new denture wearer

Santee, CA

#245 Feb 13, 2009
Thanks MA ... I am very excited about the bridges (I have all of my bottom front teeth)... but, oh, am I sore tonight ... feels like extraction day! I cannot beleive that a dentist would be as honorable as this one has been.

What did you do about the top? Are you still without the implants? Or is that next for you? I am looking more forward to that than you could possibly imagine. Even my dentist is glad .... I bet because he thinks I am a pain in the tutu. Did you pay for porcelain or do you have acrylic?

Thanks so much for posting that information .... it should help someone else who might be teetering ...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Mary Ann

Fontana, CA

#246 Feb 13, 2009
Regarding the top, it is still a full denture. The 'teeth' are imported from Germany and their composition is a hybrid of porcelain and acrylic which is supposed to be more durable and look more natural. I just had the hard liner redone and it's pretty snug. I'm very happy with it; so much so that I wear it 24/7 except for a once-a-week soak.

I've decided that for now I will stick with the upper denture. The thought of going through two more surgeries, the hip bone harvest and then the oral surgery, isn't appealing to me at all right now. I am very comfortable with my upper.

Hopefully, your post op recovery will be quicker and less painful. Hang in there!

Santee, CA

#247 Feb 14, 2009
Hmmm, I am going to talk to my dentist about your composite material Thursday when I go in for the wax try-in of the upper. I am torn between materials.

Hey, if you are comfortable with your upper the way it is .... and you sound like you are ....Do you really ever forget that it is in your mouth??? That just seems so unreal to me .... I have never had that experience .... not one second.

I'm sort of liking this recover .... I am a little swollen and my lips and mouth look more like the old me when I had teeth ... lol .... no granny mouth right now! Seriously, I took 1 pain pill last night to go to sleep with ... slept great .... but am extremly sore .... back to gruel, heh,heh. I am just so delighted to be getting those bridges I can hardly contain my self. Geez, how lucky the "rich" are .... can you imagine having enough money to just put implants in every tooth in your mouth and not ever having to have a denture of any kind? Gotta go .... I'm gonna go buy a lottery ticket now .... lol
Mary Ann

Fontana, CA

#248 Feb 14, 2009
For years I lived with constant pain which was a daily way of life for me. I'd wake up with my teeth on my mind, wondering if another loose tooth would fall out that day. I'd fall asleep praying that I wouldn't lose one overnight. Eating was also another nightmare. Because I couldn't chew my food properly I would choke on my food now and again. And of course, I always hid my 'smile'.

So, to answer your question, yes, I am very comfortable with my upper denture. My new teeth are never on my mind. They have become a part of me.

I know that your upper is uncomfortable and I wish that there was someway to alleviate that. But it is temporary and soon enough that will be a thing of the past.

I don't know if you could have an implant to replace every tooth. I don't think that there would be enough bone to support that. And then you would have to worry about flossing between every 'tooth'. I don't miss that. I do have to floss under the prosthetic but it's a lot less time consuming.

It's funny my daughter had a filling done a couple of days ago and she's still complaining about feeling sore. She has no idea what pain is, huh. By the grace of God I hope she never does.

I am praying that you have a quick recovery.

Washington, DC

#249 Feb 15, 2009
Hi Mary Ann. Like you, after the first month of normal pressure sores and healing gums, my upper denture has become a part of me and I’m quite comfortable with it.

The "granny mouth" is so offensive to me that I wear mine at night, careful to rinse well before going to sleep. I usually short soak mine while I take my shower, and do an overnight soak once a week.

For years I was a smoker and quit about 10 years ago, but not before the "lip wrinkles." Since the extractions they are even more pronounced but as long as the denture are in, I can camouflage them for now, until I get up the nerve to laser them out.

I was surprised when you said your bone resorption has slowed down enough to warrant a hard liner at less than 5 months. My insurance company doesn’t cover soft lines until 6 months – I considered an over the counter kit, but still a little nervous that if I do it wrong, I will ruin the denture. My 4 month milestone is the 17th and although my dentures are still sort of snug, I use a powder adhesive daily because they are starting to loosen.

Yesterday, I received a post card from my dentist to schedule a visit and I'm hoping after the lower cleaning and a filling replacement, he will suggest a soft liner – even though I’ve decided to reach a little deeper into my pocket and pay the full dentist price.

Angel, my heart goes out to you – you have suffered so much, but you still remain an inspiration for the rest of us. I do so hope all goes well and you are able to join the “satisfied dentures and implants” club. I keep checking in to see how you’re doing.

Mary Ann. Please keep posting even though all is going well for you. I learn new things from you each time you post.

Santee, CA

#250 Feb 15, 2009
You guys are my biggest support club ... I meant really, even I get tired of my bit*hing and complaining!

I am so excited about the permanent bridges though, I can hardly stand it! And over and over I have been reassured that the upper palateless, glue-free, snap-on will be wonderful .... I guess I feel like that's too good to be true after all of this ...

