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#43 Dec 27, 2010
My gf has Crohns. She is only 22 and was diagnosed at 18. She went through some depression and wasn't taking her medication for a long time, around a year without my knowledge. During this time her weight dropped, she left her employment. She got down to 45kg and was admitted to hospital. She had a transfusion and ever since that day has been taking meds and is looking very well. Has added a lot of weight now though. As others have mentioned her libido is 0 and has been for 2 years. Anytime I try and talk about it we end up arguing. I can't see how she hasn't felt like it once in 2 years. I love her and would never leave her over it but does it ever come back? She takes 6mp and recently iron tablets too. Was an steroids for a while too. She says she is always tired. Before Crohns it wasn't an issue at all.

New Baltimore, MI

#44 Dec 28, 2010
I am the sister of someone with crohn's. It affects my life too, but differnt ways than my sister. Sure I dont feel sick, but she gets angery from the meds, and is very hard to deal with. Bottom line is the people with crohn's are not the only ones affected.


#45 Dec 29, 2010
I definitely agree with that Maddie
TiredofBeingTire d

Morristown, TN

#46 Feb 15, 2011
For Mark In Detroit: I responded to this post because it sums up basically what I've been thinking about lately.
When I first got diagnosed with Crohn's I was 20. But my stomach had been hurting like hell and I had been getting 'sick' since I was 15. I got *diagnosed* when I was 20.
When I was younger I was extremely physically and socially active. I wasn't wise enough to appreciate something I seemed to have and totally take for granted - good health. Because when I was younger, even when I was sick with the early symptoms of Crohn's, I could shake it off and continue on. Well all that came to an abrupt halt about three years ago. Despite being sick I could still eat and absorb a good amount of my food. I weighed almost 190 and I'm barely 5'5. I was FAT. I also felt pretty okay and didn't spend a large amount of my time staring at a bathroom floor.
Then overnight it seemed like my stomach started to hurt 24/7 - and it was directly associated to food. If I ate, I suffered. If I didn't eat, I starved, and I don't mean 'Hey, I'm a little hungry' starve, I mean I went once for almost 2 weeks with no food at was all I could do to hold down liquids and of course during that time ended up admitted with an IV line in my neck. In one six months I lost almost 70 lbs. It was good to lose weight but not like I lost it. After three to four days of total starvation ( which is EASY when you have no appetite due to nausea, which I developed 24/7) you almost don't even feel hungry anymore because you feel so lightheaded and weird. Everyone stopped commenting me on my weight loss and started to look at me with open awe and even fear. My mother was shocked when she didn't see me for two months and when I came home I weighed almost 40 pounds less than the last time she saw me, and that time I had lost 35 or so pounds. Meanwhile the doctors are pumping me full of steroids and I'm shoveling Ensure and Carnation Instant Breakfast Essential drinks down my throat and I'm ruminating on the total reversal of my life's journey. Comparing now to how my life even was five or six years ago, I HAVE no life. Crohn's makes your day-to-day health so precarious you can't plan for anything. The least of which is being with a group then ruining everyone's time because you get sick. Ha, No thanks! I stay at home. I sleep a lot, because I'm tired all the time. I'm tired when I wake UP. I don't sleep well because of stomach pain, spasms, etc. My joints hurt and that's also from Crohn's.
....My long drawn out whiney post is basically coming down to this - at what point do you decide it's not worth it? When you can't eat, can't go out, can't escape the pain/nausea and know that it will NEVER really go away - with years and years ahead to look forward to. And one thing that is really infuriating - people who AREN'T sick don't really understand you anymore if you are chronically ill - and they will display this again and again. Family members can be really rude and insensitive, and so can 'friends'.
Just tired of being tired. I sit and think about the days when I was young and strong. I look at those same people now with envy, knowing that they are mostly almost totally unaware of and ungrateful for their good health. How ironic.
One of my good friend's who had Crohn's, had numerious surgeries and kidney stones and basically every crappy complicaton that you can have finally snapped and killed himself back in 2002. I know how he felt in his mind. At least I feel like I do. I'm so over it.

