The longest time you have been consti...

The longest time you have been constipated ?

Created by Hermione on Oct 17, 2007

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United States

#95 Nov 10, 2011
Cass wrote:
Hey folks:
maybe you people should educate yourselves on enemas. I do one every two weeks. And if you're constipated for 15 days WHY WOULDN'T you do a freaking enema? It seems logical to me. If you're asking "WHAT DO I DO" you get yourself a enema kit, a 4L bottle of distilled water and clean out your ass. DUH. I mean seriously...are you adults?
Just so you're aware, I tried an enema. When that didn't work, I tried suppositories. That also didn't work. I then took 2 laxative pills which also didn't work. Epsom salt water was my last dire effort! Enemas do not work in every circumstance, dear.
No worry

United States

#96 Nov 19, 2011
What if you don't have movement in in three or four days and you don't feel bad ... other than your belly feeling tight? Should you worry?
I been this way for years and have stopped worry about it. Should I?
By the way I am 18 year old male, weigh 395 pounds, 5 foot nine tall. No health problems

Saint Paul, MN

#97 Nov 25, 2011
Prob 3 weeks as a child I know what everyone is going through I am always constipated. I took dulcolax and synacot once a week as a child. Ive has dozens of enemas as a child as well

The only time I'm regular is on and around my period. Thats what i call my monthly cleaning. This time it took two weeks to get two logs out and now my stomach is killing me. I'm going to laxative tonight. Its hereditary In my family but i know how everyone feels, except the preggo women since I don't have kids. But the pain, the aches, the psychological part hurts.

Since: Dec 11

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#98 Dec 2, 2011
The most I have gone is a little over a month.
stopped up

Atlanta, GA

#99 Dec 2, 2011
monkey38367 wrote:
The most I have gone is a little over a month.
Wow! You must have felt as if you got the proverbial monkey off your back when something started happening. Where you eating normal meals during your month hiatus from the pot?

Hilliard, OH

#100 Dec 6, 2011
ive been constipated for 15 days now! what the hell am i supposed to do! I took 4 different medications and none of them helped! so i went to a meijer's pharmacy and he told me to not take laxitives or any other medicine that says it works 4 constipation. he told me to take these chewable fiber tablets. I am taking them and it still dosnt work. Am i gonna die and explode? should i go to emergency? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeez sum 1 help me. i am going insane!!!!!!!!
i feel you I'm in the same boat!!!

Since: Dec 11

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#102 Dec 7, 2011
stopped up wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow! You must have felt as if you got the proverbial monkey off your back when something started happening. Where you eating normal meals during your month hiatus from the pot?
Yep. However I eat a lot of constipating foods, and not enough veggies and fruits to keep up. Also, I can rarely go to the bathroom (bowel movement wise) when I'm not at home, and at the time we were staying with my grandmother while we were getting out bathrooms remodeled. I think that may have had something to do with it.

Mansfield, UK

#104 Dec 7, 2011
I have had a colonocopy 9 days ago, i have not passed a motion for 9days! Iam worried that something might be wrong and I scared to ring my doctor! I have eaton veg, fruit etc and still nothing happens! Please advise!

Wolverhampton, UK

#105 Dec 9, 2011
has anybody ever had these terrible pains in there sides through constipation and extremly painful abdominal gas me too,havent been for 7 days had doctor put laxative in backpassage and they just dont work one thing that does work 4 me is bisacodal but gives me chronic belly ache,but they work 5mg its wat they use prior to surgery to empty the colon ,please someone let me no if they av experience side and back pain


#106 Dec 10, 2011
I had my tonsils out 10 days ago and have had very little bowel movement... I've been twice (although it was only a tiny bit). I do really need to go but because it hurts so bloody much, I had to stop half way through. And now, my anus feels like its going to drop off. Someone, help meeee! I'm getting to the point (although this is disgusting) to be happy to even puke it up...

