How I FINALLY stopped my dandruff...

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#24 Jan 13, 2012
I agree with the article. Using hot water to wash hair works well and also washing your hair everyday. I have been using proactive dandruff sampoo. I mix it with water and apply it and leave it on my scalp for five to ten minutes. Then I rinse with HOT to WARM water for another 5 minutes, making sure all is rinse out well. ALso dont apply conditioner to scalp only to hair and ends.

Jacksonville, FL

#25 Sep 23, 2012
i am 55 years old and have had extreme dandruff ( on and off - mostly on ) for over 20 years - i tried everything i could - shampoos - juices such as onion and garlic and other things ... i also have been having severe digestive pains and troubles the entire 20 years - things i don't want to describe - i also was tired all the time and felt the need to take naps frequently during the day - my skin was also sensitive dry and flaky to shaving etc

fortunately a few months ago - i started an alkaline diet - i found a food chart and i cut out all colas - coffee etc and limit the amounts of grains and meats

within 1 week ( ONE WEEK ) my dandruff completely disappeared - my stomach and gut pains and the indescribable problems ceased - i now have energy and good feeling that i have not had in over 10 years - my skin is no longer dry and sensitive - i lost 10 pounds from 195 to 185 and i eat plenty - not hungry at all ever ...

i say - try it - you will not only like it - you will love it

Kendall Park, NJ

#26 Sep 23, 2012
Another good remedy is apply besan flour with tumeric (Take one table soon of besan flour and half teaspon of tumeric), add water and make into a very thin liquidy paste. When washing hair, wet hair and apply this first, rinse out and shampoo and condition as usual. If you have longer hair it may tangle but just go slow and be patient.

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#27 Oct 10, 2012
Hi, I'm Jane.
Can I do an interview with you about dandruff?

For my research paper.

Thanks a lot.


#28 Oct 18, 2012
I’ve got a problem with my scalp too. It is so greasy and flakes are shedding on my shoulder. I’ve tried many dandruff shampoos but it didn’t work at all. Help, what should I do?

Everett, WA

#30 Dec 31, 2012
EcoCare makes a natural plant based shampoo called Ceasze? It's wonderful and works great.:)

Basildon, UK

#31 Jan 24, 2013
I have terrible dandruff since 4-5 years. tried thousands of medical and herbal products but nothing didn't work well. I have been to dermatologist 2wice and she prescribed me a shampoo and a hair gel. Whenever I use them they work for while but for long. Need some suggestions.

Brooklyn, NY

#32 Jan 30, 2013
juan wrote:
hey when ever u had dandruff did hair fall out too??? plz email me to [email protected]
I never had dandruff befor until I aquired this other fibrous looking stuff. Even If I do get rid of the dandruff, the fibers still
keep appearing. It also itches.Yes ,my hair falls out like crazy, and so does my cats fur, and he has the same crud, and my birds feathers are falling out and the bird has the same weird stuff on his feathers too. I am completely at a loss. The only info I got from a Dr. was severe anemia. But I was anemic in the past, and never saw this stuff befor, nor does anemia explain the animals having the same stuff. I wonder if it is fungal? How do I get rid of it?
Linda Maurent

Los Angeles, CA

#33 Mar 1, 2013
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#35 May 6, 2013
YOU JUST dry skin cream and rub it on your head

Kendall Park, NJ

#36 May 6, 2013
For oil dandruff use amway revitalizing shampoo its the best one I have used ever. Repeat twice and rinse very well with hot to warm water for five minutes

Kendall Park, NJ

#37 May 6, 2013
Avoid nuts, dairy products, coconut and avocado. I noticed that my dandruff gor worse when I ate those items.

Roanoke, VA

#38 May 21, 2013
Hi Friends ,
my hair is falling from last 4 months .. I have taken Doctor' treament but dint help it .. now i am using Coconut oil & Awla & shikakai oil but still my hair falls a lot & i have dnadruff as well i dnt know what to do?????

York, UK

#40 May 23, 2013
My name is Daniel Druff, my friends call me Dandruff

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#42 May 30, 2013
The apple cider vinegar worked for me. I usually spray apple cider vinegar diluted with water (50/50) 15mins before i wash my hair and ever since my dandruff stop. ACV has natural antibacterial property so i think that did the trick..
Some Guy

Arlington, TX

#46 Jul 8, 2013
I've had dandruff for a couple years... It doesn't itch but I lose my hair along with some flakes and it annoys me... Does anyone have any suggestions? Oh and I use Head and shoulders...
John Green

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#47 Jul 18, 2013
Dandruff can be caused by hardness and chlorine in water as well.
Especially if you have sensitive skin.
These things can really dry out scalps.

You can remove them very easily by installing a shower filter (if you're in the UK you can get one from ).

This should help a lot.
Daddi Digital

Indianapolis, IN

#48 Aug 6, 2013
I am a heavy dandruff guy...have been for a black man, my hair requires the presence of natural oils for hair health, thus I cannot shampoo my hair every day. Additionally, much like a previous user has said and the reason I post this,while I understand the embarrassment of shoulderfuls of dandruff, we all need to understand and respect that dandruff is not something to be demonized as it is a natural part of the body's skin shedding process...same as the rest of the body....the approach of bombarding the scalp with chemical after chemical needs to be considered in light of what you are trying to can no more rid the scalp of dandruff than you can rid your body of dying skin's what the body does...I just want to address the perception of dandruff as a pathology instead of seeing it as the natural body process that it is...I know many, including myself that use natural remedies, some of which are suggested here that work...but I think the expectation needs to be reset to manage dandruff, not eradicate it...just my two cents...the conversation of eliminating dandruff from the scalp is the same as seeking to eliminate the need of taking showers to slough dead skin from the rest of your body....think about it....
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#50 Oct 2, 2013
sir, i am facing problem with dandruff very much will you able to help me

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#51 Oct 30, 2013
For those of you who are experiencing hair loss in addition to dandruff, get your Thyroid Stimulating Hormone levels checked. Both dandruff and hair loss are often present in hypothyroidism.

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