Yay I am unconstipated! I have some tips

Staten Island, NY

#166 Jul 6, 2013
heather wrote:
is it normal to bleed from your butt when you poop? because i do, mostly everytime, like its ripping?? feels like needles coming out :(
You should probably see a doctor about the bleeding. You see, if everytime you use the bathroom and you bleed thats something but if its only when you are constipated dont worry. I have the same problems when im only constipated.

Henderson, NV

#167 Jul 8, 2013
Abbey wrote:
I'm SO constipated. Went to the doctor, she gave me prescription laxatives, she said it's just a simple case of constipation, but I haven't pooped yet, and it's been a full day. I'm 16, scared, and DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

New Zealand

#168 Jul 13, 2013
I hate constipation. I'm only 14 and I get constipated a lot even though I eat lots of fruit and vegetables and walk for an hour every day. It's so unfair, other teens my age pig out on chips and pizza and white bread, but I can't. Earlier this year I ate a pizza and didn't go to the toilet for 4 days! I've been scared of pizzas ever since, it's ridiculous. Prunes don't work, they give me terrible gas which is so embarassing because I'm a girl. I hate constipation so much, I wish I could just have a normal bowel movement once a day normally because all I ever think about is if I go normally today and if not I'm in discomfort. I get bloated and it feels bad and my belly bulges out and it's so ugly. It makes me afraid that if I am constipated now already at such a young age, I might die of constipation when I am older like two of my great grandparents did. I really need some tips as to how to not be constipated! I feel terrible about this, and I feel like I'm the only young person who knows what it's like to be constipated when everyone else just thinks it's funny! It's not funny!

New Zealand

#169 Jul 13, 2013
joe wrote:
<quoted text>
Maybe you should be constipated just so you know that it's no laughing matter. Would you laugh at someone in pain? Would you laugh at a very sick person? Because that's what you're doing right now! Get a life and grow up instead of laughing at someone who is constipated!

Woodbury, TN

#171 Jul 19, 2013
i have been concitpated all day. its too hard and big to come out. i have been crying. my husband suggested an enema or suppository. i have to go its just stuck, i need something to make it soft not give me the urge to go. im in tears. please help. its trying to come out but its so hard and big. will an enema make it soft? suggestions

Rockmart, GA

#172 Aug 1, 2013
I'm constipated, and I'm only 13 it really hurts I'm not afraid to say this but lquid is coming out like water but slowly :( it really hurts I drank some coffee and sat down for a while. I don't know what to do! The last thing I ate was pizza and Im wondering if that did it.:'( I'm really scared! Answer fast!

Rockmart, GA

#173 Aug 1, 2013
katej12 wrote:
i have been concitpated all day. its too hard and big to come out. i have been crying. my husband suggested an enema or suppository. i have to go its just stuck, i need something to make it soft not give me the urge to go. im in tears. please help. its trying to come out but its so hard and big. will an enema make it soft? suggestions
i know how you feel same here. Try drinking some coffee it helps you go. But other then that idk what to do.

Batavia, NY

#174 Aug 6, 2013
Leeza wrote:
I have been constipated for over 2 weeks, and don't find me weird by saying this but for like the 13th day I made one small dropping. It was pretty bad, the bloating was horrible, and I had the urge to go but nothing came out. I was on a laxative pill, but still no go. Then I took this liqued laxative, and another dropping. Then I increased the dosage the next day and I went! Yay! lol. Here are my suggestions for severe constipation:
-Eat shredded mini wheats cereal -Truly helps
-Liqued stool softener/laxative -Seems to hit your system faster (For me 5 hours about)
-This may sound silly but, if you find yourself in one of those "half in half out" situations, try to sing it seems to nerve your system up alot! lol.
I'm 13 and I take a laxative I've tried a lot I have ate wheat cereal I've done it all nothing works I'm always constipated and I have told me docter and she tells me to overdose on laxative powder that is a prescription. I have read threw people's comments but they don't work just cause it works for you dose not mean it will work for the rest of us

Newark, NJ

#175 Aug 6, 2013
I have been constipated for almost 3 months now and my back, stomach, butt,and everything else hurts really bad because of it, but I'm scared to go because I'm afraid it will hurt to much

Sulphur, LA

#176 Aug 11, 2013
I'm really constipated my poop stays in my colon because it hurts to push it out this has been for a few weeks what should I do.

Sulphur, LA

#177 Aug 11, 2013
I am holding my poop in because it hurts so bad when I try to push it out it's really hard and I don't know what to do I feel like doing when I push what do I do

Redondo Beach, CA

#178 Aug 12, 2013
Hi everyone,

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San Diego, CA

#179 Aug 14, 2013
I have been constipated for about 2weeks. After my bowel movement I feel like un empty stomach. And heavy pain when I go to under two. I feel very sick its very frustrated to me. One of my friend suggest to me to consult a doctor I have consult a doctor. The doctor suggested me to increase the amount of fiber. Prune juice. I am regularly drinking it after taking prune juice now my bowel movements are free. I would like to suggest people who are constipated try to increase amount of fiber in your diet. And be active in physical exercise. Try to drink 2-3 liters of water.

Chicago, IL

#180 Aug 16, 2013
I'm so damn constipated. I've been constipated for a couple of weeks. I drinks lots of freaking water. But I messed up my ankle and had surgery so they prescribed me some meds for the pain and stuff but it makes me constipated. I'll admit I don't always eat the right food but I didn't have this problem before. I've been constipated here and there but nothing this bad to where I take a shit Monday morning and then a couple days later I'm backed up again. This is BS. Ugh. I already can't sit on the toilet right cuz I can't put pressure on my ankle so I'm usually discourage of going to the bathroom even just to pee.
That-person-over - there

Edwardsville, IL

#181 Aug 19, 2013
I have been constipated for about a day and a half. I have school tomorrow and it hurt to even try to go. This morning I went to the bathroom to go, nothing came out only a little blood, Please help.

Grand Junction, CO

#182 Sep 3, 2013
You know, you guys could just stop drinking milk and consuming dairy products.

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Houston, TX

#183 Sep 6, 2013
Hydrating the body is the better option than all. Other than that I suggest you to use the dietary, exercises and the laxatives options. Most people recommend fiber foods for smoother stool formation for avoiding the constipation.
Also avoid junk foods, alcohol, caffeine beverages

Since: Jul 13

Hyderabad, India

#184 Sep 10, 2013
The common cause of constipation you probably not eating or not drinking enough it also can cause of constipation. You also may feel weak, in pain, and uncomfortable. Fiber is helpful for constipation because its serves to both add bulk and softness to the stool. I would like to suggest you consume more fiber and water.

Wigan, UK

#185 Sep 12, 2013
Guy wrote:
I have been constipated for 2 months.. What do I do!
. If you run a warm soapy bath and soak in it and then try to go whilst in the bath!

Kaiserslautern, Germany

#186 Oct 1, 2013
constipated At the two week point Doctor put me on miralax -- 4 doses a day, colace 2xday, ducolax. This was finally got me going:
I was still constipated for 3 weeks. 2 ducolax pills at 8pm, then at 10pm mililax with 8 oz, followed by magnesium citrate 8 oz, followed by 8-10 oz water, and 1 dose of colace. BM the next morning.

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