Vaporized marijuana effect on CF. NOT...

Vaporized marijuana effect on CF. NOT smoking

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#1 Nov 19, 2007
I have found that I get some improvement in my CF by using a vaporizor which heats the marijuana to between 185 to 215 degrees fahrenheit and mixes the uncombusted fumes of released THC with ambient air allows me to get more productive coughs without any increased mucus production the next day. I am extremely careful to not let it heat to over 215 degrees because it begins to release non-beneficial chemicals at around 235 degrees. I only use marijuana that I grow and wouldn't use anything else for love nor money. I would not smoke anything period.

Unless you grow it yourself you have no idea what it has been treated with. I don't share my crop and before I was diagnosed with CF had not used in twenty years. It is not about getting high but getting better. I am not trying to convert anyone into a weedster. My only question is does anyone know anything either good or bad about this practice.
Nobody Important

Greensboro, NC

#2 Jan 6, 2008
I have CF and am 23 and I smoke marijuana. It helps me eat, as well as rest and relax and I feel better mentally as well as physically when I smoke it, however the actual smoke DOES hurt my lungs... I also have a home made vaporizer and grow my own plants. I dont like the vaporizor though... just thought I would let u know you are not the only one!

Fair Oaks, CA

#3 Jan 17, 2008
My boyfriend has CF and he eats pot butter in foods, ie, brownies, cookies, etc. instead of smoking, like most people think. He is 30 years old this year, has about 35% lung function right now, and lives life to the fullest. He swears that within an hour of ingesting the thc rich herb, he coughs a ton and gets major clearance. I can't tell you how many times he has told me it really works.

And trust me, he's so conservative, if it wasn't for CF, he would have been a cop.:)

Fair Oaks, CA

#4 Jan 17, 2008
Nobody Important wrote:
I have CF and am 23 and I smoke marijuana. It helps me eat, as well as rest and relax and I feel better mentally as well as physically when I smoke it, however the actual smoke DOES hurt my lungs... I also have a home made vaporizer and grow my own plants. I dont like the vaporizor though... just thought I would let u know you are not the only one!
My boyfriend just read my post, and yours, and he says to tell you to stop. Do what you want, he's not trying to get down on you, but think of your lungs. He had a stroke last year, aand has recovered fully, except for his lungs. He had started smoking marijuana for relief (and only organic, btw) at 22 yrs old, but quit after the realization of how important his lung function really is. He thought he knew, but it took an ambulance ride, 2 weeks in ICU, and a month in the maternity ward to prove it to him. He regrets it now, let me tell you. Just don't accelerate the process, you may not want to leave that soon. Soyou migh try the vaporizer again, or start eating pot foods, just to be safe.
Best of luck in all that you do, and stay high!:)
Nobody Important

High Point, NC

#5 Mar 10, 2008
Well, I still smoke.. every day in fact. I just had a check up 2 days ago and smoked a joints worth half an hour before my CF check up... I did this because I have read many places that Marijuana has no effect on blocking small air ways such as emphezyma and that it actually is a bronciodiolator, well it just so happend that when i did my PFT's my lung functions were just as good (slightly better) than they were in december... and in december had been up higher than they ever had in 2 years... but it helps me eat, relax and as your boyfriend stated I cough up more mucus after smoking and my lungs actually feel rejuvinated. I would prefer to smoke out of a vaporizer but its not as convenient and portable. anyways best of luck to you both! I wish there were more studies and things going on with medicinal use of marijuana for CF (obviously they wont prescribe smoking it)... but it always helps with my acid reflux, stomach pains, airway clearance and my psych haha keep posting if u want and ill check back.
Drug Counselor

Tampa, FL

#6 Apr 3, 2008
I teach drug abuse classes. The only difference between you and the people in my classes (who are on probation) is that they got caught. They never thought that they would get caught either, and had all sorts of reasons why getting high was necessary for them. Your reasons may be valid, but marijuana is an illegal drug and unless you live in California and have a doctors permit, it can get you arrested. Just a warning -- I have enough business.
F you Brandon

