COPD and Chronic Pain
costa de verne

Birmingham, UK

#42 Apr 9, 2012
overr last two weeks ive had pains in my neck also in my back my docter said its a strain in my neck (which i feel is untrue )i also have pains behind my right boob does anyothers suffer this and what do u thibk it could be

Hendersonville, TN

#43 Jun 6, 2012
Debbie wrote:
I was diagnosed 2 years ago with Chronic Bronchitis/Emphezema/COPD I also applied for SSI a year ago. Symptoms seem to range for everyone but at the same time sound familiar too.
I have not had a cold or the flu since I was diagnosed, but Ive had chronic bronchitis,(at least 6 times a year that last for a couple of weeks) pluracy, pain in my shoulder blades, a sharp constant pain in my upper left chest, wear out easily, swelling joints,(RA) and yes depression to boot cause of the way I feel, no health insurance and no job. If I only knew at 18 how I feel now I would never have started. This is debilitating

Hendersonville, TN

#44 Jun 6, 2012
sarah harding wrote:
my husband was diagnosed with copd 5yrs ago and is now really chronic with it. he is a fulltime carer for me and brilliant father/mother to our 2 children aged 9 and 12.this is because i was disabled by a SAH and Stroke in 2002 wen our youngest child was just 3 weeks old.since then dean has been my carer ect ect aswell as for the early years working as a painter and deacorater which helped him getting COPD because he was exposed to very bad dust,fillers,solvents ect ect and on top of that smoking!we believe that the job he had was more the cause of this cod rather than the smoking though others would disagree with husband is now in severe pain all the time in his back,ribs,chest,joints everywthere and breathless all the time and no energy and very low mood. in fact i think he has given up and that makes me very sad and worried.Does anyone know what are the best treatmenst available wheather its medicines or not please? i really feel the need to ask for help because we feel helpless but really dont want to give up. hes only 43,im 33 and the kids 9 and 12 thanx sarah xxx
As long as he continues to smoke - he for sure will continue to hurt - the day they told me i had it - Jan 11th of this year - that was my last day of smoking - i still have bad days but am sure they could be worse and more frequent ...

Westbank, Canada

#45 Jun 16, 2012
Hope Huber

Saraland, AL

#46 Jun 25, 2012
I also have copd and I have pain too..
back pain just below my shoulder blade in the lower area of the right lung .. I thought i was the only one .. I'm bless to have found this page. hopefully my Doctor will help relieve some of this ..

Phoenix, AZ

#47 Jun 29, 2012
mary wrote:
hi all can anyone advise me i have emphazimia /copd for last two weeks ive had pains in my neck also in my back my docter said its a strain in my neck (which i feel is untrue )i also have pains behind my right boob does anyothers suffer this and what do u thibk it could be thank you mary
Hi Mary I too have the exact same pains as you do, I haven't had an exacerbation in a long time, but my neighbors have been chain smoking and now it has set off the copd :( Hope you feel better, and yeah I can relate.
jane from notts

Mansfield, UK

#48 Jul 3, 2012
does anyone have back spasms aswell as the achin joints n lungs n rib cage and cramp is this a part of copd, cause its every day n getting worse i have a multitude of health probs and copd is just one of them. I would appreciate any comment and advice as things dont seem to be easin with any pain meds even oramorph and mst high doses.

Cherokee, NC

#49 Jul 10, 2012
mary wrote:
hi all can anyone advise me i have emphazimia /copd for last two weeks ive had pains in my neck also in my back my docter said its a strain in my neck (which i feel is untrue )i also have pains behind my right boob does anyothers suffer this and what do u thibk it could be thank you mary
I have the same pain except sometimes my arms will hurt. I use two inhalers, a nebulizer, and a rescue inhaler. I also take pain medication. Nothing helps. Just trying to get by with the pain. I'll keep you in my prayers.
jane from notts

Mansfield, UK

#50 Jul 18, 2012
thankyou laddie i will keep you in my prayers too.
claudette l

Dillsburg, PA

#51 Jul 23, 2012
I have pain in my back it is a stabbing pain but only like once or twice a day I do have COPD I cough a lot some days taking advair rescur inhaler singulair daily both my parents smoked and died of lung disease..
Lori W

Greenway, VA

#52 Aug 1, 2012
mary wrote:
hi all can anyone advise me i have emphazimia /copd for last two weeks ive had pains in my neck also in my back my docter said its a strain in my neck (which i feel is untrue )i also have pains behind my right boob does anyothers suffer this and what do u thibk it could be thank you mary
Statins often cause pain in your neck, back, and legs.
Lori W

Greenway, VA

#53 Aug 1, 2012
Statins do cause pain in your neck, back, and legs. I have that problem from statins.

Montgomery, TX

#54 Aug 30, 2012
I have COPD diagnosed two years ago. For years before that i was told it was sinus infections. I too painted and believe the odorless thinner did it to me. I hurt everday. I have to go days in pain. 4 ibuprofen and 2 tylesnol every 4 hours. i stay nauseated. my chest and shoulder blake hurt, my leg just started swelling up. i just can't tak it anymore and my life is non existant. I will see my dr in 13 days. if he poo poo's me well, i'm prepared to stand up for myself. a life in constant pain is no life.

Sutton In Ashfield, UK

#55 Sep 22, 2012
Hi all, well I'm in agony with chronic pain around the ribs front & back of ribs I also get painful throat for so e reason, back &Shoulder pain also. I am now on Orimorph solution. It helps bit but makes me feel sick,

Awaiting for treatment form the pain management clinic.