Dublin, Ireland

#107 Jan 4, 2012
2 weeks now in bits, considering the amount i ate at Christmas is included along with the alcohol :(

Henderson, KY

#109 Jan 25, 2012
Well I had a laproscapy on Friday for my pcos and endometriosis. I'm still in a little pain from that. Like others I have had a few marbles. Since Saturday I have eaten about two cases of "cuties" a large bag of sliced apples and lots of salads. I have also been drinking ensure and boost. I have taken 9 stool softeners a day, since Saturday. Mon and tues night I had my husband help me with suppositories. Those were awful. They burned and just a little slime (sry I know it's gross, but we are talking about poop) came out both days. This morning I took 2 maximum strength exlax pills. It's been 4 hours, still waiting for those to work. I feel really sick to my stomach and the top part of my back is killing me and feeling weird. I called my obgyn to talk to the nurse but she is so busy she has to get back with me.
I really don't want to do the enema, but if it's my only hope I will!

Redwood City, CA

#111 Feb 3, 2012
The longest I was constipated was 4 1/2 days. It was due to the evil antibiotic Bactrim (a.k.a. Septra). Well, it wasn't pure evil. It worked fast & well on the mild UTI I had. And unlike many folks, I had no allergic reactions to Bactrim, nor did I have any bad side effects -- except the damn constipation!:(

I normally go #2 once a day, so I knew something was very wrong when days went by & nothing happened, despite the fact that I increased my water intake dramatically, increased my fiber intake, used a quality probiotic supplement, and increased how much I exercised. NOTHING helped! It was like my entire intestinal tract SHUT DOWN! I suspect the antibiotic killed off too much friendly intestinal bacteria. Altho typically that causes diarrhea for most folks, but for me, it was the opposite. I actually had to QUIT the drug before the prescribed time because I was starting to have signs & symptoms of antibiotic toxicity, due to not being able to eliminate for nearly 5 days. In fact, a DOCTOR even told me I should quit.

There's my story. Sorry for the rambling. If you are even the least bit prone to constipation, I suggest you STAY AWAY from Bactrim (Septra)!! I'm not even prone to it, yet it happened to me anyway.:(


Sanford, NC

#112 Feb 29, 2012
Its been 6 days since I last went to the bathroom. I'm getting really scared. What should I do??

Donnelly, ID

#113 Mar 1, 2012
Just found this today. Nine days ago I ended a severe bout of diarrhea to the point it was bloody from ingesting a food allergen I was not aware was in something.

I have now not gone in the eight days since except for maybe eight marble sized pieces.

Hubby says it can take days if you purge your system to build it back up again, but am feeling uncomfortable like I had taken Ex-Lax even though I have not yet (going to give that a try).

This almost feels like period cramps but I have been post-menopausal now for years. I am 55. No idea when or how to get in to see a doctor. The nearest facility is 100 miles from here and we are pretty much snowed in since yesterday.


Tallahassee, FL

#114 Mar 3, 2012
For me it is day 5...after 5 days before that, and there is NO WAY that was everything. This is hell. I'm 2 months pregnant. I did not look pregnant until this "problem" which I am sure is bigger than my fetus! I read this and laughed while I cried. I just had gone to walgreens to get some phillips stool softner, which was awesome when the cute guy is all "so I guess you don't feel too good?"..omg... I wanted to punch him in the face!! So I started with two, came home, read this..and got so terrified I took another,,, this has NEVER happened to me before..I go everyday...God, please have mercy on me and everyone else and let us poop.

Huntington, IN

#115 Mar 6, 2012
6 days ive had this problem in the past. ive tried enemas and laxatives, nothing has helped. i finally resorted to castrol oil. it seems to always, despite the awful taste. good luck to all.
Express Pharmacy

Heywood, UK

#116 Mar 6, 2012
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Heywood, UK

#117 Mar 6, 2012
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bread lover

Forest Grove, OR

#118 Mar 11, 2012
I ate an entire loaf of french bread over the course of Friday evening. I haven't gone since then and am now having severe constipation pain. I haven't had this kind of pain since I was in labor. I took miralax an hour ago, it helped me go a little and now I can't stop burping...however...the pain has not gone away. I normally go 3-4 times a day...I know it's only been a day and a half but I seriously am NEVER constipated. I'm a first timer, and this hurts like nothing I've ever felt. It feels like a large rock is sitting in my intestines. I can't find a position to sleep in so I've been up all night. This Sucks!

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