Cleaning dentures with soft relines

Cleaning dentures with soft relines

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Sanford, FL

#1 Apr 27, 2010
I am really feeling frustrated with my dentist. I have had several soft relines that resulted in some really bad scenes and I'm beginning to feel convinced this dentist has practically no experience with dentures. So now I am questioning everything.

I'd love to hear from everyone on what your dentist told you.

My dentist says I cannot clean my dentures with efferdent, sonic cleaner, or an electric sonic toothbrush. She says to use DISH SOAP. She says this is because of the soft reline material.

Is that really what everyone else does?

Santee, CA

#2 Apr 27, 2010
B - I have heard that a million times and it makes perfect sense -


#3 Apr 27, 2010
Last week I had a soft reline on my upper denture. It seems as though any type of adhesive doesn't ahere well at all & I have to keep putting on more adhesive throughout the day. It seems very loose throughout the day.
My dentist also told me to soak it for 10 mins. in a cleaner & do not keep the denture in water overnight. It is supposed to air dry. Does this make sense?
I've only had my upper denture for 3 months & I am very new to all of this. I hate the way this reline feels! Any help would be much appreciated!

Saint Louis, MO

#4 Apr 27, 2010
HI i have had my immediate denture since 03/05 they told me to soak them overnight then brush them 3 times a day like normal teeth. then three weeks later when i had my first soft line they told me do not soak for more that 15 minutes and never soak them overnight but to put them in a plastic baggie and seal. after i ask are you sure about that like 3 times especially since i had been soaking them for the past 3 weeks i didnt feel right about it. i went home and goolged every combination of dentures in baggie, do not soak dentures, why use plastic baggie for dentures and every other combination.. found nothing. i am assuming they know what they talking about and haven't soak them for no more then 15 minutes. i use a denture cream called dentu-cream made by polydent to brush and sometimes i use baking soda. since then ive had 2 softliners done and they still insist not to soak them and i don't. the softliners are all inclusive in my package... so i get as many as i need so far 3 since 03/5

Since: Jun 09

Longmont, CO

#5 Apr 27, 2010
Bernadette, Soaking overnight in anything will make the soft liners last much less longer. However, I used my sonic toothbrush on the arcylic teeth part and that worked fine.

Jody, it sounds like the denture doesn't fit right if you had good luck with adhesives before. If your rings fit tighter in the morning it may be swelling from overnight. That used to happen to me and if I had my relines in the morning the denture was lose by the afternoon. I started scheduling the relines in late afternoon and that solved the problem.


#6 Apr 27, 2010
I do not wear any rings.
I had an immediate denture made & naturally I wore it after the extractions.
I did speak to the dentist's assistant earlier & she will consult with my dentist & get back to me.
All I want to know is why my denture is still loose after a few hours & after applying adhesive a few times a day.
The immediate denture was soooooooo loose - that was why she did a soft reline. It's too soon for a hard reline (only 3 months). I am tired of all this. They do feel wonderful but they are annoying when they get loose! If they remove the soft reline material, I am back to a loose denture & applying tons of ahesives all day. It worries me until the problem is solved.
Any advice would be welcome.

Since: Jun 09

Longmont, CO

#7 Apr 27, 2010
There are several types of soft reline material. Ask your dentist to try a different type. The one that worked best for me (sorry I can't remember what it was called but she will probably know) was squeezed into the denture from two small caulking tubes. It dried quickly and made the best fit. Adhesives worked well with it, especially the powder.

Another thought: Drinking Carbonated beverages will loosen the adhesive.

I know how frustrating this is for you. I hope you get some answers soon.


#8 Apr 27, 2010
I don't drink carbonated beverages - mainly iced tea.
All I know is that she squeezed some "pink" stuff onto the denture & let it set for a while.
I have never tried the powders but I do have a huge collection of adhesives (more then the drugstore)! Should I try the powder next? What kind do you recommend & is it better than the adhesive with a reline?
I Googled soft relines & I know I will ask her to perhaps try a different reline material.
Thank goodness they are comfortable when they are "tight".
And they look dry in the morning - kinda weird - since they aren't soaking in water overnight. This is normal too?

