Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanser - Any thoug...

Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanser - Any thoughts?

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Since: Jul 07

H Town

#1 Jul 16, 2007
Hi guys I'm a newbie here. I've been searching the internet for information regarding colon cleansers. I'm about to start a colon cleansing program with Oxy-Powder and I wanted to know what your thoughts are on this product.

So far all the reviews I've read have all been positive but I really want to know what I'm getting into before I try it. I plan on starting my cleanse sometime this week, please check out my blog to see my progress.

Thanks your input will be greatly appreciated!

Tucson, AZ

#2 Jul 19, 2007
you should see other blogs under the constipation forum if you want information on cleansing products. I found out some very interesting things and received some excellent advice.

Since: Jul 07

H Town

#3 Jul 19, 2007
I've been reading about Colonix, it seems like this is the most popular one. However, most of the complaint about this product is that it causes severe headaches and stomach cramps.

I decided I was going to try Oxy-Powder instead and see how my body reacts to it. I just wanted to see if anyone else have tried this? It's supposed to be an all natural oxygen-based colon cleanser.

Cary, IL

#4 Sep 15, 2007
Oxy Powder is a good product. The only down side is when you have to go you have to go right away.

Berlin, Germany

#5 Oct 16, 2007

You are right, some people reported that they got headaches after using colonix: http://www.coloncleansezone.com/colon-cleanse...

Oxy-powder is a good product, read customer feedback here: http://www.coloncleansezone.com/colon-cleanse...

Since: Dec 07

Bakersfield, CA

#6 Dec 12, 2007
I was plagued with constipation for years and it is now totally gone.

Of all the remedies I tried Oxy powder really helped me the most. For me I did not experience an uncontrollable urge to go - it felt natural and gentle.

I found a site that gives oxy powder feedback from other people who use it - it seems like I am not the only one that had good results with Oxy Powder http://tinyurl.com/28so4b

Hope this helps you.

Bakersfield, CA

#7 Dec 29, 2007
I found an updated site page that has the lowest best price Oxy Powder plus the reviews from tons of Oxy Powder customers.
Oxy Powder sure works for me and it may just work for you too.
Take care

Virginia Beach, VA

#8 Jan 29, 2008
I chose Oxypowder over Colonix because the dosing is so much easier. I was thoroughly impressed. I wasn't sure I needed a cleanse because I already eat healthy and I weigh only 15 lbs above my goal weight. Sure enough, I lost 6 pounds in 7 days! As Teacher said, you do tend to need to go within 10 minutes of a meal. As long as you have a bathroom close by during meals, it is totally worth it!

East Hampstead, NH

#9 Feb 7, 2008
OxyPowder is great, but you'll live in the bathroom, going 5+ times a day, and it's almost pure liquid, so it sprays everywhere... needless to say, it's a bit of a messy cleanup. Major cramping as well, but you feel better once you go. As good as OxyPowder is, you are bound to the toilet... if you work from home or have constant access to a bathroom, then give OxyPowder a try, but for people with normal lives and work schedules, OxyPowder is very, VERY instrusive into your lifestyle.

Alameda, CA

#10 Feb 27, 2008
Doesn't anyone realize having reviews and the product for sale on the very same web site is a conflict of interest? You can trust quite little on the internet especially about these kind of health products. I am trying to learn about these colon cleansers and the process is extremely frustrating. This site is kind of helpful.

I like my acai juice for digestion that is for sure.
Money Man

Chicago, IL

#11 Mar 30, 2008
I haven't pooed in 2 weeks. Will this help?

Pottstown, PA

#12 Apr 20, 2008
Almost every single site (including some of the posters in this forum) are advertisements to sell product.

If you have actually used the product and are not trying to sell the product you should post here, otherwise save it.

Healthy diet is the first line of defense, drinking water and at least ten min. of exercise every day will get things moving. Otherwise talk to your doctors.

Allen, OK

#13 Apr 26, 2008
Hello, I have been interested in getting a cleanse and want to go into it with an open mind. I have read about oxypowder and it looks ok, even though above of course the advertisers are advertising different kinds, I recognize I am on the net. I am interested in talking to someone with experience with taking the product only responding to me. I have had bowel issues, usually lending toward loose if anything, but have incredible flatulence especially after having reflux surgery 2 years ago. I am hoping it will help with this. Anyone have any experience with this. If it causes flatulence, I need to know. I am a nurse, I work with the public and cannot have this problem get worse.


#14 Apr 27, 2008
I have just ordered Oxypowder and would like to ask some questions. First of all, do I need to change my diet before I go into it? and what else do I need to take besides the oxypowder? Do I need applejuice, probiotics, all I have is a bottle of Oxypowder. Thank you all so much..

Trier, Germany

#15 Apr 30, 2008
I just recieved my oxy-powder and will start it hopefully tomorrow. I'll try and remember to come back and post my results.

Atlanta, GA

#16 Apr 30, 2008
You need to go to the doctor!!!

Atlanta, GA

#17 Apr 30, 2008
Money Man wrote:
I haven't pooed in 2 weeks. Will this help?
You need to go to the doctor!!!

Vegreville, Canada

#18 Jun 11, 2008
For people like me with chronic constipation it does absolutely no good to go to the doctor. They consistently tell you to drink water, eat fibre and exercise. I was doing all of these things and more, my husband always said that if he consumed the amount of fibre that I did he'd never be able to leave the house.
There are some people that these types of cures do not work for. I have been on absolutely everything including Zelnorm and some of the laxatives would work for a bit and then quit working. The last straw for me was when I went to a gastroenterologist (sp?) and had a colonoscopy and he said the only thing he could do for me was to cut out a portion of my intestine to shorten the transit time!!!! Okay I'm 42 and that sounds pretty extreme to me. He said there's nothing else to be done for this type of chronic constipation. Only people that suffer from this know the constant feeling of bloating (I'm normal weight) and complete lack of energy that comes with it.
So, feeling that I have exhausted the options with conventional medicine, I decided to do some research online. I came across oxy powder (along with lots of others) and did a lot of reading especially on websites that were not offering it for sale. I decided to try it and am currently on day 3 and I can honestly say I haven't felt this good in years. I am skeptical because I've tried so many things over the years but at this point I am very hopeful.

Tempe, AZ

#19 Jun 16, 2008
I read the TESTIMONIALS first on a Constipation relief site ( WWW.POOPDOC.COM )(Yahoo ranked it #1 for constipation RELIEF,#1 for constipation CURE and #1 for constipation REMEDY).

The testimonials were Strong and included a NY Heart surgeon who loved it - so I tried it. Its REAL and it works and it was cheaper than Colonix and Oxypowder!

Nederland, TX

#20 Jun 24, 2008
I've read some great things about oxypowder.
Colon Cleansing and detoxification itself is a very old and healthy process to keep the body strong and healthy. Some people used to fast, others ate very specific foods to help flush out their body.

The only concern is the effects your body feels from processing and flushing all the toxins out of your system. It's like being sick. You feel worse before you feel better.

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