Would like to win a dental make over

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#21 Nov 1, 2007
The above post is mine* Sorry about the mix up. :)

Rosedale, MD

#22 Nov 13, 2007
I found this blog and I am writing in DESPERATE NEED OF HELP!! I am only 22 years old. A single mother for the past two years. My teeth are HORRIBE!! No dentist will help me unless I have thousands of dollars, which I do not since I am the only soul provider for my daughter. I usually only worry about her and what she needs, and I just want someone to take care of me...FOR JUST ONCE!! I can't even smile without feeling ashamed and ugly. Since the breakup with my daughter father, which ended because of abuse, I have no been myself. I just would like to feel good about myself again...Someone please help me........[email protected] om

Winnipeg, Canada

#23 Nov 26, 2007
I would love to get a smile makeover.I recently was in an abusive relationship.In which my two upper front teeth were pushed back. I went to the dentist and they pulled them forward and wired them. Now it looks like I have rabbit teeth, because when the teeth were pushed back it pulled them out longer. I would like to look normal and have my confidance back.I'm 22 years old from Winnipeg MB CANADA. My Email is [email protected] I would really like your help, THANKS!!

Heyburn, ID

#24 Dec 6, 2007
people who had a chance at having braces or straight teeth shouldnt be asking for a dental makeover. its your fault you made the choice of ruining your teeth. and now you want others to make up for your mistakes. too bad. let the rest of us who havnt had straight teeth have a chance. i didnt ruin my teeth by smoking and stuff like that in fact my teeth are white and healthy! it just sucks that they are so crowded and crooked and i dont know why.. why was i chosen to have crooked teeth. why havnt i been given that chance to smile again..........poo i dont know what to do with myself cuz i always smile with my mouth closed.

Crook, UK

#25 Dec 23, 2007
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth... I need upper front implants to bring my smile back again, Julie xXx

Wilkesboro, NC

#26 Jan 18, 2008
I would like to win a denture makeover mine is broken in the front all the way to the gums


#27 Jan 23, 2008
I had such a beautiful smile when I was younger (I am now 54), and many people would comment on how lovely it was. I even used to do some modeling. But over the years I have not had access to dental insurance and I smile no more. I have had crowns and bridgework that have broken, and I've been unable to afford restorative work. I am missing several vital molars, which makes chewing somewhat difficult. And am missing several side upper teeth, which makes smiling impossible. I have not smiled in years, just sort of a closed mouth grin. In addition, the missing molars are causing my front teeth to wear down. I am currently consulting with a dentist on a restorative plan, but I'm afraid I won't be able to afford anything more than one or two teeth, and that he'll tell me to just not bother. Forty or fifty thousand dollars is withing his budget, but not in my lifetime. There are framed pictures of his "before" and "after" patients hanging in the office. I would give anything to be a "before"! My dental "insurance" will pay a maximum of $2,000 per year. Well, no one said life is fair, right? Stress will probably kill me anyway. So, my mouth will probably stay closed.

Victorville, CA

#28 Jan 29, 2008
My bite is getting worse through the years. It started around the age of 12 and now I am 35. when I chew food I always bite the inside of my cheek. I feel uncomfortable talking to people or even looking at them. I always feel they are looking at my deformed bite. I have not been to the dentist in years because even the dentist will say bite down, then they question me if that was my normal bite. I am a single mother of four and currently have Medi cal. you can reach me at [email protected] or myspace, go under search and type in michele mekeel

Mexia, TX

#29 Jan 29, 2008
I am 36 years old and have very bad teeth. I've spent alot of money on my teeth but you can't tell. All of my fillings fall out after about 2 years. I'm a nurse and I support my family and extended family so I no money for my teeth. I have 5 teeth that need to be pulled at this time but, no money. I would love to be able to smile with pride again.
Ashley Butler

Virginia Beach, VA

#30 Jan 29, 2008
Hi, my name is Ashley. I'am 21 years old. I have had a rough life. In my younger years, my life was good. I have had braces in the past, when I was born I was without my 2 permamenet front eye teeth. After I got my braces off at 13, they gave me a retainer with 2 fake teeth to cover up my gaps until I could get to a regular dentist and get Bridges or something like that. Well when i hit 14 my mom started using drugs, lost her job, including the insurance. When I was 15,she pretty much left me and my sister to defend for ourselves. I have not been to the dentist in 7 years. 2 years ago my retainer broke,I still have no insurance and certainly not enough money to pay for dental bills. I want to start college, but my insecurities of my teeth are holding me back. If i could get some help it would be my dream. Thanks,
Daeyonkak Haliburton

Desoto, TX

#31 Feb 4, 2008
I would love to win a dental makeover. I am getting married in Riveria Mexico in Aug. I want my smile to be a beautiful one on my special day. I have an over bite and some missing teeth. I have been teased since high school of my ugly smile. Dental cost are not in my budget at this time due to trying to pay for our wedding. Getting this dental make over would cahnge my self concious about my smile. I would love to smile and people say damn you have a pretty smile!


