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Lafayette, IN

#589 Dec 21, 2010
I'm 42 years old and was in a car accident some time ago. i went face first into a windshield and fractured about all of my teeth. not to mention the numerous lacerations i received to my face. the insurance from the guy who hit me covered my face but not my teeth. i have been living with chronic facial pain due to my teeth falling apart due to the accident. my health as well as depression getting to me. i can't afford the dentist to get them fixed due to not having a job. can someone help me in getting them fixed so i can live without pain and be able to smile at someone without them looking at my teeth. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Stanton, CA

#590 Jan 13, 2011
hi, my name is Nadia i'm from california , i'm 32yrs old i have 3 children, ever since my daughter hit me with her head on my upper teeth they went loose but i never though i will loose my teeth because of that..2years ago i had to remove my 4 upper front teeth and i had to pay $60 dollars for some ugly fake ones which now is really embarrassing cause they fall down every time i open my mouth..i cant eat that much for that i just drink stuff, or when i'm by my self i remove them that's the only way i could eat..i don't have a job cant afford dental insurance,i go to school to get my education going get a good job and the fix them,but for that it will take a long time, im just going crazy with this dentures i desperately need help please some one help..i haven't even kiss my boyfriend for a long time..
kimecea lipscomb

United States

#591 Jan 24, 2011
Hi my name is Kimy I'm 32 I have lost half my teeth and I so need to smile again my life fill so sad please help me love Kimy
Carol Beck

Raleigh, NC

#592 Jan 25, 2011
I am 59 years on a fixed income and have been told that I need implants to make me pretty again. I am extremely self conscious and depressed as I work really hard on my appearance until I smile. I had a tumor in my mouth years ago and it has ruined my bones in my mouth. My bottom is in pretty good shape but the top is terrible. I don't smile anymore and am ashamed to go out around anyone. MY confidence is gone and because I am on fixed income it is enough to pay my bills leaving me short on food money each month. My birthday is coming up soon next month and I would give anything to have a new smile for that day.Its my dream to have a party invite a few friends and show off the new me I don't get around people anymore and Im so sad to think that I could never be able to do that again because Im ashamed of my mouth and my smile. No more smiling for me.I need help. Please give me this chance to spend the rest of my life confident, and not afraid to be around friends and family especially my beautiful grandchildren who love me but wonder what happened to my teeth. Thanks for listening.

Jacksonville, FL

#593 Jan 25, 2011 please help me if i cant do something soon i'll have to get two more teeth pulled soon [email protected]
R Dempsey

Auburn, WA

#594 Feb 1, 2011
I thought I was the only one who feels like I do, obviously Im not alone. Words cannot describe how bad teeth or lack of impacts a persons life. Its soul shattering not to be able to look a person in the face and smile. All of us on here are in need of serious help, Im wishing a miracle for all of us!!:)

United States

#595 Feb 28, 2011
I would love very much to smile again without being embarrassed. I have a hard time eating. It is very painful, always abcessing. Please help me.

Sacramento, CA

#596 Mar 1, 2011
I grew up with a mother that was not at all hygenic. Growing up in a household like i did i was not taught the proper way to take care of my teeth. As a result my teeth have slowly been falling apart causing pain and anguish. Its not fun to have a conversation with someone and see them lick their teeth know that they are judging me by my teeth. I have multiple cavities and am missing my four front top teeth. I would love nothing more than to have the comfidence to be able to smile in a picture or even smile and show comfidence in a job interview. I recently lost my job and being interviewed for new positions is tough being judged as soon as you start to talk to the employer. As of right now my teeth are not only affecting my personal life and emotions but they are affecting my professional life which is starting to create a downward spiral. Please i am 24 years old and in desperate need of help.
thank you for your time
Sabrina Cockfield

Carbondale, IL

#597 Mar 2, 2011
I have been having problem with no teeth in my mouth since I was 25 and I don't have a job or no insurance to cover the complete cost for a dental implant surgery.I feel so embarrassed and let down when I hear and see how other people look at me wierd and strange in public places.I really need teeth in my mouth to eat better,look great and have nice compliament about myself.Please will you help me get the right dental care I need to fix the problem.I can be reach and email at ([email protected])Thank You