High Point, NC

#7 Apr 22, 2008
F*ck you brandon, I havent smoked in weeks now, I am not addicted to marijuana thats stupid anyways and the only interest i took in it (after the initial high) was how it affected me and my cystic fibrosis. I have a job that drug tests regularly and randomly and that is one of the reasons i stopped as well, on a dime i might add. I havent had an urge to smoke or much thought about it but its medicinal purposes in CF and other diseases still interest me as well as any other positive effect that medications or suppliments or anything else may have on diseased people. So like i said fuck you for criticizing my thoughts on the subject and if you were in front of me i would have a lot more of an impact on you... If i choose to smoke in the future its because i want to or because i still take an interest in its effects, after all that is what this post was about... not "please preach to me the laws of marijuana" so thanks anyways and again... F*CK YOU
F you Brandon FL

High Point, NC

#8 Apr 22, 2008
*Brandon FL drug counselor
Amy Branham

Ashville, OH

#9 Apr 22, 2008
WOW, I just read all of this...and I dont know what to say about this....But you know anyone that judges you guys on here they suck...look you ned to live life to the fullest, and at least you are not all all kinds of pills like me. That is more Harmful on my health than smoking dope would...But anyway you keep going..but that drug person is right you need to go to a doc and get a prec.they will give you one i bet to keep you is alot healthy than drugs out there I am on over 50 pills a day i know peace out.

Garden City, NY

#10 Aug 4, 2008
I am 21 and live with CF and my Dr. a health care professional actually suggested I do some through a vaporizor, which I never did. But said that it would be ok for me. AS LONG AS I DIDN'T SMOKE IT, it should not be harmful at all. There is a big difference from smoking it and using a vaporizor. If you have CF, you know your whole life you were told DO NOT SMOKE, there is a PROVEN reason for that. So if you decide to do so, do it the healthy way!

San Diego, CA

#11 Aug 31, 2008
regarding nobody important's post;

I am 21 years old and was diagnosed at age 6. I've been smoking since I was 16, although as of late I have slowed down tremendously. I noticed that when I would smoke before Dr.'s appointments my lung functions would be the same if not slightly better than the last. It made me curious so I consulted a friend who has studied cause and effect with substances and we talked for hours about the effects that any stimulant has, and found something interesting. When you drink alcohol, your vocal chords start to become numb, allowing you to hit higher notes (while singing) than you normally would be able to. This actually strains and damages the vocal chords, and the next day after the effects have worn off, your throat feels sore.
Marijuana seems to have the same effects on my lungs. When I smoke i can take deeper breaths and actually hold my breath longer, but after a day or so and the effects have completely worn off, my lungs have built up more mucus and I have a harder time breathing for a short period of time.

This is just an observation and is only meant to be taken so. Thought you might find it interesting.

Canadian, TX

#12 Sep 6, 2008
That is a very good and helpful comment Micali. I have never done a drug that wasn't prescribed so I can not say if it would benefit or not. I just found this post while looking through CF sites. I was always told not to. I do not know for sure but you were helpful. I know I don't like how stupid people are after they are on it and how annoying they are when they think they are smart while on it.

Ventspils, Latvia

#13 Oct 21, 2008
I'm 17 and have CF, I was diagnosed when I was an infant. I started smoking weed when I was 13, but took a huge gap from smoking it,(I was off it for almost 2 years). I have now started smoking it again and feel no different than before. However, I did find that my lung function went down when I'd been smoking joints for a while (with tobacco), and it usually goes back up if I've been using my pipe or bong (just weed). I try not to use tobacco for fear of health risks as it's much worse than weed, so feel more comfortable smoking weed on it's own, however I have a few worries as I'm still inhaling bi-products of combustion and other undesirable toxins.

