Yay I am unconstipated! I have some tips

Fullerton, CA

#121 Mar 1, 2013
Izzy wrote:
Im 13 and i have been constipated for 5 months now! Its very very painful! HELP PLEASE!
what have you tried to help yourself? how often do you poop?
Divas was

Virginia Beach, VA

#122 Mar 3, 2013
Leeza wrote:
I have been constipated for over 2 weeks, and don't find me weird by saying this but for like the 13th day I made one small dropping. It was pretty bad, the bloating was horrible, and I had the urge to go but nothing came out. I was on a laxative pill, but still no go. Then I took this laxative, and another dropping. Then I increased the dosage the next day and I went! Yay! lol. Here are my suggestions for severe constipation:
-Eat shredded mini wheats cereal -Truly helps
-Liqued stool softener/laxative -Seems to hit your system faster (For me 5 hours about)
-This may sound silly but, if you find yourself in one of those "half in half out" situations, try to sing it seems to nerve your system up alot! lol.
this is stupid
Diva deas

Virginia Beach, VA

#123 Mar 3, 2013
All of this is crazy I'm 10 years old and I have been constipated for I hour and I pushed really hard and all of it came out just push u baby's
Diva deas

Virginia Beach, VA

#124 Mar 3, 2013
Divas was wrote:
<quoted text> this is stupid
btw diva deas is divas was

Bancroft, Canada

#126 Mar 11, 2013
are you frickin nuts?!? try not being able to poop for a week then make a comment. I constantly am constapited and then get hemorrids and fissures in my bum and bleed out if I poo out the hard dense black poop!!. and I eat fibre and fruit and it feels like its mak making it worse and this has been happening to me for over 15 years!!! and ur worried after a day, I had to actually pick a s*** out if my butt hole one time it was bigger then my butt hole and would not cone out

Bancroft, Canada

#127 Mar 11, 2013
have fun getting those hemorrids from pushing on rhe toliet when ur a grown up Kidd-o ,,,, ur not sopposed to push there , it makes you bleed out of ur butt and if ur a guy have fun with that colon cancer that your getting ahead start on. I don't think u understand the full meaning of being constipated ,

Bancroft, Canada

#128 Mar 11, 2013
I don't even care anymore!!! I can't poo everybody I can't do it and if I start to poo I get hemorrids so I don't even want to poo any More . Im sick of pooing and constipation and hemorrids . you know what my hemorrids call me and told ME I'm a pain in the ass ?!!!?????? ahhhh haaaa haaaa
The only diva

Virginia Beach, VA

#129 Mar 16, 2013
I am a 10 year old girl and I have been constipated for 1 day I pushed really hard it came out in really fat sticks and after my butt was hurting but it came out
The only diva

Virginia Beach, VA

#130 Mar 16, 2013
ann wrote:
how ld are you and what have you tried? when i do not make a poop for three or four days likeow it has been three days tomorrow i will use a suppository
i am 10 years old and I have sat there and pushed until it came out and it worked

Sesser, IL

#131 Mar 18, 2013
I have been constipated for about a year.. Yeah, It sucks. I'v been pooping every week normaly. And sometimes 2 weeks. Only 2 weeks because When I go poop the first week, the poop is to hard :(. And I can't push it out. Then the next week. I say to myself, "That's it, I'm pooping". It finally comes out and I'm relieved. Then I wait until I have the urge to go. Also I found laxatives in my cabinet. I might try those.. I am 14. xD Wish me luck. I will take any comments!

United States

#132 Mar 25, 2013
I am feeling like that at the moment "half in half out" situation .. It's 11:30 pm and what i usually do is avoid "pushing" it's harmful to your abdominal, set coffee timer to 6:30am drink a cup in the morning and go to sleep :P coffee, yogurt, apples, lukewarm juice with water helps me. Hopefully it'll help you:)

Oakville, Canada

#133 Mar 30, 2013
AND wrote:
I am really constipated too & I have been trying to go but, nothing will come out. The last time I had this problem I had a ovarian cist.. I need help && fast. Im only 17 & im tired of this~
stop eating wheat!

Oakville, Canada

#134 Mar 30, 2013
all of you stop eating wheat

Racine, WI

#135 Apr 6, 2013
I have had the same problem. I've always had trouble going to the bathroom and have been on mirrolax and for the past two weeks have bleed when I poop. I am on mirrolax and laxative pills also sometimes milkimag and I would go but bleed and I'm tired of this Abd scared a little because I keep bleeding. It pry is just a hemroide. I have drank lots of water and eat fruit but it won't stop. Wat should I do I'm only 14

Sergeant Bluff, IA

#136 Apr 14, 2013
I am consitpaded I can't go my butt hurts so bad I am on the third day now HHHHHHHeeeeeeelllllllppppppp
poor pooper

Fremont, NE

#137 Apr 20, 2013
cascara sagrada works wonders
poor pooper

Fremont, NE

#138 Apr 20, 2013
cascara sagrada at walmart works wonders

Houston, TX

#141 Apr 24, 2013
Go to Your nearest SPROUTS and buy Chineese laxative tea! That stuff is POTENT! If not, try HEB an look for an extra strength laxative tea

Midland, TX

#142 Apr 25, 2013
Its always great to have probiotic on hand, or fiber drinks. advocare.com/12032496
I had surgery and the meds I had to take around the clock would get me constapated i was on a liquid diet and I took a fiber drink the very next day I was clear and felt alot better i went 5 days with no BM. So I know its painfull.
Advocare is nutricianal company and is something you can take on a daily basis

Midland, TX

#143 Apr 25, 2013

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