Severe Constipation- 2 weeks no go- B...

Tucker, GA

#142 Dec 5, 2012
careful when you have been constipated that long. Go to the doctor before you attempt relief at that point because a infection could be lingering and be released all at once if not treated BEFORE relief. This is from my recent experience. just got out of the hospital after finally getting relief from laxatives and inima then releasing the bacteria through my whole body. Go see a doctor and do not try and treat this alone.

Middlesboro, KY

#143 Dec 6, 2012
Those of you saying to get a better diet...
No sh*t sherlock. They need a solution for what they're going through now, not a long term solution. Idiots.

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#144 Dec 6, 2012
jean wrote:
i feel very sorry for what you are going through . may i ask how old are you i am 70 and just starting to have problems but not as bad from taking calcium and lipitor let me know how you are doing thank you
Hey there, Jean. Constipation can happen to anyone! Check out our video for more helpful tips on both long-term and short-term constipation relief. Hope it helps, and feel better, everyone!

- Dr. Jim and Bob, Blue Shield of California"

United States

#145 Dec 8, 2012
MeConstipatedBad wrote:
Hello everyone. It has been some months since I created this post, and I regret saying my constipation hasn't improved in the least bit. This is going to sound immature but I feel like crying right now. 1 month ago was the last time I actually went, with the aid of a laxative. I went a little something last week but that was with yet another dose of laxative, and saying little is really being generous. I am letargic, tired, bloated, and my constipation is at it's worst. I don't know what to do anymore. I have an enema in the house but I am scared to death to use it. I just want to be like so many people who go once every other day or so! I know you guys can understand. Heck, I might not be the only one who counts how long the last BM was, which is comforting. Thank you all for the advice. I'm going to eat fruits and vegetables and take the other advice into consideration as well. Anything is worth a try, especially when you feel this uncomfortable.
Go to the freaking doctor Duh!....unless you want to be backed up all your life and probably get colon cancer. I'm not sure why you don't go and fix it when trying to fix it yourself doesn't work. Lax is not a natural way... Go to the doctor!

Fullerton, CA

#146 Dec 8, 2012
is it bad when you do not poop for three days i get tat way very often and form lots of gas. i use a suppository but i only poop a little today is day three without a poop


#147 Dec 9, 2012
u have to use the enema..i use it if i dont go for 3 days.,.never leave it so long like this. my cousin didnt poo for a month and was really suffering...they later found he had colon cancer and have to remove it right away...because itvwas blocking the passage.

my friend didnt poo for 2 months and she had surgery to remove her poos becoz they were hardened inside no way to push it out!!

pls check with doctors asap!

tips: Avoid fatty food, oily fried stuff, tea, red meat, etc...

Bradford, UK

#148 Dec 28, 2012
Try pressing a couple of inches from your belly button, on the side to your left... This can help.
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Chicago, IL

#149 Jan 7, 2013
Take Muralax (not sure about the spelling) everyday.
No poo for two weeks now

Maidenhead, UK

#150 Jan 16, 2013
I feel generally well apart from tired. I feel bloated, have taken senocot and nothing has happened. Have been to docs to be told no blockage up backside which is good but feel burning sensation down throat now so going to try and get appointment today. Have also eaten prunes but nothing. Pls help as very worried :((
lex luther

Lawrenceville, GA

#151 Jan 17, 2013
Best fix for that backed up feeling are TURNIP GREENS...cooked southern style. Allow about 2 hrs after eating and you may want to ask your family and friends to leave the room. Do not sit near an open flame. TURNIP GREENS GAS can be recycled and used to heat or cool your house.

