little raised balls of dry skin on scalp

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Mumbai, India

#107 Feb 13, 2014
JLJ wrote:
These little white round balls built up over time. My head started itching in high school. Could be fungal as well. Over the years the quantity has increased and the hair diameter decreased. Very annoying. At one point there was intense itching and even really weird pain. One side of my head is thinner than the other. Though this right side has started filling in at the temple. I have been topically applying and adding so many supplements in a particular regimin I can't say if it was a fluke or what it might have been. Digestion and bowel movements are a problem (lacking) and I even get sharp pain around the kidney or the adrenal (above the kidney?). I think it's to far back to be liver pain but that is possible as well. I think I have become immune or less sensitive to heat as well.

I have these things stuck at the base of my hair too(scalp) and a lot of dandruff too. I was looking for a cause and i came upon your post. What struck me in your post was the sharp pain in your chest that you describe. Is it a coincidence that i too happen to experience random sharp pain below my ribs.

If you ever manage to find a connection between these too issues or even a diagonisis to your issues, kindly let me know.

My email is: frankenchomps at gmail.

Watertown, NY

#108 Feb 13, 2014
Along w/the itchy, hard balls, I too have had kidney area pain for abt. 8 months now. They r NOT related! I do have 2mm kidney stones in both kidneys but my Urologist assured me they r not causing the pain. He diagnosed `inflammation` and prescribed `ketoprofen`. I was very worried as there was warning for heart patients (of which I am). My reg Doc agreed it is ok for me to take. It has tremendously reduced the pain already (4th day of 10 day prescrip). Sorry this doesn`t answer the ITCHY SCALP, but want U to know it is NOT related. I have tried Apple Cider Vinegar, dandruff shampoos and Tea Tree Oil. If anything, my problem is worse. Now have added psoriasis and more like blistering. My scalp seems extremely dry yet itching causes my hair to get oily quickly. All the allergy doc can say (as I also have bite-looking marks on shoulders & back) is Environmental!! Sorry, cannot help but will keep looking for an answer and let U all know if that miracle happens.

Kolkata, India

#109 Mar 31, 2014
msh wrote:
At this point I just want a name for the white oval things on my scalp and hair. Everyone I ask, including doctors and hair dressers dont know what im talking about. Im going to be doing bio-feedback soon and I hope that will tell me whats going on. If I ever know anything more I will post it.
i had the same exact thing. Thought it was dandruff. Dermatologist prescribed propynate nf lotion (high potency glucocorticosteriod) used it twice and it disappeared. I had a few bald spots and all the hair grew back. I noe its a lil extreme Bt nothin else helped! Also i hve a bad feeling it spreads..

Kolkata, India

#110 Apr 1, 2014
Just wanted to add a few things.. First off lemme start by tellin y'all y i think this spreads. You see my bf also has intense itching that he experiences especially wen he covers his head. He has a bald spot on the top of his head and scanty hair at the sides so much so that u feel u r touching his skull directly. Now wen i started having itching and hairfall .. Even the sides of my head felt the same way.(i used to hve thick hair so i knew something was terribly wrong) now abt the grain creatures.. Whenever i feel like itching the sensation is preceded by a crawling sensation.. Nd wen i itch Tht spot i get one o two of these creatures.. I got paranoid nd googled i learnt abt mites Bt these aren mites.. Another thing wen i went to my Der wit this intense itching he used this incredibly powerful camera on my scalp and immediately told i had an infestation of some kind. He prescribed perimethrin o something .. This din help.. He den prescribed propysalic nf lotion.. This helped Bt around 75% .. This is wen i suddenly remembered around two years ago i had the exact same problem nd was prescribed propynate nf lotion.. I used it twice nd it all went away.. Proves this is curable.. Also this cn spread thru bedding nd pillows even clothes.. Nd yea if someone out there cn get to see these grains under a microscope Tht d b great.. To an extent even i feel it myt b sebum (cos wen u squash em u get a waxy substance) but these damn things crawl.. Oils don really help wit the grains but they help wit hair growth.. Try Castor oil it thickens hair.. Nd yea even i get those push filled pimples like things on my scalp.. I wud like to noe if there s a specific area on Ur scalp Tht itches o Ur losing hair from.. I've seen its the sides nd the back of the head(top nd middle part which rules out alopecia)

Watertown, NY

#111 Apr 1, 2014
Reply to greasemonkey: Quite a while ago someone on this site (or another on the same subject), did take a sample of her scalp (ball?) to work and put it under the microscope. She said (and she seemed quite a credable analyst), this is nothing live. She insists it is a fungus! My scalp seems to have gotten a lot drier - I`ve tried EVERYTHING - and the itching persists, yet now it seems only in specific areas. I`m wondering why, if the lotion U got worked so well before, why r U not using it now? It sure is a mystery to many, and a miserable one at that.

