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London, UK

#1 Jul 16, 2008
im 27 year old and i got 5 teeth took out from my denist and they give me false teeth for the time bein they tolld my to go back in two week to get the fixed but it had closed down and they did not let me know so i have still got my false teeth and i have tried to get different densit but they are not taking people at the mo and it is doing my head in now i just want my teeth fixed but i am finin it hard to get thm sorted out please help me





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James Wrd

Jackson, MS

#4 Feb 17, 2009
My teeth are a mess, and I need hlp, but can't aford it. Can you help me.


#5 Feb 18, 2009
My teeth are just dire!!! Every tooth needs something done to it. I get abcesses which keep returning in the same area too and I am in constant pain. I am restricted to what I can eat, I muffle my smile, I get pain all around my face, my mouth gives me headaches and that's not because I'm talking it's because of my teeth. Please will you help me I need a good expert who will take my mouth and do a complete overhaul. I will do any free marketing you want but please please just fix my teeth.


#6 Feb 26, 2009
I am 24 but my teeth are really bad.and when i say that it sounds like this:5 teeth in row missing on the left side where i have a bridge.and now the sixth tooth in the bridge got an infection and it's verry weak so it won't be able to hold the bridge anymore.i went to a dentist for about 1 year and she kept postponing doing the big job alwayas saying that i needed to have the other teeth cleaned and bring them to a healthy point.and the diagnostic is that i need a denture for that side because there's nothing else to do for a limited budget....i would just like to find out if there would be anything else to do about it.thank you

Brighton, CO

#7 Mar 31, 2009
my teeth are realy bad some are missing i dont have insurance. i realy need help please is there any body that can help.i'm on socical security 47 yrs old from colorado need help.

Naples, FL

#8 Apr 6, 2009
22 year old i need help for my teeth ,my teeth really look bad i scare talking to people because went i talk the always pay attention too my teeth i dont have any friend because of my teeth ,i feel bad for myself am lonely my boy friends live me cause my teeth please please help me i dont cant afort it please help me with my teeeth god bless ya'll

Naples, FL

#9 Apr 6, 2009
22 year old i need help for my teeth , my teeth really look bad i scare talking to people because went i talk the always pay attention too my teeth i dont have any friends cause my teeth , i feel so bad bad for myself im lonely my boyfriends leave me cause my teeth please please help me i cant afort it plaese help me with my teeeth god bless ya'll for helping me thank you .

Virginia Beach, VA

#10 Apr 16, 2009
I first thank you for the wonderful new beginnings that you are gracing people with. I am a 26 yr old student with teeth of a forty old. I am missing three teeth and two teeth are ĺ of the way gone; I have a gap in my front two teeth and they are chipped, as well as having at least seven cavities. Itís hard for me to eat, and with every meal my teeth are getting worse. I canít even drink cold or hot beverages or eat anything with to much sugar. I will be graduating with an Associates of Science degree in about six months and with my appearance I am afraid that I will not be able to retain a decent career. I plan to future my education with Bachelors in Business Management, as my GPA is in the top of my class; however I know that I will not be respected due to my teeth. Why would people listen to my direction when their perception is that I canít even take care of myself? I have volunteered for different organizations for the majority of my life and I understand the full implications of giving and receiving an unvalueable gift. I am terrified to meet new people and wonít even kiss my fiancť because my teeth are rotting out of my mouth and it stinks really badly. I pray that you choose me to receive a teeth makeover which will allow me to have my future back.





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Heather Manning

Jacksonville, FL

#11 Apr 21, 2009
Hello my name is Heather and I am 31 years old. I, like many others here, are in desperate need of alot dental work. Like Amanda from Virginia Beach, VA, I am about to graduate college and I fear that I may not be able to obtain decent employment due to my dental appearance. I,too, do not show my fiance' much affection and I am afraid it is causing him to seek it elsewhere. I cry every night. I am limited to room temperature beverages and I only eat once or twice every three days. That is about as much as I can handle. Even eating bread hurts. My teeth even break off while I am sleeping! I have even pulled out whole sections of my teeth out myself. OUCH!!!!! I can not afford to have any procedure done in a dental office though. So, I do what I must and literally "pull my own teeth." I DO NOT smile and I laugh with my head down so no one can see. I am so embarrassed and ashamed. I am told I am a very pretty woman but I do not feel that way. Please help us!!! I know there are so many people out there with the same issues as the people posting here. There is only so much that can be done. So, I beg of you to please keep us in mind for the makeover. I really wish it could be done for everyone!!!

United States

#12 Apr 23, 2009
how do i get this free makeover?
chouston077atyah oodotcom

Dallas, TX

#13 Apr 25, 2009
My husband needs a dental makeover! Every tooth needs work and has many already pulled out. One CURRENTLY is cracked and infection is settling in his jaw, throat and roof of his mouth. He works hard everyday through the pain so we can barely meet bills. No insurance through the job and carecredit denied us. He suffers extreme anxiety and depression. He doesn't eat or sleep often. Sometimes has suicidal thoughts because the pain is so bad. At 30 years old he has already had a stroke once and the Emergency room told him that if he were to need surgery they would not be able to operate on him because of the condition of his teeth. He has a 2 & 4 year old, he already lost his father at a young age.....I don't want his kids to go through what he had to. PLEASE HELP HIM!!