Bournemouth, UK

#152 Feb 7, 2013
I haven't pooped for a week and a bit I've had little things but not much at all even if I need a wee I have to push just because it wants to come out but it's so so painful!!!!! What should I do I've tried everything but it doesn't work please help me I need to poop!!!
constipated too

Ashburn, VA

#153 Feb 9, 2013
hey guys i hv been constipated for lyk almst 2weeks nw n i realy m tired of ds feeling cz it hurts, evritym i try to push harder i get pains n blood comes out...i bot laxette frm d chemist nt xur wat it is goin to i ws actualy prefarin it to give me diarrhea it wud b much fastr n easier...
boy 11 years old

Saint Petersburg, FL

#154 Feb 16, 2013
I have gone poop for two weeks mom n me I've tried everything I guess I have to go to the ER and see if they can help me :-(.
Another Anon

Corpus Christi, TX

#155 Feb 16, 2013
I am 12, home alone, stuck on the toilet halfway through a bm, hurting as bad as it gets. I cannot humanly push this out. I've been trying for the past half an hour or more. PLEASE help me! I probably haven't had a trip to the bathroom at all in around a week other than for peeing. The sooner the reply the better, please, I won't be able to leave this toilet and the only things around are my clothes, toilet paper, and my iPod (so I can't call for help either!)
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Phoenix, AZ

#156 Feb 21, 2013
I have had the same problems as many of you and must say that continued constipation was a sign, in my case, of appendicitis. If you can't even pass gas this is a possibility. In either case, what I've learned is to just drink fluids until your intestines are working again.

Since it has been a lifelong problem for me (alongwith allergy to wheat) I have tried all the things mentioned in this forum. What has worked best for me was triphala. It is not a laxative but tones and improves the health of the digestive system. It has healed my problems--but not right away, it takes a few days or weeks. I buy it at curandera healing dot com.
arghhateconstioa tion


#157 Mar 2, 2013
I am 15 and have had constipation as long as I can remember. I go about once every 2 weeks at most but wish I went every day. Can totally relate to the comments above and im so glad to hear im not alone. Ive tried lactulose and senakot but I think im immune to them as they don't work. Bloating, no hunger and pain. I eat healthy enough and I just want a solution. I feel like crying to, have sympathy for all of you. PLease help.
verybadconstipat ionnn

Dubai, UAE

#159 Mar 8, 2013
hey guys ill tell you all something about my life, i would get constipated once every week or so for 2weeks i am constipated now , i have tried eating fruits and vegeies for 2days now almost 3, grape, oranges, prunes, etc.. and also drinking almost about more than 2L of water a day it hasn't helped and im only 16 years old, the best advice is to drink prune juice before eating and i havent ate in 4 to 5 days, but ive been eating fruits instead of food, try eating fruits only! it definitely helps the stool to become softer and go all bran!, helps too but you got to eat something try to!, and avoid all dairy products, and meat, pork, ham, turkey, all that, just keep it grainy and fibery ! really works , plus try walking 20-25minutes daily if you have time , helps the bowel movements, me i just have a very very hard stool it wont ever come out, but im doing this everyday now , and it seems to be working better, fleet enema, dulcolax, duphalac, and all these laxatives never worked for me at all , and glycilax the suppository didnt work either , so im doing it all natural way, do the same hopefully it will get you going , hope this helps guys , and peace and love to ya all who are suffering and i hope you all get better! best of luck to you all!


#160 Mar 11, 2013
I was suffering just as you was. I went to the hospital and they gave me two enemas which had no effect. I was in seering pain and could barley walk or stand up. The day after I ate lots of wheat, bananas, nuts and other fibre foods and I got reffered to a bigger hospital the day after where I had another two enemas, it didn't all come at first but I went home and had a pint of water with 4 sachets, went to the toilet lifted my legs upto my chest so I was leaning on my knees and I got sudden releif. There Is nothing to be embarrassed about. Just get it sorted x

Siliguri, India

#161 Mar 12, 2013
My mom is suffering from gallstone and uterus problems too..She has to under go with an operation next week..But from last 4-5 days she is having bad constipation..At times blood comes out when apply pressure..She is having leavy veggies and fruits also, still nothing works out.
Any advice???

Johnson City, TN

#162 Mar 19, 2013
Iv tired digestive health vitamin,xlax and take alli and still eat but yet im constipated! I don't know what else to do I don't like coffee but I drunk it to see if it may help but still nothing plz help

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