I was just searching through google to see if there were any scientific studies on the effects of cannabis on people with Cystic Fibrosis, and one site mentioned that cannabis was used as a treatment for CF. This suprised me, although they probably weren't refrerring to smoking it, I do smoke it (more social and convenient), and so I always thaught I may actually be doing myself more long-term damage than any of the good that may come from other forms of taking it,(hence me quitting for 2 years), and am debating weather to quit again or not. Heres my problem, cannabis helps my depression, my appetite and also phlegm production, but I fear it may be damaging the lung tissue or something, because even if I vaporise it, it's still really hot.(I use a bubble vaporiser rather than a volcano).

3 Questions;

Q1. I was tempted to talk to my doctors about it, but I don't really want to tell them I smoke weed and have already said I have never smoked.. do you think it's a good idea to tell them and ask for advice?

Q2. Is it normal for someone with CF to find it harder to smoke hotter joints than an average healthy person? I'm asking because I always feel like a beginner when I smoke, because everyone else is taking huge drags of a really hot joint and holding it in and I take a little puff and cough my guts up.

Q3. Smoking joints is more social than vaporising and it's more practical too, but SO much worse for me. I love smoking weed as it sets me free from lifes problems, but taking into account I do have Cystic Fibrosis, is vaporising healthy enough to ensure I'm not ruining my life, so I can be both social and healthy at the same time? I guess the main question is, DO I QUIT ALTOGETHER or DO I CONVERT TO VAPORISING WITH MY BUBBLE? or even a completely different way of taking it, like cooking with it,(even though it's a faff on), and also, is this "trying-to-find-a-healthy -way-to-take-weed" thing really all worth it in the end? All your answers and oppinions are appreciated! Thanx!

(this post will probably apply to many other people aswell!)

Pontiac, MI

#14 Nov 2, 2008
yeah... i tried using that excuse too "its not about getting high, but getting better".... when realy thats bullshit and you just wanna get fucked up. you cant just say your smoking weed to get better, you just love being high... and thats not a bad thing

Pontiac, MI

#15 Nov 2, 2008
by the way, i smoke weed every day, i love it, i was under the impression that it was helping me too, i honestly dont know though, i want some MEDICAL PROOF!!!

South Weymouth, MA

#16 Nov 15, 2008
I am the mother of a 16 year old boy who has CF and I recently found out he is a pot smoker. I am completely devastated and am actively trying every way in my power to make him stop. Is pot smoking very common in kids with CF? If so, why? Most of you seem fairly young and I would appreciate your thoughts.. I am at my wits end and cannot wrap my mind around the whole thing.

United States

#17 Nov 16, 2008
To the mom above,
I'm 16 and I have CF. I smoke weed almost every day...It helps me eat because I'm almost never hungry anymore and I just cough a bunch and get up alot of mucus. I've still never been hospitalized and my pft is around a 65-70.
it depends on how bad his cf is and if the weed is making him feel ultimately worse lung wise he should stop but i doubt he would be doing it if it was. I don't know how anyone could live with CF without wanting to have some type of way of getting messed up. It's not easy to live when your sixteen knowing your life's just about half over, according to statistics. Just make sure you he doesnt smoke cigarettes. Oh and Ive never used a vaporizer but im getting one after I read all this.

South Weymouth, MA

#18 Nov 17, 2008
Thank you Britt, I appreciate your honesty. Good luck to you.

Cockermouth, UK

#19 Nov 18, 2008
peace britt

Floral Park, NY

#20 Dec 11, 2008
i have CF and im 15 years old ive been smoking weed since ive been 13. It helps me relax and eat cause i can never stop eatting when im high but everytime i go to the doctors it always goes up and never declines. i play 3 sports and im always the fastest and most in shape and no one understands how i am because i smoke alot and they didnt even now i have CF. Im wondering if it is bad or not cause ive never seen it has a bad sign to smoke becasue i never had bad side effects from it and somthimes wen i do smoke i spit up mucus which is a good thing. I wondering is it really that bad

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