How I FINALLY stopped my dandruff...

Bangkok, Thailand

#52 Nov 25, 2013
Bought one bottle of Nizoral Shampoo containing 2% of Ketoconazole two months ago. I can tell you that my husband's scalp conditions pretty much disappeared.

As mentioned, I guess you can try to use Nizoral shampoo 2% Ketoconazole.

I got Nizoral Shampoo from
But there are many other websites offering nizoral products, as you can do an internet research and you will find lots.

Peakhurst, Australia

#53 Dec 2, 2013
So I've had dandruff since I was in grade 4 and now I'm in grade 9... So I've had it for many years and its not going. I went to my family doctor and he told me to buy head an do I put this nicely? THAT SHIT DIDN'T WORK FOR ME! and it also didn't work for my friends that have dandruff. Then I went again and he prescribed me many, many and many medications to get rid of it but some would get rid of my dandruff for about a week or two but then it would come back really bad! The my mum said I have dandruff because I have long really really really really thick hair! It's so thick that you can nit blankets with every couple strings! So after all the trimming an thinning my hair the dandruff was still there but this time much more. So basically I never go to have a " how I finally stopped my dandruff" story :( I honestly wish I did but this very minute my hair is itchy and I have a really bad case of dandruff and its embarasaing since in in highschool and yeah... And I can't have showers every single day because the water here is very expensive! So I have a shower on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday afternoons when I come back from sport... It's embarrassing and very very itchy which makes me look like I have lice when really it's just dandruff!

Bangalore, India

#54 Dec 20, 2013
Suffered from extremely itchy dandruff for almost a decade, tried so many options (morr 3% solution, tablets as prescribed by docs,,,,,,home remedies such as vinegar, curd,hibiscus flowers lime etc ) but it was all temp and finally read that dandruff could be caused by fungal infection of the scalp...
searched and found this wonder substance called borax ...mixed this borax(40 mule borax) powder with curd and oil ,,, applied on the scalp, massaged for about 2-4 minutes and left it for about 1 hour....
tried this for 2 times a week and found instant relief......the most important is borax :)

Ashford, UK

#55 Feb 21, 2014
Here's a really great product that has helped me and thousands of others get rid of their dandruff for good! Definitely worth at least checking out, no harm in looking!

I know how embarrassing and irritating having dandruff can be. I've finally got rid of it and I hope you all can too!
Sid Murad


#56 Feb 23, 2014
hilary wrote:
i have had dandruff for about 9 months and have been to the dermatologist twice. he prescribed me clobex, dermasmoothe, and 2% nizoral shampoo, neutrogena t-sal, t-gel. everything worked (except for the neutrogena products), but the day i stopped using whatever product, the dandruff came back. during this time i also noticed an unusual amount of hair falling out in the shower and my hair getting thinner.
desperate, i tried apple cider vinegar as a cure, and i am happy with the results. i have been doing this for about 2 weeks now and i see a major difference. pour some apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle, saturate your hair with it and massage it into your scalp. leave it in for at least 15 minutes, and then wash out with a shampoo that does NOT contain sls (sodium laureth sulfate).
best of luck!
Is your hair still falling out and getting thinner?

Melbourne, Australia

#57 Feb 28, 2014
At the end of the day it varies depending on what sort of hair you have. I had a dandruff problem for a while. I tried a lot of things and in the end it was using a combination of tips from different websites that helped. I used a lot of the info on to help me out. However there is no right way, just try different methods because what works for one person may not for you.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#59 Mar 18, 2014
Dandruff can be caused by shampoo also! Have you guys seen this videoon dandruff? What do you think?

Franklin, MA

#60 Apr 8, 2014
Thnx so much i will try this tonight because of course I'll finish homework and then try head and shoulders because I have it! Thnx hope this works because the another girls are making fun of me and stare at my head instead of my eyes!

Boston, MA

#62 May 13, 2014
I had so much dandruff and nothing helped for years. Last year my friend introduced me to Epoch Ava Puhi Moni Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and it stopped my problems within days! I am obsessed with this product! I buy products online at using a code US00321541 to get 30 percent off. You guys should try it and be amazed! Good part about it is that the product is refundable if it doesnt work.

Surrey, Canada

#63 May 18, 2014
This is a great remedy but for girl it is a lot of work to have to wash ur hair everyday. Especially if u also straighten your hair.

North Sydney, Australia

#64 Jul 13, 2014
Apply cider vinegar 100% diluted in 50/50 with water. Apply it on the scalp and wash your hair as usual. Wait for result. It will work wonders.
I am happy to share my knowledge to help other people. All the best.

