extreme constipation.nothing works!pl...

extreme constipation.nothing works!please help mee

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Coventry, UK

#1 Aug 21, 2007
i have been constpated since i was 4, i am now 18.im so worried about this. i have liquid feces everday of my life.spontaniously.i cant stop it. changes of diet doesnt work, i can feel lumps in my intestine.it hurts when i press down on them, and have since i was young.i have been to the doctor thousands of times, they give me laxatives, whihch makes the problem 100 times worse, and i have to stay in for weeks after taking laxatives, my stomach aches terribly, the worst pain i have ever dealt with.

Portland, OR

#3 Aug 22, 2007
Try swedish bitters... 2 teaspoons everyday. Check this out: http://www.vegsource.com/talk/health/messages... and then, relax.:)





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Littleton, CO

#4 Jan 1, 2008
I have been constipated since i was 5. i am now 22. no medications work, and laxatives are starting to loose their effectiveness. Be persistent with the doctors, I have been to 5 different GI doctors. When I went to the mayo clinic they told me I had slow transit time and that can only be fixed with surgery. I hope this helps you to know you arent alone; people dont realize how awful of thing this really is to go through





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Littleton, CO

#5 Jan 4, 2008
Have you tried illiminating milk from your diet?
It worked for me! try it for one week and see!


#6 Jan 9, 2008
read this... Beer Helps... i post this in other topic

in my case i suffer constipation that leads to Hemorrhoid every time i poo blood comes along...the toilet bowl water turns red...
i watch my diet.. eating high on fiber even fruits such papaya but still not effective. Then one time a friend told me to take a beer every night before going to bed. Guess what? It WORKS...in the morning my stool became soft. No more blood. i even poo everyday now thanks to him, thanks to the beer no more expensive medicine just natural alcohol...

so to everyone who suffers Hemorrhoid due to constipation do The Filipino Way! Drink 1 to two bottles of beer every night before going to bed. And in the morning or afternoon try to poo(basically you will poo because of beer). Its important to poo everyday to flash toxic and not to make the stool hard.

while dringking beer eat dalandan or orange or lemon it will make it more effective.

make sure you dont eat to much or heavey during the day...

if my method on the first day did not make you poo
take senokot its a medicine that helps your vowel go down. And continue drinking...

give me a feedback...





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#7 Jan 29, 2008
i'm 22 and i constipated very badly for 6 months. it was torture. nothing worked - i ate an equivalent of a small forest everyday and metamucil, lansoyl, a papaya a day, you name it i did it. After I took PRIOBIOTIC acidophilis vitamins 3 x a day my digestion improved considerably. these you can buy at the drugstore and its natural vitamins. take one upon waking up, before lunch, and before dinner. ALSO flax seed helps a lot, make sure its cold when you drink it (in cold-room temperature apple juice, mix it in). Take about two tablespoons of flax seed per day (made sure its already ground up, like powder). The turning point came after my colonscopy, when I had to starve for 30 hours. After my stomache was cleared of all the crap in there, and I took flax seed and acidophilis, everyday my life is a joy. I recommend fasting/starving for a day or so to clear your system naturally (I did take pico salax - a strong laxative for my colonscopy, however, and my stomache was cleared). just drink chicken soup the whole day and lots of water during that time. After that day, load up with the flax seed and acidophilis vitamins. This is the only thing that has worked for me. GOOD LUCK. I know how much it hurts, my heart goes out to you.

Remember try to get off medications. they encourage dependency. natural is best.

United States

#8 Mar 22, 2008
There is a remedy that is 100% safe. It's Chlorophyll. There's nothing worse that a child with constipation issues. If chlorophyll is safe and effective for small children, it will help you. It's fantastic because there are no harmful side effects like with medication and it's amazingly effective. It also doesn't cause cramping like laxatives. Take chlorophyl and your BM will be smooth and easy without strain. Go to mynews2u.com and find out more. He's the link! Try it!

Eau Claire, WI

#9 Oct 11, 2008
I too have huge constipation issues. Really since I was a Little girl. I remember my mother giving me enemas on more than one occasion and the overall sick feeling from being so plugged up.
As a grown woman, going through menopause and on a few meds. the severe constipation is worse than ever. My doctor put me on Polyglyco and combined with lots and lots of water every day, it really helped. It draws water into the colon to help soften the stool. Anyone found relief from this method?

Glasgow, UK

#10 Feb 6, 2009
helen123 wrote:
i have been constpated since i was 4, i am now 18.im so worried about this. i have liquid feces everday of my life.spontaniously.i cant stop it. changes of diet doesnt work, i can feel lumps in my intestine.it hurts when i press down on them, and have since i was young.i have been to the doctor thousands of times, they give me laxatives, whihch makes the problem 100 times worse, and i have to stay in for weeks after taking laxatives, my stomach aches terribly, the worst pain i have ever dealt with.
I can relate to everyone here, I was born with severe constipation and every thing that came with it and have had to deal with it my whole life. Life was hell when i was young. My parents were up and down the doctors every week, i had tests to try and find out what the problem was, but no one knew.

It was only when i moved home and went to uni that i though i really don't have to live with it any more i manage to convice my GP that i need to see a gastro specialist. He discoved that i have a slow transit time, which means that it can take up to 3 days for my stomach to fully digest anything. I now take some medicine called Movicol (nothing nasty or ucomftable) it is a powdery medicine that i take with ribina once a day. I now go like a normal person and feel so much happier and healthier.

Trust me i have had it very bad wich now if i don't go of a few days i can get very depressed, but all is better now. If you have always suffered from constipation i would really recommened mentioning where you have a slow transit time to your doctor! Why suffer!


p.s and remember, don't worry just relax and you will feel better, it won't help if you worry just make things worse.

