waterfall d mannose for cystitis relief


#43 Apr 26, 2008
Mano-Max D-Mannose can be purchased in bulk from
They are friendly, prompt, less expensive than most, and VERY nice to do business with.

Cleveland, OH

#44 May 24, 2008
I've had a bladder infection for over a year now. I'm only 18 years old, and got my first infection after having sex. I took many courses of antibiotics. For the first 2-3 times the antibiotics worked, but recently it seems like nothing helps. I have tried everything. I have tried D-mannose and it doesn't seem to help me either. I guess everyone's body works different. If anybody knows of any other natural remedies for UTI please post them here. Thanks :)

Chicago, IL

#45 Jun 24, 2008
I found D-Mannose on the Internet about 4 months ago, after getting my 3rd UTI in 3 months and being told by my doctor that "your body is resistant to Cipro" so she was putting me on a new antibiotic. That freaked me out and I ordered D-Mannose out of desperation. I have been very happy with it ever since and wish there was more awareness of this cure.

The only brand/type of D-Mannose I have personally tried is Now Foods 500mg capsules. I have ordered them from www.luckyvitamin.com which seems to have low prices, and I also bought them in person from a health food store. Now Foods, a US company, has a website too: www.nowfoods.com

Prevention: Taking 1 dose (3 caps) a few times a week and/or whenever I start to feel any sort of discomfort was enough to keep me clear of UTIs for the past 4 months.

As a cure: When I went on vacation for a week I didn't bring the caps -- big mistake -- and quickly developed a full-blown uti, with pain and bleeding. I thankfully bought the last bottle of D-Mannose for $35 from the local health food store -- way more than I pay online but also well worth it since I couldn't even get to my doctor. By taking 3-cap dose every 2 hours for the first 2 days, then every 3 hours for the next 2 days, then every for hours for the last 2 days, my UTI was completely gone.

To sum up: D-Mannose has fully cured an acute UTI for me. I believe D-Mannose has also worked in preventing my UTIs. This is a great alternative to antibiotics and I wish more people knew about it! As far as I can tell from online and my experience, this is a 100% safe & natural treatment with no side effects, and has even worked for people whose lab results show no sign of infection (although scientifically it is only "supposed" to work on e coli infections).

Trenton, OH

#46 Aug 14, 2008
I am a 60 year old female who has been plagued with uti since I was 20 yrs old. Have had 5 cystoscopes & ivp's done with no help from them. Have also had IC for the past 10 years. My uti's were almost every other month. I would take Cipro and make sure sure it had cleared up but would come back again. didn't like taking antibiotics . Last urologist wanted to put me on Cipro straight for 6 months and I said NO and never went back. That was when I found d-mannose on the internet when I couldn't sleep at nite because of the pain. I started with a brand that comes in a small jar from health food store , seemed to work ok but now I have found clear tract powder and really prefer that. I do not work for them, but wish I did because I would make a great sales rep, I believe in it so much. I have been on it for 6 months and only have had 1 uti and that started up soon after I had missed my nitely dose. I take 1/2 tsp every nite before bed. My IC has gone away also.
Have always had bleeding gums & very heavy tartar build up on my teeth. At last cleaning, they asked me what I had been doing because no bleeding and hardly no tartar.. Does anyone know of a connection between d-mannose & gum health? Would also like to hear about any other health benefits of d- mannose. I have done anything different except take that. clear tract is only available online but only similar d-mannose powders can be found in health food stores. personally I think the powders are better then the pill forms.. Waterfall is another good brand I believe but shipment to USA would cost you more. I know I will continue to take it daily as a preventive measure for the rest of my life. Just wish I had found out about it 40 years ago . Would have saved me alot of money, pain , trips to the dr and ill effects from taking strong antibiotics . I took so many antibiotics I built up an allergy to macrobid and bactrim and cant take those anymore.
Hope this helps those out there . I know what the pain and frustration is like.
Patricia continued

Trenton, OH

#47 Aug 14, 2008
Also would like to say that I have had hematuria( microscopic in my urine for the past 20 years , possibly longer. It does not come and go but was constant. After taking d-mannose powder on a daily basis, I no longer have that . That alone gave me a constant feeling of having to urninate and wanting to climb the walls with irriation it caused.
Since the pharmecticual giants can;t make money off of this like they do the antibiotics , I hope and pray that everyone fights to keep d- mannose on the market for us .