Auckland, New Zealand

#47 Jul 21, 2011
I found out that I had crohns disease last Sept. The same week that we had a mag 7.1 quake and 5 months after leaving my 10 year marraige. So the past year trying to parent five kids on my own with numerous hospital visits and over 7000 after shocks has been a real struggle. 3 months ago I had to stop taking azathiroprine as my liver was not good. I am going to be starting Humira. I am scared about taking this.
Emotionaly I was coping really well with the crohns, earthquakes and single parenting. I now have a new partner who is amazing and supportive of the crohns but I am now suffering from severe depression. The dr has put me on nortriptaline 125 mg. Has anyone experienced this depression in relation to crohns?
ashley arceri

United States

#48 Dec 13, 2011
i was 12 years old when i was told i had crohn's and now i am 19 and god bless you all <3
Rt Rev Gregory Karl Davis

Atlanta, GA

#49 Dec 13, 2011
This ministry has been experiencing consistent success in phytocannabinoid therapy for Crohn's disease. This entails ingestion of cannabis indica (not cannabis sativa) extracts in micro doses. These findings are now confirmed in published study.

This ladies testimony is witness:

For more information this ministry is available to help:

Belgrade, Serbia

#50 Dec 14, 2011
D vitamin really should be used within the mixture along with other minerals and vitamins. Once you use vitamin d along with other vitamin supplements its advantages could raise largely. Also if we take only 1 vitamin we have likelihood to create vitamin overdose though developing vitamin deficiency with other vitamins. In the event you take only 1 vitamin there is certainly a likelihood of vitamin overdose and vitamin insufficiency in additional vitamins and which is why you ought to benefit from multivitamins.
Here is a link that might be useful:

Kerrville, TX

#51 Dec 27, 2011
Angela Holme wrote:
I'm have a hard time dealing with my crohn's. I'm 41 years old and I want to do things that people my age do. I can't because I'm scared I might have a flare up and ruan everyones day. Thats why I just saty at hom all the time and because of that I'm having very bad depression to the point I don't want to live anymore. Any advise will really help me right know.
Hang in there. I've had mine since 1985. It's VERY difficult to maintain a healthy attitude when you don't feel well. I tend to shut myself in as well but when I do get out, I feel better to be among friends. Is there a support group in your area. You are not alone. Do you have a good doctor? The most important thing is information. Get answers from a physician and stay close to family members.

Kerrville, TX

#52 Dec 27, 2011
I've had Crohn's Disease since 1985. I've lived a fair life considering the pain, embarassement and depression. My cup has always been half full so that's helped me a great deal.
Anybody out there with relationship problems due tot he disease? I seem to be drifting far from my husband who has his own issues as well. I'm hanging in but if anybody has some good advice, please post.
He has never read or researched into the disease and I still don't think he understands fully the problems I have.
Joe In Pain

Charleston, SC

#53 Mar 10, 2012
I have pain everyday sometimes to the point where I can't move. Everyday is worse and more frequent. I can't work, I can't live all I can think about is getting away from it... I take prednazone at high doses yet is dosesn't help, I take my other meds and they don't help. I take a handfull of pain meds and that don't help. I been to doctor and I'm waiting to see if I can start a new drug Cimzia but I don't know if I can afford it. Right now I have no options and am depressed as hell. I pray all the time and do everything I can to help myself...I'm getting nowhere and I feel I'm at the end of my rope.
John Doe wv

Arnoldsburg, WV

#54 Apr 26, 2012
I am 20 years old I was diagnosed 2 years ago and its been the roughest two years of my life and I have been dealing with depression for over 10. My family knows about the chrons but not the depression. I can't have a relationship, I don't want to live most days. I feel like a burden on my friends and family. Most of all I cant explain it to a woman most just stop talking to me because who wants someone who is broken. Because of these two combined I have isolated myself, I don't even try to have relationships anymore. I need advise there are not a lot of options left for me.

United States

#55 Aug 25, 2012
Hi. I have cronic crohn's and depression is a part of my life. I was diagnosed in 1991 that's when I was 21 at the time and now I'm almost 43 now. I know what it feels like to want to commit suicide in my own garage but my wife stuck by me for three days. I never had surgery but I was in the hospital a few times. When I do get sick crohn's makes it worse. Every day no energy, mood swings, joints from head to tow pops or hurts. I find it hard to deal with every day issues and that feels like a mountain is on top and can't get from under it. Coping with life is hell. I put on a mask to a lot of days. I take depression meds for anger, mood swings, and depression but mostly anger out of dealing with stuff and people don't understand nothing about crohn's . I understand what Angela and everybody else is going through and the only thing that keeps me is FAITH in god that tomorrow will be better than today and everything works out at the end and it does. God bless you all.