Winnipeg, Canada

#11 Feb 18, 2009
Follow a vegan diet( there are thousands of recipes on the net and at bookstores) high in fiber and fresh produce. Avoid smoking, booze, fake sugar,soda. Work out 30-90min a day, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water.

This have worked for me since I used to have severe constipation and went from doc to doc but they would not help me so I did research myself.

Good luck.

Pasadena, CA

#12 Mar 5, 2009
Most of my life, I am 50 now, I was constipated. I had a healthy diet and I exercised. Once a week was my norm. 10 days without a bowel movement was when I considered myself constipated.

I finally found the culprit. I have a wheat allergy. I stopped eating wheat about two years ago and now I go every day.

Grand Forks, ND

#13 Apr 15, 2009
my booty hurts

Chandler, AZ

#15 Jun 1, 2009
I used a product called "bowell soothe", which can be found in most health food stores. Get the tea version, it is tasty, and easy. just mix it with hot water and drink it twice a day. After years and YEARS of this same problem, it went away after 3 days use, and has been gone ever since. I kept taking it for about 4 months after the problem cleared, then quit and just continued with pro-biotics (acydophilis) pills every morning, no problems for the last 5 years now.

Nashville, TN

#16 Jun 28, 2009
1 to 2 beers every night really works!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#17 Sep 25, 2009
I have also been constipated since birth. Mineral oil, enemas, pills, everything!! My childhood was the worst. I had accidents and I was always embarrased. Once in middle school and once in high school I was hospitalized for impaction. My parents tried everything but doctors said there was nothing physically wrong and I would just have to control it myself when I was old enough. I started taking miralax as a prescription and that was alright however I think I may have developed a tolerance to it. Lately I have discovered a new thing that usually works... Caffiene! I usually get decaf coffee and one day I decided to get regular and wow! I try to only resort to that occasionally because I don't want a dependance to it.
naturalremediesf orall_com

Beijing, China

#18 Sep 27, 2009
It is interesting to see just how many people have had chronic constipation for years and years. I am developing a website which is focussed on constipation and although I knew about allergies and how they could cause all kinds of different symptoms, I had not tied the two (allergies and constipation) together. I think anyone who has been to the doc and cannot find the underlying cause of their constipation should really investigate the allergy link and see if they are sensitive to some kind of food or other substance. What does everyone use to find out what they are allergic to? I know in the UK we would either use the doctors testing methods or we would go to a health shop on the days when they have free allergy testing. A lot of them seem to do that these days.

Since: Oct 09

Penang, Malaysia

#19 Nov 1, 2009
@ Karen, Long Beach. It's not easy to detect this kind of allergy. How did you figure it out and congratulations for your relief!
calimesawellness center

Chino, CA

#20 Dec 6, 2009
Hi guys! As a chronic sufferer for years myself. I have to tell yoiu that the ONLY thing that helped me was colon hydrotherapy or colonics. You get immediate relief! After almost 13 years of dealing with this i found relief and even went to school to become a colonhydrotherapist because i believe in it so much I now own Holistic Wellness Center in Calimesa Ca. Most of my clients don't realize that many years of constipation actually causes the colon to become "immobile" or to slow down or stop moving all together. The colon wall can become so impacted that the muscles of the colon simply can't move. Colon hydrotherapy, especially with an open system can help the colon to retrain the muscles and get your colon to work like it's supposed to! I wish you all luck. If your interested in colon hydrotherapy find a licensed therapist in your area at i-act.org feel free to visit www.calimesawellnesscenter.com to get a wealth of info on this topic!
Searching for Remedy

United States

#21 Dec 9, 2009
Everyone who posted seems to have this "main" issue... which is, CONSTIPATION! I can't figure out why because most claims that there isn't really a problem, other than allergy reasons. However, I might conclude with an epiphany I came upon during deep thinking. The epiphany is "deeping thinking" itself, excessive negative thinking. Here's my story: Firstly, I was told and affirmed that I had asthma - the night before I had trouble breathing, but... eventually took it's toll and ceased. The day after during Saturday school, my god father arrived and embraced me with saddening news - MY GRANDMOTHER PASSED AWAY. The mourning news incited the purpose of a family reunion which lead me to arriving at a hospital speaking with the doctor, voila! ASTHMA. Anyhow, years later I after experiencing the incident of the emergency room, I was told I had anxiety, not ASTHMA!

My point is, do you think maybe we sometimes tend to think too much about our constipation when there really is none? To a point it has become an OCD symptom to us, the thought of NEEDING to have bowel movement, being too AWARE and cautious of the lack of stooling? I don't know... but I had anxiety literally my whole life, after overcoming my enemy I found out I started having constipation problems... Maybe I'm thinking too much, WE'RE thinking too much?

I'm currently 19 and I had constipation issues for the last 2-3 years, I was never told I had any sort of issue after x-rays. Maybe I should strike up a chance for a GI scan. In all, take care of our bodies, it's the only physical entity that lives for a lifetime, our lifetime. Every action leads to our bodily reaction, each movement is a cause or a gift. Take care of it, cherish it, watch over it, and celebrate it.

Take it from Lord Chesterfield,
I am convinced that a light supper,
a good night's sleep, and a fine morning,
have sometimes made a hero of the same man who,
by an indigestion, a restless night, and a rainy morning, would have proved a coward.

I wish you all the best of luck, we will make it through!

Pompano Beach, FL

#22 Mar 8, 2010
Hi I just had a complete hysterectomy 3 days ago and I have been unable to move my bowels. I can feel the stool hard and bulked up right inside my rectum. I get the sensation to go but nothing, not even gas can come out because its blocked. Help! What do I do? Beside the post-operative pain, I am suffering greatly. Thank you.

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