How do I make my dentist fix my dentu...

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#85 Sep 8, 2010
Bonnie, thank you for your very informative post. Sounds as though you have a lot of knowledge, are you in the profession?

Having had experience on the patient end, my first denture must have been made by an inexperienced technician. The ridge down the roof of my mouth was very clear in the impression and yet the front teeth were not lined up to match with it and the teeth were way off center.

My second set looked beautiful, unfortunately they were so big there was no way, even with adhesive, that I could keep them in.

My theory is that many dentists take the impression before the post extraction swelling goes down and the result is an ill-fitting dental appliance.

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#87 Oct 14, 2010
I had a soft insert today put in my top denture. It does hold great, but very hard to get out. I am not complaining, at least I could eat today. My question is with the soft silcone, how do I clean them? Do I also need to soak them at night? Thanking you in advance.

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#88 Oct 14, 2010
Jena I had a soft reline done yesterday and was told NOT to use efferdent on them. Simply soak them in listerine and water and wash them in warm soapy water with a soft toothbrush,

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#89 Oct 14, 2010
True that! NO soaking and nothing that will damage the reline .... Just brush it and keep it clean .... It will last for a long time.

Happy for you!
Charlotte Hall

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#90 Dec 22, 2010
I have had two upper plates made in seven years. When teeth are made they do not fit from beginning have to put fixident on them they come down in front when bite on back same happens when bite down on front. Both pair has cracked in middle after a few years was unsucessful in fixing after several trys. Will not stay fixed. Cannot afford to buy another plate so I have no top teeth and choke on my food.I am 60 now with medical insurence only. What can I do.
James Haring

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#91 Mar 18, 2011
Just never ever use denture creams with zinc..such as poligrip. It will cause you nerve damage. But you can file poligrip lawsuit against GSK. Check this out.

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#92 Apr 17, 2011
I have problem dentures, too. I don't think they were made from my impression. I am going to my dentist tomorrow and he will make them good or suffer the consequences. I can ruin him in this town and I have no problem with letting him know that.

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#93 Apr 19, 2011
Wow, I am a week and a half out from having my remaining upper teeth pulled and getting a temporary upper plate. I am so fortunate that I like the way my teeth look. I have a little more gum showing than before, but having my upper lip pushed out slightly actually makes my upper lip look bigger, as it was thinning out. I am in my 50's.

I go to a dentist in NY because I trust him, even though I live in Maryland. My sister told me that he has changed labs 4 times in the last 6 years and now uses a lab that he likes and trusts. The dental lab is so important! I understand that even more than I did before from reading these posts.

He took an impression before I had my teeth pulled so they would have an accurate model of my mouth (not swollen) to makes the temps.

Although it is definitely a big adjustment (and I am very much still adjusting), I feel very fortunate that I am satisfied with how my temps look.

Sending good vibes and cyber hugs to all that are suffering. Stand up for yourself! xxx

PS: This site is the best! I was so depressed before I found this place.

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#95 Jun 23, 2011
i had dentures made about 8 months ago they were replaced the same day my teeth were pulled,and i had 4 lower teth on left and right, i can not wear the bottoms at all and the top ones are to big i have a over bite ,and i cant chew two other dentist told me that the teeth were to big,what can i do


#96 Jul 23, 2011

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#97 Jul 27, 2011
i haven't been on this site in a long time, i saw your post, wondering how it went? also, i had posted a place in daly city, ca as the best place i knew to get dentures but he is no longer there, sad because i am still trying find someone who will work WITH me on making my upper right. it SUCKS. i want to work with a tech. not go to a dentist who sends my impression to the lab. and someone who never even sees me makes a denture and hopes it's o.k. and if it isn't, most dentists don't have a clue and try to tell you it's fine and it's NOT. i have learned so much in the 20 yrs. since in ignorance i allowed a dentist to pull my remaining top teeth and get a full upper and lower partial. i still had some good teeth but not enough money to have them fixed and a partial, worst mistake of my life. if anyone knows someone down here in so. cal. PLEASE let me know, here or in e-mail [email protected] thanks.
Marjorie wrote:
I have problem dentures, too. I don't think they were made from my impression. I am going to my dentist tomorrow and he will make them good or suffer the consequences. I can ruin him in this town and I have no problem with letting him know that.

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#98 Aug 27, 2011
I'm 4 days in to having a full upper plate at the age of 26.I'm very happy with the way they look in size, color,and shape but I'm just not happy with the fit. the pain is very intense. Last night was the first night i could sleep with them out and it was a big relief but this morning it was WW3 trying to get it back in with out screaming and waking my family.

my dentist is away on a family emergency so my soft reline was preformed by his nurse yesterday. I have some very ugly looking sores all around the gums. I dont know what is normal and what is not and the nurse didnt bother to look at the sores. I dont think whitish green is a healthy color for 4 days after wearing them. I have an appt. on monday but I dont know if I want to wait that long if the pain will be like this every morning! what is normal for most this early in the game?