Colorado Springs, CO

#14 May 5, 2009
I am a 3o yr old disabled single mother. My teeth were fine until I had my son at the age of 18. I was on state insurance which took care of my teeth but once that ran out (at age 21) my teeth went downhill FAST due to my heavy medications. Three fillings which were not done correctly fell out at the age of 22 and the dentist would not fix their mistake without me paying full rates. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 19 and my medications have caused my teeth to literally rot out of my head. I have had to have 6 permanent molars pulled (not counting wisdom teeth) due to my medications, mainly Prednisone, ruining and discoloring my teeth. I have 3 teeth that are basically just half teeth with the root/nerves exposed but if I pull them, I cannot chew my food. All my molars on the top right side of my mouth are gone and 2 molars on my top left side are gone. I have no dental coverage and even if I did, being on Social Security, I cannot afford the co-pays it would take to fix my teeth. No dentist in my city will accept a payment plan with my situation. I always took such pride in my teeth when I was younger but now I don't even smile very much. I'm told that I am very pretty but due to my teeth, I feel like the "ugly friend" whenever I'm around my friends or family. I would love to be able to even get my remaining molars replaced with implants or something. I literally have no options and cry about this all the time. Please help me be able to smile again
Maria Maregere

Dalton, UK

#15 May 7, 2009
Iam a 44yr old African Lady now living permanently in the U.K. Since I was a little girl, I had decayed teeth and there are yellow. dont smile at people or if I do I will close my mouth or look down. I work as a nurse where I need to smile to my patients so that they can feel better, but due to bad teeth I dont smile and I feel so bad about it. I go home everyday and start crying which will make me depressed the following day. Most people who had never experience this life will not understand how painful and depressing it is. The patients I look after will tell me that Iam a good nurse and they always ask me to smile which is really embarrasing. My husband left me because of my bad teeth and friends at work dont like me because of that. they think iam a serious person because I dont smile. If someone had to ask me what I hate about myself I will say teeth. I hate myself and upset about my parents.

Hyattsville, MD

#16 May 7, 2009
I am 13 years old, and for more than half my life, kids in my class have been making fun of my teeth. When I was younger, I made a poor decision of not brushing my teeth, but know I brush my teeth, but it doesn't get any better. I have a lot of cavities on my front teeth. My parent can't afford to put me on their insurance. I hardly have an friends because of this, please help me.

Dallas, TX

#17 May 18, 2009
I AM 23 and all my teeth are bad due to having someone who never wanted me going to a dentist and also because of no insurance. my teeth are hurting my gums real bad the pain flows all and around and to both sides of my mouth. i brush them but they still are hurting. my gums are very very bright red and look swollen i dont know what to do. they are hurting so bad to where i cant sleep and i mainly eat soup. i cannot afford insurance during this time and i live in dallas i just need to know what to do or where i can go. if anyone knows i am begging you to pls help me and let me know something. you can email me anything [email protected]

Durham, NC

#18 May 25, 2009
hello, I am 19 years old and have had trouble with my teeth all my life due to a poor father, two of my front teeth have severe cavitys they hurt so bad and one of the teeth is so sharp it cuts my lip, i still have one of my baby canine teeth that will not come out that is also decayed, it's came down quite far, due to my adult teeth pushing it down and has been hitting and cutting my tongue making it difficult for me to pronunce words right sometimes. i have sensitvity to cold on my teeth. It's quite embarassing for me to even tell anyone this let alone having to live with it. I have no insurance because i simply cannot afford it. I need dental help from anyone that can give it to me, i am ready to have a bright smile for once and not keep worrying about about having to cover up my teeth or my mouth when i smile. if anyone can give me information or help you'd be my guardian angel! I live in north carolina. [email protected]

Dover, NH

#19 May 25, 2009
well i am a single mom and i am the only support my daughter has she is 4.I dont make much money butt i support my daughter the best i can alls i have ever wanted for myselth is to fix my teeth they are so bad.I cant afford it and since my daughters father has ruind my credit i dont think i will ever have a beautiful smile or teeth. i cant chew on my right side and now i am starting to not be able to chew on my left. Im a preety girl butt when i talk to people i cant talk at them i turn my head or cover my face.I am only 26 and i am afraid to try to start a relasionship because of my teeth no one notices butt me and i know its badd.I want to find a father someday for my daughter butt right now i just dont have the confadence.Thank you for your time im really sorry if im bothering sincearly jamie [email protected]
Maricris Hildebrand

Monrovia, CA

#20 May 26, 2009
I'm 31 yrs old,I really need help, I don't have dental insurance, hard to find a job, my teeth is terrible hurt,all of my teeth need help,I don't how I come up the money for denture procedure that is to expensived, I'ved suffered for almost 5 years now.. Please help me this is my email address [email protected]

United States

#21 May 29, 2009
I am 35 years old and just like a million other Americans am on need of major dental work.
I am a full time server, wife and mother. I have insurance coverage thru my employer, and yet the dentists' bills are too much. I have had 11 teeth extracted and the teeth that I have left all need some work. I have been told that I need crowns, bridge work, implants, flouride treatments, root canals and cavaties filled.
I go to the dentist once a year ( with insurance x rays and a consult are free) and I leave in tears.. You'd think it was because my mouth is just a big mess, but it's the thought of the thousands of dollars I will need just to fix my smile!!!
I am in constant pain everyday and have nowhere to turn. Please help
Jennifer Colon

Norfolk, VA

#22 Jun 11, 2009
i am a 26yr old single mother i have been diagnosed with MS i am unable to work and still trying to get disability.I am in constant dental pain i am already missing about 13 teeth and might have to loose 3 more if i cant get help .I never smile and my children always joke on my teeth .Someone please help.

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