COPD and Chronic Pain

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#83 Mar 19, 2014
I have infuzema chronic bronchitis copd I was wondering if anyone has info on ssi I quit my job and have been attending school so they say im not elligable because im not working I dont know what to do I planned on going back to work but am just not able my husband is retired and not enough income any suggestions would be appreciated

Saint Paul, MN

#84 Apr 7, 2014
Hello, I am disabled because of failed back fusions. I have been blaming the pain in my legs on the nerves in my spine. I was diagnosed with COPD five years ago, and the doctor never even told me it was progressive. Now I am reading about leg pain here and boing! It makes sense now. I have been on ms contin for five years and it has saved my life. I function, it doesn't make me loopy and I had tried everything before going to this extended release morphine. I have never had to increase doseage. I recommend everyone talk to their doc about it. Some people do not do well on any opiad, but it is worth a shot. This med (cheap) has saved my life. Good luck to all. Also, hot tub and warm pools (at hospital) give me great relief. If I were a fish and could stay in hot water my pain would be down to a one on the scale.

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#85 Apr 29, 2014
I was diagnosed with COPD just recently! There is a spot in my back that hurts like crazy! When I told my lung doctor he told me COPD does not hurt! All I know is this area is where I was told the COPD is at! What he just have it wrong?

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#87 Jul 25, 2014
I have cpd/emphazyma /asma I also have arthritis I am only 52 and no ins. My back has been constantly hurting for about two weeks now between my shoulder blades does any one else habe this problem out of my breathers cant afford them cant get on disability they say because I was out of work to long just needed to vent but would appreciate any info if someone else has the same back pain

South Shields, UK

#88 Aug 13, 2014
Penny Brumfield wrote:
I have joint pain and swelling bad. I found out I had copd 2 years ago and the joint pain gets worst as time goes by. I have not had problems with colds are flu like symtoms. Body aches and chronic pain gets worst.
Hi Penny, I have moderate c o p d and my pains is really bad, my doctor told me to take paracetamol, and wont give me any thing else, and they want me to work, yet I can hardly walk some day's,Will the pain get worse, as I can not take the pain any more

Workington, UK

#89 Nov 25, 2014
Has anybody tried the oil based canabis

Billingshurst, UK

#90 Jan 18, 2015
I was diagnosed with COPD a year ago had four chest infections in the year on steroids every day with my inhalers since october i had pain in left boob that went and since xmas got strong pain in right boob and right side of back no pain killers work going for breast screening soon fingers crossed.

Since: Sep 14

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#91 Feb 11, 2015
The pain you all are feeling is probably due to the adjustments your bodies are doing in order to take a normal breath. 9 times out of 10 your copd is worse than originally suspected. Google some exercises meant to help copders breath easier. Also, get an assessment from a pulmonary rehab. Respiratory therapists will help you with breathing and physical exercises to help you live with the disease as long and with less pain as possible. Be smart with the meds you take. There is so many inhalers, pills, powders and liquid solutions. And so many prices! Inhalers are great and handy, but can get pricey! Also, as your disease progresses you will not be able to ingest the medication past your throat with no relief. Meds thru a neb would be ideal. Quality medicine at good cost and more likely to prevent an exacerbation, which as we all know irreversibly damage the lungs more and furthers the disease. Oh and sends you to the hospital. I know I don't have to mention to STOP SMOKING.

Since: Sep 14

Chicago, IL

#92 Feb 11, 2015
And please don't take this disease lightly. I see too many times patients blow off their copd, not take proper meds, continue to smoke, then have a bad enough exacerbation to where they have no choice but to go to the hospital. They get discharged on 24 hour 02 then live maybe a miserable 1-2 years longer. Very sad.

If one were to be unlucky enough to be given this dx, take it seriously! Also sad is the majority of drs, PAs, NPs and some pulmonologists treat COPD the same as they did 20 years ago when there are many improvements to the treatment of COPD. Ask around for a good pulmonologist. Research! Ask questions. Join a support group like the Better Breathers Club. Don't skip treatments! You'll have good days and bad days with COPD. Even if you feel you don't need one, do your treatment! You should be tested for night time 02 not too long after being diagnosed with copd. If you qualify for night time 02, take it! It's just while you sleep, it'll give you back that small percentage of 02 you're losing while you sleep. Not only will you feel better, you'll the progression of the disease and delay needing 24 hour 02 by up to several years.