Las Vegas, NV

#48 Sep 22, 2008
bryn wrote:
Hello All. I am searching the web for some type of permanent cure for my chronic bladder infections. Fortunately, and unfortunately, I only get them after intercourse. I have taken many antibiotics, cipro, macrodantin, nmacrobid, bactrim, etc. and although each has worked, I am finding that sometimes,what worked once is not as effective the next time. Is this the case with d-manose also? I feel as though I am running out of options, and patience....and am also starting to question the long term effects of reoccurant bladder infections...if anyone has any info on any of these concerns, please share!!
I'm the same. I get it a lot of after intercourse, even if I pee, so for a while I was afraid to even do anything because didn't wish to take antibiotics again. I read about D-Mannose and it really works. I take it as preventive before sex and then maybe again later. It works because it makes the bacteria bind to the sugar and when you pee, you wash everybody out, the sugar plus the bacteria that got glued to it so the bad guys have no chance to sit there and multiply. There are many brands, I bought Manno Max and I like it. Try it and I think you'll be happy.

Helena, MT

#49 Oct 13, 2008
I had the exact same issue; uti post intercourse. I got D-mannose and it works. I haven't had a uti since using the sugar.
I use waterfall-d and clear tract brands. This sugar technology is astounding!
bryn wrote:
Hello All. I am searching the web for some type of permanent cure for my chronic bladder infections. Fortunately, and unfortunately, I only get them after intercourse. I have taken many antibiotics, cipro, macrodantin, nmacrobid, bactrim, etc. and although each has worked, I am finding that sometimes,what worked once is not as effective the next time. Is this the case with d-manose also? I feel as though I am running out of options, and patience....and am also starting to question the long term effects of reoccurant bladder infections...if anyone has any info on any of these concerns, please share!!


#50 Dec 5, 2008
Hi i had a kidney transplant in 2007 and have to take anti reaction drugs so my immune system is very low. i have had many badder infection with very high fever so i have been in hospitel for infuse off antibiotics. now the E=coli is stronger than the antibiotics

will it work????

United States

#51 Dec 17, 2008
Hello there. I have been fighting recurrent bladder infections now for about a year and a half. It all started after having sexual intercourse for the first time. I usually feel I have a bladder infection after every time I have sexual intercourse...and now it has defiantly interfered with my social, academic, and love life. I have probably gone to the doctor about 100 times now.. good thing i have medical insurance! Going to the doctors became very frustrating, I would give them a urine sample as usual and they would tell me that it is negative and they found nothing(no bacteria). I began to think what else it could be if its not a bladder infection. I got scared and would cry myself to sleep at night feeling like there was nothing or no one that could help me with my problem. Finally I went to see a urologist and he pulled up the results of my urine samples from the last year and he told me that he found e-coli in some of the samples and that thats what my problem has been. He said doing things that try to get rid of e-coli causes them to hide in your bladder cell walls(those smart bastards), So when some doctors took the urine sample they wouldn't find anything. He said that after they would come out and multiply and become stronger becoming resistant and harder to get rid of. It just takes one e-coli to hide and come out later and multiply and eventually crawl up your bladder walls to get you to having a recurrent bladder infection. They stick unbeliveably well to your bladder walls. If you take antibiotics they can just hide and when your antibiotic is gone they can come back out and rebel by multiplying. The penis from having sexual intercourse would disrupt the e-coli from inside the bladder walls to later coming out and multiply, getting worse. Cranberry juice and what I believe D-Mannose does would help by preventing the e-coli from sticking to your bladder walls and washing them all out with your urine(lets just hope it gets rid of all of them.) They have sticky like fingers(or claws) and are hard to get rid of! They are becoming resistant to my antibiotics and very strong. I need another solution to get rid of them and ALL of them. I have never tried D-Mannose but i think it's time I try it..thanks to all of you! solutions to this problem is the solution to happiness and to not giving up and losing hope!
P.s. If anyone else has had this same problem or has any insight on what to do please tell...I need all the help I can get!!