Indianapolis, IN

#112 Jul 25, 2014
Hey all! It's been a looooong time since I've updated on my progress. Well, I've learned to keep myself from losing my hair and my sebum plugs are basically no-existent at this point. If i stray from my regimen things can start to act up again but really only if I'm eating sugary/starchy foods or tons of polyunsaturated nuts.

So the main things I follow:

1. Low carb (meaning around 75-150 a day, but can easily go over or under). Really it comes down to not just the number of carbs but the sources. Get them from organic, low starch veggies that are either cooked or juiced. I really only eat raw veggies once in a while and as part of a light snack nowadays. I used to eat raw veggies as the bulk of my diet and had all sorts of issues. As soon as I went to cooked/juiced veggies and quality meat I started seeing tons of improvement.

2. Organic/Grass fed/Pastured meats. Stay away from processed by all means! And look out for meats you don't prepare yourself because tons of things like sugar, breadcrumbs, nitrates etc can be hidden in there.

3. Try not to cook with fats/oils. If you're going to use coconut oil or butter (if you're not sensitive). Coconut oil is a staple in my diet and has enormous benefits. I will not touch any oils other than coconut, olive and occasionally avocado or macadamia. That's really a rarity too. I keep it simple.

Now I also bought an infrared sauna a while back and have used that once or twice a week for a while and seen a ton of benefits to my skin from it. It's kind of gross, but it will exfoliate you like none other. Wash with a loofah after in a cool shower. This will also detoxify really well, clean out your pores like crazy and help destroy dandruff really, really well. I LOVE this thing. They're decently cheap too. This is the one I got:

I also stopped using conventional shampoo altogether and will either use and organic shampoo or organic bar soap. I always end a shower cold for at least a few minutes on my scalp.

Topically I really only apply olive oil a couple nights a week. Sometimes I mix it with lugols iodine. during the day I sometimes massage my scalp and exfoliate lightly a little bit occasionally with a comb. I don't even think this would be necessary if I didn;t stray from my diet sometimes or if I sauna'd a little more often.

That's the meat and potatoes of my regimen. It's worked amazingly. 0 dandruff. Hope you're all doing well!

Indianapolis, IN

#113 Jul 25, 2014
Oh and I also recently started a blog that will track my progress from now on. I've basically stopped my hair loss at this point and thickened it up, but I want to regrow my hair. Like all of it! It's so relieving to not have to worry about the dandruff and sebum plug aspect of it anymore and I'm cool with the hair I have, but I'm very very confident that balding can be stopped and reversed naturally and I want to show others the progress I've made and hope to continue to make in the future. Stop by and read it if you'd like!

Thanks to everyone who's posted and followed this thread as well. It's very comforting having the support of others out there! I hope everyone's been having some success with this issue and hope that what I've learned can help others as well!
Somebodythatiuse dtoknow

United States

#114 Sep 14, 2014
nolan wrote:
hey I know I have the same thing as most of you and was just wondering if there was an actual name for this and mabey a good shampoo that I can get.
and for any one els stay away from head and shoulders, nutragina Tgel, they made the oil balls really bad for me.
Hey I can tell you to NOT use Dove Oxygen/Moisture for fine hair. I'm a swimmer and I find that clarifying shampoos help a lot as I also have a really oily scalp. I use Suave daily clarifying and it rids your hair of oil, but doesn't damage it.

Belfast, UK

#115 Sep 15, 2014
Concerned mom wrote:
Hey Doc... My poor 12 yr old son has developed this too n he does have acne, so have u had any more luck with ur research? I hate this prob cuz it appears like lice n im afraid people in school will see those balls in his hair n freak! He doesnt need anymore trouble as middle schools hard enough! Thanks for ur research n KEEP IT UP & FIND A CURE! Thanks!!
<quoted text>
Did you ever get anything to help? I have had the same problem for about 20 years but with no solutions.

