A Potential Cure for COPD

A Potential Cure for COPD

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Oviedo, FL

#1 Dec 26, 2011
My mother was diagnosed with emphysema and COPD in 2003. I was not surprised to hear of the diagnosis, she had smoked cigarettes for more than 40 years.

I started researching the disease and only found medical and pharmaceutical web sites telling of the progressive and terminal nature of the disease. U also found that taking all the usual COPD drugs would slow the progress of the disease so I made sure she took all of them right on time every day.

She quit smoking, I continued researching and little more tthan 2 years later she had deteriorated down to only 77 pounds requiring 4 liters of supplemental oxygen via an oxygen concentrator.

I asked the doctor why her emphysema was progressing so long after she quit smoking and he told me they did not know. It was a mystery as to why emphysema progressed even after smoking had been removed from the equation.

My degree is in engineering. When something has been removed from the equation it is no longer a factor in the outcome. My engineering education and background forced me to think about the progression of this disease logically.

I had taken graduate courses in Pathology, Pulmonary Physiology, Human Genetics, Histology and a number of other similar courses.

It seemed like there was some pathogen proliferating in my mother's lungs. As it proliferated her body adapted by distending her lungs. This created the "barrel chest" condition common with emphysema and COPD. Her distending lungs eventually crowded her stomach and her meal size started shrinking until it was only about a cup of food at each meal.

I reasoned that if I could starve this pathogen by changing my mother's diet I might be able to stop the progress of this disease. I developed a diet that had no sugar or anything that would be converted to sugar rapidly in the body.

Amazingly, two weeks later she was getting slightly better. I realized that after all the antibiotics, she had destroyed her probiotics and therefore was attempting to fight this horrible disease with a compromised immune system. I fed her high uality, enteric coated probiotics which provided additional improvement.

I found a cancer researcher that used the same diet stating that cancer, a pathogen, had more than 90 receptor sites for sugar on each cell. I found a practricing M.D. in NYC using the same diet for curing asthma and allergies.

I added the supplements they were using to my mother's daily regimen. I found a researcher at Mayo Clinic who provided some additional answers and a few books by other physicians, even one from the World Health Organization.

It took 17 months but I got my mother completely well. By December 2008 she no longer needed any supplemental oxygen and had gained all of her lost weight back.

I know the first comment will be "If there is a cure why don't the doctors know about it?"

The easy answer, "Because it doesn't sell thousands of dollars worth of drugs."

You may want to try the diet and some of the supplements and see if they don't work for you. They are available on a web site I started.

I did write a book and I would offer it free to all of you however, my publisher will not do that nor will they sell the book if I even give the electronic version away for free.

My suggestion is visit the site. Read the logic page, the diet page and the supplements page. See if it makes sense to you and then if you want to try it. If it works and you want the entire story, then get a copy of the book.

What I always say, "Try all the free stuff first."


If anyone has any questions please feel free and email me. I know how awful this disease is. I watched my mother suffer with it for a long time thinking the drugs were helping not realizing all they were doing was masking symptoms while the disease progressed.

Remember, masking symptoms as a means of treating or curing disease is like turning off the fire alarm in a burning building as a means of putting the fire out.

Heywood, UK

#2 Aug 4, 2012
Hi very interested in your comments on copd. I have tried to find your website to read how your mum recovered. My mum is suffering badly with copd and I am desperate to help her. Could you send me your e mail address as I cannot find it. I am so glad your mum recovered its a horrible disease.
michael lewendon

Salisbury, UK

#3 Oct 16, 2012
thalidomide research it on the net might help gl

Columbia, MD

#4 Jun 18, 2013
What a scam! Stop pushing your worthless book and go get a real job instead of trying to sell desperate people junk "treatments". If your mother was so "cured" what was it she eventually died from? My bets are on right sided heat failure or respiratory failure.

Columbia, MD

#5 Jul 29, 2013
And if supplements and juicing doesn't cure your emphysema, maybe Mr Miller could provide voodoo for a small additional charge.

London, UK

#6 Nov 2, 2013
Don't be dismissive of something just because it is alternative. My Dad has COPD and he has been going to a Salt Cave for the past 2 years and it has transformed his life. When he first started going he was on 8 prednisone tablets daily, he was plagued with constant chest infections, which obviously made his COPD worse. He is now off the steroids and only uses the salbutamol inhaler if he feels a bit breathless. He's able to walk for miles, do the garden, go to the gym. These were all things that he could no longer do until he started regular salt therapy treatments. I genuinely believe that natural therapies have a lot to offer people with chronic conditions even if it is just as a complement to conventional treatments.

Corona, CA

#7 Jan 30, 2014
How can I buy your book?:)

Walnut Creek, CA

#8 Feb 20, 2014
Andrew wrote:
What a scam! Stop pushing your worthless book and go get a real job instead of trying to sell desperate people junk "treatments". If your mother was so "cured" what was it she eventually died from? My bets are on right sided heat failure or respiratory failure.
People have the right, Andrew, to post their thoughts. Not everyone has bad intentions. You're pretty judgmental and heavy-handed in your comments to random strangers. Maybe you need to go to an anger management group.

Wanaka, New Zealand

#11 May 6, 2014
just been reading your story about alternative trearment
could you please tell me how to start
i have copd too and i am very scares of all the tablets and inhalers
please can you give me more advice
thank you

Roseville, CA

#12 May 20, 2014
i read msm was good and lung tonic by herbs etc. was good for copd jfyi
Sandi Brockway

Grover Beach, CA

#13 Jun 2, 2014
Interesting. I am surprised not to find mega doses of garlic as a supplement.
FMB Lizard with COPD

United States

#14 Jun 5, 2014
I also wondered why upon treatment there was still marked progression of COPD. The pathogen idea carries merit. It seems not all who smoke get COPD. Turns out that as bad as tobacco is to the lungs, it becomes more toxic with the inclusion of a fungus that grows on tobacco & is no eliminated in tobacco processing. Fungus needs simple sugar to grow & maintain it's colony in the lungs. The writer spells out what he is advocation as treatment & possible relief from COPD, the elimination of refined sugar . That he may sell books & supplements is his perogative, however, from the very beginning he clearly stated the crux of his premise. This makes him not a scammer but someone who is sharing his positive experience. This especially is germaine viv a vis the aforementioned & described pathogen namely a fungus found in tobacco sometimes. That does enter the lungs with cigarett smoke.

Bradenton, FL

#15 Jan 19, 2015
There are quite a few research studies under way for copd treatments. Some docs are starting to offer stem cell therapies that look promising for regenerating damaged lung tissues. I also saw several that are testing the use of nebulized hypertonic saline solution. I too am wondering about pathogens (viral or fungal) as an underlying cause of copd.
Glenn Hoenish

Wausau, WI

#16 Apr 6, 2015
This is the guy named Greg Miller. His mother died under the care of hospice at her DAUGHTER's home. Greg had nothing to do with her care. If you google Mae Elizabeth Miller, you can read her obituary that shows that he he a lying quack. There is actually a facebook group that is trying their hardest to get the FDA and other government groups to go after him for his false claims. Pretty scary that anyone would believe this nut.

Perth, Australia

#17 Friday Jul 10
Glenn, if you had actually read Greg's book he openly states that his mom died at the daughter's home. So im unsure of why reading Mae's obituary would prove Greg is lying, as it actually backs his story up. How about making sure you know all the facts and evidence before jumping to conclusions and rubbishing someone.

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