk or eat.just wanna let you guys know i feel you!!!it sucks but is something i had no choice in,now i am suffering !!


#12 Oct 11, 2007
I am starting on my third set of dentures, I have lost from weighing 240 lbs down to 168, they say that's why my second set of dentures are having to be replaced. Now three of the caps on the left side of my mouth are getting loose from my bite being off and putting pressure on those real teeth. So now I may be looking at full bottom dentures. I have been told nothing will keep those in place. I am 53 and feel my life is over. I would GLADLY trade a leg to have my teeth back. I am disabled. Now I just fell like hiding, as it is I use a forth of a tube of Fixodent to hold the uppers in. No reason to hope the new ones will be any less bothersome. People that say get implants, just get the money must think we can print our own money, And the price that dentist charge for implants is outrageous, shame on them, hope they sleep well, I'm sure they do. If you have a chance to save teeth save them at all cost!!!! Dentures are a nightmare you will never wake up from. I HURT FOR YOU ALL!!!!
Feel for you

Coral Gables, FL

#13 Oct 13, 2007
For those of you who cannot afford implants, I would suggest exploring other countries outside the US......Costa Rica and Mexico are very safe and cater to Americans looking for more affordable dentures, dental implants, etc. Unfortunately, I cannot recommed anyone, but you can start by logging to the American Embassy website in Mexico or Costa Rica (they usually have a list of doctors that are well known in the community). Some of the doctors have attended top dental schools in the US and the price is usually one third of the cost !! Please look into this before giving up completely!! Have faith!!!!

United States

#14 Oct 19, 2007
My husband went to the yank and pull dentist yesterday (10/18/07)! What a horrible bloody mess!
I have been through back surgeries w/him, etc. But nothing compares to the experience he had yesterday. He should have been put to sleep to go through the horror he went through. I DO HOPE that E. Sharks IS sleeping well. I won't call him a dentist. I could have done a better job on my husband myself w/much more compassion. The whole staff were like zombies waiting for the next victim. Like everyone else, we are not RICH people. It is a shame doctors make so much and call it LEGAL. Our first quote was $34,000. The next was $6500, we settled for $3500.
Very frustrated!!! Thanks for letting me blow off steam.


#15 Oct 24, 2007
You people are full of it. I have Dentures both upper and lowers am 52 and have had for a month. First you wouldnt use adhesives on gums that have just had extractions would cause big problems. No one would expect to eat steak after a week would you expect to walk after a knee reconstruction or do squats a week after stomach surgury. You will start to chew properly after two to three weeks. The talking takes about two weeks. Also the saliva. Gee a good weight loss program. Everyone is starving after a week. I ate eggs, mince and mashed potatoes.Rissoles and pasta as well as banana and custard. I did loose a few pounds but that was the lack of junk food. Biggest plus great new smile no rotten teeth.It may be a good idea to actually get dentures before you comment hers

Farmington, NY

#16 Oct 25, 2007
Thank you Steve! I had surgery last week, feeling a lot of pain, although today IS getting better. My gums are inflamed. I am lucky enough to have a dentist who sees me every single day. I know it will be awhile before I can chew, but I have a BEAUTIFUL smile! Reading all these posts really scared me, and then I read yours! I feel better now. Thanks!!

United States

#17 Oct 26, 2007
Hi everyone. Let me say that today was a horror. I went to get my immediate full set of dentures for after my surgery on Nov 21st. I gagged so bad and nearly puked on the Dr. It was horrible. What I would like to know is this. When they put in the immediate dentures after the surgeon pulls the 17 teeth I have left in my mouth, will I be gagging from the immed. dentures when I wake up from surgery? I need an honest answer because I am seriously thinking I just wasted money for this........I hate gagging..........

Farmington, NY

#18 Oct 29, 2007
Holly, no you will NOT gag. When the dentist did my impressions I gagged too, but after surgery, no. I won't lie, it did hurt, and hurt pretty bad for quite a few days. But now it's been almost 2 weeks since my surgery and today I am pain free. And the best thing......WOW am I getting attention from men that I've never gotten before! This is making a huge difference in my life, and it will be for you too! I promise!

Farmington, NY

#19 Oct 29, 2007
Oh yeah, and day 5 using fixodent! Anyone who has ever been through a day 5 knows you havent' done that. Shame on you, scaring people!!!!!!

Wrexham, UK

#20 Nov 3, 2007
I have just had part acrylic dentures on four front teeth that i had extracted, I managed it without sedation, the pain has been very little and chewing is just taking some pratice,lol. At first I was worried as it seemed to shift when i tried to bite, but doesnt seem so bad now. At long last i have my smile back and my confidence (im only 25). Im now considering implants or a denture held by wire, so no pink bit on the roof of my mouth, which i dont like too much. anyone else had these wire ones??

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