When I was at the dentist and getting ready to leave,(they had taken out my denture so that they could do the surgery on the bottom).. they gave me my upper back with a TINY amount of denture paste on it ..... oh, ick ... I could feel it under my plate, and when I went to take my denture out the whole top of my mouth was coated with slimey, icky, stuff .... and I couldn't get it off - geez .... if there is one thing I have been able to contribute in a positive way it is to recommend the POWDER. I cannot believe that they sell that suff and people actually buy it.
This morning my jaws are both swelled up and I have that really chic chipmonk look ..... a little yellow bruising down the jawline really sets the whole look off. It is almost 72 hours since the surgery and stitches ... since I don't have a plate to protect the stiches I am back to my semi-solid diet. Yum - Ensure and yogurt!

Thanks for hanging in there with me .... I think had more people kept up with this thread it would have been much more valuable .... knowing what to expect for each of our unique needs and the outcome and treatment would have been a god-send to me.

We've all been through similar, but very different procedures - hey! and we're all getting through it! Love you all!
Mary Ann

Fontana, CA

#251 Feb 17, 2009

It amazes me at how stingy the insurance companies can be. A soft liner should be required to be placed in the dentures after extractions. As I have said before, I believe that is why my gums healed so quickly and completely; minimal pain. Expecting someone to transition to normal life after extractions without this buffer is almost cruel. How are people expected to eat or talk with the hard acrylic rubbing against the raw, bleeding gums? I hope that your dentist does recommend getting it sooner that later. It will definitely help with the fit.

My bone shrinkage was minimal because of all of the bone grafting that my denturist did. Not only did he fill in the extraction sites, but he also built up the gum line. Remember, no bony ridges. It's been about a month since I got the hard liner and I haven't had any issues with it. I was worried that I might get pressure sores or have problems adjusting to it because I'd had 3 soft liners and I was so used to that soft buffer. But because my gums are completely healed there were no problems.
Mary Ann

Fontana, CA

#252 Feb 17, 2009

You are right, this has definitely been a denture adventure. I cannot believe how far we've come in just a few months. I really do feel that alot of the psychological issues that come with such a life changing experience were resolved for me through this posting site. Knowing that I wasn't the only one going through this and trying to help others was and is very therapeutic for me.

You and June have been my rock(s). THANKS!!!

Santee, CA

#253 Feb 17, 2009
This is one Adventure that I would never recommend anyone take. If there ever was an advocate for saving your own teeth, at all costs .... it would be me. Some of the posts I read ... about having extractions and going to dentures just to avoid further denture work just amazes me. If they think a few trips to the dentist is inconvenient, or costly, or whatever .... boy, what a surprise a few have gotten, I'm afraid. I am glad that I kept mine as long as I could, I would gladly dump every cent right back in to them again. I think, Maryann, that you have definetly made all of the right decisions for you .... and that you continue to weigh your options as you go ... that is smart. I am doing the same thing. If the implanted snap-in denture doesn't do it for me .... by gosh, someway, somehow, I will have every tooth implanted if I have to. Denture impairment is not fun.
3 more months .... well, the first 6 have passed fairly quickly, and as much as I hate to wish time away, I am looking forward to putting this part of my life in the past.

Surprising, I am not unhappy doing the liquid diet for the 4th time ... I guess I was sort of missing the Ensure and yogurt cocktails ... lol ...
Oh and plus, I am really getting to like mashed up yams with butter .... funny, I always used to have to watch my weight ... not anymore, I can't eat enough to keep weight on!

Yes, June & Ma ..... you are the greatest of supporters .... Thank's again.

Since: Feb 09

massillion ohio

#254 Feb 19, 2009
i am a 31 yrs old i just newly got deture
any idea to help with the pain.
it has been 7 yrs since they where taken out and it been diffucult to do anything
thanks mindy

Burlington, MA

#255 Feb 25, 2009
Mindy, sorry to hear about your pain, but I'm confused. It's been 7 years and you still have pain? Maybe you meant 7 days. Your doctor should have given you pain medication for the first week of so. If not, I would ask him/her for medication. Good luck. If it is only 7 days - it will get better. If it is 7 years - I don't know what to tell you.

Santee, CA

#256 Feb 26, 2009
Update: Went for the wax try-in of my snap-in upper ..... I didn't quite like the look .... they are re-setting the front teeth (a little further back)... I am starting to heal from the last surgery now ... ate a hamburger tonight! YYYYuuuuuuuummmmmmyyyyyyy! They put in a 4th reline so I am at the least pretty comfortable. 2 more weeks and counting!

Saint Louis, MO

#257 Feb 27, 2009
I had to have my teeth pulled over a year ago and still have problems with my bottoms. I had a new set made after a year with what they call a impact liner(which is a soft liner) which helps when you bite down but still have problems. I have lost around 20 pounds and still can't eat things that I like.....some days I struggle with soft food. I have not given up I am going back to the dentist and see what can be done. Sometimes I wish I would of waited a little longer to have my teeth pulled even though they were all loose and falling out

Santee, CA

#258 Feb 27, 2009
Klueki, have you thought about implants to hold the bottom denture down?

Washington, DC

#259 Feb 28, 2009
Angel and/or Mary Ann - question about softliners.