#32 Feb 7, 2008
i have prayed for denture implants for like 20 years and this is only one of my problems i won't smile. my daughter loves the beach an dso did i till i have big red marks on my legs and i won't wear shorts only thing that could help me is a mouth makeover and i guess a leg make over and all that comes down to $$$$$ i thaink i cry 10 to 15 times a week if not more anyone can please help me.....

United States

#33 Feb 9, 2008


#34 Feb 17, 2008
please help!!
I'm a 34 year old mom who can't stand to take pictures,because i have such a horrible smile, my upper front teeth are so crooked and i'm about to be getting married in 2009 and i was recommended to put in braces but that takes to much time,and the last thing i need now is to be more ugly for two more years with braces and i don't have the money to put porcelain veneers and that is my dream please consider my request?


#35 Mar 2, 2008
Hello ,
I Am a 47 Year old Female in need of Dential Work,
I Have checked on Prices & Have really gave up
on the thought ,until i seen this site .
Thank You

Broomall, PA

#36 Mar 3, 2008
I am a 30 year young mother of three beautiful girls who I love with all my heart. My husband is currently laid off and I work at a local donut shop. I just got promoted to manager! So exciting but I am severly depressed. All my teeth have been rotting away for about 5 years. There are big chunks missing from all my teeth. I have no insurance. The amount needed just to get them pulled and get dentures is impossible for my family to come up with. I applied for medicaid. I just got the letter today that they denied me. I applied to PA's Adult Basic insurance help for low income but they do not cover dental. I want to smile. I want to kiss my husband. I won't kiss him, I could slice his tongue with these jagged things. The worst part is my teeth look odd but noone knows exactly why. I use a temporary filling material to fill in the rotted gaps in my front teeth. Then I paint over it with off white nail polish. It looks silly, but better than the real deal, rotted brown broken and cracked. I worry about my health. I am afraid of oral cancer, I am always lethargic. I can't eat, literally. Mashed potatoes, soup, and applesauce thats my diet. If any one can help me please contact me. You will never find a more appreciative person. Or one who is so scared to death of a dentist. I went so far as to write a letter to about 25 dentists all over PA 2 years ago asking for help. I was crushed when I didn't get a single response. I figured there would be at least one good person with a caring soul out there. I would give anything to be able to smile at my daughters graduation, dance recitals, band concerts, etc and not be ashamed. Please contact me if you have any ideas or help for me. Sara ::email address;  [email protected]
johnny be good

Syracuse, NY

#37 Mar 11, 2008
Hi im 28 and my teeth are terrible...i i have had cavities all my life and feel thats its partly due to my parents never teaching proper dental habits and otherwise heavy smoking and coffee/softdrink use. I have had 2 Root canals, one never crowned. I havent been to the Dentist in years and my teeth are falling apart...I have numerous cavities and most likely will need more than one root canal again. One of my teeth fell out and i fear more will if i dont do something. I have no insurance. I havent really smile in front of a camera since i cant remember and people always think i mumble and i have started to realize its cause im so embarrassed of my teeth.
I have no love life and just gave up on love cause of my self esteem mostly due to my teeth. Im smiling inside but cant outside :(. I dont want to live like this anymore. It hurts to eat and ive resorted to drinking ensure alot due to that fact. I know i cant afford to fix my teeth the right way and at this point i fear an early death cause of my mouth no pun intended. Please Help ME!!!!!

Tonkawa, OK

#38 Mar 14, 2008
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Seymour, TN

#39 Mar 18, 2008
OMG, I have alot of problems with my teeth, my husband is over seas and I went in to see what I could do while he is gone. I have had some work done and none of it matches. I have insurance but it does not cover the cosmetic work I need. Brad will be home on RNR in Aug.08 I would love to surpirise him with a new smile. He has amazing teeth and I know my teeth bother him.

New Smyrna Beach, FL

#42 Mar 26, 2008
I am the middle child of 7 kids. I needed braces severely growing up but my family could'nt afford it. When I got older i got braces put on my teeth with a credit card. Several years later they're still here. I'm way to embarrased to smile. I never smiled once as a child and teen , and as an adult I still cant smile. I'm very afraid of the damage being caused by the braces remaining on my teeth for so long. I need major help. I cry because I always hear how pretty i am but i feel so ugly . I hate it when people say smile because they will no longer think I'm pretty if they see my ugly smile . This is affecting my life in every way I'm afraid to socialize or work or have any relationships with people because I'm so insecure. Everyone always tells me I'm pretty but i wish I could see what they see.

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