United States

#52 Dec 18, 2008
What brand of D-mannose does anyone thinks works the best????

Kingston, Australia

#54 Dec 21, 2008
Calcium ascorbate powder mixed in a glass of water also works well.

San Diego, CA

#55 Dec 28, 2008
Great info here ... acquired chronic UTI - older, I am, I am -(not that old!) antibiotics did not work, cranberry juice did not work, cranberry caps did not work, however d-mannose (NOW) did the best work - I have been using for 6 days and still have a little problem - some cloudy urine and some odor -

My question is: how long would I have to use this before it disappears or will it ever disappear?!

Your posts are invaluable - please let me know ... I am in the medical field, alternative medicine, and what you offer is great .. thanks!

United States

#56 Dec 29, 2008
I just received the 500mg d-mannose pills today and I don't have an actual UTI right now, but i have a bit of discomfort that may turn into one or get worse, and I just wanted to know if anyone knows or has advice on how many pills I should take and for how long?

San Diego, CA

#57 Jan 2, 2009
Rachel - the powder is much more effective -(2000mg in 1 tsp)- it's an 8 day regime -
1st day: 1 tsp every 2 yrs during waking hours
2nd day: 1 tsp every 3 hrs (6x)
3rd day: 1 tsp every 4 hrs (5x)
4th day: same as 3rd day
5th day: same as 3rd day
6th day: 1 tsp 3x day
7th day: 1 tsp 2s day
8th day: maintenance shedule (2x day)

United States

#58 Jan 12, 2009
Thank You Maggie! Although, I feel I wouldn't need to take that much..but should I? even though I feel there is no actaul UTI but some discomfort here and there?

San Diego, CA

#59 Jan 13, 2009
Rachel, that's the recommended regime if you have a UTI -

I had a chronic off/on UTI - tried antibiotics, cranberry juice, etc., nothing helped until I started the d-Mannose!

I take it now 1-2 times a day for maintenance -

It took 1-1/2 containers to finally clear it up - it was a gradual process - didn't do it right away - it's a miracle supplement! To think how many people are put on antibiotics when all one has to do is take the d-Mannose -

San Diego, CA

#60 Jan 13, 2009
Oh, one more thing - I tried 2 containers of the capsules (500mg) and that did not work!

The powder is the only way to go ...

United States

#61 Jan 14, 2009
Thank you Meggie, you are very helpful! I have noticed a huge difference now that i'm taking d-mannose capsules, although I will have to try the powder now knowing that it works better!:)

Clifton, NJ

#62 Jan 24, 2009
I am a Nutritionist and never really had a problem with UTI's until recently. Now it seems to be every two months or so I'd get a HORRIBLE bout that comes on sooo quickly. Being in the field I am in I always had tried cranberries, vitamin c, water in excess, etc to not much avail..until I came across D-mannose. It truley does work, I suggest it to ANYONE. It is a sugar, therefore no side effects and very safe unlike other herbal treatments and antibiotics. On the onset of a UTI I reccommend taking 1,000mg-2,000mg of vit c (water soluble so you won't over dose), cranberry pills (1-2 3xday) and D-mannose (1tsp every 2 hrs depending on severity of UTI). The KEY is to drink water in excess as the D-mannose will be flushing out the E.coli so the more you pee, the more E.coli you will flush out. And the reason it is not approved my FDA as a treatment for UTI is simply politics, not safety. Don't hesitate because of that reason, try it and see!!!

San Diego, CA

#63 Jan 29, 2009
Ashley, excellent post! I'm a RN and have been researching this for years - am hypothyroid, so am susceptible to infections and anything else you could imagine -

The UTI's started last year - nothing helped, until I started the d-Mannose caps, then the powder - I have to take the maintenance every day or it will come back -

It's like a miracle!!

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