Edinburgh, UK

#65 Aug 22, 2014
I have suffered with dandruff for the last 10 years, back and forth to doctors with different creams, shampoo and something called bettamouse that burnt my scalp. I told the docs I think its psoriasis, they were adamant it was dermatitis and then last year I saw a consultant who said I should join a psoriasis support group. A friend of mine told me to try a free sample of his aloe and jojoba shampoo conditioner and also using topical aloe gelly and propolis cream for any sores.

I can confidently tell you that my scalp 95% of the time is completely clear now after using it every day. The way I did is this: Wash hair every day, when it clears up then wash every other day. I do occasionally get the odd flare up but now I have natural products to keep it at bay that is no problem.

I am from the UK so not sure if they have stock in your country but please check officialforeverliving(.)com (remove the dot).

They also offer 60 day money back guarantee for peace of mind so there is no risk, either it works and helps you clear your problems or you can send it back for full refund.

Edinburgh, UK

#66 Aug 22, 2014
If anyone would like more info feel free to contact me.

Fort Worth, TX

#67 Oct 4, 2014
Phil wrote:
You need to try the professional products from . I have been using their products for 20 years. They just came out with a new series called the professional line. Try them and you will not be dissapointed.
WOT reputation is non-existant to that site. BEWARE!

Cairo, Egypt

#68 Dec 9, 2014
U didnt really got rid of ur dand., u r washing them everyday, so just dont see them, big difference!!
Dan Druff

Dublin, Ireland

#71 Jan 31, 2015
Now that I'm dandruff free here's what i did:
Drinking diluted ACV.
Eating lots of fruits everyday.
Eating a pineapple every second day.
Soaking hair in ACV for 20-30 minutes then rinsing.
Soaking hair in fresh raw pineapple juice for 20-30 minutes then rinsing.
Do either of the rinses twice a week for 3 weeks then once a month
ACV destroys candida, yeast and fungus , it aids in removing dead skin and is anti inflammatory.
The reason pineapple works is because it has a digestive enzyme called bromelain.
Bromelain eats dead away dead skin cells literally, by breaking down the amino acids,
leaving healthy skin undamaged.
Creams containing bromelain are even being used on burn victims pre op for skin grafts.
Haven't had dandruff or an itchy scalp for over a year now.

Nador, Morocco

#72 Feb 10, 2015
How To Treat Dandruff In Children?
Dandruff in children can be caused by stress, fungus, allergies, vitamin deficiency or a lack of personal hygiene. But what if the regular hair washing medicated shampoos for dandruff does not help?

Rego Park, NY

#73 Mar 7, 2015
You cant use any products that have alcohol! I used to get the worst dandruff also, but you really have to use products that dont contain any alcohol. I used to have the dryest scalp - that used to I use the somaluxe argan oil - on my scalp too. They say dont use oil on your scalp, but this argan oil is the only thing that stops my dandruff...i use the somaluxe over my hair and even put some on my scalp and it totally moisturuzes it and keeps the flakes away. Its totally natural and alcohol free and was a life saver for me

Since: Feb 15


#74 Mar 20, 2015
David wrote:
Hi -- I have had terrible dandruff problems from the time I was pre-adolescent. It was a source of terrible embarrassment, not to mention great discomfort.
I have tried every type of shampoo, tried changes in my diet -- all to no avail. So what finally worked? It was really simple:
Making sure I wash my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY.
My theory: Dandruff (at least in my case) is an autoimmune response to the oils on the scalp. Hence, when you wash away the oils, the problem stops.
My recommendation:
1) Wash with hot water and shampoo (as opposed to cold water or no shampoo), because these will remove the oils and help loosen any flakes.
2) Vigorously comb out the flakes, rinse, and repeat.
3) Start out by washing the hair twice in a 24-hr period. Do this for 1-3 days.(This is the scalp-healing phase)
4) From then on make sure you wash your hair EVERY DAY.
I literally have never known what it's like to be dandruff-free until now. It is a fantastic feeling to be able to run my hands through my hair and not see ANY flakes falling to the ground. And it didn't require any expensive, specialty shampoos -- just a bit of self-discipline.
I hope this provides some relief to dandrff sufferers out there.
Best of luck, David
If my dandruff becomes serious, I will take your advice.
Navi malik

Kurukshetra, India

#75 May 23, 2015
Respected sir/mam , i am naveen malik . I am suffring from dandruff from before 2 year . Now i want to ask u can it completely stop it . If stopping is possible , how stop ?.and1 more thing , can my hair loss from dandruff before 2 year will come again ?

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