Tucker, GA

#56 Apr 17, 2013
I was born with crohns and was diagnosed at 7 im now 21 and ive tried just about every medication out there and after 13 years ive managed to develope mamy other complications. i have chroic pacreatitis ive handled it well so far but for the year ibe gone down hill so much that ive hit bottom ive become a burden on my family and friends i can hardly do anything fod myself by being a burden ive ruiend every bodies life that im around idk what to do this has ruiend my life and eberyones around my im spiraling imto a deeler deppression and idk if i can handle it anymore if anyone has some advice.otd be greatly appreciated

Gainesville, FL

#57 Apr 23, 2013
I have Crohn's. I hate it. It makes living hard. I'm about to start Humira. I am wondering how bad the side effects are on a body. I am always tired and achy. I am feverish at night. I keep going, because all I want is to be normal. My fellow Crohnies- I feel for you.
Phil N

Caringbah, Australia

#58 Jun 12, 2013
I am 35 and was diagnosed with Crohn's 4 years ago. My life has been completely on hold since. I am housebound, can't work, have limited social life etc I have been unlucky but in some ways very lucky indeed reading some of these other stories. I agree that no one understands what we are going through unless they have the disease too. I feel like I have tried everything in terms of meds and also every so-called cure out there and all the quackery rubbish people try to sell us. One of the hardest things for me is watching all my friends getting married and starting families while I'm stuck at home and I feel like I would be such a great man to the right girl if only I didn't have this stupid disease. Although I am still unwell, I improved out of sight, I repeat, out of sight (I was pretty sick) under Prof Borody's anti-MAP therapy here in Sydney. It's the antibiotic treatment for Mycobacterium Avium Paratuberculosis (MAP) for which there is more and more evidence pointing to this being the cause of the disease. All the doctors at the Centre For Digestive Diseases will treat overseas patients...if you are unwell and have not responded to medications please you need to try this.
Thank you to everyone who has posted their story, it provides so much comfort to others out there.

Lacey, WA

#59 Jul 6, 2013
Ashley wrote:
I have been living with Crohn's for a little over 2 years now. I know all about the depression. I was affected by it on and off for over a year, mostly at night when my thoughts had more time to wander. I found it imparative to have my family around me that was very supportive even though I was 20 years old when I was diagnosed. They really helped me get through the rough patches, when I felt like my life was over. I mean, it really sucked. I had to quit school in Florida and move back to Maryland and I had no idea of how my life would turn out. I had so many relapses in the first year that I was diagnosed that I wondered whether life was worth living; no I did not consider suicide, I'm not that messed up ;). Now that my medications are sorted and suited to my personal needs I am doing great and have been for almost a full year. Its been really nice to feel like myself again. So I hope that everyone suffering from Crohn's and the depression that tags along, comes to a point where they feel comfortable with themselves and get any help they need so they can live the healthy life they deserve.
Thanks so muc Ashley :) I have been diagnosed with crohns just a couple of weeks ago and I am trying to figure out how to deal with it. I know that I should try eating healthier and all but the way im going to have to star eating is making me think. Before I was diagnosed my family and I were watching movies a lot. I guess u could say we r the movie family or something. we go to the movie theatre every now and then too. and h can guess what goes with movies. popcorn. now i have to watch my family eat it all the time. Crohns is changing my life. my mom pretty much said that i wont be able to ever eat popcorn again, and that is a pretty big part of my families life style as u mightve guessed. i am kind of scared about the big change and all of these new food changes im about to go through. But all i know is that i am glad to have found a website where i can associate with people who have the same problems as i do. with people who actually get it.:) but.. i really hate having to do this at 13 :(


#61 Jan 29, 2017
Angela Holme wrote:
I'm have a hard time dealing with my crohn's. I'm 41 years old and I want to do things that people my age do. I can't because I'm scared I might have a flare up and ruan everyones day. Thats why I just saty at hom all the time and because of that I'm having very bad depression to the point I don't want to live anymore. Any advise will really help me right know.
If you stop yeast products white bread donuts pizza with yeast your diarrhea will stop. I had diarrhea 15 times a dat. I was told it was yeast causing it. I stopped and diarrhea never came back once in a year now. I will never touch yeast again. DO NOT EAT LEAVENED BREAD FROM THE ONE WHO MADE BREAD FOR US. TRY it for a few days it will stop and don't. Touch it again.

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