Santee, CA

#99 Aug 27, 2011
Whitish GREEN??? I have never heard of that ... I hope you are on antibiotics ... if not, have SOMEONE look at your mouth ..... if it is full of pus, you need attention now.... right now. The pain part is pretty normal - you should have also been given some pain pills for your use for about a week or so ... but pain with infection is definetly not normal. If you have a good fit now, and they are not rubbing, try some of that Benzodent from WalMart ... I didn't use it, but there have been many people who rave about it. I'd probably have smeared my whole denture with it and then put it in .... My mouth was always in pain, but no infection ... well, that's a lie .. I did get a yeast infection from the antibiotics ... Anyway ... have SOMEONE look in your mouth - don't wait.
Bridget Castellano

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#100 Aug 31, 2011
Two teeth fell off the dentures, Is it fixable ? Or do I have to get a new set ?
Bridget Castellano

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#101 Aug 31, 2011
Can dentures be fixed when two teeth fall off ?

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#102 Aug 31, 2011
Yes ...Your denture can be repaired - if your dentist has a lab in it, he can do it while you wait.... That's weird though .... unless you have porcelain teeth????

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#103 Sep 13, 2011
Thank you for all of the comments for my post. I DID NOT give up! I found out, from the assistant that they knew they screwed up. They had a person in the office that were making my dentures. Well, he is not doing that any longer. They FINALLY sent to an actualy lab. They fit, they are the correct color, there is suction. I have some issues, but, if I go in, then the Dr. will "grind" them, and I don't trust him. He would make them worse after four pairs! My TMJ is being affected. That is the problem at this time. I am having to pull my lower jaw back for the teeth to make proper contact. But, I won't let him touch anything. At this point, I am prepared to file a complaint with the dental association,(I can't remember what its called, but it's his license that will have a complaint filed on). My opinion is I don't care if it is "difficult" to grind, take an impression, or what ever,(to the person, who obviously is in the biz), if you don't have the art, then your in the wrong biz. I would not have you sit for me to paint a portrait of you. I don't have the art. So, in the end, it's still not a happy ending. If anyone has ever had tmj pain, you know what I am talking about. If my joint is being affected due to the teeth not fitting, then this opens an entire new can of worms. To the person who referred the dr. in Daly City Ca, I am close enough to have an opinion from the facility. Thank you. I do know I will never be "happy", that is a fact. I am sure none of you are going to be completely "happy", who want's dentures, right? But I did pay a lot of money. And I have pain, but, this guy I can say does not know what he is doing, tmj surgery, is horrible. I have seen it, can't imagine, and do not want to go through that. At this point I am not sure what to do. I WILL NOT let him touch them, the lab he actually sent them to did a good job, but, with the impression he took. sigh.....hope you all have better luck than I. and thank you again..

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#104 Sep 13, 2011
OH, to the person that two teeth fell out? Pardon my language, but screw that! I had one fall out. Demand, to make a new pair. Glue, rigging, etc. Been through it all. Dentures are not cheap, not wanted either, but we have to do what we have to do. They tried to fix my tooth that fell out, while they were making, I think my 2nd or 3rd pair. I could have glued it in and it would have looked better..........I truley believe that this line of buisiness takes an artform, either you have it or you don't. Mine does not...good luck, and don't take no for an answer....or PAY a nickel!

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#105 Sep 13, 2011
You put a lot of faith in your dentist. Make sure you pick a good one and that you trust that he will do a good job.

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#106 Sep 26, 2011
i have not checked this board for a while. so much has changed. the one person that was able to make a good denture who was in daly city is not there anymore,his name is bob storey so if it is still open, HE is not there and i have no clue who is now. he actually made the dentures himself and is a denturist but because that is supposedly not legal in ca, the dentists chased him out and i heard he went to texas. there was an article about him in the paper and it SUCKS, i drove up there from so. cal. and his was the 'only' in 20 yrs. that was good, it wore down finally and broke but i was willing to drive back up there and was going to until i found out he's gone. i just saved enough (i'm on s.s.d.i. so very fixed income) to go where i thought i could get a good upper made and it did not turn out right but i do believe it was the best he could do. i have almost lost hope. for those who don't know yet that DENTISTS don't make dentures, someone who will most likely never even see you makes them and i think that needs to change. i am looking for a lab. with someone who has an eye for denture making in so. cal. still, after all this time. size and shape and shade of teeth and that they look good on YOU is what matters. i have had a horrible time of it, seems once it is made WRONG, the next person just pretty much makes the same thing. is there a lab. in so. cal. that can make a denture and not a one size fits all??????

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