Since: Jun 09

Loveland, CO

#9 Apr 28, 2010
Jody, I'm an avid iced tea drinker also and it did stain the crevices of the acrylic teeth. My dentist would put them in a plastic bag with a tiny bit of water and hang the bag in her ultrasonic tank. It didn't mess with the liner but cleaned the teeth. I used to run in every week to get it done at no cost.

I bought Wernet's powder from but others have used the powder in any drug store. It worked very well for me and not much residue to clean off gums after removing the denture. It didn't seem to mess with the reline material either. Someone also used seabond, others don't like it.


#10 Apr 28, 2010
What do with your relined dentures at night? Do you keep them dry or wet?
My dentist will call me back tomorrow to see what the next step is.
I only soak them in a solution for 10 mins. & keep it dry & rinse it well in the a.m.
My gums have so much "gook" on them after I remove the denture. What a mess! Plus I look like I'm 101 years old when they are out!
Good thing I am widowed! I'd scare my husband if he were still alive!

Santee, CA

#11 Apr 28, 2010
Jody ... that's called 'granny mouth'... not too attractive, eh?
When I had the soft line, I could not soak, so I just cleaned them really good and put them in their case. They were fine.
If you switch to the powder you won't have any icky stuff that you can just rinse away on your palate and gums ... I used touse the Fixodent - for me, it was the best.
When you get your permanents, since they are just plastic you will not have to worry about soaking them or not ... plastic is plastic .. you don't need to keep it moist. Plastic doesn't "dry out" - it is what it is ..

Since: Jun 09

Loveland, CO

#12 Apr 29, 2010
Jody, when I wore my denture, I used to soak it overnight. Then someone told me not to do that and I stopped. For months, I carried them around in a dry plastic baggie in my purse and popped them in only to go into a store. Finally, due to my allergic reaction to the chemicals in the denture and the liner, I quit wearing them.

I now have 8 implants and will have teeth attached to them in June. Most people have teeth attached immediately but I had many bone grafts and waiting for the osteointegration to take place is the best chance of success for, I'll be toothless for a few more weeks hoping I'll have teeth for life later.


#13 May 1, 2010
Thank you guys! I tried the Fixodent powder & it's amazing! But, my upper still gets a tad loose later in the day but I can live with it.
I cannot believe what some of you are going through. At least I can eat just fine.
I only had my top 6 teeth removed. Was wearing a partial for many, many years. So my gums (on the sides) were healed. I think the problem is with the denture keeping tight where the teeth were removed.
Hugs and many thank yous to everyone. I found this recently only recently & what a blessing you all have been.

Since: Jun 09

Loveland, CO

#15 May 1, 2010
What, why is that? Choice or no choice?

Huai Khwang, Thailand

#16 Oct 6, 2012
I have no problems with uppers or lowers. No food gets under either. Don't need fixodent or gluey stuff. Clean them twice a day and rinse them under the tap. Brush my roof and tongue and bottom gums gently, pop the teeth back and there they remain day and night. As if I don't have false teeth. To be honest I wouldn't even know they are in my mouth.
Linda d

Arlington, TX

#17 Oct 16, 2012
just got dentures today and they did a soft liner on top and confused.
do i soak overnight in water or not

Green Forest, AR

#18 Oct 17, 2012
Overnight soaking ruins the soft liner. There are denture tablets that do a 3 minute cleaning. Try those.(Walmart has them, among others)

Bentonville, AR

#19 Nov 2, 2012
thats what my dentist told me too!

Louisville, KY

#20 Dec 20, 2012
I had all my teeth extracted on the 4th of Dec. I have immediate dentures. A hard liner was put in last week on the bottom and a soft liner in the top two days ago.

So from what I'm reading no soaking?? At first I wasn't soaking them (before the liners) but my mother told me that I should. So I started soaking them. Completely confused.

My husband also recently got partials. No liners, should he soak his?

I keep looking all over the net to find answers and am not finding concrete answers on anything. Need a "Dentures 101" class. LOL

Houston, AR

#21 Dec 20, 2012
Short soaking for soft liners. Hard liners or partials can be soaked overnight.

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