little raised balls of dry skin on scalp

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#22 Jan 26, 2010
Matts... I believe I had a slight increase in the amount of sebum plugs initially, but I think that was because the tincture I was using was drying out my scalp and hair while killing the infection I had. This was prob from the alcohol content(it's called "miracle splash" by the way, and I got it from Wind River Herbs. I had to call and specially request it because they don't sell it on their website) If I could do it again I might try appplying some olive oil once every other day or every couple of days to keep my scalp moisturized while fighting the infection. I do this now, as I'm using minoxidil to try to regrow some hair fast. Try it out and see how it goes. If the itch isn't subsiding with the olive oil, try not using it and sticking to just the tincture. I know what worked for me, but I had to go through a phase of terrible looking and feeling hair because it was so dry. It's much better now, but I have to keep up on moisturizing and washing it frequently with just cold water. BTW, make sure you you do this exact thing while not shampooing. You must keep the oil off your scalp by rinsing with cold water.(need good water pressure too) This also helps to stop oil glands from producing too much. Sorry if I'm rambling on nonsensically, but I'm in a very big rush. Hope this helps. If not ask me for some clarification and I'll get to it later.

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Whistler, Canada

#23 Feb 4, 2010
Hi Lebron,
Thank you very much for your reply. It's such an annoying problem to have and I'm really trying to get it to go away. I'm trying different topical things like apple cider vinegar diluted 50% with water, which doesn't seem to work. I will try to use the olive oil though, although I think my scalp produces enough oil to keep it moisturized. I will try to look into the miracle splash as well, and see if that helps any.
I actually started to see a naturopath about it, and I've been on a no yeast (so no bread or beer) and a no dairy diet for a bout a week now. She also recomended omega 3 fish oil which actually seems to help quite alot to sooth the itch. I'm also limiting sugar. Hopefully within a month it will be much better. I've been a week as of now without washing my hair, just rinsing it in cool water, and it is very oily looking, as im not using any tincture with alcohol in it that would dry it up. I'm not sure if the oil and sebum are the best for the hair, but hopefully when I do wash it, my scalp wont produce as much oil....I tried a few weeks back to go without not washing but I just couldn't do it. Now I'm thinking i'm gonna try to go for two weeks and then see what happens.
How many times a week do you wash your hair now after going through that one month? Did the scalp oil really decrease after your process? Have you seen any of the hair that you lost grow back at all?

Humble, TX

#25 Mar 17, 2010
I am so glaf to see other people have the same problem as well. I figured it was sebum and I did some research on it. So far the only thing that's worked for me is the Nizoral AD shampoo. It might be a temporary solution but it has greatly reduced my hair loss also.(My hair was falling at an excessive rate everyday-it was scary) It is rather expensive but it is DEFINITELY worth giving a try.

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#26 Mar 20, 2010
I have this same problem, for years now. What are those little white oval things on our scalps? I also have intense itching with this. As of right now I have about half the amount of hair I used to. Ive tried all the over the counter shampoos and some prescription shampoos for fungus, nothing gets rid of these things. I tried to do an apple cider vinigar rinse but for some reason the smell staying on my scalp for weeks, even though I wash my hair every other day. Ive seen a dermatologist and he didnt know what I was talking about. I just need a name for this so I can research it and get rid of it. Ive read about so many people having this but no one ever knows what it is exactly, just alot of good guesses.