Thanks for listening
Shawn B

Raymond, ME

#56 Sep 25, 2012
I have been having joint pains and muscle spasms for several years and my Doc. is at a loss as to the cause. I was recently (2 months) diagnosed with emphasima/COPD and have had asthma and cronic broncitis for years. I believe there is a link. I've been told I am imagining the pain and many other things and have been told by many specialists that they cannot help with the painful joints and spasms. Time for the medical comunity to pool there knowledg so they can come to the same conclusions as us patients!

Richmond, IN

#57 Oct 2, 2012
I too have copd and chronic back pain, after some reserch I found on a web site stem cell therapy in mexico it rebuids thr stem cell in the damaged lungs it has saved 75 percent of copd patients wouldn't you think this would be helpfull to all of us here.
michael lewendon

Sandhurst, UK

#58 Oct 16, 2012
17 months ago i told you all, thalidomide might help before any tests had been done on copd now they saying it stops coughing on 75% of patients tested, as i said wonder drug if used properly research it on the net it has many cures,cheapest place to buy it brazil, me i get it from india,30x100 milligram tablets costs £1000 i take 1 every three days once every two months the drugs stays in your system for at least 6 weeks also take antioxidants to replace what the thalidomide has destroyed,if you decide you want to take the drug do your research on it,remember its dangers ask your doctor, he might be aware of its wonders, yet i doubt if he would agree to you trying it as they are only aware of its past, it dont cost thousands of pounds for nothing, rich mans drug, gl all
Dianne Tennessee

United States

#59 Oct 27, 2012
I have COPD - Diagnosed 4 yrs ago. Been on Spiriva. Get SOB and have slowed down with all activities.
One month ago have developed severe pain in hips, calves of legs and ankles. Had NO IDEA that COPD caused pain. I still smoke half pack a day. Could the pain be caused from lack of O2 getting to the extremities? Who feels like exercising? Who has the energy? ALl I can take for pain is Tylenol because I only have 1 kidney and they are trying to protect the kidney function so I am not allowed any antiinflamatories or prednisone not even Aleve! I guess in my case I should consider giving up the cigs but its probably too late anyway for that right? The pain is so bad and I hobble around like a cripple and its even keeping me from going to church.

Seattle, WA

#60 Nov 19, 2012
Yes I took some steroid inhaler--had leg cramps, neck ache-ankles even swollen-stopped taking it after 5 5days.-doctors dont like us being educated about meds it seems
judi wrote:
<quoted text>
Are you on any med with Fluticasone, Advair, Flovent, etc? I had horrible neck pain for 2 years and it was related to the my Flovnet inhaler. It can cause muscle stiffness and rigidity and for some reason it can tend to affect the muscles in your neck. I think it maya also intensify any pain you have, arthritis, muscle soreness, etc. I dont know how it happens, I have read that steroids used over long term can sometimes become ''proinflammatory' and increase some inflammatory molecules so maybe thats it. My pulmonologist refuses to acknowledge any of it much less explain it, he just told me to stop the med after I cut the dose down myself and got some pain relief. I still have a little neck pain, I do have arthritis, but its nothing like it was. I dont know if this could happen on other meds with different steroids. I hurt everywhere else too, thats nearly gone as well. I know some people cant stop the med but I wish the medical community was a little more aware of the problems some people have. I spent years in pain wondering what was wrong too.

Desert Hot Springs, CA

#61 Jan 16, 2013
tammy wrote:
I am 36 years old was mis diagnosed with what they diagnosed me 10 years ago with asthma, I was tested last year for something called alpha-1antitrpsine defeciency... resulting in major damage to my lungs... irreversible,,, now copd doctor says i have which is rapidly getting worse...they replace the deficeincy protien that my liver does release into my body now..which is basically too late and they want me to be evaluated for a lung transplant for the day i walk into my doctors office and cant breathe at all he says they may be able to do surgery...Im still waking up every morning praying to god for a miracle and at night when i go to sleep..but,, my whole body aches Ive been taking ib prophren for about 4 years straight.. doctors say theres not much more they can do for me on oxygen at night.. doctor says just when i walk i should be wearing it really is a bummer not being able to breathe..god bless you all in my prayers.
I hear you, I was diagnosed Alpha 1 at 36, my brother was 40 we both were zz my brother passed away at 43 and all my doctors (and sadly myself included) thought I would go at 43 as well. Well I have been on prolastin and I am 50 now. it is a struggle. I joined a senior center and they were very helpful. they help keep me young. I'm on O2 24/7 and it's hard to even walk 10 feet. I have a lot of pain in the chest and well, all over. mostly from lack of movement.(chest due to pleurisy mostly) but at least I'm alive. I have moments of joy joking with the seniors or watching corny movies with my honey. my pulmonologist thinks I'm doing pretty good in that in his words "your terrible , but you are a stable terrible" I take breathing treatments lots. have to take anti anxiety meds (smallest dose) pain meds.(help a little but I dont want to take too many. it's a struggle. but just do your best to eat right. light exercise (if you can, my heavy exercise is playing a guitar. yes, that's sad but I do what I can.)I try to think each moment is precious and if it's a bad day, I try to remember that I may have a nice moment tomorrow or later. Just so people know alpha 1 is genetic, I am not a smoker.(that's the first question everyone asks.)thank you for sharing. alpha 1 is relatively unknown to the public. I never heard of it until my brother was diagnosed and I just thought i was out of shape at 36 it got worse fast. but the prolastin seemed to slow it down a bit. my life is ok when I think "I'm just a very old person now ... one who had a heck of a plastic"
Peace Be with Everyone with COPD. At least we can still love. Love makes life ok and some moments still wonderful. I am blessed with a woman who cares and a son who also cares and helps out. and the seniors are also Very kind and sometimes lonely. I hope I do some good for them too.:)

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