The longest time you have been consti...

The longest time you have been constipated ?

Created by Hermione on Oct 17, 2007

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London, UK

#1 Feb 21, 2008
I'd had an untreated coccyx injury so I couldn't go properly.

Naperville, IL

#2 Aug 16, 2008
ive been constipated for 15 days now! what the hell am i supposed to do! I took 4 different medications and none of them helped! so i went to a meijer's pharmacy and he told me to not take laxitives or any other medicine that says it works 4 constipation. he told me to take these chewable fiber tablets. I am taking them and it still dosnt work. Am i gonna die and explode? should i go to emergency? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeez sum 1 help me. i am going insane!!!!!!!!





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Roseville, CA

#3 Sep 6, 2008
If you have not had a bowel movement in that long you must go to the doctor immediately. Yes your bowels may be obstruted. Yes, they can rupture. If you are taking any medication such for depression or something else or any PAIN KILLERS those can paralize the muscles in your intestines. You will die if you do not go poo. If it backs up into your stomach and esophogus, your liklihood of survival plummets. You must seek out medical help at once!!!





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Rego Park, NY

#4 Sep 26, 2008
Ahh I have the same situation! It is 1 week 6 days or 2 weeks and still no deposit! I took a laxative for the first time but so far no go. I am scared! I don't wanna have a thing Up my but to remove the poo. I have concluded that I will push till I create one! Ow this will be painful.
Wish me luck





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Milwaukee, WI

#5 Oct 3, 2008
When I was pregnant I didn't poop for over two weeks! When it finally came out it was absolutely brutal, it hurt so bad. I've always been a big pooper, but this thing actually tore my rectum. Does anyone else ever have such a hard time with big poops





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Rego Park, NY

#6 Oct 8, 2008
Now I am constipated again. 8 days no go.
Yes claire I think we have all had a situation like that. It was so painful!

So far oats and brans aren't helping this time. Well I am hoping I go!





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Pittsburgh, PA

#7 Oct 24, 2008
Last Saturday night I ate a whole pizza, the next day I went to the chinese buffet and ate 4 plates of food and later that night i stopped at wendy's. i normally don't eat this much.
this totally constipated me i think.
i took laxatives that never helped. every time i go only a little bit of thin stuff comes out of my anus. i feel that 80% of the stuff i have eaten since then is still in my intestines (it's now friday). my stomache area feels really full as opposed to soft. here and there i can feel a very slight string where my appendix used to be (it has been taken out years ago).
i think i will buy some stool softener next and give that a shot.
i'm not sure if it is too late for me already.
i eat but nothing comes out, that can't be good. i'm sure soon or later i'll explode or something.
is giving the situation more time helping or do i need to take new actions?

Rego Park, NY

#8 Nov 5, 2008
vraygodlike, I hope your situation improves. Beware with stool softeners/ laxatives they can become very addictive. I feel like my body was depending on them. For over 2 weeks I didn't go to the bathroom so I took a laxative, and kept on taking them whenever I hadn't gone for more than a week. As of this moment, I haven't gone properly in over a week, but last time I actually went was 5 days ago. I feel bloated, but not as much as I do when its 2 weeks. I wondered if I was going to explode too. I tried doing some simple exercises like walking at a faster pace which helped a little.

Asunción, Paraguay

#9 Jan 9, 2009
Claire, wow i can't relate to you more. I've been pregnant for 5 months now, and for the last 3 weeks...noshow. I feel so awful, i scream at my husband all day for my uneasyness. I am think of having a c-section just to remote the poop, and then another one for the kid (if necesary).
concerned mom

Hazel, KY

#10 Mar 1, 2009
i have an 18 year old daughter that has not had a poop now in 18 days..we went through this about 4 months ago also..dr. had her do a proffessional enemea ..that did finally get her some comfort..but since, she has gone maybe twice a week until 18 days ago nothing again...dr. had her do the enemea again and this time it did not work.. we are going in the morning to have a upper GI done to see if she has a blockage or twist in her intestine.. wish us luck..i feel so bad for her..she cant sleep and hurts all the time..she has dark circles under her eyes and she is very pale..and running a slight fever

Olive Branch, MS

#11 Mar 1, 2009
Have you tried traditional Gerber Pear Juice? Yes, she needs to see the doctor, but pear juice in the diet might help.

Johnstown, PA

#12 Mar 2, 2009
i am always taking laxatives and enemas because im always constipated and i will poop for like three days in a row and then i will be constipated again!!!!, i hope i dont die help me!!!!

Mitchell, SD

#13 Apr 3, 2009
I am on day 8 of constipation with my pregnancy of 2 months. Day 2 I ate 5 prunes and 2 oranges. Day 5 I took 3 senna pills and MOM. Day 7 I took a total of 4 docusate pills,8oz of prune juice and an apple. Day 8 so far 2 docusate, grapes and 2 lg glasses of OJ. I did probably have a total of 15 sm marbles come thru. Day 4 I also rectally removed some marbles with my own finger. That's how crappy I felt. I'm waiting to hear from my nurse on what to do next.

Mitchell, SD

#14 Apr 4, 2009
I was instructed to get Miralax and do a fleets enema, if I felt comfortable with it. Well Day 9 now and I had a total of 3 doses of Miralax and did a fleets. With a small outcome. On day 8 & 9 I had 30oz can of plums, chili soup, and have been taking a total of 4 docusate a day. Not much results, not even discolored watered stools. Getting pretty worried, I hope I can make it till Monday.

Shelton, CT

#15 Apr 6, 2009
I am so frustrated, I use to have such a healthy colon but I have developed psychological problems from which I barely have a bowel movement everyday. the thing is, everytime I try to crap the muscles in my rectum freeze up.

Westminster, CA

#16 Apr 12, 2009
have you all considered colon hydrotherapy, that helped me. try

San Francisco, CA

#17 May 6, 2009
It's been a week now since I had my last bowel movement. I am so miserable. I have been diagnosed with anal fissure three months ago, and I'm still recovering from it. I've been battling with constipation during this period, but I never had an episode as bad as this one. For the last two days, I have been using enema but they didn't really work. Fleet enema did nothing for me. I have an appt with a GI specialist 4 days from now, but I don't think I can wait that long. I'm thinking about Phillips. It sort of worked before but I'm afraid it will mess up my system even more since I used enema
Thoughts anyone? God I"m so depressed =(

United States

#18 Jun 15, 2009
I was reading these posts and laughing and suddenly I had to go for he first time in 7 days. I'm sitting on the can typing this now. Unfortunately it was a small blow. I wish everyone a huge crapvery soon. This sucks. I don't want to get fat with poop!

San Mateo, CA

#19 Jun 16, 2009
7 days sounds bad but not so terrible. I was constipated for three weeks straight. Without those miraculous laxatives (ducolax and miralax) I would have accumulated poo to the throat. Sounds disgusting but very scary. After my GI visit, we found out I had polyp at 28! It turned out to be precancerous, so I'm glad it was removed. Although I'm not sure if it was the cause of my constipation, but after the procedure I went back to normal, well semi-normal. I've stopped using laxatives and have been having a regular bowel movement every day. Some days I get constipation but I blame it on my diet. Too much meat, less fiber equals constipation for me.

I hope everyone's poo ordeal will be resolved well. It sucks to be this situation. It is funny when you read about it, but not at all when you have to go through it.

Happy pooing =D

United States

#20 Jun 16, 2009
I finally went #2 today. It was rather large, but considering all that I've eaten over the past week I would have been satisfied with no less than a colossal BM. I think there must be a lot still lurking in my colon. I hope I don't get elephantitus.

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