Severe Constipation- 2 weeks no go- B...
Sick as a dog6

San Diego, CA

#163 Apr 12, 2013
All I want to do is have a good poop. It's right there and it won't come out. I'm so sick to my gut. When I eat a little something in the morning it effects me at night I get really sick and want to barf. But I have nausea pills and that helps a lot. I bum hurts so bad from pushing everyday just to put out a lil ball or two. I've been inserting a laxative everyday and I don't think that's good. I don't know what to do. I lost 30 pounds in 2 months and my doctor had me get a CT scan done but nothing came up.
Kieran white

London, UK

#165 Apr 20, 2013
I have not been for a poo in a 2 and a half weeks I keep getting stomach cramps and this is usual not having a dump for 2 weeks should I go to a doctor or take a laxitave?
A well wisher

Miami, FL

#168 Apr 21, 2013
EAT LOTS OF PAPAYA BEFORE YOU GO TO BED AT NIGHT..TRUST ME IT DOES WONDERS FOR PEOPLE WITH CONSTIPATION..I used to suffer from constipation as well but now I am almost fully cured only thanks to that miracle fruit!:-)
MeConstipatedBad wrote:
hi guys.
I am severly constipated. No poo for 2 weeks, except a tiny tiny something a couple of days ago. I have bad bloating, and haven't wanted to eat for the past days, but I pushed myself to eat some. I am tired, and overall I do not feel well. I would resort to a laxative, but my days are very busy, and I don't think I'll have time to run to the toilet unprepared. Please help me go, lol. Tips? Similar situations? By the way I am not going to the doctor, I am doing this the natural way, if I can. Thanks.

Eau Claire, WI

#169 May 1, 2013
Many things conbtribute to constipatoin. Rather
than laxatives one should consider the possiblity
that siet is the root cause. There has been a fair
amount of studies regarding the genetic fator -
a recentb book - Gut Psychology Syndrome by Dr.
N MaBride details many causes. Another little
known facgtor is the presence of parasites -
pathogens that is a very large, contributing
factor. Yet another is the self-induced stress
associated with the anxiety of suffering
constipation. The herb - Macuna Pruirens -
not a laxative but a natural dopamine agongist
would help alleviate stress.

Union, NJ

#170 May 8, 2013
I'm 13,,year old boy who had to many,sunflower seeds and I took 4 stool softer and its still hard as a rock I haven't been,able to poo in 3 days

Union, NJ

#171 May 8, 2013
Should I take an Enema anyway to stop it

Union, NJ

#172 May 8, 2013
I Am 13 and I can't go I haven't gone i'm z3,days
do I take an enema

Stalybridge, UK

#173 May 14, 2013
I'm 11 and constapated too. You may have to go to hospital, it's the only way to make you better x

Clearwater, FL

#174 May 19, 2013
read labels on cereal box. some have 0 fiber. 4 or more grams of cereal fiber should work daily if you have 3 healthy meals a day also. watch out for oxylates in spinach and romaine,etc. VERY CONSTIPATING. also block cheese can be binding. milk, icecream and other dairy can cause bloating. a lot of bread,and flour products seem to slow digestion.

New Bedford, MA

#175 May 29, 2013
Warm prune juice is the best cure for constipation!

Pearson, GA

#176 Jun 30, 2013
I've been constipated for about 6 days now and yesterday I tried drinking 4 glasses of prune juice + 7 sennaside/stool softener combo laxatives + 3 Phillip magnesium tablets and drinking tons of water and still nothing. Not even rumbles. What should I do?