Hollywood, FL

#116 Nov 28, 2014
I have the same thing omg but im 13 and i don't want my mom to think I have lice

Allentown, PA

#118 Jan 19, 2015
I got them after I had head lice and I used some pretty harsh products on my hair to killed them so it's probely just dandruff but mine feel like sand but break easily so I'm not sure

East Hartford, CT

#120 Sep 2, 2015
I have the same thing but it's weird because mine is REALLY hard I have to scratch them off and when I take
one of I feel like I'm bleeding but I'm not it always happens
When I do my relaxer (it makes my hair soft my hair is
Normally puffy) is this a disease or something tell me now

Singapore, Singapore

#121 Sep 11, 2015
Hi All, I am new to this forum but not new with this problem.
I too have this little raised balls in my scalp, but that was due to the dandruff and severe itching problem many years ago. Tried many shampoos and hair oil, showered and washed hair everyday still dandruff problem didn't stopped. Even if I stop hair wash couple of days I can see white flakes and hair fall increase.
To make things worse, slowly dandruff started to spread in forehead also. First I felt the itching and want to scratch my forehead harshly and then hair loss increase in that area. Again tried different shampoos but no result, even if I stop using shampoos it get worst.
Finally I got a natural and herbal powder (no chemical), that solved the my dandruff problem, my hair look healthy also. Using this almost for 6 months, and things really getting better now and surprisingly hair fall stopped totally and hair growth increased in eye brow also.
Contact me : , will share my experience and to solve the dandruff problem.
stephaniecovingt on65

Belvidere, IL

#122 Dec 2, 2015
What is them little black balls that fall from my scalp and my scalp is itching.

Singapore, Singapore

#123 Jul 22, 2016
been having this sebum plug problems for the past years. whenever i scratch them off, i get little skin flakes all over the area that i've been scratching. i don't have dandruff problems, but can anyone tell me if this is a kind of dandruff?

how do i stop these from happening?

Keller, TX

#124 Aug 15, 2016
I'm 13 and have these white flakes appear on my hair I am very anxious of wether I should be worried or not I can easily flick or rub the grains off PLEASE HELP!


#126 Sep 18, 2016
Lebron wrote:
Well, basically the problem stems from the overproduction of sebum. I've gotten the problem under control, but not completely cured. I had a bad dandruff problem which I believe was primarily from a fungal infection (there are many different claims as to what causes dandruff. The logical/short answer to what causes it is... different things in different cases.)

I got rid of the dandruff, which is ALMOST completely gone, by using a specific diet including not mixing certain foods and eating all natural, mostly organic foods. I cut out most meat and stuck to primarily raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and grains/beans prepared through sprouting and low heating them.

I believe this helped a lot with the sebum problem as well.

More importantly than this I used a combination of powdered herbs including plantain leaf, oregano, ginger, turmeric, etc. as well as spraying a tincture I bought online on my scalp each night before bed.

If you want more details on this email me. If you can't find my email just ask for details and I'll either find yours or just explain on here.

NOW, this tincture was alcohol based so it did not help with the sebum problem very much, but instead seemed to dry the sebum and cause a few more of these. I had to stick it out, but now the dandruff is almost gone.

I also did not shampoo for about a month which I believe cause the sebum production to slow. It was tough because I had to rinse my scalp 3,4,5 sometimes 6 times a day, but it worked.

Your best bet is to follow this last bit of info and then use an organic shampoo (not all organics are created equally- decent ones are aubrey, miessence... just take the time to read the ingredients and look for one that has no sulfates or anything like that and no alcohol or alcohol derivatives)

Oh, and try going back and forth from warm water to cold water, ending your rinse with cold water.

Take what you will from this ramblefest. Sorry it's so convoluted.

P.S.- there are many other things you can do to decrease oil production/keep your scalp healthy. A lot of times you can use common sense (e.g. drink more water)
Hi, this is so much like the problem I been having for a year. Can't believe my specialist dermatologist, could not tell me what the problem was. Thought was only one with such a problem in the world.

Gonna try does shampoos.

Thanks for posting this out.

Wichita, KS

#127 Oct 22, 2016
Uhhhh, seems that I have the same problem but..... my balls are crust like and are brown, and they reappear in the same spot everyday

Norwich, UK

#129 Nov 27, 2016
I had threes grain in my hair and first used so fungi shampoo then a tar shampoo and it's defo got rid of it.

Boston, UK

#131 Jan 13, 2017
I have yellow/white balls come off-when I run my fingers through my hair I can feel all the loose bumps and my hair can be itchy - thought it was headlice but now I'm having second thoughts. My hair has recently been getting greasier quicker? Not sure what it is

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