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#28 Mar 22, 2010
msh - If you have "intense itching" then you probably have a lot of inflammation going on, most likely stemming from bacteria, fungus and/or a hormone imbalance. I would suggest trying what I'm talking about. Two of the ingredients in miracle splash are cayenne pepper and ACV, but it has other very helpful herbs. I works great to bring down inflammation initially. The only problem is that it can be too drying with long term use, especially without some kind of moisturizing technique like using olive oil. If you can buy some it will be very helpful. If not, try just doing the cayenne pepper water. You can also soak the cayenne pepper in ACV or olive oil and use it that way. Just a way of consolidating remedies.
Scalp massage also relieves itch pretty well. It works best by pushing hard on you scalp and massaging somewhat strongly in circular motions. The only problem is that if your hair is falling extremely easily right now, you may accidently shake some lose. However, if you have the willpower to see them fall and continue with the massages it will benefit you. Remember that hair lost CAN grow back stronger.
Also, cold water in the shower will reduce inflammation and keep your hair from falling as easily. It also reduces sebum production after stripping away oil from showering with hot water/shampooing. I consistently rinsed my scalp with cold water throughout the day when I initially addressed the problem. It helped tremendously.

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#31 Mar 22, 2010
I'm having trouble posting right now for some reason. I have a second part of my last post that I can't get to psot without cancelling out my other post. Weird...

Anyway, I feel like my posts are a little hard to follow. I don't really proof read or reorganize. Just type my thoughts and go from there. So, I'm thinkin I'm going to put together an ebook so I can lay it out my method for controlling this problem in a much more easy to understand, organized way.

Would anybody be interested in this?

I'll let you guys know once it's finished, but feel free to ask me to clarify anything else you're confused on.

Boston, MA

#32 Apr 7, 2010
At this point I just want a name for the white oval things on my scalp and hair. Everyone I ask, including doctors and hair dressers dont know what im talking about. Im going to be doing bio-feedback soon and I hope that will tell me whats going on. If I ever know anything more I will post it.


#33 May 16, 2010
hey i have the same problem and I have found a natural semi solution. Rub olive oil on your scalp for 20 minutes, you should massage your head skin as much as you can, then let the oil remain on your skin and hair for another hour and wash it off.
The oil sticks to th white balls and removes them for 3 to 4 weeks.

United States

#34 May 20, 2010
I have the same problem I have like lil flakes that fall out my head

Chennai, India

#35 May 25, 2010
yes,i have similar problem.when i scratch my scalp i find grains like is little oily though.Tried all shampoos and dandruff sahampoo. nothing has worked till now.

Washington, DC

#36 Aug 16, 2010
Hi lebron! thanks so much for all the helpful advice!!! it seems i have the same problem as most of the responders do. i have no dandruff but am experiencing tremendous hair-loss along my temple as a result of the raised white balls (or so i think). i would definitely be interested in the e-book! any suggestions about the hair thinning and hair loss? also what is the tincture you put on?

thanks a bunch!
Lebron wrote:
I'm having trouble posting right now for some reason. I have a second part of my last post that I can't get to psot without cancelling out my other post. Weird...
Anyway, I feel like my posts are a little hard to follow. I don't really proof read or reorganize. Just type my thoughts and go from there. So, I'm thinkin I'm going to put together an ebook so I can lay it out my method for controlling this problem in a much more easy to understand, organized way.
Would anybody be interested in this?
I'll let you guys know once it's finished, but feel free to ask me to clarify anything else you're confused on.

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#37 Aug 17, 2010
IT's called Miracle Splash. You can get it from Wind River Herbs, but have to call them to order it. It's not on the website.

My scalp did increase in # of these at first. I have found applying coconut/olive/emu oil after miracle splash is essential to keeping the scalp moisturized while fighting the infection.

Check out

By using the search function or typing into google "sebum"

You'll find answers to all of your questions regarding sebum, hair loss, scalp and general health.

Please don't post and ask questions without browsing through for a long while to understand everything first. Chances are almost definite that whatever question you have will have been addressed before and the momentum of the forum has taken it to theoretical levels far beyond the basics of sebum/DHT/hairloss/dandruff.

Just read through and get a good understanding of how it all works before posting.

This forum present an alternative method towards treating hair loss. If it's for you, awesome. If you decide it's all BS and want to trust in the FDA drugs please don't bash these alternative methods and push these drugs. We're all in this together and most on the forum have chosen not use these drugs (most because of experience).