Cambridge, UK

#177 Jul 6, 2013
Oh darling I know how you feel I am 11 and a girl too and I can't go and it's been like this for 2 weeks but just today as I tried all remedies these last 2 weeks like laxative and excercise etc but then I read up and I took a spoonful of oil and the poo just slipped but only a little bit of it came out but my mum was relieved because she got worried but it worked so maybe if you take some spoonfuls of oil any oil will do and maybe it will work so good luck and hope it works
xxxx <3
P.S my mum said I would have to go up the doctor and I got scared cuz she said they might use a enema but now that I found finally a working solution I don't have to any more but if you have to go I wish you best of luck and don't worry they won't hurt you xxxx hope this helps :)

Cambridge, UK

#178 Jul 6, 2013
No mike enemas are not the only solution u can use laxatives or just fresh fruits and veg and drink lots of glasses of water daily hope this helps ;)

Winnipeg, Canada

#179 Jul 14, 2013
My daughter is 2, she has just had a colostomy closure and doesn't know how to go!! Her tummy hurts, it bubbles with gas. We are on day 2 with restorelax had an enema and X-rays showed it was higher up. Baby prunes are going down ok, but not much appetite. What OTHER ideas does anyone have?
scared to go

Hudson, FL

#180 Jul 19, 2013
man evryone talks about not being able to go to the bathroom and whn thy go its lil poos i guess my problem is really bad my problem is i usally go once in the morning everymorning bt if i miss a day or two im to scared to go like its gona hurt to bad now i havent went number two in over 4weeks not even a slight lil bit im two scarred to go cuz whn i go its either gonna hurt really bad or its not gona come out im to scared to try so i jus dont go i wake up in the mornings and i have to pee so bad bt in cant even go whn i get up in the morning i have to waite so uncomphertably for hours before i can pee becuase its trying to come out bt i wont let it becuase im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo backed up and im scared i way 194 now i way 214 (poo)
Me too

Fairfax, VA

#181 Jul 31, 2013
I used to be like this, but cut out dairy and eggs and go every day. Had ice cream 5days ago and haven't pooped since. Also, my non dairy diet fixed my acne, psoriasis and terrible periods too. I've been allergic to milk my whole life and didn't know it.(I felt better within days, but it took about six months for my colon to heal before I was going every day.)
Good luck!

Ormond Beach, FL

#183 Aug 19, 2013
ouch wrote:
Iv tired digestive health vitamin,xlax and take alli and still eat but yet im constipated! I don't know what else to do I don't like coffee but I drunk it to see if it may help but still nothing plz help
I found drinking warm prune juice got me going and it happened quickly.

Pleasanton, CA

#184 Aug 23, 2013
Okay so i was constipated for the past few days and finally relieved myself today and i feel SO much better. I was having horrible, horrible abdominal pain and cramping i was in tears and I almost wanted to go to the ER. i had to do something to end this excruciating pain... So, i drank about a half cup of pure prune juice and took one dose of MiraLax and it worked like a gem! I was still in pain after my bowel movement but it was such a relief knowing the worst was over! I highly reccomend MiraLax!!

Christiansburg, VA

#185 Aug 24, 2013
im an 11 year old girl and i am really scared. When i try to go to the toilet i am in so much pain. I do little poos like nuggets (Lol) But thats basically all i can do. If i try to push the biggy wont come out Can you please help me with some home remidys to get rid of constipation.
I have tryed parachoc, Honey in hot water, Juices, Fruits I honestly dont know what else to try. And my mum has tryed everything to help me.. If i cant get it out i have to go to hospital tomorrow. Please try to find some remidys!
I am cosnapated for about three years i took laxatives and i dranks super healthy smoothies..( i am 14).
I hate drinking water i force myself to drink water. I went to the doctors they told me eat more fiber but.....imeat fiber like everyday i love fibery foods. Here is mu suggested i you like ice in our water minus ice no help. Have no red meats no chocolate no soda okay not a lot of unhealthyn food. I am bloated really bad i geel pregnant and when i feel like something is kicking me. I know prune juice sound nasty but i never use it i still sugest you to drink it if nothing works go to a specialist.

Christiansburg, VA

#186 Aug 24, 2013
Okay i am writing on my ipad hopefully you know what i meant sorry about it...

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