Hagerstown, MD

#96 Apr 8, 2015
This sucks an scares me sometime I feel I'm not goin to be able to catch my breath. An I have severe pain n physical excursion

Taft, TX

#97 Apr 9, 2015
tammy wrote:
I am 36 years old was mis diagnosed with what they diagnosed me 10 years ago with asthma, I was tested last year for something called alpha-1antitrpsine defeciency... resulting in major damage to my lungs... irreversible,,, now copd doctor says i have which is rapidly getting worse...they replace the deficeincy protien that my liver does release into my body now..which is basically too late and they want me to be evaluated for a lung transplant for the day i walk into my doctors office and cant breathe at all he says they may be able to do surgery...Im still waking up every morning praying to god for a miracle and at night when i go to sleep..but,, my whole body aches Ive been taking ib prophren for about 4 years straight.. doctors say theres not much more they can do for me on oxygen at night.. doctor says just when i walk i should be wearing it really is a bummer not being able to breathe..god bless you all in my prayers.
.go to ... AMAZING! and my mother doesnt need meds or anything for her COPD anymore

Since: Sep 14

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#98 Apr 10, 2015
melisamong wrote:
This sucks an scares me sometime I feel I'm not goin to be able to catch my breath. An I have severe pain n physical excursion
Talk to your md about the TRILOGY100. COPD worsening, constant SOB, exacerbations. This machine WILL give you a better quality of life, give your body a break and breath SO much easier. Please seriously look into it.

Since: Sep 14

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#99 Apr 10, 2015
tamcan wrote:
<quoted text>
.go to ... AMAZING! and my mother doesnt need meds or anything for her COPD anymore
Oh honey, that Genesis II Church is a SCAM and a CULT. Don't give these sick people false hope. Just a thought of the sight of a poor little autistic child being forced to drink bleach for no GOD DAMN reason makes me want to go straight to the Dominican Republic, meet up with Sammy Sosa, book it to Jim Humble's "compound." Finally, I have Sammy beat him down with a corked bat while I spit on the son of a bitch.
Catherine Finn

Dublin, Ireland

#100 Apr 22, 2015
Hi have been diagnosed with COPD a few weeks now, get a lot of aches in my right leg, gets worse after exercise especially worse the next day. Find I can no longer run as far as I was able a couple of months ago. Find I am sleeping more also.

Framingham, MA

#101 May 22, 2015
michael wrote:
hi i have copd i have got back pane is this all to do with copd
I have terrible back pain in my neck and shoulders. I also have COPD. I thought it was cardiac but they ruled that out

Framingham, MA

#102 May 22, 2015
deonna wrote:
<quoted text>Hi, i just applied for disability today praying it goes through i have copd, associated with severe chest and back pain.I have no insurance and trying to find a doc
I was just turned down for SSI. I was trying to get it for other issues because at the time, I hadn't been diagnosed with emphysema as yet. I am going to reapply now that I have been diagnosed. I have such pain in my upper back at times, there's no way I can work.

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#103 Sep 5, 2015
Revel wrote:
I appreciate the collective input.
I was diagnosed with COPD/mild emphyszema and mild asthma. I take 1 to 2 400 mg. Valerian Root (Wal-mart--about $4 for 100 count--they smell and taste horrible but it only lasts a second and well worth the relief for me). When I'm not taking the Valerian, I drink 1 to 2 glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon (also Wal-mart--about $2.97 a 750 ml bottle). When I drink it the pain seems to subside--not because I'm drunk, but because there seems to be some anti-inflammatory properties. Hope this helps everyone. I am male--and I do not work for Wal-mart.
Thank you for your post. I will go to Asda (British Wal-mart) and get the Valerian Root 400mg. I also feel better after my evening glass of Merlot. I had no idea that my lower back pain, cramp and spasm were connected to my COPD. Again thank you and all the other forum contributors.

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#107 Nov 24, 2015
I was diagnosed with COPD a year ago. I do not require inhalers or medication but recently I have developed right lower under the rib pain. I have recently quit smoking after smoking 12 per day for 40 years. do have a productive cough in the morning. No blood & no shortness of breath. Pressing on lower rib does not cause pain and neither does deep breathing or coughing, but the ache is persistent....over 3 weeks now. Can coughing cause this? Does anyone else have this rather specific symptom? I can see from reading the articles above that COPD can cause pain which I was unaware of. I welcome any advice. Perhaps others could explain this uncomfortable symptom?

Sheffield, UK

#108 Dec 16, 2015
I'd suggest checking out this page for advice on COPD:
Milinda Fosse

Durban, South Africa

#110 Feb 2, 2016
I also suffer from COPD , I have severe COPD and am also in pain every day of my life.
Having COPD definitely causes muscular pain in legs and arms, and I also get bad back pain.

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