Hope it helps!

Carmichael, CA

#38 Oct 27, 2010
hi everyone,

I have a very similar probelm as Anika, the only difference is that I have black balls on my scalp. I also have dandruff. My head is not itchy but I found quite a few balls already. They are hard, shiny and black. Could anybody help me?

Neptune, NJ

#39 Oct 29, 2010
Miracle Splash. You can get it from Wind River Herbs, but have to call because it's a Kal Sellers product and they can't advertise it on the site. I couldn't stop washing without taking care of the fungal problem. And by not washing I mean not using shampoo. I would rinse frequently with cold water to get the sebum productio down. I feel that diet is strongly related to sebum production though. Try to avoid foods that spike blood sugar and insulin. That means sugar and carbs. Also digestion is key. Sprouted grains and legumes should be the only carbs you ingest besides raw vegetables.

Neptune, NJ

#40 Oct 29, 2010
I don't what's wrong with this forum but sometimes I don't see my posts, and I get messages saying someone has responded and I see old posts. Sorry for answering the same questions again Diana. To address yours, I really don't know. Could just be dirty sebum plugs. Do you sye your hair? Or use anything that could stain? If not I really don't know.

Peterlee, UK

#41 Nov 13, 2010
most here just speak about the problem but does anyone with the solution. i am in my forties and suffered from this white sebum ball problem since i was 17 and now most my hair gone. sad that i never found the cause so could not do any treatment

Antioch, TN

#42 Nov 22, 2010
Hey all!

My sister and I have had this for a few years now. We are in our late 20s. We would "pick" these white balls (grain/salt size) and would be "obsess" when we found one. It's like finding a treasure with the biggest one is good. Not so much! Yes, it's very insane. She is a little embarrass about it. Now, I would run my fingers in my boyfriend's hair trying to pick these things. I got him to do it now :/ I'm just curious what these are called. Thank you, Lebron for all your postings. I have tried to come up with an explanation on how they develop and why we get them. I had to chuckle a bit when Lebron said, the more we "picked" the more we will have to "pick". So true. I didn't know this is associated with hair loss. I don't notice a lot of my dry scalp, but just these white stuff imbedded in the scalp or sometimes just about to come off. The are more pronounced around my hair, temple, and crown. Thank you all for your postings as they made me come into light with this condition. I noticed that they can sometime be seen or be felt on your back and/or skin in general. Are these they same?


#43 Dec 18, 2010
Hi, sorry I haven't posted for a while. How is everyone getting on with their white gritty balls? Mine still get me down from time to time. I think Ive had mine since I was 17 and now I'm 32. I spent a few yrs thinking they were nits because all the websites described nits in the same way. I never found any creepy things but i used nit lotion obsessively for a few yrs. I think i may have caused damage to my body because nit lotion is soo strong. I went to two different trichologists. One said it was seborrhea and the other seborheac dermatitis. Either one is basically excess sebum. To know this was a relief because the embarassment of thinking u had nits was awful. I was sooo anxioys for a long time about it. My hair is thin but it always has been so don't know if I have suffered with hair loss. Perhaps a bit. I think the hardest thing is that not many people know what it is. My mum had it when she was my age but said it eventually disappeared. I guess u just want it to go :-S hope we can stick together in this :-)

Chicago, IL

#44 Dec 23, 2010
Thanks guys so much, now I don't feel like I'm alone with this problem.. I thought it was head lice, since my niece just had it. But I guess not, it's worse at least head lice goes away.. I feel so weird cause I'll start "picking" and can't stop. I wish it'll just go away :(

San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago

#45 Jan 6, 2011
Lebron, thanks for your posts. It really helps to know that others are plagued by this! But is there a medical term for this so that I can check a dermatologist? And what product can I find in the drugstore might you recommend, apart from the natural stuff - because I am not sure I can find all those ingredients.

Thanks again

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