Before I make the commitment to get a soft liner and "snug up" my denture, I fully understand that bone ridge has not fully resorbed and I may need to use adhesive again as the liner wears and/or the dentures loosens again.

If I should need to use the powder again, will it affect the soft liner?

Santee, CA

#260 Feb 28, 2009
Hi June .... I just had a 4th softliner put in Thursday - It does snug them nicely - but I still went home and put in the powder to hold them "tight" so that I could bite and chew .... here's what they have always told me: First thing they said was: Don't soak them in denture cleaners. When you take them out put them in plain water so that the liner doesn't dry out. Use a soft bristle brush and use it often, but not vigorously. The powder doesn't hurt the liner at all .... I don't know about that other gunk. A new softliner sure feels good against the gums. Hopefully this was my last one. Luck and xxoo

Chesapeake, VA

#261 Feb 28, 2009
Thanks to all of you who post on this site. It has really been a morale booster for me as I am trying to get comfortable with full uppers and lower dentures...

So far I am only able to wear my uppers full time. I really wish someone who has been able to adjust to lower full dentures would comment on here. Could it be because -- no one has?

Mary Ann - I am thinking about getting lower snap-ins but am afraid of the time, pain and expense involved.

Washington, DC

#262 Mar 1, 2009
Hi Nancy. Originally (back in October) it was my intent to go with a full upper denture and lower partials (2 back molars on either side).

After reading the posts here, I have yet to meet one person who has had any kind of success with a traditional lower partial or full denture.

Back in October, I had to have two lower teeth extracted (a wisdom tooth and molar). Because the ridge was so "irregular" my dentist wanted me to have the ridge smoothed before moving forward with the partial. I had to delay the surgery because I maxed out my dental plan and didn't have the money for the surgery.

In retrospect, I believe the "stars" were working for me, allowing time to further research traditional partials vs snaps-on or full implants, and risk wasting several thousand dollars on partials that would end up sitting in a jar.

Although I realize there will be considerable time, discomfort and expense involved with full implants and/or snap-ons, I have made the decision to go with one of these options.

Both will require more dedicated dental hygiene, but in the end, I honestly believe this will not only be a better solution for me, but will be instrumental in saving the rest of my lower natural teeth.

For me, this feels right. Initially, I didn’t even consider anythign but traditional partials. However since talking with my dentist, I was told the office would work with me to ensure the lowest possible self-pay costs after my new dental plan was maxed out --- and it WILL be maxed out about half way through this option.

On the flip side, my friend had all her teeth extracted two years ago. She has full, traditional upper and lower dentures and adapted well to, and pleased with, their fit and functionality.

We each have to do what is right for us. No one else can make that decision for you.

I would recommend - take as much time as you need to do the research and learn everything you can about all the options available to you, and then weigh them against your life and finances.

Once you have all the facts in place, you will know which option is best for you.

Washington, DC

#263 Mar 1, 2009
"Don't soak them in denture cleaners. When you take them out put them in plain water so that the liner doesn't dry out. Use a soft bristle brush and use it often, but not vigorously."

Oh Angel, that's not what I wanted to hear - when I do an overnight soak, they look so nice - but I guess we have to make adjustments.

Thanks for the info - I would have continued soaking without even realizing it may lessen the life expectancy of the liner.

ps. Don't laugh now - but I bought a Dora Explorer soft (baby-bristles) vibrating tooth brush and use that to clean my denture teeth each evening and morning.

I read that a standard adult brush - even a soft one - can scratch acrylic teeth and make them a breeding ground for bacteria. As peroxide destroys bacteria and fungi, I do an regular "swish" as an added precaution - will this adversely affect the soft liner?


Totally off topic: the weather guessers are predicting upwards to a foot of snow where I live. For me this is not a good thing - I hate snow!

Santee, CA

#264 Mar 1, 2009
Nancy: I have talked now to several people who have had their bottom dentures converted to snap-ins. They love them. No more wobbling, chomping on, loose dentures. They all wish they had started out with the two implants that it takes to snap them down. Implants are the same pain level as extraction. That's it. Not gonna kill you. And they can adapt your denture to fit the implants. Yes, it's a little pricey - but it is for the rest of your life .... and for your comfort. Like June said ... work with your dentist and they will work with you. I started out to have a snap in put in - even had the implants put in - now in the middle of it all, they added 2 more implants and are making permanent bridges - I am waiting for the bone to grow around the second set of implants now .... back to soft foods for awhile ...:-(

June: I have had no problems with not soaking my upper in denture clensers all night .... I keep mine clean by soaking them for about a half an hour with the cleaner and then just leave them in plain water all night. I still don't sleep in mine.(I still can't wait until bedtime so I can take them out!) And I don't use the cleaner every night either You have exceptional hygene I think. I pretty much just rinse after every meal, brush them when they are stuck down with the powder .... clean them if I need a 2nd app of the powder (I still bless the day I found that!)... I guess now that it's been 6 mos, and with this new liner, I am as comfortable as I will ever get. But I am still about 3 weeks away from getting my new snap in top .... so then, I guess that will be another adjustment. By the time I am done with both upper and lowers it will be a one year denture-venture!
Snow? Yikes! It was almost 90 here yesterday!

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