Demarest, NJ

#598 Mar 27, 2011


#599 Apr 12, 2011
I used to be so full of confidence when i was younger.I had alot of friends and everyone used to tell me how pretty i was and how they wished they looked like me......i wish that was the case now!! I am 29yrs old with 3 children.5yrs ago i got into a relationship that turned violent,i started sucking my thumb for comfort and now i have bucked teeth! My ex partner hit me on a daily basis one punch broke my front tooth and since then my life has gone down hill.I have zero confidence,i never leave my house,i dont have family photos taken,never go to family gatherings or make new friends.Even my dream of being an interior designer has been and gone.I need help,i cannot afford to have braces or have my front tooth fixed! My children are suffering because of it even though they dont show it and i dont know what to do! I have an absolute fear of dentists stemming from some work i had done when i was 15 which caused me alot of pain and discomfort for some time.I want to fulfill my dream of being an interior designer and i want to be the sassy,confident,attractive woman that i used to be before that man ruined my life!! I dont know what this post will acheive but i dont know where else to turn.Any help/advice would be very very much appreciated! My email is [email protected] you for reading xxxx

Lebanon, NH

#600 May 2, 2011
It's a dental make over not a beauty makeover. Just an FYI
monica wrote:
i have had a very rough life so far & am only 24
yrs of age, i have lost alot of my natural beautiful red hair due to stress, i have suffered from ocd, manic depression & more please give me a makeover

Since: May 11

Nashville, TN

#601 May 12, 2011
I'm 33 years old . I've always have had problems with my skin and teeth since I was a child. And the older I got I notice that my breast never caught up to the rest of my body even after having children.I will be 34 soon and for once I would like to feel a little more confident in myself, especially since I've decided to take a leap of faith and start a new career path for myself. And I believe with a new beginning I could succeed in anything. So please help if you can Thank you
sexy shan

Kingston, Jamaica

#602 May 13, 2011
priscilla duchi;at least u got any .
sexy shan

Kingston, Jamaica

#603 May 13, 2011
i am 15 years old and i live in jamaica, my bra size is b and i would realy wana move yo a d does anyone have any suggestions.

Dallas, TX

#604 May 15, 2011
My name is Tatyana. I have had teeth problems all my life! When I was a child my mom didnt understand my dental insurance that was provided by my father..(single parent,4 kids,4 different fathers)...So from that Ive been to the dentist maybe a total of 3 times my whole childhood..That made me frightened of the dentist jus by not going.. As an child I started a family very young,my pregnancies reeked havoc on my mouth..with no insurance being uneducated about dental work and just not teeth are horrible..I just recently became a single parent of three lil girls at 26 years husband has been locked for 10 mouth and I dont know when hes returning..its hard providing for 3 kids alone while my teeth are falling out..

Darby, PA

#605 May 15, 2011
I need a Makeover Iam losing my teeth due to being. Poisonosed by my bf by sum kind of acid I only have 10 teeth left no insurance Iam to young to deal with dentures its so embarrassing to have bad teeth I would not feel so worthless and ulgy no one wants to be with me they say hows a pretty girl have such ulgy teeth I cry everyday Iam in pain had so many problems teeth pulled I look at my little girl she says mommy why are you not happy you never smile I cry so much I wanna smile and be happy please help me I need these tank you
marc vitt

Cathedral City, CA

#606 May 27, 2011
hello my name is Marc and i am 25. my teeth are more of a medical issue for me. i got mixed up with the wrong people doing the wrong things when i was young. I have 4 years sober and the missing link in my life is my teeth. Please help me
marc vitt

Cathedral City, CA

#607 May 27, 2011
my name is Marc and im 25 my teeth are more of a medical issue for me. i got mixed up with the wrong people doing the wrong things when i was young. I have 4 years sober and i one thing that is missing in my life are my teeth. please help me


#608 Jun 6, 2011
I am 26 years old I am not going to feed you a sob story but I am a single parent studying at college and can not aford to get my teeth done I would appreciate any help I could get all I want is a nice smile x

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